LPJL Daily Takedown – July 18th, 2017

Just Another Tuesday: More Unconfirmed Science and Shaming Tactics

REMORSE CODE: Here’s the latest on the much-hyped “abortion regret” meme. As we’ve been telling you for some time, anti-choice crusaders love to push the lie that that there is widespread regret among people who choose abortion. And they like to use a scientifically bogus “abortion pill reversal” myth to frame their scheme. A San Diego doctor claims that he can “reverse” the increasingly popular medication abortion procedure after the patient has taken one pill of the two-pill process. There is a lag of one to two days between taking the pills. Here are the facts—he can’t. A certain percentage of abortions will fail in any case if the second pill is not taken. And here’s another fact—abortion patients do NOT change their mind halfway through. And the whole notion of “abortion regret” is being cynically manipulated by anti-choice people. Certainly there are a lot of conflicting emotions involved in any major life decision, but actual studies show that by far the most common emotion following an abortion is simply relief. The Anti’s need to stop trying to replace that relief with regret through their shaming tactics. 


The List of Things That Hurt Pregnant People Is Getting Super F*cking Long

COUNTRY MATTERS: If every pregnant person deserves the right to choice, then those that choose to go through with their pregnancy deserve the right to accessible and affordable maternity care. And increasingly, that’s just not available in rural areas. Due to declining population, 80 rural hospitals have closed since 2010, and over 200 maternity wards shut down between 2004 and 2014. Over half of rural counties in America don’t have hospital-based obstetrics. Mothers have less access to prenatal care, and the US infant mortality rate is the worst among developed countries. We need to value motherhood by making it voluntary AND safe for those who choose it!


Iowa’s Motto: Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain (but not for women, duh)

CRUSHING WAIT: Legal teams defending abortion rights in IOWA have a message for conservative lawmakers in that state—they be trippin’ if they think they can force those seeking abortions to make multiple trips to the clinic. Iowa has imposed a 72-hour waiting period for abortion procedures—forcing many in the largely rural state to travel long distances for more than one clinic visit. And right now lawyers for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland and the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa are busy arguing a court case over these restrictions, pointing out that the waiting period puts an undue burden on poor women who can’t afford the travel or missed work. Waiting periods are one of the oldest tricks in the anti-choice book, but the clowns who oppose reproductive rights are still good at pulling out their old tricks along with all the new ones. Thanks to all of the legal eagles who keep up the fight against them! 

Florida Has the Chance to do This Right, Don’t Florida This, Florida!

MORE WAIT PROBLEMS! Meanwhile, FLORIDA is dealing with its own 24-hour mandatory waiting period for an abortion. That 2015 law has been put on hold by the Florida Supreme Court, but a judge is hearing arguments on it this week. Like even longer forced waits in other states, the law forces patients to make at least one extra trip to the clinic—for people who are hard-pressed for the time and money. Don’t let uterus-occupying bullies wait you out! Props to Gainsville Woman Care for taking this case on! 


 #WeShowUp – Rosé Salute To Illinois Activists 

TAKING ON THE GORE-GOYLES: What’s worse than an unwanted dick pick in your inbox? How about a bloody fetus on your commute? Yep, the nasty GORE-GOYLES who haunt busy intersections by waving bloody images of medical procedures were at it again, this time in Mokena, ILLINOIS. But once again they were met with SHEROIC counter-protesters who parried their SHOCK & SCHLOCK tactics with cold hard TRUTH! You can’t argue with a gory propaganda poster, but you can let the public know that there are people willing to stand up to this kind of intimidation and harassment. A huge shout out to everybody who is out there countering the gruesome message of the anti-choice ghouls! Let’s leave no gory fetus pic unanswered! 



LPJL’s Pittsburgh stop means drinks with the Allegheny Reproductive Health Center was a blast. We love our Indie providers and we’re so lucky to be able to take them out for a burger and a beer – or maybe a few beers because it seems we uterus tattooed everything in sight.

 Today we take our first action in the CPC campaign AND DID IT LIVE ON FB to show folks how easy it is to make a difference!

Plus Jill Sobule comes today for A SECOND ACTION and for our Pittsburgh show tomorrow night!!  If you are in the Burgh, come and join us at Mr Smalls Wednesday, doors 7pm.


In the Realm of the Senseless

Over half of the people who can get pregnant live in states with abortion laws that fly in the face of science. That’s right–if you’re a person of childbearing age, there’s a 53% chance you live in a state with intentionally idiotic laws telling you what you can or can’t do with your body.

That’s just one of the mind-fuck statistics in a new report from the Guttmacher Institute. The study found TEN (count ‘em–10!) categories of abortion restrictions that have ZERO basis in science.

Not to mention common sense. Or common decency.

They broke these shit-show laws (not their term) into three categories: TRAP laws designed to shut clinics down with bogus “safety” rules, useless and hypocritical laws that require waiting periods and/or mandatory counseling before a person can have an abortion, and phony “fetal pain” laws that contradict all the actual medical science on the subject.

Over half of the uterus havens in America live in states that have at least two of these scientifically bogus abortion restrictions. 30% live in states that have five or more of the Terrible Ten!

And–NO SURPRISE–the lowest circle of Reproductive Rights Hell is reserved for those who live in Texas or Kansas. Both states have eight of the ten anti-science laws–AND they both have another two of the laws currently being blocked by a court order. That means Texas and Kansas both have ALL 10 scientifically bogus laws! Two-way tie for last!

Many of these laws don’t just ignore science, they gleefully contradict it. Six states require that anyone seeking an abortion be told that abortion has serious mental health consequences, something that’s been disproven by countless studies.

It’s no surprise that abortion laws in so many states are witches’ brews of lies and misinformation. As the Guttmacher report points out, we live under a presidential administration that Trumpets “alternative facts.” The official spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services is a woman who claims against all evidence that abortion causes breast cancer, IUD’s have “life-ending properties,” and birth control doesn’t reduce the number of abortions.

You can’t make this shit up. But they keep on doing just that.

Get inFormation


In her Formation video, Queen Bey dropped some serious knowledge about Katrina, cops, and Louisiana.  

Now, in an homage to Formation, LPJL drops its own “InFormation” video– dropping our own  truth bomb on extremist politicians trying to end abortion access in Louisiana and in all 50 states.

LPJL Presents: InFormation

Louisiana suffered Hurricane Katrina. It’s being hit again with the shitstorm of anti-abortion TRAP laws. And that storm continues to threaten every state in America.

Here’s the crap Louisiana is being hit with right now–all thrown down in the inFormation video…

– A 72-hour waiting period for an abortion–that hits poor women and women of color hardest

Make me pay, make me stay, make me wait, for three days

I won’t pay, I won’t stay, i won’t wait for three days

Fuck these laws I’m in charge It’s my way, my pussy, not gon’ sway

Time to say, we don’t play

-A ban on Medicaid funding for ANY medical services if your healthcare provider is associated with abortion services.

Y’all so reckless gon deny all my access-es

Y’all so possessive tryna cock block my womaness

-94% of counties in Louisiana have NO abortion provider.

Gotta have clinics for every girl in the nation/ Cause today

Louisiana has four left since they’ve taken/ Them away

Hey girl we gotta get information

Again, check out the inFormation video here! Support AllAboveAll.org and Lady Parts Justice League, and help get inFormation out about the assault on abortion rights.

And maybe we’ll take your ass to Red Lobster.

TRAP Law 101 Class

The biggest abortion case in 23 years is going before the U.S. Supreme Court on March 2nd and most people have absolutely no idea it’s happening! This decision will greatly effect access to abortion. Let me repeat. THIS DECISION WILL GREATLY AFFECT ACCESS TO ABORTION!

The case, Whole Woman’s Health V. Hellerstedt, will review a type of abortion regulation known as TRAP laws. (TRAP stands for Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers!) TRAP laws unfairly regulate clinics with an end-goal of shutting them down.

TRAP law examples include: requiring abortion doctors to obtain admitting privileges at a nearby hospital (i.e. a woman needs a note from her local hospital —> many of which will not give “permission”) and mandate that abortion facilities meet the requirements of ambulatory surgical centers. More dangerous than abortions (statistically speaking, if you are into facts and those sort of things) is getting your wisdom teeth pulled. Do those facilities need to meet the standards of a surgical center?! No, they do not. (When they find teeth in a women’s vagina maybe they will start regulating dentists.)

What all this means is that although abortion is technically legal, restrictions on clinics make it nearly impossible and incredibly expensive to keep a clinic open. TRAP laws, mandatory waiting periods, and abortion bans are leaving women with fewer options and more challenges that ever for seeking abortions. Taking all of these different restrictions into account (a total of 49 states have compromised abortion access since 1973 when abortion became a legal constitutional right) we see the message to women loud and clear “YEAH YOU CAN HAVE AN ABORTION – GOOD LUCK TRYING TO FIND A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN GET ONE!”

SOOOOOOO for the month of February we here at Lady Parts Justice League are dropping a video a week explaining TRAP Laws and what is at stake. Think of it as a TRAP LAW 101 Class in the form of our favorite mode of expose —> POP CULTURE REFERENCES!!!

Today we are releasing our second video of the month showcasing America’s favorite pastime: reality shows about houses! Fixing houses! Finding new houses! Where in my house can I take away women’s right?! Wait, what….

So why is finding a home easier than getting a healthcare procedure?! Oh yeah, because of TRAP Laws! This is not your nana’s house huntin’! Follow Susan as she figures out what abortion clinic best fits with her finances and needs. It’s an abortion adventure on a budget. Check out ‘Clinic Hunters’!

P.S. Comparing women’s reproductive rights to reality shows about houses feels really creepy! IT’S TIME FOR US ALL TO BE SO CREEPED OUT that we get out there and say ‘NO MORE’! Pay attention, get your panties in a knot, vote, vote, vote, make noise, join the Lady Parts Justice League!

Watch more Lady Parts Justice League videos on Youtube. 

LPJ League’s “Do It Dudes” Do Abortion

It’s TRAP law Wednesday and that means it’s the day the Lady Parts Justice League releases a new video to raise awareness about TRAP laws —  the insidious anti-abortion regulations extremists are inserting into legislation all over the country. These laws result in closing down clinics and making access to abortion almost impossible for the most vulnerable.

Texas state senator Wendy Davis famously stood for 13 hours fighting them in 2013 but, alas, Texas held ‘em. Altogether, 24 states have passed these laws. But now, a Texas-based clinic is taking Wendy’s fight all the way to the Supreme Court.

On March 2nd, the Court will hear oral arguments in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the biggest abortion case to reach SCOTUS in over 24 years. This case could change the face of abortion access in this country forever…and most people don’t even know that these laws exist or that this case is happening. So it’s a Big Fucking Deal.

ENTER the Lady Parts Justice League.

We are trying to drop knowledge leading up to the SCOTUS case through videos explaining these terrifying laws through our signature satirical lens.

This week, we put a twist on Buzzfeed’s “Try Guys,” the hit video series about three guys trying their hand at everything from UFC fighting to K-Pop dance moves. Our “Do It Dudes,” a similar trio of cis guys, use this whacky approach to show the difficulty in accessing something really real…like an abortion.

After all, what better way to explain the obstacles of abortion access in the United States than by showing what happens when dude-bros try to get an abortion. AMIRITE?!

So after you have a good laugh on us, get angry and visit our TRAP laws page to learn more about this shit-fuckery and what you can do to help #StopTheSham.

Watch more Lady Parts Justice League videos on Youtube. 

Watch LPJ League’s Tour of “Darbi’s Dream Clinic”

Lady Parts Justice League has spent February launching videos to highlight the problems with TRAP laws. Our final video in this series satirizes America’s favorite 11-inch, independent plastic woman in “Darbi’s Dream Clinic.”

Why Darbi? Well, let us tell ya…

In 2013, then Texas Senator Wendy Davis legendarily filibustered Texas TRAP laws for 13 hours. Those TRAP laws were later passed, but now they’re being challenged before the Supreme Court. On March 2nd, the Court will hear arguments in the Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt case, the most important abortion case in the past quarter century. Unfortunately, the lower court decision upheld the TRAP laws, so if the Scalia-less SCOTUS deadlocks 4-4, the outlook for clinics in Texas is still dire.

Wendy Davis’ fight against these laws had extremists destroying her private life, threatening her safety and publicly trying to shame her by referring to her as, “Abortion Barbie.”

In this video, LPJL decided to flip the script on that moniker by celebrating the idea of Abortion Barbie with our inspiring doll, “Darbi” who runs the best clinic in the world! One that is free of those burdensome and unnecessary TRAP laws that harm both clinics and patients!

We say, “Go, Darbi, Go!”

To learn more about the TRAP laws in this video, the case going before the Supreme Court, and how it affects YOU and your state, check out our TRAP laws page to learn more!

Watch more Lady Parts Justice League videos on Youtube. 

Wait Problems

pablo-4If a person wants to stop something that they don’t have the authority or resources to, what do they do? Delay. Stall. Stonewall. Block. Impede and generally fuck with.

So it is with the creeples trying to occupy your uterus. They can’t destroy abortion rights, but they can muck up your access to them enough that you can’t exercise them. Every moment they can delay an abortion makes that abortion potentially more expensive, difficult, and dangerous for the woman who is trying to exercise her rights.

Since the Supreme Court took some of the teeth out of TRAP laws, abortion opponents have been relying more on the tried and true tactics of imposing waiting periods before a woman can have an abortion.

There’s a case before the Florida Supreme Court right now challenging the state’s 24 mandatory abortion waiting period. Proponents of imposing a waiting period say women need to take their time. Denise Harle, the deputy solicitor general defending the waiting period said “There is a societal interest in making sure people are entering into these decisions with due deliberation.” To which we say… ABORTION IS NOT AN “IMPULSE BUY”!

We’re not buying a roll of Mentos at the checkout. We’re acting on a major life decision–and yes, WE ALREADY THOUGHT ABOUT IT!

This isn’t about “thinking it over.” This is about delaying, shaming, inconvenience, and exposing women to additional intimidation from anti-abortion clinic trolls by requiring an extra visit.

Currently 27 states require a waiting period to have an abortion–five of them make a woman wait 72 hours! Stand with Lady Parts Justice League and help to fight mandatory waiting periods all over the country.

Don’t delay!



Amidst this week’s abundant heinous news of sexual assaults, denial of said assaults, and further attacks on the assaulted, the one bright light shining through all the utter bullshit was the outpouring of stories and solidarity from survivors who refuse to be silent.

Lady Parts Justice League’s own Lizz Winstead took to Twitter to share her own experience and stand with the hundreds of other women who came forward to do the same.

Check out the Storify of her posts here, and join the conversation with #IWillNotBeSilenced, #WhyWomenDontReport, and #ItsOnUs.