What’s At Stake, From Activist and Abortion Doula, Molly Gaebe

My name is Molly Gaebe and I am with Lady Parts Justice League. As I write, our team is on tour for the second year, criss crossing the US, visiting these threatened clinics, helping them in any way we can. We call it, the Vagical Mystery Tour. We see how these independent clinics and providers save lives, how they uplift the community, how they are there to give healthcare to the people who need it the most. We also see that these clinics have been in danger for a long time now. These clinics whose doors are shuttered all the time, whose very existence is constantly threatened because vaginal crossing guards have been chipping away at Roe for years now. So far, they have made the most headway by asserting control over the most vulnerable people.

People like Jane Doe, an undocumented teen and a victim of rape, who knew she wanted an abortion, so much so that she took the US to court to prove it. But this wasn’t good enough for Brett Kavanaugh, who said that government should be allowed to “help minors navigate” these “major life decisions” by sending them to crisis pregnancy centers and delaying their procedures until it’s too late to legally obtain them.

I made one of these “major life decisions” two years ago, and was able to get the abortion I needed because I can afford it, and I am lucky enough to live in a state with access to abortion. This can all change on the drop of a dime, and that dime is perilously spinning on its head right now. States who have been passing the most restrictive and unconstitutional abortion laws will shutter more clinics, if not outlawing abortion completely. And when their doors close, people suffer, entire communities suffer. The most vulnerable populations suffer. As we all know, when abortion is outlawed or becomes inaccessible, abortions do not stop. Women start to die.

For seven years now, I have the honor of being an abortion doula, what that means is that I support people through abortion procedures. I have held the hands of hundreds of people with wildly different stories, backgrounds, families, incomes, experiences, fears and joys. But one thing thing that they have in common is that they need an abortion, and they do not need the opinion of the government to help them make this decision.

I am here to announce that today, I have made another “major life decision.” I have decided that healthcare is non negotiable, that healthcare is not just for the wealthy, that abortion isn’t a luxury for those that can travel to states that provide it.

Abortion is humanity. Abortion is dignity.  Abortion is healthcare and abortion must be protected.  Tell your senators to question Kavanaugh on abortion, and tell them that a non answer on Roe is a threat to Roe.

There are superheroes on the ground in independent clinics that have to spend half their time, energy and money fighting with the government to provide their own communities with healthcare. Join us at Lady Parts Justice League to to stand up for these independent abortion providers and read the daily takedown every day to keep up with the latest abortion laws and to stand and fight with us. Thank you!

This Mother’s Day Show Some Love to Independent Abortion Clinics

Mother’s Day is in 4 days y’all. If you want to quickly go panic buy a 2-day shipping gift on Amazon we’ll wait!

(If you’re not finding anything good may we suggest donating to the Black Mamas Bail Out)


OK now that we have your attention back, let’s talk abortion! Abortion is an important part of family planning. Even people who want to be mothers some day could maybe not be ready TODAY to be a mother. And as “Abortion AMA” author Danielle Campoamor wrote this weekIf you looked at my life on paper, you might very well wonder why this news is a big deal to me. I have a life in New York City, a 3-year-old son, a current, wanted, planned pregnancy, a rewarding relationship and my mental health. But I have these things because of the abortion I was legally, safely and affordably able to procure at age 23.”

In honor of the vital role that abortion plays in family planning, what better time to show some love to your local clinic than Mother’s Day. You know the anti-choicers will be writing some nonsense pieces about how motherhood is a gift you can never, ever complain about you bad, bad ladies. So fight back and consider leaving a review for a REAL ABORTION CLINIC this week! Here’s how it’s done and why it’s so important:

What can you do?

By reviewing the real abortion clinics with positive reviews or elevating positive reviews from others by “Liking” them, we can show the abortion clinics just how much they are appreciated and needed. And maybe, make it a little easier for patients to seek out caring professionals without being bullied or guilted by religious zealots.  

How to review:

  1. Pick a site. Facebook, Google and Yelp! all have clinics with reviews.  Keep in mind that if you don’t have a ‘Yelp!’ account, your reviews only show up after you’ve reviewed several businesses.

  2. Find a clinic that you’ve visited or one near you but make sure it’s a real abortion clinic!  There are more than four times as many fake clinics or ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ out there whose entire practice is only a subterfuge used to scare patients from getting an abortion. To avoid being tricked go to:

  3. Find your REAL abortion clinic and give them a review.  If you don’t have one that you’ve been to, check out their website and see what they have to offer that others might find useful (i.e. friendly staff, offer options and choice, offers services for the LGBTQ community, etc)

  4. We don’t want you to lie about anything so if you haven’t been to one or aren’t comfortable leaving your name, you can still help bring up other positive posts by ‘Liking’ them on Facebook, giving a ‘thumbs up’ on Google or finding ‘useful’ on Yelp! All of these will help bring positive reviews closer to the top.
  5. Tell anyone that’s been to a clinic to do the same! AND REPEAT!


Happy Reviewing!


Gone are the days of hiding your assholery in some sanctimonious “but wut about the bbs” nonsense, GOPers are showing their true colors by trying to pass plan after plan to make abortion illegal all while cutting tax breaks for adoption. It’s almost as if they’ve never … wait for it… wait for it … really cared about human babies after all.


But hey, let’s hear their side of the tax bill—THAT cutting adoption, birth control and Medicaid is promoting life! Read anti-choice flak Tom McClusky try to sell you a shit sandwich with a side of lies in this ugly op-ed.


Ugh. “Abortion makes you mentally unstable!” is the latest batshit anti abortion fan fiction that the UTER-ISIS have cooked about the immigrant teen who had to fight for her abortion, and this Washington Times article lays the bullsht on thick. Real Talk: After what this country put her through, her abortion is the ONLY positive experience she has had. 


Ultrasound and Fury: Indiana Court to decide if the state can continue to force abortion providers to show HD-Fetus TV images to women to shame them out of abortions… WITH an added 18-hour waiting period so they can digest the movie! Two big thumbs down!


It’s Election Day! The day our votes help stop the rising tide of swamp-water, misogyny, and general fuckwaddery that so far hasn’t “Made America Great Again.” The Governors race in Virginia is one of the most important elections today and this great piece in Essence breaks down what is at stake for black women in this very important race. 


LPJL Daily Takedown – June 12, 2017

Girl Sectioned After Psychiatrist Ruled Out Abortion

Irish Times

THE SUCK OF THE IRISH. For a glimpse into just how awful it is for abortion rights beyond the US, check out this nightmare tale from Ireland. A girl was “sectioned,” or forcibly detained under the Mental Health Act after her doctor said she was at risk of suicide. She had learned she was pregnant and wanted an abortion—which you can get in Ireland if there is a risk to the mother’s life, including suicide. But after she was detained, a psychiatrist said she was not suicidal, and therefore couldn’t get an abortion, saying “this could be managed by treatment and that termination of pregnancy was not the solution…”  HELLO! It’s the laws that are crazy!


Conservatives Want To Restrict Abortion So Much They’ll Endanger Their Own Health Care Bill

Think Progress

LIFE’S A MITCH… McConnell, that is. Poor Senate Republicans! Their obsession with denying abortion rights is making it a lot harder for them to deny healthcare to millions!  If they include anti-abortion provisions in their healthcare bill, then it’s more than purely a budget bill, so it will need 60 votes instead of just 50 to pass. But if they don’t have anti-choice language, then the pricks who want to stick it to women won’t vote for the bill. What’s that quote? You can screw some of the people, but it’s hard to fuck EVERYBODY over. A paraphrase.


Abortion Clinic: City Wrong to Issue Parade Permit for Protest

Charlotte Observer

THE ULTIMATE MANSPLAIN!! This weekend saw a MEN’s march against abortion rights at a clinic in NORTH CAROLINA. Really! What did they chant? Does anything even rhyme with “Scrotum”? March organizer Justin Reeder called on men to discourage women from getting abortions and show how abortion impacts men!! In a Facebook video he said “The truth is that this is more of a men’s issue than it is a women’s issue. We forget about the men so often in this story.” JEZUS H. CLUELESS! Is he trying to knock us out with how hard we smack our foreheads? The clinic was upset that the permit for the march was issued at the last minute without the required notice, giving them no time to prepare. And it takes some prep time just to realize somebody would have the balls to do this! At least we finally get to see the face of the anti-abortion/anti-woman movement—and it’s a face that needs a shave.


New Mexico Makes it Easier For Women to Obtain Birth Control

Washington Post

LAND OF ENCHANTMENT: In some much-needed GREAT news, NEW MEXICO has just made it easier for pharmacists to prescribe birth control directly to women. There are several reasons to make birth control more accessible in New Mexico: it’s a largely rural state with long drives often necessary to obtain care. Oh, and the TRUMP WHITE HOUSE IS WAGING WAR ON CONTRACEPTIVE RIGHTS! They want to let your employer raise religious objections to YOUR birth control. So yeah, this comes at a good time. Thanks, New Mexico!


DO NOT LINK: New study shows preborn children can recognize human faces while inside the womb

LiveAction News

FILE UNDER BATSHIT: Anti-choice lunatic fringe types are now saying that fetuses can see FACES in the womb. I know the people who say this kind of shit could see a zygote completing the New York Times crossword puzzle if they thought they could use it to push their “personhood” agenda. Their real goal is to deny the humanity of the woman carrying the fetus. In YOUR faces, ass-wipes!



No amount of gnats in a cup, murky pool water, OR anti-choice nuts were enough to stop LPJL from bringing a lot of laughter to Little Rock, Arkansas and a lot of love to the Little Rock Family Planning Services team! Check out LPJL’s FB Live recap for further elaboration on some very “Quality” fuckery.

Hanging out with the clinic workers as well as members of the Arkansas Abortion Support Network was the perfect start to gathering an A+ posse for the show! Especially since we would be joined by “groupies,” if you will, outside of the show (See photos below). Thank you to Vino’s Brew Pub for adding to the list of continuous kickass venues supporting live comedy & the fight for reproductive rights. Of course, no visit to Little Rock is complete without an obligatory visit to the historic Little Rock Central High School, paying tribute to the Little Rock Nine – diversity and inclusion should exist in conversations on Education as well as every other issue that directly effects poor people and people of color.

The Tour Van is officially parked in Oklahoma City! Comedy is happening June 13th! Come out and join the fun at the ACM @ UCO Performance Lab! Look at the photos from Little Rock’s Saturday show – see all of that fun? Get tickets here and that could be you and your friends on TUESDAY!

Heartland of Darkness

A lawmaker with a history of violence against women is behind what conservatives falsely call a “fetal heartbeat” bill passed by the Ohio legislature–a bill that is actually an underhanded method to ban abortions after six weeks. And that’s a virtual ban on all abortions.   

That’s one AWFUL bill, and one AWFUL human being. First, the bill…

The proposed new law would ban all abortions after what the authors of the bill call a “fetal heartbeat’ can be detected. What the authors of this bill consider a fetal heartbeat can be detected as early as six weeks, although it’s something that can also be detected in a petri dish. “Fetal heartbeat” is one of those fake emotional buzzwords that anti-choice types love to throw out, like “personhood” and “snowflake babies.”

More importantly, many women don’t know they’re even pregnant until after six weeks–meaning that this bill gives them no choice whatsoever except to carry the pregnancy to term.

Further, the only way to detect this so-called heartbeat that early in pregnancy is with a transvaginal ultrasound. So Ohio has effectively passed a mandatory transvaginal ultrasound bill as well. And of course, there are no exceptions for rape or incest. WHAT? You were expecting one tiny ray of compassion?

The bill is clearly unconstitutional… for now. The Supreme Court has ruled that states cannot ban abortion before fetal viability, which generally occurs around 24 to 28 weeks. But the big question is the viability of a rational Supreme Court. PRESIDENT TRUMP (and I CAPS YELLED that to motivate you!) will be reshaping the Court, and it’s going to be a twisted monstrosity.

Ohio Senate President Keith Faber put it this way: “A new president, new Supreme Court appointees change the dynamic.” We’ll put it this way–THIS IS FUCKED UP.   

Now the slimeball behind the bill… in 2011, the wife of Ohio State Senator Kris Jordan called 911 to report her husband was “pushing her around and throwing things.” The Senator told police “She got a little upset. Girls do that.” Although she declined to press charges, his wife told cops “This is not new. He’s done this numerous times” and mentioned that he keeps 10 to 15 unloaded guns around the house.

Well now Senator Kris Jordan has found a way to perpetrate violence against all the women of Ohio. His bill is waiting for Governor John Kasich to sign it–and it probably won’t have to wait long.