Women Can Be Bad Too

Twinkle Cavanaugh

Twinkle Cavanaugh

Twinkle Cavanaugh

Say it three times and a demon will appear. Also that’s the name of a woman trying to take away abortion rights from the people of Alabama. It’s almost too perfect, like all of the Cavanaughs are coming out of the woodwork to fuck up 2018. Like, clap your hands three times if you believe… THAT ABORTION IS MURDER. She’s like the bad fairies from Justice League… and honestly, a disappointment to Twinkle’s everywhere. Guess it’s back to the drawing board for me on names for my dog/cat/child, cuz Twinkle is now ruined.

But the story: so three women are campaigning in Alabama for Amendment 2, which says that nothing in the Constitution says that people have the right to an abortion or funding for an abortion. These measures are the best example of flexing your hatred for some purely ceremonial BULLSHIT that could, you know, become dangerous if Twinkle’s relative, Brett Kavanaugh (lol we know how last name’s work, just accept the joke) has his way. This kind of amendment already exists in Tennessee. The dipshits (anti-choicers)  in Oregon are trying to make a similar amendment a tax issue this election. Which like… ughhh… don’t be the type of person who will fall for anything because it lowers their fucking taxes. Like, we could just never repair your roads and that’d lower your taxes too, but your car would get all dinged up too. Think of that, but with, you know, basic humanity.  

West Virginia also has one of these measures on the ballot. Because like we always say “The Constitution is about who doesn’t have rights!”

So today and every day for the next few weeks (and then after forever) we want to remind you TO FUCKING VOTE BECAUSE THE FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT!

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