What’s At Stake, From Activist and Abortion Doula, Molly Gaebe

My name is Molly Gaebe and I am with Lady Parts Justice League. As I write, our team is on tour for the second year, criss crossing the US, visiting these threatened clinics, helping them in any way we can. We call it, the Vagical Mystery Tour. We see how these independent clinics and providers save lives, how they uplift the community, how they are there to give healthcare to the people who need it the most. We also see that these clinics have been in danger for a long time now. These clinics whose doors are shuttered all the time, whose very existence is constantly threatened because vaginal crossing guards have been chipping away at Roe for years now. So far, they have made the most headway by asserting control over the most vulnerable people.

People like Jane Doe, an undocumented teen and a victim of rape, who knew she wanted an abortion, so much so that she took the US to court to prove it. But this wasn’t good enough for Brett Kavanaugh, who said that government should be allowed to “help minors navigate” these “major life decisions” by sending them to crisis pregnancy centers and delaying their procedures until it’s too late to legally obtain them.

I made one of these “major life decisions” two years ago, and was able to get the abortion I needed because I can afford it, and I am lucky enough to live in a state with access to abortion. This can all change on the drop of a dime, and that dime is perilously spinning on its head right now. States who have been passing the most restrictive and unconstitutional abortion laws will shutter more clinics, if not outlawing abortion completely. And when their doors close, people suffer, entire communities suffer. The most vulnerable populations suffer. As we all know, when abortion is outlawed or becomes inaccessible, abortions do not stop. Women start to die.

For seven years now, I have the honor of being an abortion doula, what that means is that I support people through abortion procedures. I have held the hands of hundreds of people with wildly different stories, backgrounds, families, incomes, experiences, fears and joys. But one thing thing that they have in common is that they need an abortion, and they do not need the opinion of the government to help them make this decision.

I am here to announce that today, I have made another “major life decision.” I have decided that healthcare is non negotiable, that healthcare is not just for the wealthy, that abortion isn’t a luxury for those that can travel to states that provide it.

Abortion is humanity. Abortion is dignity.  Abortion is healthcare and abortion must be protected.  Tell your senators to question Kavanaugh on abortion, and tell them that a non answer on Roe is a threat to Roe.

There are superheroes on the ground in independent clinics that have to spend half their time, energy and money fighting with the government to provide their own communities with healthcare. Join us at Lady Parts Justice League to to stand up for these independent abortion providers and read the daily takedown every day to keep up with the latest abortion laws and to stand and fight with us. Thank you!

LPJL Daily Takedown – 5/25/17

Does an HHS appointee believe abortion increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer?

(Washington Post)

The Yoest infection returns! The WAPO fact-checks Trump’s HHS assistant secretary Charmaine Yoest’s totally debunked BULLSHIT claims that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. The Washington Post just gave her an opportunity to set the record straight, and Yoest chose to let it remain a twisted mess. We can’t have high-ranking health officials who believe lies and intentional fairy tales about abortion.


Texas Bill Could Send People to Jail for Driving a Woman to an Abortion, Lawmaker Says

(Texas Observer)

Texas is approaching CRITICAL MESS! As this Texas Observer article highlights, the assaults on repro rights by Lone Star lawmakers are constant, and consistently insane. Now they want you to go to jail for driving someone to get an abortion. FOR REAL! Texas is the world’s 12th largest economy, and it’s WAY to full of incredible people and places to be forever ruled by the this cabal of thick-necked theocrats.


Interstate Abortion Ban Could Slow Human Trafficking

(One News Now)

Lies My Lawmakers Told Me: the latest lie the MYTH BOOSTERS in the “Pro-Life” camp are up to is a bill before the Senate that tries to keep minors from LEGALLY accessing their abortion rights by claiming to be targeted against “human traffickers and child molesters.” LIES! Here’s Iowa’s Steve King defending dogfighting (!) using a similar argument. On it’s lying face, the bill prohibits transporting minors across state lines for an abortion. What it really does is to try and trap young women who are in states where abortion is illegal. As we look at the possibility of states with NO PROVIDERS AT ALL, we can see what their next step in shutting down access will be.


Even in Blue-State California, Abortions Can Be Hard to Find


QUIT SAYING YOUR STATE IS BLUE! ! NO state is blue enough to feel complacent about abortion rights! Anti-choice fuckery has consequences everywhere. This great story highlights HUGE CLINIC CLOSINGS in California. And nationwide crusades against repro rights mean that clinics are closing everywhere. Remember–the people who want to fuck with your abortion rights don’t care if your uterus is in in Massachusetts or Missouri–THEY WANT IN!


Catholics Challenge St. Louis’ ‘Abortion Sanctuary’ Law

(U.S. News)

One man’s “Religious Freedom” can be one woman’s violated Constitutional rights. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis is resisting a city anti-discrimination ordinance that prohibits housing or employment discrimination for people who have had an abortion, plan an abortion, have heard of abortion, or filled out a crossword with the word abortion in it. Seriously! The Archdiocese wants anyone to be able to deny employment or housing to anyone who advocates for “reproductive health”! So that uterus hat can get you evicted in St. Louis!  And it’s all in the name of “religious freedom!”

The F.A.C.E Don’t Wanna Hear It.

ICYMI: This past saturday,  Ten anti abortion extremists were arrested in Louisville KY, outside the last remaining abortion clinic in that state.

Apparently, these “nothin-better- to-dos” think accessing an abortion should be more like “Ultimate Beastmaster” than just… idk… walking in a clinic on time for your appointment.  

Why do I know all of this? Because it was plastered all over CNN and MSNBC? Yeah, Right. Nope, I know it because I was there, volunteering as an escort at the clinic and it was batshit so I wanted to give you an idea of what the day was like and let you know how YOU can help.
NOTE: All of the statements, opinions, comments, typed sequences of letters that form words are my own. I do NOT represent or speak for the EMW escorts or the clinic.

By 6:00 am horrible protesters had already begun to gather. By about 7:30 the sidewalk was lined with roughly 100 of them, carrying massive signs of medically inaccurate, shame-y information and images. The roughly 30-40 escorts were also getting in place too, trying to hold space around the entrance. And all of us were being subjected to the super christian-y prayer music blaring from the speakers they had set up right outside the clinic doors.

The clinic opens at 8:00am and things are non-stop until all of the patients are settled in the clinic which is generally about 9:30am. We got the word that the doors were open so a fellow escort and I began walking a woman from her car to the clinic. As we approached we noticed that the crowd wasn’t really paying attention to us. It looked more like a mass of crazy fans trying to snap a pic of the cast of Hamilton leaving the backdoor of the theatre.

Once we got close, we realized that a group of protesters had crossed the property line and were sitting, physically blocking the entrance to the clinic.

The frustrating part was that, we ended up cornered by the door having to watch as the police handled the situation. While this was happening, two other escorts and I were forming a wall between the patient and the madness.

Eventually it did happen and they carted off ten protesters and NO APPOINTMENTS were missed.

The entire time I couldn’t help but think how the officers were completely misplaced in being respectful to these people breaking the law when the person behind me is the one being denied access to their totally LEGAL HUMAN RIGHT! Not once did any of the eight officers acknowledge the patient as we stood there for what felt like the longest ten minutes of my life.

Eventually it did happen and they carted off ten protesters and no appointments were missed.

Hear that? Talk to the hand cause the F.A.C.E. don’t wanna hear it.

That’s F.A.C.E as in the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act which was signed in 1994 by President Bill Clinton after violence against abortion providers and reproductive healthcare facilities began to spike.

Which if you want to understand real domestic terrorism you’ll take a gander at the The National Abortion Federation’s tally of all the reported violence against abortion providers.

The scary part here is that this isn’t the end. These people are holding their super FUN-damentally fucked up national convention outside the clinic from July 22-29th. Over 5,000 people have been invited to make the trip and join in on the harassment.

Let’s do the math-  Of all the people that click “attending” on your Facebook invites, how many actually show up? Even if only 10% attend, that means things could be even more batshit than last weekend.

There are so many ways to support this movement. You can become an abortion doula, volunteer for an abortion fund hotline, plan an event to benefit your local clinic, call your senator and tell them you support access, send postcards of support to providers or help fight stigma and shame by talking about abortion in your daily life.

For me, clinic escorting is probably the most rewarding. I love it. I think it feeds my soul. I’m tall and big and I think my body is built for it. Meaning, I can be the totally non-engaging bodyguard providing a source of comfort alongside a patient encountering protesters for the first time.

Luckily, the clinic has an amazing team of dedicated escorts that are out there every day. They are organized and fucking ready. These people rock. Some of the people on their team have been doing it for over 15 years. I am a measly little newbie. I’m so insanely honored that they have let me join them.

DONATE TO THEM! They need your support to be ready for this onslaught of extremists in July.

The anti’s incessant desire to shove their flagrant beliefs down the throats of others through shame and stigma is why I stand on the sidewalk and it’s one of the HUGE reasons Lady Parts Justice League is hitting the ground for two months this summer on our Vagical Mystery Tour, so we can help amazing escorts in 16 cities breath a little easier and work to grow their community support.

Join us along the way! We can put you to werk!

Data Bunk

Texas Republicans refuse to allow Texas HB 2 to die.

HB 2 was the notorious Texas Trap Law that the U.S. Supreme Court shot down in the landmark Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt ruling. In tried and true trap law fashion, HB 2 tried to use bullshit and pointless regulations to shut down abortion clinics in Texas. And it succeeded like gangbusters, until the Supremes finally shot it down.

Now, conservative Texas lawmakers are trying to come up with more insidious ways of harassing clinics and the women who need them. A bogus bill moving through the Texas House right now is designed to undermine the ability of clinics to function by forcing them to keep and report pointless and redundant data. They’re trying to strangle reproductive rights with red tape!  

HB 2962 requires abortion clinics and other abortion providers to report painstakingly detailed data on any complications that arise during or after an abortion. Texas state laws ALREADY require that providers must report the type of abortion that had the complication; the gestational age of the fetus, the date the complication was treated, and the reproductive history of the patient.

This new bill now requires doctors to report complications to the state within 72 hours. It makes state Health Department develop an electronic system for providers reporting abortion complications, and report any doctors in violation of the reporting requirements to the Texas Medical Board. Oh, and doctors must ALSO report the woman’s age, race, marital status, county and state of residence, and even the date of her last menstrual cycle!

And of course all of this is in COMPLETE DEFIANCE of statistics that show abortion is MUCH SAFER than everything from tonsillectomies to vasectomies to wisdom teeth removal!

The bill is the brainchild of Rep. Giovanni Capriglione who made headlines by trying to force State Senator Wendy Davis to personally pay the state of Texas $800,000 to cover the cost of a special session–a special session that Governor Rick Perry called after Wendy filibustered HB 2! Class all the way, Giovanni!

Give the Tex-ASSHOLES who came up with this credit: their scheme drowns clinics in red tape, while forcing them to provide statistics that will undoubtedly be twisted and misrepresented to portray abortion complications as commonplace. Note that nobody is asking for this kind of reporting on Viagra-related mishaps!

Linda McMahon: Shelob, the giant venomous spider who lurks in the darkness

In our new Play of the Day series Sauron’s Army,  Lady Parts Justice League will explore the key players Donald Trump has chosen to surround himself with: his advisors and the people being appointed to his cabinet, many of whom have a deep of history of being strongly anti-choice.

Today’s addition to Sauron’s Army is Shelob, the giant evil spider represented by Linda McMahon, professional wrestling mogul, repeat Senate race failure, and Donald Trump’s pick to head the Small Business Administration.

Of course, Trump’s nominee to the run the Small Business Administration would be a total disaster for small business–that goes with being part of Trump’s carny mirror world. And Linda McMahon is as uniquely unqualified as you would expect. Her wrestling empire exploited workers by forcing them to be independent contractors instead of employees. And the WWE actually drove many small businesses out of business by waging “relentless warfare” on smaller competitors.

But in addition to her anti-small business boner-fides, when it comes to reproductive rights, McMahon manages to be venomously anti-choice. That’s not always easy to find in a Northeastern conservative. And indeed, during her two disastrous runs for the Senate, McMahon did try to masquerade as a pro-choice Republican–as she would have to in order to have a shot at a Senate seat in Connecticut.

But McMahon’s true arachnid nature is evident in her support of restrictions on abortion rights such as parental notification and the ban on federal funding for abortion services. She also supported the Blunt Amendment, which would have allowed employers to deny birth control coverage to their employees. McMahon said “the issue that was being addressed was the fact that the government was trying to force religious institutions to be engaged in something that went against their beliefs.” Rick Santorum couldn’t have said it better.

Linda McMahon is an eight-legged freak lurking in the shadows to try and disguise her true nature. This SBA nominee is bad for business and bad for women. Connecticut women saw through her in both her Senate runs, with 60% of women voters rejecting her. Perhaps the Senate will do the same thing.

Moderation in the Pursuit of Women’s Rights is NO Virtue

A great new article in Quartz puts the lie to the naive assumption that Ohio is a midwestern bastion of moderation with a reasonable and centrist governor in John Kasich. Even “Middle America” is a fringe swampland inhabited by cold-blooded monsters when it comes to abortion rights–because women’s issues are considered a specialty niche where otherwise “moderate” politicians can indulge their hidden extremists tendencies.

Deep red states like Alabama and Oklahoma get a reputation for being festering misogynistic sinkholes where reproductive rights go to die, mostly because that’s what they are. But it doesn’t mean that “moderate” states like Ohio or even solidly blue states aren’t home to some of the same anti-woman, anti-choice tendencies.

Ohio lawmakers just sent a bill to Kasich for signature that would essentially ban abortion after 6 weeks. And since it’s almost impossible to realize the need for an abortion and arrange for one in that time frame, Ohio is virtually making abortion impossible to obtain.

There’s a sordid history of Ohio meddling in reproductive rights. They were the first state to ban the so-called “partial birth” abortions (which don’t actually exist). The state also requires unnecessary ultrasounds, a 24-hour waiting period, and parental consent. And waiting in the wings are perennial attempts to pass one of those macabre fetal burial bills.

Ohio is Mississippi without the BBQ.

And their “moderate” posterboy Governor John Kasich is Mike Pence on Just For Men. NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio called him “if not the worst—among the worst of anti-choice governors in this country’s history.” The number of clinics in Ohio went from 16 to 8 under his watch. And he cheered as he watched.

You never know where the next threat to abortion rights will come from. That’s why Lady Parts Justice League watches all 50 states, 24/7, to let you know when you’re being fucked with.