LPJL Daily Takedown – June 7th, 2017

Abstinence Education Advocate Named to HHS Post

The Hill

Another ugly AbSTAIN on the reputation of DHHS! Valerie Huber, an advocate for abstinence-only education has been named to a top post in a federal department increasingly populated with highly stained’ ANTI-CHOICE WINGNUTS. It’s already home to Tom Price-is-right-for-unethical-stock-trades and Charmaine “Abortion Causes Breast Cancer” Yoest. Huber is president of Ascend (Pronounced ASS-END), an abstinence-only nuthouse. (She says she prefers the term “sexual risk avoidance” to abstinence education… or to “moralistic weasel-crap.” Huber managed Ohio’s abstinence program from 2004 to 2007, during which time young people in Ohio happily stopped having sex completely. KIDDING!


Greitens poised to call special session on abortion

The Missouri Times

SPECIAL SESSION AGGRESSION in MISSOURI! Ever notice that state legislatures never call a “Special Session” to affirm or expand abortion rights? It’s always to do some very special damage to abortion access in the state. Texas’s notorious HB2 was the result of a special session. So it’s a bad sign that the Missouri Governor is getting ready to call a special session of Big Mo’s legislature. They want to strike down a St. Louis ordinance that prevents discrimination against those who have had an abortion or use birth control. Oh, and then they’ll pass another bunch of anti-choice fuckery, seeing as how they’re in your uterus already! Don’t you feel SPECIAL, MISSOURI?


ACLU: We Spoke With One of the Only Abortion Providers Left in the State of Alabama. Here’s What She Had to Say


Here’s a great interview with Yashica Robinson, one of the only abortion providers in Alabama and a reproductive rights SHERO! Alabama is one of many states with just a handful of abortion clinics left—or even just one! And they’re all run by awesome people with the same drive and dedication as Yashica. And they’re protected by heroes LIKE YOU! If you want to get involved with the fight to keep abortion accessible in Alabama, contact an URGE chapter there or the POWERHOUSE in Montgomery. ALABAMA, YOU’VE GOT THE REST OF THE UNION TO HELP YOU ALONG!


Abortion rights opponents push for action on two bills


KEYSTONE STATE KOPS: Don’t go all Texas on us, Pennsylvania! Anti-abortion forces in Pee-A are pushing pissy legislation to deny abortions after 20 weeks, outlaw the safest and most common second-trimester procedure, and (OF COURSE!) defund Planned Parenthood. They’re being opposed by, among others, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. And they can be opposed by you too—Lady Parts’ VAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR will be in PITTSBURGH PA on July 19. Come join us to put up a Steel Curtain around abortion rights in PA!



What happens when a group of badass comedians join forces with Pink House Defenders to support the Jackson Women’s Health Organization?

…We’ll let them tell you.

“My most moving moment was escorting a girl with her mom … My heart broke for her having to walk into that storm of people. It made me feel sad, not about her abortion, but what she had to endure to get it. I can’t believe that the people at Pink House Defenders are not being paid to do this work. There’s hope for Jackson.”

– Ian Harvie

“Today I met AARON ‘THE AFFABLE ANTI!’ He seemed like one of the truest christians I’ve ever spoken too. If you’re gonna be on the anti side and you’re NOT gonna be an asshole about it… I kinda cool with you TO AN EXTENT.”

– Joyelle Johnson

“I wish I had been able to meet Aaron. The antis I spoke to were quiet – but they were still dicks.

– Sarah Hartshorne

“I was really struck by the racial disparity of the protestors versus the women going into the clinic … How dare you fat disgusting old white men tell these women of color what do with their bodies when you don’t give a shit about them any other time.”

Helen Hong

(*Helen also suggests singing Whitney Houston loudly as a tactic to drown out bullshit.)

“I just can’t stress enough what it means to show up at these places to volunteer. The protestors show up because (historically) no one has challenged them for being the classic bullies. Bullies with bullhorns. They didn’t use their bullhorns today because there were people there who could’ve outed them as being the bullies that they are.”

Lizz Winstead

Next stop – LITTLE ROCK!



Women Got Your B For Back

POD_032216-01The internet has been Plan B buzzing since Reddit user carlinha1289 posted her experience about purchasing the morning after pill for a Quebec teen. Other women jumped in to share similar experiences. Conversations are being started. Articles are being written. Women are coming together to help each other –> ’cause we cool like that.

Plan B is not an abortion bill (this is often a misCONCEPTION — get it — ahahahaha —> ok we’ll show ourselves out). The goal of Plan B is to prevent a person from getting pregnant up to 72 hours after that someone’s birth control failed or for whatever reason which is nobody’s business but their own. It’s emergency contraception, birth control in overtime.

In the United States, legally speaking, Plan B (or one of its generic forms) is available on pharmacy shelves for anyone to purchase. We say ‘legally speaking’ because we want you to know it’s your legal right; even if a pharmacy tries to do some shady shiznit like put it in an awkward place or some pimply teenage boy working at the register tells you he morally doesn’t want to sell it you. It’s there. You can buy it. Get another cashier who doesn’t have boner problems.

HOWEVER, just because it is available does not mean that girls don’t feel embarrassed getting it, that people aren’t shaming them when they’re trying to purchase it, that they can afford it, that they aren’t afraid their parents will find out and a host of other issues.

So… Women are stepping up to pay it forward. If you are in need of the Morning After Pill but are feeling scared of getting it yourself don’t be afraid to reach out. We got your Plan B back, girls looking for help, because the B is for Buddy!