LPJL Daily Takedown – 5/25/17

Does an HHS appointee believe abortion increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer?

(Washington Post)

The Yoest infection returns! The WAPO fact-checks Trump’s HHS assistant secretary Charmaine Yoest’s totally debunked BULLSHIT claims that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. The Washington Post just gave her an opportunity to set the record straight, and Yoest chose to let it remain a twisted mess. We can’t have high-ranking health officials who believe lies and intentional fairy tales about abortion.


Texas Bill Could Send People to Jail for Driving a Woman to an Abortion, Lawmaker Says

(Texas Observer)

Texas is approaching CRITICAL MESS! As this Texas Observer article highlights, the assaults on repro rights by Lone Star lawmakers are constant, and consistently insane. Now they want you to go to jail for driving someone to get an abortion. FOR REAL! Texas is the world’s 12th largest economy, and it’s WAY to full of incredible people and places to be forever ruled by the this cabal of thick-necked theocrats.


Interstate Abortion Ban Could Slow Human Trafficking

(One News Now)

Lies My Lawmakers Told Me: the latest lie the MYTH BOOSTERS in the “Pro-Life” camp are up to is a bill before the Senate that tries to keep minors from LEGALLY accessing their abortion rights by claiming to be targeted against “human traffickers and child molesters.” LIES! Here’s Iowa’s Steve King defending dogfighting (!) using a similar argument. On it’s lying face, the bill prohibits transporting minors across state lines for an abortion. What it really does is to try and trap young women who are in states where abortion is illegal. As we look at the possibility of states with NO PROVIDERS AT ALL, we can see what their next step in shutting down access will be.


Even in Blue-State California, Abortions Can Be Hard to Find


QUIT SAYING YOUR STATE IS BLUE! ! NO state is blue enough to feel complacent about abortion rights! Anti-choice fuckery has consequences everywhere. This great story highlights HUGE CLINIC CLOSINGS in California. And nationwide crusades against repro rights mean that clinics are closing everywhere. Remember–the people who want to fuck with your abortion rights don’t care if your uterus is in in Massachusetts or Missouri–THEY WANT IN!


Catholics Challenge St. Louis’ ‘Abortion Sanctuary’ Law

(U.S. News)

One man’s “Religious Freedom” can be one woman’s violated Constitutional rights. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis is resisting a city anti-discrimination ordinance that prohibits housing or employment discrimination for people who have had an abortion, plan an abortion, have heard of abortion, or filled out a crossword with the word abortion in it. Seriously! The Archdiocese wants anyone to be able to deny employment or housing to anyone who advocates for “reproductive health”! So that uterus hat can get you evicted in St. Louis!  And it’s all in the name of “religious freedom!”

Pillory Supporters

The weird thing about Donald Trump is that, despite the fact that he and his trog-mob live in a bizarre shit-castle of lies, every once in awhile they accidentally expose a fundamental but buried truth.

Trump’s eruption like a pus-swollen pimple on the face of modern America has laid bare this often ignored truism–opposition to abortion rights isn’t about helping the “unborn,” or God knows, women. It’s about punishing women–for having sex without meaning to procreate, for having the brass to demand control over their own bodies, and for having a uterus in the first place.

In a new survey, 39 percent of self-identified Trump voters said that women should be punished for seeking abortions. They were just parroting the statement of Trump himself, who during the campaign said that women who seek an abortion should suffer “some form of punishment.” (Perhaps a stern pussy-grabbing would be in order!)

All of that flies in the face of the official dogma of anti-choice nutwaddery, which for propaganda purposes holds that only abortion providers should be punished. Women who want abortions are duped victims of those demonic doctors, not citizens exercising their rights.

Of course it’s balls-out hypocrisy to cry that abortion is murder and not to indict the person arranging and paying for the “crime.” (That goes double since anti-abortion crazies force women to such extraordinary efforts to gain access to abortion. These women are some truly motivated murder-for-hire conspirators!)

Despite his subsequent walk-back of his “punishment” statement, Trump undoubtedly truly does favor some sort of punishment for women–not because he has any sincere opposition to abortion, but simply because he hates women. And I’m sure the same is true of a good chunk of the 39 percent of Trumpists who want to punish those women seeking abortions.

Trump himself may be coated in a quarter inch of Cheetos dust, but ironically, he has exposed the true face of the anti-abortion movement.

Abortion: Stories Women Tell

pablo (14)

At Lady Parts Justice League, we’re all about letting women’s voices be heard. Several of those voices are heard quite movingly in a new documentary that you should definitely check out.

Friday, August 12th will see the nationwide theatrical release of the Abortion: Stories Women Tell from Emmy-winning filmmaker Tracy Dros Tragos. The HBO-produced film takes a look at the roadblocks to abortion access in Tragos’ home state of Missouri. More importantly, it examines the issue through the real life experiences of several women whose abortion stories are compelling and important.

97% of counties in Missouri have no abortion provider–there is only one abortion clinic in the entire state. And the long distances women must travel for abortion access are compounded by the 72-hour waiting period required by the state along with mandatory counseling. LPJL has been highlighting the impact of those kinds of restrictive abortion rules on women–this movie gets you up close and personal with many of the women themselves.

Tragos interviewed 81 women and 32 of them have their stories told in this film. Women are shown being forced to travel for hours to obtain an abortion across the state line in Illinois. You get to see a real person going through the hassles with work, childcare, and overnight stays that these abortion laws impose on women, and the impact is riveting.

We meet a single mother of two who is already working two full-time jobs as a waitress and bartender to support her family. She can’t afford to have another child. But thanks to Missouri laws, she has to travel 400 miles on two separate occasions and face hostile protesters at the clinic in order to spend $525 that she doesn’t have in order to terminate her pregnancy. Seeing her struggle makes all the talk about legislation suddenly very real.

The film features women from across the entire spectrum of views about abortion, including an older woman who takes a leadership role in the anti-abortion movement. Tragos treats everyone with dignity and respect. The result is a fully rounded look at abortion, told through the stories that women tell. It’s impossible to hear those stories without being convinced of the need for choice.

Click here for an episode of the Repro Madness podcast featuring Abortion: Stories Women Tell director Tracy Dros Tragos and Dr. Erin King.

Utah Said Knock You Out

pablo (1)Just relax and count backwards from 1973…


Utah has just become the first state to require that doctors anesthetize fetuses for an abortion performed after 20 weeks. Utah SB234, signed into law on March 28, is the twisted brainchild of Utah Senator Curt Bramble. It says that “substantial medical evidence from studies concludes that an unborn child who is at least 20 weeks gestational age may be capable of experiencing pain during an abortion procedure.”


File that “substantial medical evidence” with climate change denial, a 5,000 year-old earth, and the belief that cavemen kept dinosaurs as housepets. The medical community is virtually unanimous in the consensus that fetuses cannot feel pain before 28 weeks.


The truth is that Sen. Curt Bramble was trying to get a full ban on abortion after 20 weeks. After being told that would probably be deemed unconstitutional, Bramble decided that the next best thing would be to require women to undergo an unnecessary and potentially dangerous procedure during what should be a routine operation.


That’s because to anesthetize the fetus, you have to anesthetize the woman by knocking her out or using a heavy dose of narcotics, neither of which are necessary or desirable. The American Society of Anesthesiologists says that side effects of anesthesia include nausea, confusion, chills, and on rare occasions delirium or long-term memory loss. As David Turok of the University of Utah’s obstetrics and gynecology department told Mother Jones, “You never give those medicines if you don’t have to.”


In fact, the law in Utah previously required doctors to inform women of the “potential medical risks to a pregnant woman that are associated with the administration of an anesthetic or analgesic.” But under the new law, doctors have to tell women the scientifically unsupportable quackery about fetal pain–and then unnecessarily sedating the patient without informing them about the risks.


Congratulations Curt Bramble and Utah–you may not have been able to ban abortion, but you certainly managed to make it unnecessarily risky.

Abortion Fauxs


As part of their quest to put abortion clinics out of business, abortion foes have blanketed the country with fake women’s healthcare centers known as “crisis pregnancy centers” or CPCs. These black holes of disinformation look enough like actual clinics that they entice pregnant and confused women in with free pregnancy tests. But that is where anything close to resembling an actual clinic ends. At this point, fake counselors subject them to a barrage of lies and recrimination designed to trick them into thinking they have no option other than to function as breeding stock.   


Now, understand this: there are actually 3 of these bogus clinics for every 1 real, licensed abortion clinic. It’s as if, for every licensed investment counsellor, there were 3 “psychics” ready to remove the “curse” on your cash if you just hand it over to them.


You could think of CPC’s as being like those knock-off designer handbags that are sold from folding tables on the street. But at least that phony Louis Vuitton bag functions as a purse for a while. These “counselling” centers function as the very opposite of a place to obtain useful information.


California is the first state to pass a law to curb the worst abuses of these counterfeit clinics. The Reproductive FACT Act requires CPC’s to give patients accurate information about abortion and birth control. Oh, and if the CPC doesn’t have a medical license, they have to reveal that.


Sounds like a path to victory, right? Well, hold on. These people have zero track record of obeying the law so why would this law be different? The raison d’etre of these fraudsters is to bury the facts, so they’re fighting the FACT act with their arsenal of assholery. They’ve filed multiple lawsuits claiming the law violates their religious freedoms and their freedom of speech–as though free speech includes passing yourself off as a medical professional when you’re just a fraud with an agenda.  


And since they’re actually extremely good at lies and obfuscation, the CPCs and their cadre of right-wing lawyers have done an excellent job of stymying the FACT Act by overwhelming cash-strapped local enforcement officials with costly legal challenges.


In what NARAL correctly calls “an egregious act of legal bullying,” powerful and well-funded anti-choice organizations are socking local authorities with costly lawsuits over the FACT Act and then offering to remove them as defendants if they agree not to enforce the Act. Essentially, they’re strong-arming local law enforcement into ignoring the law.


While anti-choice forces flaunt the law, polls show 80% of Californians support the Fact Act, and thousands of them are signing petitions to encourage wavering local authorities not to submit to anti-choice legal extortion.


Join with Lady Parts Justice League to support California’s Reproductive FACT Act… and expose the fiction of the fake Crisis Pregnancy Centers.


Women Got Your B For Back

POD_032216-01The internet has been Plan B buzzing since Reddit user carlinha1289 posted her experience about purchasing the morning after pill for a Quebec teen. Other women jumped in to share similar experiences. Conversations are being started. Articles are being written. Women are coming together to help each other –> ’cause we cool like that.

Plan B is not an abortion bill (this is often a misCONCEPTION — get it — ahahahaha —> ok we’ll show ourselves out). The goal of Plan B is to prevent a person from getting pregnant up to 72 hours after that someone’s birth control failed or for whatever reason which is nobody’s business but their own. It’s emergency contraception, birth control in overtime.

In the United States, legally speaking, Plan B (or one of its generic forms) is available on pharmacy shelves for anyone to purchase. We say ‘legally speaking’ because we want you to know it’s your legal right; even if a pharmacy tries to do some shady shiznit like put it in an awkward place or some pimply teenage boy working at the register tells you he morally doesn’t want to sell it you. It’s there. You can buy it. Get another cashier who doesn’t have boner problems.

HOWEVER, just because it is available does not mean that girls don’t feel embarrassed getting it, that people aren’t shaming them when they’re trying to purchase it, that they can afford it, that they aren’t afraid their parents will find out and a host of other issues.

So… Women are stepping up to pay it forward. If you are in need of the Morning After Pill but are feeling scared of getting it yourself don’t be afraid to reach out. We got your Plan B back, girls looking for help, because the B is for Buddy!

TRAP Law Road Trip

pabloIf you’ve ever had an asshole neighbor, you know that the turmoil they cause doesn’t stop at the property line. Their barking dogs, abandoned vehicles, and drunken brawls disrupt everyone around them. Asshole states with harmful anti-abortion TRAP laws have a similar effect on their neighboring states. Just ask poor New Mexico.


New Mexico has some of the most sane and practical policies toward abortion rights in the nation–so much so that the anti-abortion group, Americans United for Life, ranked it the 10th worst state for abortion laws… which makes it 10th best back in the real world.


But those dickweed neighbors–in this case, Arizona, Oklahoma, and especially now Texas–are ruining the quality of life in the whole region with their crazy TRAP laws. The result is that New Mexico has become what some call an “Abortion Magnet.” We prefer the term “Oasis of Sanity.”


In any case, abortions for New Mexico residents are way down, but the number of abortions for out-of-state women has doubled since 2013. Nearly 20 percent of the abortions performed in New Mexico in 2014 were for women from out of state. And things have only gotten worse since the draconian new Texas TRAP laws have taken their toll.


Texas women had almost 9,000 fewer abortions in the first year since those TRAP laws took effect. Well guess what? Those unwanted pregnancies didn’t just go away. They went to back alleys and to home abortion remedies, and a lot of them ended up going across state lines. New Mexico has become a virtual refugee destination for Texas women fleeing the oppressive conservative regime.
This country shouldn’t be a patchwork of free states and states that deny women their rights. We’re all only as free as the women of Texas. Freedom shouldn’t require interstate travel.

Murder, He Wrote

POD_030916You’ve heard the chant “Abortion is Murder”? Now imagine that phrase codified as law. That’s exactly what Oklahoma Senator Joe Silk wants to do. Hey Joe Silk, if you’re going to be fucking with people, try not to have a name that sounds like the villain in a cheesy Frank Miller graphic novel rip-off.


Silk has authored a bill that would abolish abortion in Oklahoma and make anyone performing an abortion guilty of first degree murder. Of course, that’s essentially the long-term goal of the anti-abortion movement, but Smooth Joey Silk is getting way ahead of the curve here.


The bill passed committee but is currently being held up by Republican leadership, who feel that it goes too far. And “too far” for Republican lawmakers in Oklahoma is a place that few people have gone indeed.


The bill says “No person shall perform or induce or attempt to perform or induce an abortion after conception. A person commits murder in the first degree when that person performs an abortion as defined by Section 1-745.5 of Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statutes.” It also stipulates that abortion is “the use or prescription of any instrument, medicine, drug or any other substance or device to intentionally kill an unborn human being” and protects the “unborn” from the moment of conception.


So, a woman taking a Plan B pill would be guilty of murder just like any hard-boiled mug with a gat. These grifters are tryin’ to give us the bum’s rush, I’m tellin’ ya.


Join with Lady Parts Justice League and tell pikers like this palooka, Joe Silk, to go take a powder.