Who is the Alien Here? Meet the Body-Snatching Monster Who Is Denying a Pregnant Immigrant Teen Control of Her Own Body 

An appeals court has blocked a ruling that a detained and pregnant immigrant teen—whose case we’ve been reporting to you—should be allowed to exercise her abortion rights. Hearings are happening TODAY. You MUST read this ACLU takedown on the RELIGIOUS EXTREMIST that Trump put in charge of holding helpless immigrant girls hostage to the Uterus Invaders. It’s even worse than it sounds!  


The Only Thing More Enraging Than the Immigrant Teen Story is the Rightwing Media “Reporting” on it by Labelling Her as “Illegal” and Reserving Humanity for Her Fetus

If you follow the twisted and racist logic of those who are denying this immigrant teen control over her pregnancy, she’s just the disposable vessel meant to contain the precious fetus until it’s actually born and no longer matters. Here’s a truly ugly article from the truly ugly people who reduce human beings to labels in order to elevate the fetus. 


Why Are Abortion Rates Declining? Hint: It’s NOT Because Creepy Buzzkills Are Making It Harder to Get Birth Control

Abortion rates are down 25 percent. The anti-choice anti-pussy posse says it’s because they scream on sidewalks and create FAKE CPC clinics to fool abortion patients. And they’re SURE it couldn’t possibly be because of more accessible birth control because everybody knows birth control doesn’t work! Right. Here’s a Rewire piece to translate that into reality. 


Here’s a Good Reminder of What Happens When the Government Lists Dentists and the Salvation Army as Adequate Alternatives to Planned Parenthood for Pap Smears or Abortion Care. 

What would happen if they really did “defund” Planned Parenthood and patients were left with the bizarre and useless “alternatives” to actual women’s healthcare that defunders come up with? This great Bustle article will haunt you with some of the nightmare possibilities. Avoid the nightmare and GET WOKE! 


Ah’d Perfer It If Muh Childern Were Ass Dum Ass Me, Pleese

If ignorance is bliss, then some parents in North Carolina have checked into a stupidity Day Spa. The Tar Heel chapter of the “If we don’t teach kids about birth control, then they won’t have sex”  parenting club  managed to get a Planned Parenthood-sponsored sex ed program suspended because it had frank discussions of sexual preference and condom use. This is why we can’t have rational things. And do have teen pregnancy. 


YOU Decide Who Decides What You Do with Your Uterus! Or Do You…

This great Rewire article shows exactly why YOUR bodily autonomy is ultimately up to the voters—which is why you need to be a voter. VIRGINIA’s new Attorney General will have a huge impact on repro rights there. Attorneys general matter. Do you know who your state AG is?


Greetings from Alabama! Where The Pro White Supremacy Senate Candidate Shames the Pro Choice Candidate. 

When Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore isn’t waving guns around, demanding gay people be disappeared or proclaiming The Bible overrides the Constitution, of course he is in an abortion tailspin! Check out this unhinged clown’s campaign ad trying to make Democrat Doug Jones’s reasonable views on abortion seem… unhinged. Hoping it won’t work, but  in the bizarro world of Alabama politics you never can tell.

LPJL Daily Takedown – August 16th, 2017

HM, how bout we DON’T trust anyone’s personal identifying information to David Daleiden, yea?

David Daleiden is the dick whose so-called “Center for Medical Progress” used illegally obtained and doctored videos to spread lies about Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue research is baaaaack.

And before he invades your uterus again, he’d like to rifle through your personal information, thankyouverymuch. Yep, his latest stunt is trying to intimidate hundreds of researchers and employees at the University of Washington’s Birth Defects Research Laboratory by using public-records requests to obtain personal information on them. Employees sued to have their personal info redacted from any records that Daleiden obtains. A judge issued a temporary injunction against releasing the personal information, but now an appeals court has sent it back to the judge as too broad. Here’s hoping these people aren’t exposed to the threats and harassment that are stock-in-trade for anti-choice zealots.


For-profit companies put on their best Church outfit to screw women over. 

Unholy Rollers: Suddenly businesses with “moral objections” to birth control are coming out of the woodwork—and into your uterus! Thanks to the whining of anti-abortion types, the Affordable Care Act allows religious employers to deny their employees the otherwise mandatory Obamacare birth control coverage. So what’s that—a few non-profits, some nunneries, and those assholes at Hobby Lobby? WRONG! 24 of the 45 companies that have asked for the religious exemption are FOR PROFIT enterprises. And paying for your IUD eats into their profits! So does, oh USING YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE, FOR EVERY OTHER HEALTH NEED.

Ugh. The very foundation of Repro rights was created to get access to birth control—and this religious exemption shit undermines both! The problem begins with the bat-crap religious exemption in the first place. Once religious-affiliated employers were allowed into your vagina, they opened your floodgates to everybody!  


Christmas in August?! No co-pay for BC and abortion in every stocking in Oregon

GO BEAVERS! Governor Kate Brown of OREGON just signed this country’s most progressive reproductive health care policy. Get this, Oregon—the Reproductive Health Equity Act mandates that insurers cover birth control and abortion care with no co-pay, provides post-partum care for low-income women, and provides funds for reproductive care for noncitizens excluded from Medicaid. And it does it at a time when the Trump administration is trying to roll back access to abortion and birth control, and states like Texas are going hog wild with anti-abortion legislative lunacy. So thanks more than ever, Oregon! What’s the old saying—every time a Texas closes, an Oregon opens up? Something like that. 


 Take a picture, hopefully the assault on abortion won’t last longer

And just how closed is TEXAS? It’s in fucking lock-down. Even though the horrific House Bill 2 was overturned by the Supreme Court, during the time it was in effect half of the abortion clinics in Texas were forced to close—and reopening any is a daunting task. That’s why women who need abortion care routinely have to travel up to 150 miles on a bus—a four hour trip—to get the care they need. And thanks to Texas’s 24-hour waiting period, they have to do it more than once. This photo essay includes the story of one such woman, along with other people on both sides. It ain’t a pretty picture. 


Most f*cked up Crest commercial ever: Texas politicians sign cruel ‘rape insurance law’ while smiling ear to ear

But here’s the ugliest picture you’re going to see in a while—straight from deep in the heart of Texas. It’s three old white guys, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, with big old skull-fuck grins to celebrate the passage of an anti-abortion law so extreme it’s being called the “Rape Insurance” law. HB 214 bans insurance companies from covering abortion care, even in cases of rape, incest, or fetal abnormalities. Women will be forced to try and find separate abortion coverage. Do YOU have plans for what to do after rape or incest? In Texas, you need them! And there are 10 other states with this same law. What this bill does is to stigmatize abortion care while traumatizing victims—another Texas Two-fer


School of Junk Science Enrolling Soon in CA

The people who brought you the junk science of so-called “abortion pill reversal” have some junk accreditation to back it up. Abortion reversal refers to an unproved method of “reversing” a medication abortion after the first pill of the two-pill process has already been taken. The medical establishment rejects the phony science behind these claims. But anti-choice fraudsters Heartbeat International and National Institutes of Family and Life Advocates are trumpeting that they got “the blessing” of the California Board of Registered Nursing for their classes on this abortion reversal garbage. In truth, the CBRN does not approve class material. It does approve nursing continuing-education providers. And that involves a 6-page application which relies on the education providers to make sure the class material obeys rules that the material be “related to the scientific knowledge and/or technical skills required for the practice of nursing…” Gee, I wonder how strictly they vetted their own propaganda? 



Thanks to the online reproductive rights #resistance squad (psst: THAT’S YOU! ????), Molly’s review of this fake clinic in North Carolina went from having only 2 misleading Google reviews to a growing number of FACTUAL reviews and upvotes! U(terus) can make a difference! #ExposeFakeClinics so people all over the country get the facts when searching for abortion care. Now let’s help the folks in Rochester by upvoting Rashe’s review (or calling writing an accurate review of your own!)

LPJL Daily Takedown – July 31st, 2017

Science Backs Up What Women Were Already Saying 

MORE PESKY “SCIENCE” STUFF: A new study concludes that anybody who says abortion causes depression is FULL OF SHIT. Of course, the actual findings were expressed in more academic terms: “young women whose unwanted first pregnancies ended in abortion were at no greater risk of subsequent depressive symptoms than their counterparts who gave birth.” The study is from University of California at Berkeley Professor Anu Manchikanti Gómez—HELLO! Everything in that sentence tells you conservatives will fucking HATE it! They’ve gotten a lot out their LIE that abortion causes depression. Six states actually REQUIRE providers to tell patients that it does! Even in NEW YORK, a state senator pushes a bill every year that would require New York providers to tell patients the depression lie. You know what’s depressing? Having to fight bullshit everyday. Fight back with the facts! 



CHALK AND AWFUL: The latest terror tactic by anti-choice extremists is to target the homes and neighborhoods of politicians who defy them and graffiti sidewalks and streets in something they call “chalk and awe.” Really. When the SAN FRANCISCO Planning Commission approved a Planned Parenthood center, protesters went to commissioners’ neighborhoods and scrawled messages like “Stop killing babies.” They also threw in some gay slurs such as “This car is gay,” because hate, presumably. The group calls itself Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, so they’re really doing their best to offend everyone. Commissioner Rich Hillis bravely engaged the chalkers in a dialogue, but this kind of personal assault on people’s homes needs to stop! 


Almost Good News Out of Arkansas 

BACK AND FORTH: The legal tug-o-war’s in ARKANSAS show how much we owe to the brave and tireless people who conduct the soul-sucking battle for abortion rights in courtrooms all over America. Just today we got GOOD NEWS… and BAD NEWS from Arkansas. A U.S. District judge issued a preliminary injunction against FOUR crazy Razorback laws—one criminalizing the safest and most common method of second trimester abortions, one that allows family members to weigh in on what’s done with fetal tissue remains (!), one that would send fetal tissue samples from minors to law enforcement, and another that saddles providers with red tape regarding medical histories. But at the same time, the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals lifted an injunction requiring clinics to get hospital admitting privileges. That’s a legal swampland and we want to thank entities like the ACLU and the Center for Reproductive Rights for wading into it for us! 


Texas Republicans, Take the Summer off…PLEASE?! 

TEXAS SCOLD ‘EM: Meanwhile, the SHIT FACTORY that is the TEXAS legislature’s special session to attack abortion rights keeps on pumping out “product.”  There are bills to require separate abortion insurance policies, to prohibit any state contracts with healthcare providers that offer abortion, laws restricting minors’ access to abortion, and of course, plenty of more red tape TRAP-style laws like the notorious HB2 that the Supreme Court shot down last year. This special session has dragged on for two weeks already, and shockingly, we’ve still got TWO MORE WEEKS of this reeking sludge.


Don’t Talk to Me Before My Monday Morning Scream 

CULTURE SHOCK: Want to see what the assault on American rights, freedoms, and values looks like to those leading the assault? Take a dip in the cesspool of Breitbart. Their list of “Seven Ways Trump is Taking Back America’s Culture” shows that a full-bore attack on reproductive rights, women, and other marginalized people is a huge part of their plan to bring back the Dark Ages. It’s all about banning abortion funding, defunding Planned Parenthood, kicking transgender people out of the military, “religious freedom,” turning HHS into an anti-choice propaganda outlet, and securing it all with Supreme Court nominees like Neil Gorsuch. That’ll bring back coal! 



Check out Lizz’s response piece in HuffPo! “No. Facts. Given. You Must Tell The Whole Story About CPCs”

Today Anna from LPJL exposes Birthrite of Peconic, a fake clinic in Hampton Bays, NY. When Anna called to inquire about services, this CPC told Anna that they would talk her through ALL options of an unwanted pregnancy but they couldn’t refer her to a clinic that provided abortion. Here is Anna’s review!

Wanna join Anna in calling out a CPC like Birthright of Peconic but find it a little scary to call a CPC? GOOD NEWS! There are plenty of other ways you can work to #ExposeFakeClinics. You can simply increase the visibility of her post by liking the review, or you can interact with the website of another CPC and review the information on that site. And of course sharing the #ExposeFakeClinics campaign is always a win! But if calling a CPC and posting a review is your jam, let the world know who you reviewed by posting a link to it all over social so we can all upvote on it!  

DON’T FORGET: Always use the #ExposeFakeClinics hashtag!

LPJL Daily Takedown – July 28th, 2017

When We Say “We Won’t Go Back” This is the “Back” and it’s Terrifying

BACK IS NOT AN OPTION: For a horrifying look at what went on in those back alleys in the days before Roe v Wade, check out this chilling interview with a provider from those early days when abortion was available in only a few states. Desperate women were suffering and many were dying in unspeakable ways. The impetus to legalize came from clergy who had to deal with shattered lives, and doctors who had to deal with shattered bodies. That’s the nightmare scenario that crusades like those being held in Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, and all over the country are leading us toward. And we can’t go back there.


Sex, Drugs, and..What it Means for Getting an Abortion

THE PERFECT SHITSTORM—What happens when restrictive abortion policies meet the opioid epidemic? It’s not pretty for patients or providers, as this HuffPo piece about the situation in Alabama makes clear. As our good friend, heroic provider Dr. Willie Parker points out, opioid users tend to come for help later in their pregnancy because their addiction disrupts their cycles to the point they don’t know they’re pregnant. And many don’t have the money to pay for an abortion. Some patients have to be turned away because their addiction will nullify the use of pain relievers. What’s needed is compassion and common sense—two things in short supply among the conservative lawmakers in Alabama. 


Talking White Male Privilege and a JumboTron..Nope Not a Baseball Game…Guess Again

PIG SCREEN: Hey, if you’re going to have a shit-show, why not have it in JUMBO-VISION! We have been writing all week about the lunatic members of Operation Save America, who have travelled from all over the country to spend this week shrieking at patients outside of KENTUCKY’s LAST CLINIC STANDING. Now they have upped their terror techniques by setting up a giant jumbotron to broadcast videos of abortion procedures in public spaces! Interested viewers can go downtown outside of Louisville’s Metro Hall where the Ghoul Theater is currently running. Downtown workers on a lunchbreak have no choice!

 Once Again Texas Answers the Question “How Bad Could it Be?”

RECAPPING THE KNEECAPPING: Ever since conservative lawmakers in TEXAS went off on an anti-abortion rights bender a few years ago, they’ve done so much damage to women’s health that a brief recap is in order. Here’s a chilling one, courtesy of the New Yorker. Starting in 2011, Texas cut family-planning funds by two-thirds. In 2013, they banned Planned Parenthood from women’s health programs, costing the state MILLIONS in NINE-to-ONE federal funding grants. The upshot? Teen abortions and teen births are both on the rise in Texas, despite going down nationwide. The maternal mortality rate in Texas has DOUBLED to 35.8 deaths per 100,000—the worst in the developed world! And the Trump administration wants to do to the country what theocratic lunatics have done to Texas. We just turned back an assault on the ACA—KEEP FIGHTING! 



Shout out to Reproaction for protesting at a fake clinic in Columbia, Missouri!

It’s a beautiful weekend to get riled up! Join us by going to exposefakeclinics.com and learn how to write a review and repost so that we can all upvote your review. Pro tip from the pros: your review has to be from an interactive experience, so call or check out the fake clinic’s website before you post!

#Exposefakeclinics has been working all over the country- let’s keep it up!


Vagical Update

After 8 weeks, 15 cities, 18 clinic visits, 592 thank you postcards, hundreds of gold tattoos, and 4 real tattoos…the Vagical Mystery Tour came to an end..for now!

It’s hard to quantify all of the amazing experiences we had on tour. This was an experiment to see if we could get communities activated through comedy shows, and the experiment WORKED. You all signed up to be clinic escorts or sent thank you notes or committed to staying informed on the anti-choice bullsh*t going down in your state and we THANK YOU!

Stay vigilant, America…we’ll be back!

LPJL Daily Takedown – July 27th, 2017

Seems like winter is always coming for women of color when House of Douche is in power

HEALTH DISSERVICES: The looming Trumpian healthcare implosion threatens us all, but it threatens Women of Color more than most. They’ve gotten the shitty end of the stick forever—and now there’s even more shit on the end of that stick.  Over the past few years, health conditions for WOC had improved, but that’s going down the drain along with everything else touched by Trump. Brutal cuts to Medicaid under the GOP healthcare plans impact more Black and Hispanic women—they’re almost twice as likely to be insured by Medicaid. Repeal of Obamacare threatens minority women’s access to maternity coverage, contraception, and family planning. Defunding Planned Parenthood will deprive them of preventative care like cancer screenings. And the recent assault on abortion rights impacts Women of Color harder—they make up half of the women who live in states that lack abortion services for Medicaid enrollees. Help push back on behalf of everyone—RESIST & PERSIST! 


Choose Your Own Abortion Restriction: Missouri Edition

MISSOURI’S ANTI-CHOICE AWFUL CHOICE: Missouri, which is currently holding an anti-abortion orgy in the form of a special session of the legislature, may soon try to send some of its toxic waste to Washington. Anti-woman crusader and current MO Attorney General Josh Hawley is making noises that he’ll run for the US Senate seat now held by Dem Claire McCaskill. As an anti-abortion fanatic, Hawley manages to stand out even in a nuthouse like MISSOURI Republican politics. He said last year that “abortion is not a right. It is a violent act against the defenseless. It violates every principle of morality and should be barred by American law.” And he has vowed to use his AG post to crush the only clinic in the state and to support the FAKE crisis pregnancy centers that infest Missouri. Josh Hawley is one of the reasons Missouri is in the mess it’s in. 


That time when your anti-abortion friend has no chill and can’t keep a secret

NO MO! And speaking of MISSOURI, it’s already the biggest sinkhole for abortion rights this side of Texas, and it’s determined to suck harder. As part of their Special Session of the Damned, MO legislators have just passed a law that requires people seeking an abortion to have a meeting with the doctor performing the procedure as part of the waiting period, it imposes unannounced inspections on clinics, and requires that ALL fetal tissue be sent to a pathologist. Oh, and it lets MO’s nutcase Attorney General (see above!) go after abortion providers regardless of whether local authorities want that. WOW. Can Texas lawmakers hold onto their title of Most Hateful to Women? To be continued…! 


Women in Texas may have to start becoming future-seeing pre-cogs to get insurance for abortion now

EXTRA BAD: Nope, TEXAS can always create a bigger mess! The Texas Senate is working on a bill that would force people to get separate health coverage for abortion services and pay a separate, extra premium. Seriously! “Honey, did you pay the abortion insurance premium?” HELLO! People don’t anticipate the need for abortions—hence the need for abortions!! And of course this bill has no exceptions for fetal abnormality, rape, or incest. So a person has to have the foresight to realize in advance “I better get that abortion coverage, in case Dad rapes me.” That’s not the real world—that’s Texas politics! 


No one ever said terrifying sidewalk bullies weren’t morning people!

THE EARLY TURDS: Ever wonder how hateful bigots start their day? Here’s a piece from ThinkProgress about how the bully crew that harass and intimidate patients at KENTUCKY’s last remaining clinic spend their mornings. Unfortunately, the piece focuses mainly on what it looks like when Operation Save America descends on Louisville to torment clinics with their weeklong shriek-fest. What is doubly fucked is that even without the OSA invasion, the clinic is STILL assaulted by hundreds of local zealots… and the court-imposed buffer zone that keeps it all from swamping the patients is only in place during the OSA invasion which ends this weekend. Problem is, this clinic needs a permanent buffer because the assaults WILL continue. The state only granted the buffer zone this week because the world is watching. Let them know we’re still watching—and give the clinic a PERMANENT BUFFER! 



For the final #ExposeFakeClinics Week of Action day, NARAL Ohio organized not one – but TWO protests in the Buckeye State. Watch their FB live here! These Fake Clinics aren’t going to expose themselves (or are they?), so we have to keep fighting! Save exposefakeclinics.com on your browser, and keep writing (and upvoting) those accurate reviews and share the links on social media so we can all click and upvote! You can actually make a difference one click at a time!


LPJL Daily Takedown – July 17th, 2017

The Reality of Those Super Fun “Vacation Abortions” Republicans Are Always Talking About

“MY LAST RESORT” is NOT about a VACATION! Anti-choice zealots love to talk about the supposed “vacation abortions” that women are getting when they are FORCED to travel to get vital medical care. As this article explains, every year about 3,000 women have to come to Illinois to get abortion care because their home states make access virtually impossible. And those are the ones who are lucky enough to have the means to take off work and travel! People need access to affordable abortion care in their own communities. One of the many stories in this article is about regret. Regret is part of any choice… or lack of choice. We can’t let extremists frame regret as a reason to deny people the freedom to choose.


Teen Pregnancy Is at It’s Lowest”- America, “Hold My Beer”- Trump

PERMANENT ABSTAIN: God only knows how many unplanned pregnancies the suddenly pious Donald Trump has caused in his repulsive past, but he’s determined to cause millions more—and now to America’s teens! This Day-Glo Disaster wants to cut over $200 million in funding for teen pregnancy prevention programs at the same time that he’s throwing $277 million at ABSTINENCE ONLY programs! Look, if anything can get people to swear off sex, it’s the thought of Donald Trump—but abstinence STILL doesn’t work!


We Don’t Need A Crystal Ball to See What Defunding Looks Like…We Have Texas!

CAUTIONARY FAIL! Texas conservatives, always at the forefront of any shitty idea, are now a cautionary tale about what happens when you defund Planned Parenthood, slash funding for family planning, and close 80 clinics. SURPRISE! You get more teen pregnancies… AND more abortions! The rate of teen births in Texas is up 3.4%, even as it’s falling in states with less medieval methods. A study estimates there have been 2,200 unplanned pregnancies because of the actions. Oh, and two years after the funding cuts, Texas abortion rates are up 4.9%. Thanks to former Gov. Rick Perry and conservative lawmakers, Texas is a mess!


Schools Out For Summer…Or Forever for Wisconsin OBGYNs

TRAINING WRECK: A new Republican bill in Wisconsin attacks abortion access by blocking the University of Wisconsin-Madison from training resident doctors in how to perform abortions. Of course that leads to a fucking domino-of-dickdom effect in which UW-Madison loses its accreditation for OB-GYN training, and OB-GYN’s-in-training leave the state. 20 of 72 counties in Wisconsin are already without an OB-GYN! The author of the bill hates the fact that Planned Parenthood pays UW doctors to train OB-GYN residents at local clinics… but of course they HAVE TO because Wisconsin law prohibits any state money from going toward anything remotely abortion. So this law makes it illegal for UW docs to train residents anywhere except at a hospital… where it’s against the existing law. And then it all causes the UW to lose their OB-GYN accreditation, and gynecologists flee the state. Who knew a cheese-head could come up with such a diabolical plan?


Blessed Motherf*ckin Be, Iowa’s Fight Against Insane Undue Burden Laws Start Today

LONG 3-DAYS’ JOURNEY INTO NIGHTMARE: Today marks the start of court hearings to see if Iowa’s new 3-day waiting period for an abortion is constitutional. These waiting periods are used to deter people from exercising their abortion rights—and they’re devastatingly effective in rural states like Iowa where patients have to travel long distances for multiple appointments. Don’t let Iowa get away with forcing people to wait for their rights.  Reproductive justice delayed is reproductive justice denied!



NEXT UP- PITTSBURGH! We said goodbye to the wonderful Cleveland and arrived last night in PITTSBURGH ready for some action! Check Us out on City Paper’s Short List, so If you’re in town, get your ass down to  Mr. Smalls Funhouse on Wednesday July 19th! Doors at 7pm!

We pull out of Pittsburgh, and head off to Louisville for our LAST SHOW of the Vagical Mystery Tour on Saturday July 22nd. If you are in Louisville, join us for some bourbon and some Bevin Ball Bustin’!!  Get your tickets here!!

Stay tuned for more fun updates!

LPJL Daily Takedown – 6/1/17

Texas Abortion Bill Could Criminalize People Who Help Women Get Abortions (Newsweek)

RETURN OF THE HATEFUL 8!  Oh, Texas Senate Bill 8, how do you harm me? Let me count the ways! There’s a new one coming out every day. Here’s a report on how SB 8 would turn anyone who helps a woman who needs an abortion into a criminal. That includes the Lyft driver who takes her to an appointment, or the bank teller who hands her the money she needs! Texas’s lunatic SB 8 is an example of misogynistic multi-tasking.


If You’re Against Abortion, Gunning For Planned Parenthood Makes No Sense 


If you’re anti-choice, going after Planned Parenthood is a LOSERS game… on every level.  Studies—not to mention common sense!—show that the services provided by Planned Parenthood (including PARENTHOOD that is PLANNED…. HELLO!!!) decrease the number of abortions. But then you shouldn’t expect logical consistency from groups that label themselves “Pro-Life” and then support violence, intimidation and the murder of abortion doctors!


Kansas lawmakers go full harassment mode: mandate typeface size, style for abortion disclosure forms (Daily Kos)

FUCKING KANSAS is a veritable FONT of ignorance. New innovations by Kansas lawmakers in TRAP LAW FUCKERY actually mandate that abortion providers fill out disclosure forms in specific paper colors, typeface size, and even fonts! Because every moment spent fretting over paperwork is time NOT spent PROVIDING CARE TO PATIENTS! This FONT TRAP LAW is a document that should not be opened!


Why Pro-Choice Counter-Protestors May Do More Damage Than Good At Abortion Clinics (Bustle)

We all agree on the goal of safeguarding abortion rights. There’s always room for debate on tactics. And new Bustle article makes a great point on how well-meaning pro-choice protests might not be the best approach outside of threatened clinics. One of Dr. George Tiller’s favorite mantras was “Trust Women.” To which we might add “Trust abortion providers…” to know the best way to serve the needs of their patients. RESIST! PERSIST! But don’t protest outside of clinics unless the clinic itself wants you to!




The only “Peach” LPJL acknowledges is the PEACH STATE.

What’s happening at the Atlanta Women’s Center? ISSA BBQ!

Daily Takedown – 5/30/17

White House Acts to Roll Back Birth-Control Mandate for Religious Employers  

(NY Times)

Birth control policy OUT OF CONTROL! It looks like you can forget the Obamacare BIRTH CONTROL MANDATE. We’re back to MAN CONTROL over whether you give BIRTH under Trump. The White House is rolling back ACA requirements for contraceptive coverage, and it’s rolling them right over your rights. It’s all part of Trump’s suck-up to religious crusaders like Frank Pavone who consider birth control to be a “grave evil.” We take it that Frank is not a person of childbearing age.


Trump appointees twist facts, deny science (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Trump appointees FLUNK SCIENCE. It doesn’t take much research to discover that the Trump administration is stocking the Department of Health and Human Services with whackjobs who deny basic science. As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch points out in an editorial–two of Trump’s top picks don’t even believe that birth control works… and that abortion causes breast cancer. Sounds like somebody needs A BIG “F”!


Breaking Down Senate Bill 8, Texas’ Newest Anti-Abortion Law 

(Dallas Observer)

THE HATEFUL 8… Texas’s Senate Bill 8 is a hate fest that targets abortion providers. It requires all fetal tissue be given burial or cremation, bans fetal tissue donation, and outlaws the safest, most common second-trimester abortion procedure–with no exceptions for rape or incest. Texas SB 8 should be considered a hate crime against women.


Editorial: Anti-abortion agenda limits birth control

(Des Moines Register)

Hard-Hearted Heartland. Anti-abortion lawmakers in Iowa are endangering women’s lives and cutting off access to birth control in their crusade to defund Planned Parenthood. In this TAKEDOWN of their own, the Des Moines Register showed how Iowa forced the shutdown of Planned Parenthood clinics around the state by refusing to accept federal family planning money. That left their 15,000 patients (including over 2,000 under age 21) without everything from contraceptives to cancer screenings. “Pro-life” is life-threatening in Iowa.


Laura Ingraham and her joyless henchmen are SHOCKED! SHOCKED! that humans reject their JUDGY SHAME PATH! (Do Not Link It)

They seem baffled by polling that shows Americans approve of things like gay relationships and Constitutionally-guaranteed abortion rights. It’s all about America and Family Values, bitches!