Who is the Alien Here? Meet the Body-Snatching Monster Who Is Denying a Pregnant Immigrant Teen Control of Her Own Body 

An appeals court has blocked a ruling that a detained and pregnant immigrant teen—whose case we’ve been reporting to you—should be allowed to exercise her abortion rights. Hearings are happening TODAY. You MUST read this ACLU takedown on the RELIGIOUS EXTREMIST that Trump put in charge of holding helpless immigrant girls hostage to the Uterus Invaders. It’s even worse than it sounds!  


The Only Thing More Enraging Than the Immigrant Teen Story is the Rightwing Media “Reporting” on it by Labelling Her as “Illegal” and Reserving Humanity for Her Fetus

If you follow the twisted and racist logic of those who are denying this immigrant teen control over her pregnancy, she’s just the disposable vessel meant to contain the precious fetus until it’s actually born and no longer matters. Here’s a truly ugly article from the truly ugly people who reduce human beings to labels in order to elevate the fetus. 


Why Are Abortion Rates Declining? Hint: It’s NOT Because Creepy Buzzkills Are Making It Harder to Get Birth Control

Abortion rates are down 25 percent. The anti-choice anti-pussy posse says it’s because they scream on sidewalks and create FAKE CPC clinics to fool abortion patients. And they’re SURE it couldn’t possibly be because of more accessible birth control because everybody knows birth control doesn’t work! Right. Here’s a Rewire piece to translate that into reality. 


Here’s a Good Reminder of What Happens When the Government Lists Dentists and the Salvation Army as Adequate Alternatives to Planned Parenthood for Pap Smears or Abortion Care. 

What would happen if they really did “defund” Planned Parenthood and patients were left with the bizarre and useless “alternatives” to actual women’s healthcare that defunders come up with? This great Bustle article will haunt you with some of the nightmare possibilities. Avoid the nightmare and GET WOKE! 


Ah’d Perfer It If Muh Childern Were Ass Dum Ass Me, Pleese

If ignorance is bliss, then some parents in North Carolina have checked into a stupidity Day Spa. The Tar Heel chapter of the “If we don’t teach kids about birth control, then they won’t have sex”  parenting club  managed to get a Planned Parenthood-sponsored sex ed program suspended because it had frank discussions of sexual preference and condom use. This is why we can’t have rational things. And do have teen pregnancy. 


YOU Decide Who Decides What You Do with Your Uterus! Or Do You…

This great Rewire article shows exactly why YOUR bodily autonomy is ultimately up to the voters—which is why you need to be a voter. VIRGINIA’s new Attorney General will have a huge impact on repro rights there. Attorneys general matter. Do you know who your state AG is?


Greetings from Alabama! Where The Pro White Supremacy Senate Candidate Shames the Pro Choice Candidate. 

When Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore isn’t waving guns around, demanding gay people be disappeared or proclaiming The Bible overrides the Constitution, of course he is in an abortion tailspin! Check out this unhinged clown’s campaign ad trying to make Democrat Doug Jones’s reasonable views on abortion seem… unhinged. Hoping it won’t work, but  in the bizarro world of Alabama politics you never can tell.

LPJL Daily Takedown – June 15th, 2017`

This Doctor Dropped Everything to Perform Abortions Full-Time

Marie Claire

WONDER-FUL WOMAN: FRIEND OF LPJL Dr. Sarah Imershein is today’s SHERO! She decided to spend her retirement helping women by performing abortions full-time. The Good Doctor closed her OB-GYN practice near upscale Dupont Circle to provide affordable abortion care in VIRGINIA—a TRAP law state with restrictive waiting period and ultrasound laws. And her decision to do it is based on her Reformed Jewish faith, which allows abortion and even mandates it if the mother’s life is in danger. THANK YOU, DR. SARAH!


What I’m Doing to Keep Birth Control Free in the Face of Trump’s and the GOP’s Health Care Rollback

Teen Vogue

LAND OF THE (STILL) FREE: You don’t need to have uterus to act SHEROically. NEW YORK State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman talks about what he’s doing to keep birth control free in New York in the middle of the shit-fest that is the Trump administration. Reproductive rights are in danger in EVERY STATE and we have to work hard to keep officials everywhere focused on them. Don’t let TRUMP TAKE CONTROL of your birth control!


State Council Balks at Barring Abortion Providers from Birth-Control Program

The Des Moines Register

The HEARTLAND SHOWS SOME HEART: The Council on Human Services in IOWA just did a refreshingly human thing! They refused to OK a ban on abortion providers from participating in state-funded family planning efforts. ABORTION CARE is part of any sensible family-planning program! And even a panel appointed by abortion opponent and former Governor Terry Branstad voted 4-1 to recognize that! The ban is part of a law that will take effect July 1, so the fight over this will continue!


Local Pastor Tells Metro Council He Will Not Obey a Safety Zone Outside Abortion Clinic


ZONED OUT: The Screeching Weasels who shriek outside the ONLY abortion clinic left in KENTUCKY are vowing to break any laws establishing a buffer zone outside a clinic. A local pastor told a public safety meeting “We will not obey buffer zone laws!” PEOPLE seeking ABORTION care at the clinic just want a FUCKING 8 FOOT wide space to access the clinic. That leaves all the rest of Kentucky for intolerant assholes to yell their hate speech. Hey Pastor—FLOCK YOU!


Most N.J. voters support Planned Parenthood, coverage for birth control


JERSEY SURE: The people of NEW JERSEY have some very enlightened opinions—and don’t just mean Governor Chris Christie’s abysmal 15% approval! New polls show LARGE MAJORITIES like Planned Parenthood (65%), want Medicaid to cover contraception (84%), support the ACA birth control mandate on employers (75%), and don’t think women AND PEOPLE WITH UTERI should be charged more for health insurance just because they can get pregnant (94%)! New Jersey votes for a new governor and legislators THIS YEAR, so the more the people know, the better!


Cambodian Schools Will Teach Gay Sex Ed, Abortion, & Respect for Trans People

LGBTQ Nation

THIS IS NOT YOUR FATHER’S CAMBODIA: Or the Cambodia most people would imagine. But there is a proposal there to teach Life Skills classes that include information on contraceptives, safe and legal abortion, gay sex ed, HIV prevention, non-discrimination, and respect for trans people. Meanwhile, fewer than half of US states mandate sex ed.  Three states actually require that lessons on sexual orientation contain only negative information toward the LGBTQ community! And under Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, you can expect Cambodia to leave us in the dust!


Christian Group Protests Outside North Carolina Clinic, Calls Abortion ‘A Man’s Issue’

New York Times

THIS IS A CIS MAN’S WORLD: Which explains why crazy shit like this happens! There was a men-against-abortion rights rally in NORTH CAROLINA whose leader says “The truth is, this is more a man’s issue than a woman’s issue.” We told you about these nut-sacks and their plans last week. The rally outside A preferred Women’s Health Center in Charlotte drew male protesters with the slogan “We forget about the men so often in this story.” You KNOW it’s a men’s rally—because that shit takes balls!


(Do Not Link) The Liberal Media is Pretending Abortion Doesn’t Cause Breast Cancer… Again

Lifesite News

From the DEPARTMENT-OF-DON’T-CLICK-ON-THIS, the latest HEADLINE FROM THE FRINGE says “The liberal media is pretending abortion doesn’t cause breast cancer.” Yep—if by “pretending” they mean “ignoring lies that it does.” And what exactly is the “liberal media”? Is that every news outlet that doesn’t have a fetus in its banner? More proof that the communications strategy of LYING YOUR FUCKING ASS OFF didn’t originate with Trump.

Let’s Do Business


Isn’t it awesome that businesses have recently taken a stand to prevent reactionary state legislators from kicking around the LGBTQIA community. But the same states that have been doing that have spent years undermining and outright destroying the rights of women and pregnant people yet we haven’t heard as much as a peep from corporate boardrooms.

If we are going to make abortion rights truly part of a just and kick-ass society, we need to demand that corporate America also react for reproductive rights that they’ve recently shown for LGBTQIA rights.  

OK! We realize there are regressive and reactionary people in this country who are setting their hair on fire to roll back marriage equality. Just look at the anti-LGBTQIA laws recently passed in North Carolina and Mississippi. But then look at the backlash that those discriminatory laws have sparked–most importantly among the business community.

Paypal cancelled a $3.6 million expansion in North Carolina. Dozens of other businesses, from Apple to Bank of America (the largest corporation in North Carolina) have pledged not to make any investments in the state until the law is repealed. The same pressure is now being applied to Mississippi. The threat of business backlash was enough to cause the Governor of Georgia to veto a similar law there. Last year the same scenario played out when Indiana passed a law discriminating against LGBTQIA people. Threats of boycotts from organizations like the NCAA, Subaru of America, and Angie’s List forced the state to pass an amendment providing protection for people in the LGBTQIA community.  

Bottom line- Corporate America is taking a definitive stand in defense of LGBTQIA rights and that would have been unimaginable just a few short years ago.

WHY? Because Businesses became invested in humanity? Sometimes. But we guess  they mostly support LGBTQIA rights because everyone knows someone close to them who is either gay, queer, trans or identifies in any other genderfluid way.  

And all of those folks are consumers.

Just a hunch, but I’ll bet just as many people also know a person with a uterus who could get pregnant. And they are consumers too!


Since 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in her lifetime, and that other inconvenient fact that 51 percent of the country are women, WHY THE HELL DON’T “business interests” include outrage to help protect something as important to society as abortion access.

These horrible TRAP laws and other measures aimed at destroying reproductive rights, which are also human rights violations are also happening in North Carolina, Mississippi and Indiana- yet the corporate silence is deafening.

There are differences between the LGBTQIA fight and the abortion fight. Your gender identity is who you are and having an abortion is a choice you make that doesn’t define you. BUT having access to that choice, is what sets you on the path to who you can be and what your life can be and that is something everyone, should prioritize as a fundamental right that is not to be fucked with.

So LPJL believes it’s time to put pressure on Corporate America to also commit, with the same dedication, to a zero tolerance policy towards states that make inhumane laws against abortion rights and reproductive freedom.

It’s just good business, right?