Texas’ Creative Problem Solving

Texas schools have been on the receiving end of some unsolicited, unhelpful parenting advice from Allan Parker, President of the (dubiously-named) Justice Foundation.  Described as “a local lawyer who’s been diligently working over a decade to overturn Roe v. Wade,” Parker is obviously a super fun, not-at-all reptilian human trying to protect teen girls in his state from a thing that rarely ever happens: Forced Abortions.

According to the San Antonio Current, dude’s been sending the same baseless, tin-foil hatter literature to every Texas school district for a while now attempting to remind them that “parents are not allowed to force their child to have an abortion if their child is against it.” He talks about this as though it was nearly as big of an issue as young women being unable to access a legal procedure they want.

Also noted in the Current, is his complete failure to back up any of his claims that these sort of incidents happen on the reg. (Most likely because there’s already laws protecting young women who wish to remain pregnant.)

“There is no real data on this issue,” Parker told the Current, before arguing that people just aren’t talking about this not-an-issue issue enough.

“It’s the law, right,” he told The Current, “But we’re the first people telling them about it and talking about it.”

Now, Parker claims that his regularly issued unsolicited letters have “stopped 95 percent of forced abortion cases” — seemingly conjuring that number out of the deepest crevices of his ass, though we can’t confirm as of writing.

Again, per the Current, “Parker’s work as a lawyer has been questioned in the past by at least one federal judge, who called him incompetent for filing ‘highly prejudicial and legally irrelevant’ documents in court.” Meanwhile, The Justice Foundation he presides over is responsible for directing school counselors to (noted distributors of anti-choice garbage) Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

He also argued that teenage girls with parents who want to force them to carry their pregnancies to term  “have it easier” — despite the anguish of losing control of her body, the difficulty of Texas’ parent consent laws or even attempting to gain judicial bypass by proving she’s mature enough to understand her decision.

This is just another example of a common anti-choice tactic: Focusing on irrelevant non-problems like “forced abortions,” the supposed state of the souls of medical waste or the width of a clinic’s hallways are all means of creating additional problems for providers and activists to solve and, of course, to chip away their access to essential healthcare.

Women Got Your B For Back

POD_032216-01The internet has been Plan B buzzing since Reddit user carlinha1289 posted her experience about purchasing the morning after pill for a Quebec teen. Other women jumped in to share similar experiences. Conversations are being started. Articles are being written. Women are coming together to help each other –> ’cause we cool like that.

Plan B is not an abortion bill (this is often a misCONCEPTION — get it — ahahahaha —> ok we’ll show ourselves out). The goal of Plan B is to prevent a person from getting pregnant up to 72 hours after that someone’s birth control failed or for whatever reason which is nobody’s business but their own. It’s emergency contraception, birth control in overtime.

In the United States, legally speaking, Plan B (or one of its generic forms) is available on pharmacy shelves for anyone to purchase. We say ‘legally speaking’ because we want you to know it’s your legal right; even if a pharmacy tries to do some shady shiznit like put it in an awkward place or some pimply teenage boy working at the register tells you he morally doesn’t want to sell it you. It’s there. You can buy it. Get another cashier who doesn’t have boner problems.

HOWEVER, just because it is available does not mean that girls don’t feel embarrassed getting it, that people aren’t shaming them when they’re trying to purchase it, that they can afford it, that they aren’t afraid their parents will find out and a host of other issues.

So… Women are stepping up to pay it forward. If you are in need of the Morning After Pill but are feeling scared of getting it yourself don’t be afraid to reach out. We got your Plan B back, girls looking for help, because the B is for Buddy!


maxresdefaultSunday night on HBO’s Last Week Tonight, the insightful and hilarious John Oliver expertly tackled the issue of abortion in the United States of America.

He stated, “Abortion cannot just be theoretically legal, it has to be literally accessible.” He skillfully hashed out the preposterous problems we here have become quite familiar with: “undue burden,” the hypocrisy and ridiculousness of TRAP laws, how people imposing these restrictions keep saying “we are just here to protect women’s health” even though they clearly are not. He showed examples of women who are in horrible situations, highlighted how doctors are being forced to give information to patients that they do not believe, and brought this legit shitshow to light.

He closed by stating, “We thought that this was something you should know about.” We wholeheartedly agree. The crazy part of that is the notion that people STILL don’t know about it. The fact that people still think of abortion as a “women’s issue” as opposed to a human rights violation is astounding. Barring the fact that women aren’t making themselves pregnant, so this isn’t happening in a penis-less vacuum, the idea that women are not allowed to make their own medical decisions should be a horror to everyone. Women are half the population. We all either know one, or are one. How do people not know?!

There is, of course, the fundamental problem that no one pays attention to an issue until a man points it out (cough, cough…Bill Cosby) and then people are like, “Oh shit – I didn’t know this was going on. I guess it must be true.”

That being said, we are very, very glad that John Oliver is tackling the issue. Bravo, Oliver, for raising awareness to this atrocity that is happening in our own country. We hope other men follow suit. Comics like Josh Healey are talking about how abortion has affected the women in their families and are making the topic of reproductive freedom a more palpable, human issue. Women’s rights are human rights and we would hope that everyone would pay attention and take it VERY personally.