The Word of the Week Is “Disingenuous”

Did you ever read those Amelia Bedelia books. The ones where an adult woman is like “Draw the drapes… well now I guess I’ll get a sketchpad out and make some art.” Sure, they’re fun for kids, but it’s a …  ridiculous way to live as an adult. Enter sidewalk screamers. We are STILL fucking talking about Chelsea Clinton saying that abortion rights leads to economic freedom. STILL! They’re STILL arguing that it’s callous and cruel and honestly… we made our point about this earlier this week. You understand what she meant, you’re just playing ignorant.  “Oh I don’t know what dressing the chicken means, please put it in a little suit.” And at this point, shut the fuck up.

Enter anti-choicers in South Bend. Honestly, the papers have written about how allegedly the new Whole Woman’s Health Clinic (who, let’s be clear, is only providing medication abortion, like, not even abortion after 10 weeks) doesn’t have a “reputable and responsible character.” Blerg! So we didn’t really know what exactly that meant, we assumed it was some bullshit like “their sign is a fourth of an inch too tall.” But it’s… so bad. Like, next level bad. The health department is mad about the word “affiliates.” And it’s a real “oh dust the furniture, OK I’ll put DUST ON IT” kinda mixup.

Basically Whole Woman’s DASTARDLY PLAN, according to the health department, was not revealing its affiliates. BUT OH the Health Department, they had GOOGLE so they KNOW Whole Woman’s is a TROLLOP!

In actuality, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance has two clinics (and hopefully the third in South Bend) and then the bigger Whole Woman’s Health has more clinics in Texas and Illinois. Honestly, it’s easy. AND WHY THE FUCK WOULD WHOLE WOMAN’S LIFE WHEN THE INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE ON THEIR SITE!?!?! DO YOU THINK THEY JUST HOPED THAT PEOPLE WOULDN’T GOOGLE THEM?

We realize you might be like, asleep by now because we talked too much about business. But let’s just see this for what it is: a hostile health department not serving the community’s interest on a hateful and misguided attempt to torpedo an abortion clinic.

It’s fucked up, it’s so transparent, it’s wrong. You can’t be Amelia Bedelia in a COURT OF LAW!

So, send Whole Woman’s and their lovely staff some love this week. And Amy Hagstrom-Miller (total rockstar). And also our friends at Pro-Choice South Bend, who do so much great work in the community. We can’t wait to visit your new clinic!

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