Ovary Reacting – Gateway Laws and Gilead

Hey, it’s Jenn from Lady Parts Justice League, I’m just chillin, thinking about how we all assume abortion will become outlawed in America because some creeper takes an extreme anti-abortion law to the Supreme Court…of course in the end it has to be settled between him and RBG with hand-to-hand combat. She looks like she’s gonna win, but in the end he takes her down, and the next day we’re all in Handmaids robes. Red is not my color.

But in reality, losing access to abortion will look a lot more like the laws trying to be pushed through Louisiana this week.

Let me catch you up, all it takes is a quick review of their 50 point plan! First up, the 15 week abortion ban. Masked as, “what? It’s not as horrifying as a 6 week abortion ban” legislators in Louisiana are trying to push this through, but it’s still severely limits a pregnant person’s timeframe to get an abortion.

Then we pile on more laws, like one that prohibits coerced abortion and defines criminal abortion as a crime of violence. Yup, this is a gateway law, leading to putting anyone who performs an abortion on trial for murder!  

Wow these sneaky little bitches!


Stay put, I’m not done. There’s another law that doesn’t just limit Medicaid funding but also means that in order to receive any state funding, an abortion clinic must be physically separate from a place where any Medicaid services are performed.

Basically putting such intense financial restraint on clinics that they could be forced to close and all these other laws don’t even flippin’ matter anymore because there is nowhere left in Louisiana to get an abortion.

I see you “safe state” drinking your rosé and thinking you don’t have to worry because you don’t live there. Well 49 of 50 states have enacted abortion restrictions since Roe v Wade, so we may be closer to that RBG Thunderdome than you even realize.

Also let’s go ovary-it again, in every “safe state” , there are vulnerable people who don’t have the means to access abortion (or rosé) so let this be a reminder that there are no safe states.

LPJL Daily Takedown – August 17th, 2017

 Money Ain’t a Thang (Except It Super Is if you need an Abortion)

Travel Expenses: Being forced to travel for an abortion costs both the patient and the state where they live, big time. A new study shows that women who travel over 100 miles for an abortion are twice as likely to go to an emergency room for follow-up care—even if it’s not an emergency situation. And emergency room care is much more expensive than visiting a clinic… a clinic which doesn’t exist… because it was shut down by anti-abortion laws… forcing the patient to travel in the first place. So you get the idea. And the study took place in California, which has no major abortion restrictions and 500 clinics. Texas has fewer than 20 clinics, mostly because they have some of the worst abortion restrictions in the country. And according to this study, they likely have a LOT of very unnecessary emergency room costs. 


This Is What Denying Abortion For Rape Looks Like, You Assholes.

Here’s a horrific snapshot into the future that anti-choice zealots want to force on us: A 10-year-old girl who was raped by her uncle has given birth in India. Actually, it was a Caesarean birth—and the newborn is underweight—as you might expect when the “mother” is 10 YEARS OLD! India bans abortions after 20 weeks. This poor girl wasn’t examined until 32 weeks, no doubt because she had no idea what pregnancy was. Here’s another tidbit—worldwide, complications due to pregnancy are the LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH among adolescents under 15 years old! There’s a reason for “exceptions due to rape or incest,” but too often the puritan fucks who pass restrictive abortion laws just don’t care. This is where that leads. 

Small Victory in Battle to Literally not get Screamed at by Extremists on Megaphones all Day

The Sound and the Furious: Anti-abortion lunatics may have to give up their stranglehold on amplified megaphones outside of clinics. The city of Charlotte, North Carolina is changing the process for giving out amplified sound permits—the permits they use to blast sermons, threats, and insults at Charlotte’s busiest clinic. The permits used to be given out by email application on a first-come, first-serve basis, and anti-choice groups used an automated system to flood the city’s website with applications. They ended up getting the amplification permit almost all of the time. The new system uses a web-based form to prevent the automated deluge. Now clinic supporters can keep the amplification permit out of the hands of the screamers more often. And patients and clinic workers will be spared the amplified threats, at least some of the time. 


Withhold me back, ya’ll – Arkansas now withholding medicaid payment from PP

Slashed by Razorbacks: A federal appeals court just ruled that Arkansas can stop making Medicaid payments to Planned Parenthood. They struck down a district court ruling that blocked the state from withholding the money. It all goes back to a decision by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson to deny PP money in the wake of those doctored and illegally-made videos that spread lies about Planned Parenthood. So now thousands of Arkansans are going to be denied health services like cancer screenings, STD testing, and prenatal and postnatal care. Incidentally, Arkansas has a license plate program that raises money for fake “Crisis Pregnancy Centers.” So welcome to Arkansas—where health care providers are denied funds and money is given to con artists! Go Hogs! 


Missouri is Our Crystal Ball Into the Anti-Abortion Movement and We Can’t Un-see It

The Future Looks Missour-able. MISSOURI leads the way—if you want to go downhill, backwards, or to shit. Missouri is where other states look to when trying to figure out new ways to restrict repro rights. Now that Missouri’s special session Abortion Rights Bash-a-Thon is over, let’s assess the damage! An attempt by the sane city of St. Louis to prevent discrimination against people for their reproductive choices was negated. The state will now require doctors—not just nurses or assistants—to counsel those seeking abortions. (That means the doctors at Missouri’s one remaining clinic have to counsel everyone in Missouri who wants abortion care.) Clinics now need a “complication plan” for medical abortions—basically a TRAP law specifically designed to make such abortion MORE complicated. Oh, and the state attorney general will now prosecute all abortion law violations, in case those big-city St. Louis prosecutors aren’t tough enough! Let’s hope people who care about abortion rights are paying attention to what Missouri is doing—because states like Kentucky and Texas sure are. 



“Bloody money making machines”

Bryan Fisher wants us to BRING IT! The anti-abortion, anti-woman, anti-gay former head of the American Family Association (a certified HATE GROUP!) is currently part of the so-called “Human Coalition Network.” They’re the people behind phony “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” across the country, including the deceivingly-named Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic. We at LPJL, along with our friends at Sister Song and Reproaction, have chosen to spotlight the Atlanta CPC as part of our #ExposeFakeClinics action. And Bryan says “Bring on the protests!” We will, Bryan—along with the truth, and the exposure, and the righteous anger of the people you’ve spent your life keeping down.

Waiver Goodbye

The state of Texas is hoping that, under the Trump administration, no bad deed goes unrewarded.  

You see, the Lone Star State crapped all over reproductive rights–and now it’s asking the Trump administration to force taxpayers to pick up the bill… while leaving the crap where it is. Four years ago, Texas lawmakers thumbed their snotty noses at millions of dollars in Medicaid funds just so that they could exclude any abortion provider from their state’s family planning program.

By booting abortion providers from the program, Texas forfeited federal funding. And the feds were paying for 90 percent of the program. So no surprise, now Texas is facing a $2 billion budget shortfall. So they’re asking the Trump administration to grant them a waiver and give them the money anyway–$300 million of it–while still refusing to let any provider that supports abortion give family planning help to Texas women.

And Texans need that help. The application itself noted that Texas has the nation’s highest birth rate, a full half of which were paid for by Medicaid. A third of pregnancies in Texas are unplanned. And of course, Texas has of the highest teen birthrates of any state.

And–DUH!–it’s gotten a lot worse since Texas forfeited the Yankee dollars. According to the University of Texas, claims for injectable contraceptives fell 31.1 percent and Medicaid-covered childbirths rose 27 percent since Texas kicked abortion providers out of the program. That’s a pretty fucking high price to pay just to screw over any family planning agency that supports abortion rights–and it’s the poor women of Texas who are paying that price.

Of course, all of that self-inflicted pain goes away if Texas just allows any willing provider to provide. HELLO–they’re willing! But NO, instead these LONE STAR BONEHEADS are asking the Trump admin to give them the money anyway. And if it works, you can bet that every state as backwards as saxeT will want the same treatment.
If you think this is a big stinking pile of steaming Texas steer-shit, then MESS WITH TEXAS! State officials are accepting comments on the draft waiver request through June 12. And if you’re in lovely Lubbock at the time, there’s a public meeting to debate it on June 9.

Payback’s a B*tch

It’s Payback Time! Maryland has become the first state to pass a law to reimburse Planned Parenthood if Congress defunds them!  

It’s time for the remaining pockets of sanity in this country to do whatever they can to counter the shitstorm coming out of Washington. And Maryland is showing the way.

The Republican governor of Maryland allowed a bill to become law without his signature (it had passed with more than enough support to override his veto anyway). The bill pledges $2 million from Maryland’s Medicaid budget and $700,000 for the state’s general fund toward sustaining family planning services at Maryland’s nine Planned Parenthood centers. We’re talking about preventative care for some 25,000 patients.

And it’s not just Maryland. Nevada has a bill in the works to guarantee access to 12-month supplies of birth control. Other proposed legislation in Nevada would require that health insurance programs cover contraceptives at no extra expense. And Nevada has it’s own plan to provide alternate funding for organizations like Planned Parenthood. Progressive lawmakers in Oregon are working on a raft of similar measures.

We all know that the political landscape is a post-apocalyptic wasteland. We need to safeguard and expand those few oases of enlightened progressivism that survive.

The White House is in the tiny, groping hands of a tangerine-toned pussy grabber.  Virtually the entire federal government has been taken over by regressive trogs. The Supreme Court is in danger of being slowly turned into an old boys club of wrinkled repression. And God knows that most state governments are locked down by even creepier cretins. We need to work with what we have and concentrate on growing that.
The bizarrely un-ironic theme song of the Trumpies during the campaign was “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” That’s fucking obvious at this point. But–working together wherever and whenever we can–we can still get what we need.

NY: What’s Hiding In Your Healthcare?

For anyone who has spent time in a hospital or had to help an ailing friend or relative maneuver what their insurance does and doesn’t cover, you know getting things paid for is an olympic event. Some things will actually never get paid for because they surprisingly weren’t ever even covered to begin with. We’re not talking about ‘oh I’ve never heard of that,’ road less travelled, specialist of specialist doctors, we’re talking about REGULAR shit. (Of course when it’s related to women they make the ordinary procedure/prescription/visit a marathon of hassles.)

When choosing your provider (and that includes Medicaid provider) it might be surprising to know that Fidelis Insurance is the New York State Catholic Health Plan. As such, Fidelis does not cover a range of reproductive health services because of a Catholic conflict of interest.

The Affordable Care Act (while we still have it) has required that all health insurance companies cover birth control regardless of religious affiliation BUT that doesn’t mean they’re going to make it easy. They can send you to a third party group to get it covered so you and your pharmacist have to figure it out while your eyes bleed trying to sort through the nonsense.

When looking at insurance coverage, search for words like “some”, as in “so and so covers SOME reproductive health services.” Things that probably won’t be covered in “some”: birth control (you will have to go to a third party), a doctor visit where said doctor advises you about birth control options, abortion care or “voluntary termination of pregnancy”, using Planned Parenthood as your medical provider or possibly any clinic that has “family planning” in the title regardless of what you have done. Good luck figuring it out.

The current trend in our country is to have the religious choices of companies (who are of course now people) weigh more and more heavily in all facets of your vagina. (Ironic for people who always claim original constitution rights but seem to forget that our country was founded on the separation of church and state.) It is likely that this kind of non-health based, hypocritical (get that Viagra) coverage will be more and more prevalent.

Fidelis is New York State’s largest plan provider for Medicaid, the Essential Plan (for folks who don’t qualify for medicaid but are low income) AND for NY’s Individual Qualified Health Plans (totaling 1.54 million members). It’s bullshit that a company THAT’S SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT HEALTH does not cover a wide range of women’s and trans persons health services and then still receives state subsidies.

Fidelis and other similar companies have slipped by on the down low. NO MAS. In times like these it is imperative to BE VIGILANT. Don’t get sneak attacked by insurance companies who want our money but don’t care about our health!