Huzzah! A Case of Rights and Wrongs: Wronged Immigrant Girl Finally Granted Her Abortion Rights

Whoo hoo! We will take a moment to run a victory lap for Jane Doe, the immigrant whose abortion rights Trump’s fundamentalist minions were trying to quash! Constitutional Democracy 1, Theocratic Dictatorship 0. The courts have ruled that laws AND RIGHTS apply to everyone here, so it’s a victory for all of us!

Big Brother and the Little Sisters: Do Not Rest on Your Reproductive Laurels! Trump Is Allowing Holy Rollers to Use the Government to Roll Over Your Constitutional Rights!

Are you asking, “How did the shit storm over the unfortunate immigrant girl whose story is told in the previous post happen?” The path to this fuckery is paved with ill intentions. Donald Trump is letting evangelical nutcases that he’s appointed turn the government into a theocracy to enforce their fundamentalist agenda. Let Dahlia Lithwick of Slate be your guide to how and why in this next MUST READ piece.


Iowa Is Still Waiting for a Final Ruling on their Bat-Shit 3-Day Waiting Period

The case of Jane Doe’s incarceration-enforced waiting period for an abortion is a glaring example that waiting periods are nothing but ass-nasty ways to punish women who demand autonomy over the bodies. Not so fast, Missy! The IOWA waiting period law is the same cynical crap—read about it here.


Jane DOH! The Anti’s Spin on Jane Doe Is a Whole New Horror Story!

Of course the anti-abortion flap-fuckery machine is spinning overtime to paint the story of the girl who was victimized by those same fundamentalist ogres as one of mobs of pregnant foreigners assaulting our borders demanding abortions. Those puritan monsters think that the only laws that apply to the undocumented are laws to keep them out. Our laws protect all who are here!


Lies, Damn Lies, and CPC-Level Lies: Fake Abortion Clinics Break New Ground for Fraud-acity!

The need to EXPOSE FAKE CLINICS that trick desperate patients into believing that they’re real abortion clinics has never been greater. This great piece from Rewire shows even more new extremes of lying and fakery from one MASSACHUSETTS CPC. And it quotes LPJL founder Lizz Winstead about what the fake clinics are doing, and what you can do to help stop it.


Missouri, Compromised: It’s the Gateway to the Worst Abortion Laws Ever!

Missouri seems determined to put into effect the fug-ugliest abortion policies this side of Texas. And nobody seems to be able to find a court that will put a halt to this Show-Me shitshow! Check out the Rewire article for a great primer in how this state has gone bat-crap bonkers.

LPJL Daily Takedown – August 17th, 2017

 Money Ain’t a Thang (Except It Super Is if you need an Abortion)

Travel Expenses: Being forced to travel for an abortion costs both the patient and the state where they live, big time. A new study shows that women who travel over 100 miles for an abortion are twice as likely to go to an emergency room for follow-up care—even if it’s not an emergency situation. And emergency room care is much more expensive than visiting a clinic… a clinic which doesn’t exist… because it was shut down by anti-abortion laws… forcing the patient to travel in the first place. So you get the idea. And the study took place in California, which has no major abortion restrictions and 500 clinics. Texas has fewer than 20 clinics, mostly because they have some of the worst abortion restrictions in the country. And according to this study, they likely have a LOT of very unnecessary emergency room costs. 


This Is What Denying Abortion For Rape Looks Like, You Assholes.

Here’s a horrific snapshot into the future that anti-choice zealots want to force on us: A 10-year-old girl who was raped by her uncle has given birth in India. Actually, it was a Caesarean birth—and the newborn is underweight—as you might expect when the “mother” is 10 YEARS OLD! India bans abortions after 20 weeks. This poor girl wasn’t examined until 32 weeks, no doubt because she had no idea what pregnancy was. Here’s another tidbit—worldwide, complications due to pregnancy are the LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH among adolescents under 15 years old! There’s a reason for “exceptions due to rape or incest,” but too often the puritan fucks who pass restrictive abortion laws just don’t care. This is where that leads. 

Small Victory in Battle to Literally not get Screamed at by Extremists on Megaphones all Day

The Sound and the Furious: Anti-abortion lunatics may have to give up their stranglehold on amplified megaphones outside of clinics. The city of Charlotte, North Carolina is changing the process for giving out amplified sound permits—the permits they use to blast sermons, threats, and insults at Charlotte’s busiest clinic. The permits used to be given out by email application on a first-come, first-serve basis, and anti-choice groups used an automated system to flood the city’s website with applications. They ended up getting the amplification permit almost all of the time. The new system uses a web-based form to prevent the automated deluge. Now clinic supporters can keep the amplification permit out of the hands of the screamers more often. And patients and clinic workers will be spared the amplified threats, at least some of the time. 


Withhold me back, ya’ll – Arkansas now withholding medicaid payment from PP

Slashed by Razorbacks: A federal appeals court just ruled that Arkansas can stop making Medicaid payments to Planned Parenthood. They struck down a district court ruling that blocked the state from withholding the money. It all goes back to a decision by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson to deny PP money in the wake of those doctored and illegally-made videos that spread lies about Planned Parenthood. So now thousands of Arkansans are going to be denied health services like cancer screenings, STD testing, and prenatal and postnatal care. Incidentally, Arkansas has a license plate program that raises money for fake “Crisis Pregnancy Centers.” So welcome to Arkansas—where health care providers are denied funds and money is given to con artists! Go Hogs! 


Missouri is Our Crystal Ball Into the Anti-Abortion Movement and We Can’t Un-see It

The Future Looks Missour-able. MISSOURI leads the way—if you want to go downhill, backwards, or to shit. Missouri is where other states look to when trying to figure out new ways to restrict repro rights. Now that Missouri’s special session Abortion Rights Bash-a-Thon is over, let’s assess the damage! An attempt by the sane city of St. Louis to prevent discrimination against people for their reproductive choices was negated. The state will now require doctors—not just nurses or assistants—to counsel those seeking abortions. (That means the doctors at Missouri’s one remaining clinic have to counsel everyone in Missouri who wants abortion care.) Clinics now need a “complication plan” for medical abortions—basically a TRAP law specifically designed to make such abortion MORE complicated. Oh, and the state attorney general will now prosecute all abortion law violations, in case those big-city St. Louis prosecutors aren’t tough enough! Let’s hope people who care about abortion rights are paying attention to what Missouri is doing—because states like Kentucky and Texas sure are. 



“Bloody money making machines”

Bryan Fisher wants us to BRING IT! The anti-abortion, anti-woman, anti-gay former head of the American Family Association (a certified HATE GROUP!) is currently part of the so-called “Human Coalition Network.” They’re the people behind phony “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” across the country, including the deceivingly-named Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic. We at LPJL, along with our friends at Sister Song and Reproaction, have chosen to spotlight the Atlanta CPC as part of our #ExposeFakeClinics action. And Bryan says “Bring on the protests!” We will, Bryan—along with the truth, and the exposure, and the righteous anger of the people you’ve spent your life keeping down.

LPJL Daily Takedown – July 28th, 2017

When We Say “We Won’t Go Back” This is the “Back” and it’s Terrifying

BACK IS NOT AN OPTION: For a horrifying look at what went on in those back alleys in the days before Roe v Wade, check out this chilling interview with a provider from those early days when abortion was available in only a few states. Desperate women were suffering and many were dying in unspeakable ways. The impetus to legalize came from clergy who had to deal with shattered lives, and doctors who had to deal with shattered bodies. That’s the nightmare scenario that crusades like those being held in Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, and all over the country are leading us toward. And we can’t go back there.


Sex, Drugs, and..What it Means for Getting an Abortion

THE PERFECT SHITSTORM—What happens when restrictive abortion policies meet the opioid epidemic? It’s not pretty for patients or providers, as this HuffPo piece about the situation in Alabama makes clear. As our good friend, heroic provider Dr. Willie Parker points out, opioid users tend to come for help later in their pregnancy because their addiction disrupts their cycles to the point they don’t know they’re pregnant. And many don’t have the money to pay for an abortion. Some patients have to be turned away because their addiction will nullify the use of pain relievers. What’s needed is compassion and common sense—two things in short supply among the conservative lawmakers in Alabama. 


Talking White Male Privilege and a JumboTron..Nope Not a Baseball Game…Guess Again

PIG SCREEN: Hey, if you’re going to have a shit-show, why not have it in JUMBO-VISION! We have been writing all week about the lunatic members of Operation Save America, who have travelled from all over the country to spend this week shrieking at patients outside of KENTUCKY’s LAST CLINIC STANDING. Now they have upped their terror techniques by setting up a giant jumbotron to broadcast videos of abortion procedures in public spaces! Interested viewers can go downtown outside of Louisville’s Metro Hall where the Ghoul Theater is currently running. Downtown workers on a lunchbreak have no choice!

 Once Again Texas Answers the Question “How Bad Could it Be?”

RECAPPING THE KNEECAPPING: Ever since conservative lawmakers in TEXAS went off on an anti-abortion rights bender a few years ago, they’ve done so much damage to women’s health that a brief recap is in order. Here’s a chilling one, courtesy of the New Yorker. Starting in 2011, Texas cut family-planning funds by two-thirds. In 2013, they banned Planned Parenthood from women’s health programs, costing the state MILLIONS in NINE-to-ONE federal funding grants. The upshot? Teen abortions and teen births are both on the rise in Texas, despite going down nationwide. The maternal mortality rate in Texas has DOUBLED to 35.8 deaths per 100,000—the worst in the developed world! And the Trump administration wants to do to the country what theocratic lunatics have done to Texas. We just turned back an assault on the ACA—KEEP FIGHTING! 



Shout out to Reproaction for protesting at a fake clinic in Columbia, Missouri!

It’s a beautiful weekend to get riled up! Join us by going to exposefakeclinics.com and learn how to write a review and repost so that we can all upvote your review. Pro tip from the pros: your review has to be from an interactive experience, so call or check out the fake clinic’s website before you post!

#Exposefakeclinics has been working all over the country- let’s keep it up!


Vagical Update

After 8 weeks, 15 cities, 18 clinic visits, 592 thank you postcards, hundreds of gold tattoos, and 4 real tattoos…the Vagical Mystery Tour came to an end..for now!

It’s hard to quantify all of the amazing experiences we had on tour. This was an experiment to see if we could get communities activated through comedy shows, and the experiment WORKED. You all signed up to be clinic escorts or sent thank you notes or committed to staying informed on the anti-choice bullsh*t going down in your state and we THANK YOU!

Stay vigilant, America…we’ll be back!

LPJL Daily Takedown – July 27th, 2017

Seems like winter is always coming for women of color when House of Douche is in power

HEALTH DISSERVICES: The looming Trumpian healthcare implosion threatens us all, but it threatens Women of Color more than most. They’ve gotten the shitty end of the stick forever—and now there’s even more shit on the end of that stick.  Over the past few years, health conditions for WOC had improved, but that’s going down the drain along with everything else touched by Trump. Brutal cuts to Medicaid under the GOP healthcare plans impact more Black and Hispanic women—they’re almost twice as likely to be insured by Medicaid. Repeal of Obamacare threatens minority women’s access to maternity coverage, contraception, and family planning. Defunding Planned Parenthood will deprive them of preventative care like cancer screenings. And the recent assault on abortion rights impacts Women of Color harder—they make up half of the women who live in states that lack abortion services for Medicaid enrollees. Help push back on behalf of everyone—RESIST & PERSIST! 


Choose Your Own Abortion Restriction: Missouri Edition

MISSOURI’S ANTI-CHOICE AWFUL CHOICE: Missouri, which is currently holding an anti-abortion orgy in the form of a special session of the legislature, may soon try to send some of its toxic waste to Washington. Anti-woman crusader and current MO Attorney General Josh Hawley is making noises that he’ll run for the US Senate seat now held by Dem Claire McCaskill. As an anti-abortion fanatic, Hawley manages to stand out even in a nuthouse like MISSOURI Republican politics. He said last year that “abortion is not a right. It is a violent act against the defenseless. It violates every principle of morality and should be barred by American law.” And he has vowed to use his AG post to crush the only clinic in the state and to support the FAKE crisis pregnancy centers that infest Missouri. Josh Hawley is one of the reasons Missouri is in the mess it’s in. 


That time when your anti-abortion friend has no chill and can’t keep a secret

NO MO! And speaking of MISSOURI, it’s already the biggest sinkhole for abortion rights this side of Texas, and it’s determined to suck harder. As part of their Special Session of the Damned, MO legislators have just passed a law that requires people seeking an abortion to have a meeting with the doctor performing the procedure as part of the waiting period, it imposes unannounced inspections on clinics, and requires that ALL fetal tissue be sent to a pathologist. Oh, and it lets MO’s nutcase Attorney General (see above!) go after abortion providers regardless of whether local authorities want that. WOW. Can Texas lawmakers hold onto their title of Most Hateful to Women? To be continued…! 


Women in Texas may have to start becoming future-seeing pre-cogs to get insurance for abortion now

EXTRA BAD: Nope, TEXAS can always create a bigger mess! The Texas Senate is working on a bill that would force people to get separate health coverage for abortion services and pay a separate, extra premium. Seriously! “Honey, did you pay the abortion insurance premium?” HELLO! People don’t anticipate the need for abortions—hence the need for abortions!! And of course this bill has no exceptions for fetal abnormality, rape, or incest. So a person has to have the foresight to realize in advance “I better get that abortion coverage, in case Dad rapes me.” That’s not the real world—that’s Texas politics! 


No one ever said terrifying sidewalk bullies weren’t morning people!

THE EARLY TURDS: Ever wonder how hateful bigots start their day? Here’s a piece from ThinkProgress about how the bully crew that harass and intimidate patients at KENTUCKY’s last remaining clinic spend their mornings. Unfortunately, the piece focuses mainly on what it looks like when Operation Save America descends on Louisville to torment clinics with their weeklong shriek-fest. What is doubly fucked is that even without the OSA invasion, the clinic is STILL assaulted by hundreds of local zealots… and the court-imposed buffer zone that keeps it all from swamping the patients is only in place during the OSA invasion which ends this weekend. Problem is, this clinic needs a permanent buffer because the assaults WILL continue. The state only granted the buffer zone this week because the world is watching. Let them know we’re still watching—and give the clinic a PERMANENT BUFFER! 



For the final #ExposeFakeClinics Week of Action day, NARAL Ohio organized not one – but TWO protests in the Buckeye State. Watch their FB live here! These Fake Clinics aren’t going to expose themselves (or are they?), so we have to keep fighting! Save exposefakeclinics.com on your browser, and keep writing (and upvoting) those accurate reviews and share the links on social media so we can all click and upvote! You can actually make a difference one click at a time!


LPJL Daily Takedown – July 10th, 2017

What’s Better than One Pro-Choice Techie? HUNDREDS OF THEM.  

ABORTION ACCESS? THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT! Lots of them, in fact, thanks to Emily Loen and the techies behind Hackathon.com in California. This band of gender diverse hack-stars gather to build tools and apps for abortion seekers and providers. And it’s working —BIG TIME! In just its second year, Abortion Access Hack-a-thon has gone from 20 participants to over 200. The next hackathon is being planned for this summer in Austin, TX. The fight for abortion rights has to be smart, aggressive, and cutting edge—and Emily is all of that by using tech to expand access!


A New Missouri Anti-Choice Bill Wants To Eliminate Abortions and Increase Ambulance Sirens

911—MISSOURI, WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM? The continuing saga of MISSOURI’s special legislative session to mess with abortion rights (Yes, that is really a thing!) continues to dredge up brand new schemes from the bottoms of the space where a decent human has a heart. The latest—making it a crime for an abortion clinic to request that an ambulance respond to a call from the clinic without sirens and lights. WTF? NOBODY—from a restaurant to a church wants flashing ambulance lights and sirens unless it’s necessary. And a clinic with patients undergoing treatment certainly wants to avoid alarming them. It’s completely up to ambulance personnel to decide what to do. So WHY SHOULD IT BE A CRIME FOR CLINIC TO JUST ASK for no lights and sirens? Especially when it’s not a crime for a burger joint or bar to make the same request?  

PICK ME! Pick me! Is it because it’s a law that is all about stigmatizing abortion? OF course it is! This Missouri special session is what needs an emergency response!


There Could Be Bumper-To-Bumper Resistance in California with New Pro-Choice License Plates!

IN WOMEN WE TRUST: CALIFORNIANS may soon have something good on their plates—special license plates in the state reading “CALIFORNIA TRUSTS WOMEN” would help to fund family-planning services for low-income people. The Family Planning, Access, Care, and Treatment Program provides family planning services to 1.8 million Californians every year—including funding for Planned Parenthood clinics. Anti-choice states are lousy with anti-abortion license plates that fund actual SCAMS like “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” that try to limit the choices of people looking for family planning services. The bill is working its way through the CA legislature. They’ll need 7,500 pre-paid orders for the plates to be issued, so step up California!


A Gang of Anti-Choice Goons Praise Mike Pence for Ruining People’s Lives

DISCREDIT WHERE DISCREDIT IS DUE: Anti-choice nut-wads in INDIANA are heaping praise on their KING NUT-WAD, Mike Pence, “crediting” him with a drop in the abortion rate during his time as governor. OK, first off, all experts agree that declining abortion rates are mostly due to better family planning and contraceptive availability—both of which the PENCER opposes. Of course, he DID prevent a lot of people from exercising their reproductive rights, but he did that with a combination of TRAP laws targeting clinics and shoveling millions of dollars to bogus Crisis Pregnancy Centers—funded with “Choose Life” state license plates. Now this simpering silverback Pence is in a position to impose his puritan puke on women all over the country. Mike Pence: Shitty for Indiana, Shittier for America.


There are two words that best describe last night’s show in the Motor City — SOLD. OUT!

The Vagical Mystery Tour took over the Magic Bag and the laughs were ENDLESS!

What would a visit to Michigan be without the incredible LISA BROWN in attendance?!

If you didn’t know, Lisa is the SHERO responsible for the name “LADY PARTS JUSTICE LEAGUE.”

And Today, we’ve been hanging out all day with our friends at Northland Family Planning!

We delivered some Rosé & sweet treats for the end of their work day, which resulted in the best damn abortion clinic recovery room chat EVER.


LPJL Daily Takedown – June 30th, 2017

Between Clinics and Uteruses, It’s No Surprise that Anti-Choice Uter-oadies Show Up Where They Aren’t Invited

What do oil spills, and anti-abortion lies have in common? Their aftermath is toxic and they tend to SPREAD. Abortion clinic stalkers have started branching out from harassing patients and providers, to harassing patients who are forced to travel at airports, and even getting nice sit-down tables at rock festivals where they can spread their lies as Bowling for Soup plays on the main stage. The Warped Tour is allowing the anti-choice shlockers, Rock for Life to table at festival shows (despite the opposition to their presence by many of the bands!) And in Ireland, home of some of the most medieval abortion policies on earth, anti-choice snakes plan to picket at airports just to harass people who are forced to travel to other countries for their human rights! These are the same people who show up to try and disrupt our Vagical Mystery Tour shows (see below). The antidote to this spreading contagion is TRUTH and LPJL plans to lay it on them!


SB 5 – “We Didn’t Mean That Shitty Thing, We Meant This OTHER Shitty Thing”

MISSOURI: NOW WITH 1% LESS CRAZY! The anti-choice politicians in Missouri are saying that people misinterpreted the whack-job laws they’re passing in a special legislative session devoted to anti-abortion whack-job laws. Specifically, they say their new laws won’t allow employers to fire people who use birth control. They’ll just allow landlords to evict them! Or anyone who offends their religious sensibilities by having an abortion or getting pregnant out of wedlock. Well they sure are assuring us that they’re not COMPLETELY unhinged… and they’re probably lying when they say that much!


Will Indiana AG Appeal A Teen’s Right to Keep Their Parent Out of Their Uterus?


It turns out they won’t say whether or not they plan to appeal a judge’s injunction against a law making it harder for minors to get an abortion – YET. But the general rule of thumb is that, if it makes people’s lives more difficult—especially women’s lives—then Indiana is going to do it. After All, this is the political house that Pence built. . Stay tuned, Hoosiers, and we’ll keep you posted.


David Daleiden: “What’s Does A Guy Gotta Do to Spread More Lies Around Here?!”

DALEIDEN SACK OF SHIT! Professional liar and video-doctor, David Daleiden is the monster who made the surgically enhanced undercover videos that anti-abortion looneys have been trumpeting for years now. Now this sad little broflake claims Planned Parenthood is “terrified” over other videos he has. But his record of deception has evidently convinced a judge to issue an order preventing him from spewing more falsehoods. He’ll have to be content with his prior awards for “Most Deceptive Editing.



The Vagical Mystery Tour invaded St. Louis, and St. Louis welcomed us with open arms and open mouths! Ya know, from ALL. OF. THE. LAUGHING.

Alex English hosted: Buzz Off, Lucille, Joyelle Johnson, Negin Farsad, Leah Bonnema, and Lizz Winstead! (who began her set with a very special tribute to Missouri’s own Mike Moon)

Thank you NARAL Missouri for coming out! Also, our new friends from the Hope Clinic for Women joined us for some pre-show and post-show tabling!

Speaking of Hope Clinic, The LPJL paid a visit to the clinic this afternoon bearing gifts! And by “gifts” we mean a “wine and tacos” Friday lunch followed by an HGTV-style Abortion Clinic Makeover!

LPJL Daily Takedown – June 23, 2017

Walk A Mile In My Surgical Booties!

The Bold Italic takes you inside an abortion clinic to meet the SHEROES and HEROES and just plain folk who work to provide abortion services. We all appreciate the harassment and threats they face down, but it’s SUPER to hear them talking about the rewards and challenges of a job that HELPS PEOPLE! Much RESPECT and LOVE!


What David Daleiden Wants, David Daleiden Doesn’t Get.

SUCKS, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE: Professional video creeper David Daleiden just got SMACKED DOWN in his attempt to disqualify a judge considering contempt charges against him. Daleiden is head of the phoney Center for Medical Progress, an outfit created to make those disgusting doctored Planned Parenthood videos. He faces contempt charges for violating a court order not to release his unethical doctored videos. In a weak attempt to challenge the ruling,  Daleiden filed a complaint that the judge should be disqualified because his wife “liked” Facebook posts from abortion rights groups! JEEZUS! Even the bogus legal challenges of these shits are sexist! Good news is the state was like..


Here’s Eight Michigan Mayors Who Think The GOP Should Keep their MITTS Off Of Planned Parenthood

DON’T DEFUND—DEFEND!!! Some GOOD NEWS—8 MICHIGAN mayors have joined 98 other mayors of cities all over America in signing a letter to the jackals in Washington telling them to keep their paws off Planned Parenthood! PP would be defunded under the medieval “healthcare” plan the Senate is trying to force on us. The 6-page letter touts all the good that Planned Parenthood does, from breast and cervical cancer screenings to testing for STI’s and HIV to providing birth control. We need more local officials to speak up! Thanks, Mayors! CITY HALL FIGHTS FOR YOU!


9-1-1 What’s Your Emergency?” – “Help! Matt Bevin is Doing Shit!

THIS 9-1-1 IS A JOKE! Political skid mark Governor Matt Bevin has filed “emergency” regulations blatantly intended to shut down Kentucky’s ONLY remaining abortion clinic. The rules are a bunch of the same old “admitting privileges” crap that paleo-states are always foisting on clinics. Bevin isn’t even trying to be subtle about it. The only thing worse than a TRAP law is a bogus EMERGENCY TRAP law. Help LPJL help Kentucky fight back, and come to our show in LOUISVILLE on July 22!


You Can Call it “INHUMAN Resources” Thanks to Governor Eric Greitens

MORE MISSOURI MISERY: Say that 10 times fast—because that’s how often Missouri is in the news lately for doing maximum FUCKHOLERY to reproductive rights. The latest MO problems are going down in a special session of the legislature JUST to fuck with abortion rights! The state senate has just passed a bill to slap clinics with more TRAP-CRAP … oh, and to allow landlords and employers to deny you housing or work if they don’t like you using birth control. Get your mind around that quick, because THERE WILL BE MORE. But LPJL will be in St. Louis this June 29 to help say NO, MO!

LPJL Daily Takedown – June 19th, 2017

SHOCKER: “Democratic” Governor John Bel Edwards Pulls a Dick Move Against Women

SWAMP THINGS: LOUISIANA is one of those states where knuckle-draggers from both parties work together to attack abortion rights in a BITE-PARTISAN manner. John Bel Edwards (the Democratic Governor who keeps forgetting he’s a Democrat) has signed a Republican-sponsored bill making parental consent rules tougher on young Louisianans who need an abortion. An underaged unmarried person (because that’s a thing) already needs a notarized statement from their legal guardian to get an abortion. Now, that guardian must also cough up government-issued ID! Gee, what a great way to target immigrants, the poor, AND anyone wanting to access their abortion rights!


Birth Control Prevents Two Things – Pregnancy and Lawmakers from NOT creating new assholes from their DNA.

ST. LOUIS BLUES: We’ve been keeping an eye on the Missouri misogyny hobbyists who are literally working overtime (in a special session) to roll back reproductive rights—including overturning a St. Louis city ordinance that bans discrimination against anyone who has an abortion, uses birth control, or becomes pregnant.


Ken Midkiff: Another White Man Given an Op-ed on Abortion – and Spoiler Alert- he wants to be your Labial Gatekeeper

MORE MESS-OURI: The “Show Me” State doesn’t seem to be showing us anything good. Today the ongoing fuckery in Missouri gives us a twofer. The latest from the Columbia Missourian features yet another op-ed on abortion… surprise, surprise, by yet another aging white guy. This one opines about how abortion is a “matter of beliefs.” No, my SILVERBACK friend, Abortion isn’t a matter of beliefs, it’s a matter of FACTS. When will these people learn Government would be so much better off if we could “pray the pray away.”


What Drought? California Might Make it Rain ($20 Mill, to be Exact) on Health Clinics if Trump’s Bullshit Passes

GUARDIANS AT THE (GOLDEN) GATE: What Drought? California might make it rain ($20 million, to be exact) on health clinics in the Golden State. The money would go to Planned Parenthood and other clinics threatened by Trump cuts and attacks on funding for women’s health and contraception coming out of Republican-occupied Washington. California grows its share of nuts, like CA Assembly member Shannon Grove, who blamed the drought on “God’s wrath over abortion.” But now less shitty heads are prevailing, and California will help fund reproductive care… and hope there’s not a rain of frogs.


Abortion Clinic Violence Happens Once in a Blue Moon, According to Robin Engel. NO BIG DEAL

We need a BUFFER ZONE! 10 anti-abortion protesters had to be arrested outside a LOUISVILLE clinic during an incident in May. The putrid politicos who are inciting these thugs claim that kind of shit is “one incident” that’s “being blown out of proportion.” This isn’t something that happens rarely. Outside agitators and homegrown nutcases daily HARASS AND HARANGUE patients and clinic workers. And they’re fighting attempts to get Louisville to establish an 8-foot buffer zone to provide at least SOME protection. LPJL will be in town to help! Come on out and show your support at our Vagical Mystery Tour show in Louisville—or look for a show in your area!



YOUR DAILY SHAME: Poor Maddi Runkles! The 17-year-old got pregnant and when she toed the conservative line and decided to go through with the pregnancy, her “CHRISTIAN” school banned the 4.0 student from the graduation ceremony! As if that wasn’t bad enough, local MARYLAND anti-choice VULTURES swooped in and doubled down on the shame-fest by giving Maddi her a separate graduation ceremony. This is Summa Cum A LOTTA bullshit! Unlike other young women forced into her situation, Maddi will at least find a degree of support—as long as the ANTI’s think she has a big future in being used as PROPaganda.



The Vagical Mystery Tour spent the weekend in Omaha! You’d think after driving in a van for hours, the LPJL team would want a break from getting behind wheels of any kind. NAH. In fact, we brought our friends from the Bellevue Health Clinic out for a little afternoon go-cart racing followed by yet another VAG-TASTIC night of stand up comedy! Comedians Alex English, Joyelle Johnson, Aparna Nancherla, Jaye McBride & Lizz Winstead delivered the funny on silver platters and musician Tina Schlieskie brought it home! What an honor it was also to have Dr. Leory Carhart in attendance and part of the Tour’s talkback – informing the community on what they can do to support one of the few abortion clinics remaining in Nebraska.