…In A Classic Twist, Enemy Of The EPA Becomes The Head Of The EPA

As part of our continuing Play of the Day series “Sauron’s Army” Lady Parts Justice League is exploring the key players Donald Trump has chosen to surround himself with. We’re taking a deep dark look at his advisors and the people being appointed to his cabinet, all of whom have a history of being strongly anti-choice.

Scott Pruitt – Position in Sauron’s Army: Denethor II (on his worst day).

You remember when Denethor, The Steward of Gondor, was totally losing it towards the end of The Return of the King (if not you better brush up on your LOTR because we are living it). Denethor is all, My son is dead, I’m going to burn him on this funeral pyre… And everyone else is like, Yeah but your son’s not dead though. That’s what Scott Pruitt is doing with science.

Scott Pruitt, who is Trump’s pick for EPA Administrator, already had his hearing and is on track to be confirmed in March. Pruitt, who is currently the Attorney General of Oklahoma, has sued the EPA multiples times. (!!!!!) He was part of a legal action against Obama’s Clean Power Plan which was designed to curb greenhouse gas emissions. When discussing overwhelming scientific evidence that human activity is causing the warming of the planet, Pruitt was quoted in saying “That debate is far from settled.” 

LET US REPEAT THAT BECAUSE IT BEARS REPEATING: The person who quite possibly will be the head of the EPA has sued the EPA on multiple occasions because he was like, yo bro, gas emissions, not that bad. So he’s legitimately an actual enemy of protecting the environment.

Pruitt has made his leanings (more like fall over-ings) clear during his time as OK (not-OK) AG. Besides his need to take a thick hot dump on the environment he has supported anti-choice legislation, fought against LGBTQ rights and against the Affordable Care Act.

A few examples…

Pruitt was like, Hey even though the Supreme Court struck down DOMA that doesn’t mean that Oklahoma has to offer benefits to gay married couples. Pruitt supports the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Pruitt supported a bill that would limit medical abortions in Oklahoma. AND, this is one of our favorites, after the Supreme Court decided that two abortion related laws were unconstitutional, Pruitt’s office was like, we don’t care, let’s continue to enforce them for as long as possible. Classy.

In an EGGeptional (ugh, sorry) move, after California prohibited the sale of eggs from hens who were kept in horribly restrictive conditions, Pruitt joined in a lawsuit against them and then decided to investigate THE HUMANE SOCIETY. How incredibly inhumane.

I guess he just thinks all eggs should be restricted but not gas emissions. 

Graphic by Monica Mohan @MonicaMohanStudio

Tom Price: Precious Little to Recommend Him

UPDATE! Way back in November we warned you about the invasive vaginal irritant known as Rep. Tom Price, Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Further research has shown he’s even more toxic than originally thought.

Now it turns out that, even as he was burrowing into your ladyparts, Price was socking away large amounts of ill-gotten gains from possibly illegal but undoubtedly unethical stock transactions. Price would buy stock in companies just before introducing legislation that would drive the price of their stock up.

Great–he’s inside of you AND he’s conducting insider trading. Tell your Senator that it’s time to toss this vile concoction. Oh, and here is an update on all the OTHER reasons Price is wrong:

Part of our on-going series “Sauron’s Army” introducing the numerous creatures of darkness Trump surrounds himself with.  Every single one of these tools has demonstrated contempt for women and reproductive rights and we’re trudging our way to Mt. Doom to destroy (read: expose) them all.

Rep. Tom Price – Position in Sauron’s Army: Gollum

He’s a nasty, corrupted little creature who lives deep in the darkness where he dotes on his stolen “Precious.”

Trump’s pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services is obviously a disaster for anyone who cares about health. Or humans. He’s got a shit-list of plans to deny healthcare to millions of people by eviscerating the Affordable Care Act and gutting Medicare and Medicaid. But he’s also a very special kind of disaster for those 51% of Americans who happen to be women.

Price is a six-term Congressman from Georgia who has built a career attacking reproductive rights and saying insulting things about women. When asked about poor women who would be left behind without contraceptive coverage, he famously blustered  “Bring me one woman who has been left behind. Bring me one. There’s not one. The fact of the matter is this is a trampling on religious freedom and religious liberty in this country.” In other words, a woman’s right to control her own body pales before the right of religious zealots to force everyone to live in their fantasy world of religious purity.  

New York Magazine compiled a handy list of the specific ways that Tom Price wants to occupy your uterus, including his unwavering opposition to abortion rights, birth control, and to Planned Parenthood in particular. This is a man who has sponsored multiple personhood bills, voted for so-called “Pain Capable” abortion bans, wants to let employers deny contraceptive coverage based on their religious beliefs, and opposed laws that prevent a woman from being fired for using birth control(!).

There’s a reason that Planned Parenthood always gives Price a zero rating, while the National Right to Life Committee always gives him 100%. Both were probably being conservative.

Price has been a virtual stalker out to destroy the Affordable Care Act. And as head of the agency that oversees the FDA, he’ll also be in a position to derail new methods of medical abortion or birth control–or even rescind approvals that have already been issued.

Don’t put this nasty little creature in charge of HHS. Send Tom Price back into the shadows.

You Shall Not Pass (High School)!

As part of our continuing ‘Play of the Day’ series, Sauron’s Army, Lady Parts Justice League is exploring the key players Donald Trump has chosen to surround himself with. We’re taking a deep dark look at his advisors and the people being appointed to his cabinet, all of whom have a history of being strongly anti-choice.

Betsy DeVos – Position in Sauron’s Army: Balrog

You remember the Balrog in The Fellowship of the Ring (if not you better brush up on your LOTR because we are living it). Gandalf is all “You shall not pass” and the Balrog pulls him down into the depths of darkness. That’s exactly what DeVos is doing to people trying to get a good public school education.

Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, billionaire Betsy DeVos, evidently wants kids to graduate from the School of Hard Knocks. She’ll be supplying the knocks, the taxpayers will be footing the bill. DeVos is a former Republican National Committeewoman from Michigan and has spent two decades advocating for Charter Schools and taxpayer funded school vouchers. (No that totally makes sense, an Education Secretary who is against public education, I mean why not?!?!) She is a major Republican Party donor and has been heavily criticized by her own state of Michigan for her lack of oversight in the Charter School Program (two things Trump seems to love, a big donor and total inadequacy for the job at hand).

Balrog Betsy was a member of the Board of Directors of The Acton Institute for 10 years, and is believed to have funneled thousands of dollars into the conservative nonprofit. The Acton Institute, wait for it, came out in favor of child labor. Child labor! A recent essay posted to its blog by one Joseph Sunde called child labor “a gift our kids can handle.” No, really, Joseph, thanks for the gift, but we don’t need presents, just an education.

The essay said we shouldn’t “just teach our children to play hard and study well, shuffling them through a long line of hobbies and electives and educational activities. A long day’s work and a load of sweat have plenty to teach as well.” Sure, soccer or the marching band are great, but coal mining builds character!

When she’s not fighting to make the workhouse of Oliver Twist a twisted reality, Balrog Betsy spends her billions on every retrograde, repressive cause you could name. She reserves an especially special nastiness for attacking LGBTQ people as the benefactor of organizations that promote conversion therapy and fight anti-bullying efforts. She actively (financially) supports orgs/Orcs that oppose marriage equality, workplace protections for LGBQT people and adoption by gay couples. WOWSAH! Into the darkness indeed.

The DeVos family has been a huge funder of conservative politicians and Religious Right agendas (like piles and piles of money), including supporting groups who promote anti-abortion legislation and Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs). The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation and The DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative have donated over a million dollars in unrestricted grants to The Pregnancy Resource Center, a “life-affirming” clinic (not clinic) in Grand Rapids, MI.

As a special side note: Betsy’s brother is Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater. He started the privatized army that got paid way more than American soldiers, creating contractors of war who answer to no one. Prince raked in Moria Mines of Gold with his mercenary military. The Balrog’s bro actually is the architect of the army of Mordor!

Grueling Sessions

Trump’s “pro-life” Attorney General nominee proudly associates with murderers–not the best qualification to be the highest law enforcement officer in the land.

We at LPJL have repeatedly exposed the misogynist, racist nightmare that is Attorney General nominee Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. During the first day of Senate hearings for lil’ Jefferson, Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut did his part to expose him to anyone watching the hearings.

Blumenthal grilled Sessions about his ties to Operation Rescue–a vigilante organization of zealots who promote the execution of abortion providers. The Senator brought out a “Wanted” poster from Operation Rescue’s crusade against Kansas abortion provider Dr. George Tiller. Dr. Tiller was murdered by a man named Scott Roeder who frequently posted on OR’s website and was found with contact information for leaders of O.R. Then Operation Rescue argued that Roeder should be considered a political prisoner. Classy

O.R. President Troy Newman is an enthusiastic supporter of Jeff Sessions. Newman — who also endorsed Donald Trump — said he “couldn’t be happier” with Session’s nomination. And this is a guy who isn’t usually happy unless an abortion provider is dead. To quote our tweeting president-elect, SAD!

When Senator Blumenthal asked Sessions if he disavowed the endorsement of Operation Rescue, Jeff said, “I disavow any activity like that. Absolutely. And a group that would even suggest that is unacceptable.” If it seems to you that he didn’t actually reject the endorsement itself, then you’re not alone: Operation Rescue itself tweeted out “Sessions didn’t disavow our endorsement. He disavowed the violent actions @SenBlumenthal falsely attributed to us.”

Operation Rescue can’t separate themselves from the “violent actions” (read: murder and terrorism ) committed at their instigation. Jeff Sessions can’t (and won’t) separate himself from Operation Rescue. And Jeff is Trump’s boy. That’s a straight line from Trump to murder — and he hasn’t even taken office yet.

Dial “M” for “Mordor”

Mordor is on the march!

Here LPJL we’ve been trying to keep you informed about the dark forces being mustered by the gathering Trump administration using the handle “Sauron’s Army.”  Well this week Senate confirmation hearings are being held on the first batch of these monsters.

Senate Republicans under the Turtle Lord Mitch McConnell are trying to ramrod Trump’s nominees through the confirmation process without giving the Office of Government Ethics time to properly review them. Maybe the swamp creatures that Trump is populating his administration with haven’t been properly vetted, but they’ve been exposed to anyone who cares to look.

First out of the shit-chute is Attorney General nominee Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III–a man named after not one, but two secessionist traitors who took up arms against the United States. We nailed him as the Witch-King of Angmar, Lord of the Nazgul. For those of you not versed in Tolkien-speak, he’s a major asshole.

Jeff doesn’t think that grabbing a woman by her genitals falls under the definition of sexual assault. He opposed the Violence Against Women Act. And his vitriolic opposition to abortion earned him a lifetime 0 rating from NARAL and a slot co-chairing the 40th anniversary bash for Americans United For Life.

This is where you come in, virtuous creatures of Middle Earth. Get on your Hobbit-phones or the Elvish-net or whatever else functions as social media in the realms of Endor. Put the Senate Republicans on notice that you won’t allow these hearings to be a mockery of the term “confirmation.” And help bolster the resolve of Democratic Senators to keep the heat on. Even if they don’t have the votes to sink these nominations, they can hold them up to scrutiny that will make it harder to put their anti-woman agenda into action.

It’s on. Time to cry bloody Mordor.

Mike Pompeo: The Gorbag of Appointments

In this next installment of our Lady Parts Justice League series – Sauron’s Army – we continue to explore the key players that Donald Trump has chosen to surround himself with. We’re looking at his advisors and the people he’s appointing to his cabinet, all of whom are strongly anti-choice (like, obsessively). Today we uncomfortably eyeball Mike Pompeo aka Gorbag, the Captain of Minas Morgul Amy.

Mike Pompeo is Trump’s choice to be Director of The Central Intelligence Agency, after he takes the helm, maybe we should just call it The Central Agency.

You may recall when Gorbag (so hard not to pronounce it Garbage), in Return of the King, orders his compadre Orcs to take a paralyzed Frodo back to the Tower of Cirith Ungol. We the viewers, along with Samwise, panic, OH NO OH NO OH NO! This can’t be!!!! That’s the same feeling one gets when seeing Pompeo’s voting record on women’s reproductive rights.

Pompeo is a pro-life Republican congressmen from Kansas, member of the Tea Party Movement (the more recent tea party, not the one with actual tea,) and is Donnie Trump’s pick to head the CIA.

Here are some highlights of Pompeo’s personal statements and voting history:
– Considers himself to be “pro-life” (an arguable term).
– Believes that life begins at conception with no exceptions (even for science) and received 100% score from the National Right to Life Committee (oooooooooh, a 100)!
– Signed the No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act.
– Co-sponsored the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act which prohibits federal funding to Planned Parenthood and independent clinics.
– Sponsored the Pro-Life Act which prohibits information about abortion from being provided at school health centers.
– Co-sponsored the Sanctity of Human Life Act which declared that rights begin at fertilization.
– Wants to include “pre-borns” under the protections of the 14th Amendment. WHAT THE ACTUAL F%&K ARE WE TALKING ABOUT RIGHT NOW?! PRE-BORNS?!?!?!?!! Is this some 1984-eqsue nightmare in our vaginas kind of thing?!

Women, we must be vigilant, we must guard our vagina castles; they are under attack from garbage garbage garbage people!

Kellyanne Conway: The Two Towers

We’ve written about Kellyanne Conway and have noted her high-rank status in Sauron’s army before but because she’s doubly awful and was just named as counselor to the president, Saruman gets a second post.

Conway’s utter disdain for things like accountability, truth and women’s rights have long been some of her most vile qualities, but they’ve also been the keys to her success herding cats at the Trump campaign and transition team. A gold medalist in mental and verbal gymnastics, Conway’s dedication to her craft is mystifying as it is nausea-inducing.

untitled-designTo know Kellyanne is to loathe her, to be sure, but just in case you’ve forgotten some of her greatest hits, here’s the TL;DR overview:

Though she says she’ll be great for her position because she doesn’t “play golf and [she doesn’t have a mistress,” (@-ing her boss already?) her lack of a heart will most certainly get in the way.

Steve Mnuchin: The Real Desolation of Smaug

In our series “The Building of Sauron’s Army” we here at Lady Parts Justice League have been exploring the choice humans Donnie Trump is surrounding himself with. Today we take on Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin: Smaug!

Two quick things before we dive in…

Firstly, we recognize that Smaug was not in The Lord of the Rings trilogy but in The Hobbit. However since Smaug is essentially a banker, hovering over the gold and hoarding it for himself we feel he is the perfect character to represent Mnuchin so just go with it! STILL TOLKIEN, still Middle Earth.

Secondly, in this series we’ve been looking into Donnie’s advisors and the people he is choosing for his cabinet and exposing their extreme anti-choice backgrounds. Mnuchin is the first person in Donnie’s horde that has no apparent public stance on reproductive rights. Mnuchin’s opinions are all about money.

After Trump ran on “draining the swamp” and anti-Wall Street rhetoric his choice of making Mnuchin Secretary of Treasury seems like he’s going back on his word. WHAT?! Can you imagine Trump doing that?!?! We’re shocked. Shocked I tell you.

After working at Goldman Sachs for 17 years and now as chief executive at Dune Capital, a private hedge fund, Mnuchin is Insider McGee. One of Mnuchin’s swampiest behavior’s was when he got together some billionaire buddies and bought IndyMac (a California based bank that was failing due to a bunch of sketchy loans they gave out) during the housing crisis.

Mnuchin changed the name to OneWest Bank, foreclosed on some 36,000 homes and turned an estimated $1.5  billion profit off the backs of hard working Americans. But you know, good business.

Rex and Rose Schaffer were among those who lost their home to OneWest. The Schaffer’s said they spoke to over 33 employees at OneWest – getting different people every time they called trying to get information or help. In the end they were finally given a 60-day extension but during that time the bank sold their home (that they had been living in for 50 years) without even telling them. Both Rex and Rose Schaffer voted for Donnie Trump. Rose told NPR in an interview that they hope he doesn’t choose Mnuchin for Treasury: “If he can’t run his own little bank, how can he handle a large thing for the United States?” We’re at a loss for words.

Steve Mnuchin – wallet pussy grabber. Foreclosing on your pussy. Putting puss out of their homes.