Year of the Scammer: Obria Edition

Look scammers CAN be fun, but only when they are scamming rich people outta tons of money. THEY ARE NOT FUN when they prey on people who are in vulnerable situations. We’re looking at you ELIZABETH HOLMES!

And furthermore, we’re looking at fucking Obria. Y’all we’ve been on the Obria beat FOR A MINUTE. We think they’re like, the biggest scammers out there. And yet SOMEHOW they keep getting money. SOMEHOW!!

They got ALL this effing Title X money… for what… not talking about fucking abortion. And now the Guardian has this great article about how this deceptive group was awarded $150k by Google in FREE AD MONEY GRANTS! How effed up is that?

So OK one thing that the anti-abortion extremists try to tell us is like “How dare you get mad at us we are JUST PROVIDING HEALTHCARE!” and like… spare us this forever, like you’re out here saying ectopic pregnancies can just be moved ANYWHERE… we know your game.

But but but, ok fine, let’s do a thought experiment where you are just a “life-affirming” (lol IMAGINE thinking it is WITTY to call your company “life-affirming.” Like, abortion is life-affirming, you jerks!) org that hates abortion and wants to give people pregnancy tests they can buy in the store. Fine. That’s bad enough, but fine. EXCEPT….

What you ACTUALLY do is lie to people who are trying to make rough decisions, you exploit GOOGLE searches so that you come up before ACTUAL clinics that can help you, and you spout the same lies that fake clinics have been using for AGES. Let’s dive in to their sites:

OK so right off the bat LOL at being like “Our goal is to make you stop going to abortion clinics and stop being friends with them.” HEAVEN FORBID a person have a RELATIONSHIP with the place they receive healthcare.

Moving on:

OK so, this is a STALLING tactic and unbelievably cruel. It’s vague but menacing. “Hey if you have an STD you might not even be able to GET an abortion.” UMMMMM… nope, not a thing. You can still get an abortion. But there’s NOTHING they love more than delaying you until the abortion becomes later and thus more expensive.

This is the CLASSIC fake clinic line. “Well like, a lot of people miscarry, so don’t worry.” It’s frankly, a ridiculous stalling tactic too that is the opposite of how ANY actual medical professional would talk to a person. “Well, sometimes these things just take care of themselves.” How fucking blasé can you be about a thing you claim to care so much about!! Also they sneakily say they provide “abortion information” … which is nothing. But it DOES trick people into thinking they can get an abortion with this fake clinic. The other sneaky thing they do is not print on their website the lies they will tell about abortion (a safe medical procedure). But… we’re SURE they have some horrifying pamphlets.

We really can’t get over how condescending this whole thing is. It’s FINE to have different emotions after an abortion, fine to want a community to share it. BUT this is SOOO OBVIOUSLY shaming. “Impacted by abortion” as if it’s a CRISIS as if it’s a tragedy. We can’t imagine people this condescending being remotely “holistic.”

Fake clinics gonna fake clinic, and we gotta fight back. Especially when Google and Facebook will BURY our ads when we are positive about abortion yet SOMEHOW AWARD THIS GARBAGE GROUP MONEY! Go to to learn more about what you can do to help call out these places. Help make sure people do not get TRICKED!
P.S. They also hate birth control. LOL OK bye.

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