Trust Women?! Okie Dokey!

okokWhen we think of Oklahoma we might think of the surrey with the fringe on top, the waving wheat that sure smells sweet, football… We also might think of some of the strictest and most hateful anti-choice laws in the entire nation. You may recall earlier this year when the Oklahoma state legislature tried to pass a law that would make it a felony for a doctor to perform an abortion. WOW, NOT OK, OK. You may also remember that Mary Fallin, Oklahoma’s Republican Governor, did not pass the bill — NOT BECAUSE IT WAS MORALLY WRONG — but because she felt the language was “vague” — ohhhhhhh my. The fringe on top of my surrey is spiking with rage!

So, considering this rich women hating landscape, the following news is cause for a HUGE CELEBRATION!

It’s been 42 years in the making, but, Oklahoma has opened a new women’s clinic! South Wind Women’s Center in Oklahoma City is run by a Kansas based organization named Trust Women. At South Winds a woman can obtain an abortion, Plan B, get help with adoption and family planning. OK has not opened a new women’s health center since 1974. Previous to the opening of South Winds OK had only two clinics in the entire state and Oklahoma City was one of the largest US cities with absolutely no abortion provider whatsoever.

In honor of such a momentous occasion we wrote a little song:

OOOoooooooooklahoma where women go searchin’ for care,
While you’re driving your car, you’ll have to drive far,
When you’re looking for an OBGYN chair.

You know the tune…

Thank you, South Winds Women’s Center! You are making women’s lives better!

Ohio Gets Medieval with Women’s Health


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Imagine a world where the state forces doctors to use outdated methods, putting patients at increased risk. There’s a name for such a place–Ohio. Or Texas. Or North Dakota.

All of those states have laws that force doctors to use strict FDA guidelines when administering the “abortion pill” drugs for a medical abortion. A quick look at the states doing this will tell you that it’s not about keeping women safe–it’s about making medical abortion more of a hassle to obtain. And they don’t care if women suffer as a result.

As an excellent New York Times op-ed explains, the FDA guidelines are severely out of date, which is not unusual. As new data becomes available, dosages and procedures are tweaked and improved. Doctors simply prescribe the medicines “off label,” or differing from the FDA guidelines. Over 20% of prescriptions in the US are off-label. What is unusual is a state passing a law that forces doctors to ignore medical advances and do things the old, more difficult, and more dangerous way. Thanks, Ohio!  

“Abortion pill” medical abortions are an awesome step forward for women. There are serious problems in fewer than 1 in 300 cases. Only 5% of women getting a medical abortion even need any kind of treatment follow-up. But after Ohio passed their retro-medical law, that 5% became 14%. The problems created by the law made the percentage of medication abortions plummet from 22% to 5% in one study. For Ohio anti-abortion nuts, that’s Mission Accomplished.
Fortunately, the FDA has since updated their guidelines, but Ohio will still lag behind with any new improvements until they ditch their bogus law. Tell Ohio to quit forcing doctors to practice medieval medicine.

Turns Out, Women Are Humans!


IKR? People were totes on the fence about it for years but the United Nations, you know that international governing body that tries to make sure people are not exploited, declares, abortion is a human right.

So it’s official!

The world body tasked with examining fuckery and shutting it down, has officially  laid it out- it is your HUMAN RIGHT to have access to a safe, legal abortion because, literally- freedom!

What!! Drinks all around!

It’s so exciting that finally all of the world’s anti-choice zealots will say, “OMG, what was I thinking all along? I am gonna drop this poster full of fetuses and work to undue all the damage I have done to this clinic I have been blocking all these years.”

Wait, what? That’s not what’s happening?


:: Cue sad trombone ::