The Docket: April 29, 2019

The reproductive rights news rundown for April 29:

Lawyers: Mississippi making abortion ‘virtually unavailable’

Iowa Republicans make new push to cut Planned Parenthood sex ed funding

NORTH CAROLINA: Sen. Ben Clark to sustain veto of Born Alive abortion bill

Once a center of anti-abortion extremism, Kansas’ protections are not stronger than ever

Abortion ban takes center stage in Alabama House

SC senators will pay at ballot box if abortion ban doesn’t pass, activists warn

OKLAHOMA: Stitt signs controversial abortion ‘reversal’ bill

Maine Voices: Denial of coverage places further burden on those seeking abortion care

Trump administration’s “domestic gag rule” blocked by judge

The Worst Headlines From The Anti-Choice Brigade:

WOW: Beto O’Rourke Claims That Planned Parenthood Saves Lives

Abortion Hurts Men, Too

LifeSite petition tells Uber to respect driver conscience on abortion

Civilized Man Will Soon Revile Abortion as it Does Slavery

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