It’s Our Week of Action: Join Us to #ExposeFakeClinics

Year-round LPJL is committed to exposing fake clinics, often known as crisis pregnancy centers or CPC’s. If you have never heard of them, THIS IS YOUR WEEK!

Anti-abortion zealots fund these CPC’s, that claim to provide free “pre-abortion” services and extra-special ultrasounds — basically they are temples erected to spew dangerous nonsense designed to guilt scared women into not having an abortion.

And what better way to spend pre-Halloween week than to shine an extra light on these manipulative fuckers! To learn more about the initiative go here, to watch our founder Lizz Winstead explain how to spot a fraud clinic click here, and to join the cause click here. Happy reviewing!

LPJL kicked off our expose fake clinics Week of Action with a hands on #ExposeFakeClinic project in Hartford, CT

Just two arms lengths from a legit clinic lurks one of these predatory Crisis Pregnancy Centers that tries to lure women who have appointments at the real clinic into their den of lies. So when the amazing folks at Hartford GYN (an awesome provider of comprehensive healthcare including abortion) reached out to ask if we could help patients differentiate from the fake one, we came, we saw, we painted the path to the real clinic a bright, beautiful yellow. Now clinic escorts and people who answer the phones can tell patients to “follow the yellow brick road” and you won’t have to click your heels three times to find reliable healthcare.

This awareness raising campaign is just one way the fuckery continues!


Crooked.com has published this leaked memo showing that our Agro tweeter-In-Chief  is trying to Make America A Dystopian YA Novel (Again). Check out this wish list/shit list of dumb things that Donald Trump wants to force onto women (doesn’t that list include Donald himself?)

**Extremely Daveed Diggs voice*** Highlights

–They want cut funding in half for Title X family planning for low-income families—leading to a million more pregnancies a year! Of course, they only have to give a crap until those million fetuses are actually born. 

–And they want to replace effective family planning with a scheme to get people using the “rhythm method.” If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically birth control that relies on a Ouija board. 

–They plan to completely end the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program which they say “doesn’t work.” Not unless you’re trying to prevent teen pregnancies. And that doesn’t seem to be their focus.

–And then replace the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program with abstinence education—which is essentially the Teen SEX Prevention Program! What could possibly go right? 

–And finally, they want to cut USAIDS family planning money, which goes to developing nations. And they can’t allow them to have more sane family planning than the US. 


Speaking of The Handmaid’s 2: The Return of Chucky — (Dammit, We Were Hoping the Sequel Would Turn Out Better) 

Jane Doe, the Texas immigrant seeking an abortion still hasn’t received medical treatment and this delay method the GOPunishers are using is almost as insane as their insistence that the “rhythm method” is a viable form of birth control. The ACLU is fighting the decision from an Appeals Court that further delays Jane Doe’s abortion. Here’s the latest, but follow along with the hashtag #JusticeForJane for updates as they come in.


LPJL Daily Takedown – August 22nd, 2017

You Are the Trumpany (TM) You Keep

Donald Trump’s person in charge of family planning policy at Health and Human Services, Teresa Manning, is a big fan of a notorious Holocaust denier. Manning also opposes government support for family planning and doesn’t believe birth control works, but you probably guessed that when you heard Trump put her in charge of family planning. Her connection to neo-Nazi fringe elements is even crazier. Manning edited a book and led panel discussions that included Joe Sobran, who she described as “a national treasure.” He’s also a leading Holocaust denier, pushing the outrageous lie that “fewer than a million Jews perished of various causes—chiefly disease—during World War II.” And he prefers to call the Holocaust “The Jewish Misfortune.” You can see how Trump might think this is one of those “very fine people” he praised at Charlottesville. Trump’s official in charge of ruining family planning sure loves him! 


I’ll Never Complain About My Speculum-Free Job Again

Think your job can be a pain? Gynecological Teaching Assistants (GTA’s) take pelvic exams and give feedback to help train medical students and registered nurses how to go about their business in a way that’s the most beneficial to the patients. GTA’s act as patients in order to be more effective teachers. Before GTA’s med students trained on models, corpses, or unconscious patients, none of whom provide much in the way of feedback. GTA’s help students hone everything from speculum technique to bedside manner—all to make your next OB-GYN experience a more pleasant one. It’s hard work, but rewarding—very few GTA’s are saying “Take this job and shove it.” 


OBJECTION: Biased Judge Would Harm Women 

Justice Denied! OHIO Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy refuses to recuse herself from an abortion case where the fate of Toledo’s only clinic is at stake. That clinic, Capital Care Network, asked Kennedy to recuse herself after she gave a speech for the Greater Toledo Right to Life—two days after the court agreed to hear the case. And Kennedy’s campaign website boasts of her endorsement by anti-choice groups. She issued a two sentence statement calling the recusal request “without merit.” Capital Care was shut down with the favorite TRAP law technique of requiring “admitting privileges” at a local hospital. Capital Care had one with the University of Toledo Medical Center…so Ohio passed a law that banned public institutions from partnering with abortion clinics! Two lower courts have said the clinic should remain open. So far nothing Justice Kennedy has said indicates that she agrees. 


Let’s Talk About the Birds and the Bees jkjk Let’s Talk About Vaginas and Penises and STIs

Testing, Testing. With STI rates rising fast, young people in DELAWARE are being urged to get annual testing. Here are four things experts say you should know about getting tested for STI’s:

-Be Real with Teens—let’s call a penis a penis!

-In Delaware, STI Testing for Teens is Confidential—although the parents of a girl under 16 are notified if she has an abortion.

-There Are Options for Testing Sites—including Planned Parenthood clinics and many of Delaware’s School Based Health Centers.

-Schedule STI Tests at Least Once a Year—The fact that you don’t have symptoms doesn’t mean you don’t have an STI.

Oh, and just because you’re not from Delaware doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into getting tested where you live. 



TMW Even Texas Can’t Pretend Your Fake Clinic is Helping Women

In-defund-sible! What do you get when you take Planned Parenthood out of a state’s approach to women’s health? In TEXAS you get a big ol’ Texas-sized longhorn cow patty. After Texas defunded Planned Parenthood, they decided to throw $7 million dollars at shit-show “evangelical non-profits” like the Heidi Group. They were supposed to upgrade women’s clinics that don’t offer abortion to provide at least some of the care that had been available from Planned Parenthood. The Heidi Group got $5 million for family planning services, but now only plans to serve 20% of the 18,000 women originally intended. Obviously, they don’t get the “planning” part at all! Even Texas realized they had to cut the money going to these incompetent frauds. They’re no better than the phony “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” that masquerade as healthcare providers.  Both the defunding of PP and shifting that money to CPC’s are things we continue to hightlight in our #Exposefakeclinics campaign. And even as they’re forced to cut money for the blatantly incompetent Heidi Group, Texas continues to pour tax dollars into fake CPC’s! Texas defunded Planned Parenthood in 2011—and they’ve totally failed to take up ANY of the slack to provide services for women. This is the kind of fiasco you’ll get nationwide if conservatives manage to defund PP entirely. 

LPJL Daily Takedown – July 14th, 2017

Reading Between the Lines, Cecile Richards, “What the actual f*ck with this latest healthcare bill?”

SENATE HEALTHCARE BILL MITCH-SLAPS AMERICA!  Mitch McConnell’s new healthcare bill is even more of a kick in the uterus than the previous version. As Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards points out, the denial of funding for PP causes as many as 15 percent of low-income and rural women to lose access to everything from cancer screenings to birth control. Oh, and it will mean that as many as 13 million women lose maternity care. Mitch McConnell promises a lot with his shitty bill, but the things it’s guaranteed to deliver are more undetected cancer and more unintended pregnancies—the circle of life, GOP style!


When Republicans Jump In Fetus-First, Women Drown.

BIRTHRIGHT”s AND WRONGS: Now you can see everything we’ve been telling you about presented in cinematic splendor in a new documentary called “Birthright: A War Story” from filmmakers Civia Tamarkin and Luchia Fisher. It’s all about the continuous war on abortion rights and how that translates to a war on women. As Tamarkin says in this Salon interview “if you keep pushing a fetus-first mentality, women are going to be punished.” And as we say every day, anti-choice forces are doling out that punishment all the time in every state of the union and in countries all over the world. GET WOKE!


All Roads Lead to Abortion, Even Losing Net Neutrality Would Lead to Attack on Repro Rights

NET LOSSES: Think your reproductive rights aren’t bound up, intertwined, and dependent on all your other rights? Google it while you still can. Losing net neutrality could cripple the struggle for abortion rights. It would leave those fighting to organize for your rights exposed to the whims of internet providers—and leave everyone’s personal data at risk. If corporate internet service providers have control over what’s on your phones and computers, then they’ll eventually have more control over everything from your data to your uterus! Net neutrality IS Free Speech IS Abortion Rights—let them take anything that’s yours and you could lose everything that’s yours!


Woke Bae Canada says abortion is a “tool to end poverty”

OH, CANADA! OH YES! Our northern neighbor seems totally WOKE just when lots of the US.. is dazed and confused by anti-choice fakery and fuckery. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Minister of International Development, just called abortion “a tool to end poverty!!” Hear that, the rest of you FUCKING TOOLS down here? The Minister said we “have to give [women] the control over their lives. So we shouldn’t look at contraception as the objective. This is not the objective. This is only a tool to reduce poverty and inequality and to make an impact in terms of development and peace and security in the world.” It’s what we’ve always said—ABORTION RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS. While the bloated yak that controls this country imposes global gag orders denying poor women reproductive autonomy, at least there are pockets on the North American continent where a little sanity survives. THANK YOU, CANADA!


Who Should Decide if I Get an Abortion: Me, myself, and..my family, my rapist, and my local law enforcement?

RAZORBACKWARDS! The ARKANSAS legislature seems to be running neck in neck in a race with neighboring nut-jobs in Missouri to see who can move backwards on abortion rights. Right now arguments are being heard in a court case over four unconstitutional anti-choice laws recently puked out by Arkansas lawmakers. The laws ban the safest and most common method of 2nd trimester abortion,  so-called “sex selection,” forces abortion patients under 18 to submit tissue samples to local law enforcement (!!!), and require providers to inform an abortion patient’s family, partner or rapist so they have can have a say in the disposal of the fetal remains. No wonder the symbol of Arkansas is a wild pig.


Once Again Religious Groups Worried They Will Have to Be Inclusive and Welcoming to Others

RULES? RULES ARE ONLY FOR OTHER PEOPLE! Just when you think they can’t get any worse, the conspiracy of dicks who are spewing anti-abortion laws at a special session of the MISSOURI legislature sink to another new low. One of the laws they’re crafting, bans cities from enacting or enforcing “any order, ordinance, rule, regulation, policy, or other similar measure that prohibits, restricts, limits, controls, directs, interferes with, or otherwise adversely affects an alternatives-to-abortion agency” or their staff. In other words So the same ass-wipes who pass TRAP laws to drown abortion clinics in regulations want to make it ILLEGAL for cities to pass ANY laws regulating phony “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” at all! Or anything that “adversely affects” a CPC! Abortion clinics can be shut down over their shrubbery choices, while CPC’s aren’t subject to any rules whatsoever.


That Moment When A 12 Year Old Knows Their Body Better Than a F*cking District Attorney

ALABAMA SHAMES: And finally, there’s ALABAMA, where a 12-year-old FINALLY got permission for an abortion after suffering statutory rape by a family member. This child doesn’t know who her father is, and had to be removed from her mother who reacted violently. She sought a waiver on Alabama’s parental consent law. Unbelievably, some Alabama district attorney actually objected. Thank God a judge approved the waiver. It’s this type of real nightmare scenario that reminds us why abortion rights and reproductive autonomy are so necessary in our society. Best wishes for this abused child, and shame on the DA who tried to stop her from alleviating her torment.



You could call us sell outs and you wouldn’t be wrong after another SOLD OUT Vagical Mystery Tour stop in Cleveland! Thanks to Cleveland Scene Magazine for the shout out 😉 The room was packed with people ready to call out some of Ohio’s shitty politicians and the fact that 93% of Ohio counties are left without abortion providers. Well informed AND salty? Cleveland, you’re our kind of town.

Just TWO more chances to watch the Vagic happen live! Pittsburgh and Louisville, get READY.

#vagicalmysterytour Did you know 93% of counties in Ohio don't have an abortion provider??

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Donald Trump’s New “Myth USA”

The woman that Donald Trump is trusting to “advise” him on reproductive rights, has a STELLAR  record of spreading dangerous lies “myths” about contraception. In fact, she’s a regular Aesop when it comes to spreading fables about how birth control actually works.

First off, Katy Talento is an epidemiologist, and not someone you go to for a nasty woman pussy grab  pelvic exam. But wait, isn’t a woman who analyzes data about diseases, at least close to being an expert on something to do with uterus-y things?


In fact, even “…with nearly 20 years of experience in public health and health policy, as well as government oversight and investigations and program evaluation.” she seems to have missed  that study where the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology flatly states that there is no link between miscarriages and use of hormonal birth control before a pregnancy.

On the count of three… one, two, three! “Fake News!”

So just what kind of alt-science is Talento pushing?

Her favorite seems to be spreading long-discredited myths about contraception, including the disproven claims that hormonal contraceptives will turn your womb into some kind of flimsy Ikea version of a uterus – or something.

So, lucky us! Talento told Rewire at the recent CPAC conference that she now, “handles pro-life issues,” as a member of Trump’s Domestic Policy Council. In fact, she said that the Council was, “always looking to protect life.”  

And as we know, Trump tends to believe whatever he’s told, as long as it’s wrong. He can certainly trust Katy to be a reliable source of misinformation. In an article she wrote for the January 2015 edition of The Federalist, entitled, “Is Big Pharma Breaking Your Uterus?”

Um. Can you actually break your uterus?

According to good ol’ Katy, if you go on the pill, before long your whole reproductive system will turn into a Broken Particle board. An Ikea Livmoder.

And an allen wrench won’t fix it.
So add Katy Talento to the list of lying hacks that the establishment Republicans have provided to Donald Trump to tell him the myths that will become the alternative facts used to destroy reproductive freedom.

Is It About Your Religion? Or Is It About Your Tax Status?

A draft of a ‘Religious Freedom’ Executive Order has been leaked and is circulating the internet like a Wynona Ryder facial expression meme – it’s gone berserk.

The possible order would protect individuals and organizations from “violating their conscience” by essentially violating everyone else’s conscience. Convenient. The order would allow employers to discriminate against people based on their sexuality or gender identity and to deny coverage to their employees for contraception and abortions. It could also allow adoption agencies to discriminate against same sex couples and it would require the Justice Department to enforce it.

Besides the absolute un-American and hateful horror of this, there are many layers of bile at work here that need to analyzed:

  • We remember when Trump was elected he said he would not overturn same-sex marriage, an Executive ‘Religious Freedom’ Order would be a way to do that from another direction.
  • We know Trump isn’t really a fan of actual Religious Freedom due to the extreme vetting he is pushing for Muslims. Can big papa say HYPOCRITE?!
  • Studies show that 6 out of 10 people in the US who identify as religious actually support same sex marriage and are against religious freedom bills. So who really wants this to happen?! (See below, we do have a few ideas.)
  • When Pence was Governor of Indiana and signed a Religious Freedom Act for his state he became so unpopular that he was not going to be voted back in (good thing he became Vice President instead).
  • The draft — which again is just proposed and not YET official —mentions that it would protect the tax exempt status of religious organizations AND/OR private organizations that identify as religious. SO (and until it comes out this cannot be confirmed) it seems there’s a possibility that this EO would give tax exempt status to organizations that wanted to say they were religious and then not cover birth control or a same sex spouse’s healthcare. SO, a possibility is that big money is ‘who’ wants this EO passed — not actual religious people.
  • On the same note, Donald Trump has also said that he would like to lift the IRS rule which states that pastors cannot endorse political candidates (or they lose their tax exempt status). If this rule was actually overturned people could donate to a church and in turn would be donating to a political party. Nope! Nope! Nope! Not kosher!

We instated the separation of church and state for a reason! We can’t have people’s religious leaders on the take for a candidate. That’s why we left England y’alls! REMEMBER! (In case you didn’t get to see Hamilton yet that’s an actual thing that happened.) AND our constitution ALREADY protects everyone’s religious freedoms; it’s a tenant of what it means to be American. If your religious freedom means denying your employees access to birth control (and not Viagra mind you) or not serving pizza to someone you think is gay, that’s not religious freedom, that’s just you being an asshat.

So while a bastardized notion of religious freedom is whipping Kim Davis types (you know, those who won’t do their job and give out marriage licenses because of some misguided ‘ideal’ but have been divorced 975 times themselves) up into a storm, the big boys are probably just looking at a lot of tax breaks. Nicely done.

Let us remember that the cornerstone of most major religions is love and compassion not claiming religious freedom in order to judge others (in fact that’s actually a big religious no-no). Happy Fucking Valentine’s Day.

…In A Classic Twist, Enemy Of The EPA Becomes The Head Of The EPA

As part of our continuing Play of the Day series “Sauron’s Army” Lady Parts Justice League is exploring the key players Donald Trump has chosen to surround himself with. We’re taking a deep dark look at his advisors and the people being appointed to his cabinet, all of whom have a history of being strongly anti-choice.

Scott Pruitt – Position in Sauron’s Army: Denethor II (on his worst day).

You remember when Denethor, The Steward of Gondor, was totally losing it towards the end of The Return of the King (if not you better brush up on your LOTR because we are living it). Denethor is all, My son is dead, I’m going to burn him on this funeral pyre… And everyone else is like, Yeah but your son’s not dead though. That’s what Scott Pruitt is doing with science.

Scott Pruitt, who is Trump’s pick for EPA Administrator, already had his hearing and is on track to be confirmed in March. Pruitt, who is currently the Attorney General of Oklahoma, has sued the EPA multiples times. (!!!!!) He was part of a legal action against Obama’s Clean Power Plan which was designed to curb greenhouse gas emissions. When discussing overwhelming scientific evidence that human activity is causing the warming of the planet, Pruitt was quoted in saying “That debate is far from settled.” 

LET US REPEAT THAT BECAUSE IT BEARS REPEATING: The person who quite possibly will be the head of the EPA has sued the EPA on multiple occasions because he was like, yo bro, gas emissions, not that bad. So he’s legitimately an actual enemy of protecting the environment.

Pruitt has made his leanings (more like fall over-ings) clear during his time as OK (not-OK) AG. Besides his need to take a thick hot dump on the environment he has supported anti-choice legislation, fought against LGBTQ rights and against the Affordable Care Act.

A few examples…

Pruitt was like, Hey even though the Supreme Court struck down DOMA that doesn’t mean that Oklahoma has to offer benefits to gay married couples. Pruitt supports the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Pruitt supported a bill that would limit medical abortions in Oklahoma. AND, this is one of our favorites, after the Supreme Court decided that two abortion related laws were unconstitutional, Pruitt’s office was like, we don’t care, let’s continue to enforce them for as long as possible. Classy.

In an EGGeptional (ugh, sorry) move, after California prohibited the sale of eggs from hens who were kept in horribly restrictive conditions, Pruitt joined in a lawsuit against them and then decided to investigate THE HUMANE SOCIETY. How incredibly inhumane.

I guess he just thinks all eggs should be restricted but not gas emissions. 

Graphic by Monica Mohan @MonicaMohanStudio

The Deal We Won’t Make

We need to have a talk: It’s been more than a year of volatile, sexist campaigning, and months of prepping for the most hostile anti-choice administration we’ve ever seen ascend to power. Combine that with a week of weak think pieces, hand-wringing over whether a feminist can be anti-abortion (nah) or whether a march can truly be pro-woman if it isn’t explicitly standing for reproductive freedom (hard nah). We here at LPJL are down to our last thread of patience for people who insist that valuing access to abortion is detrimental to our politics.

When The Hill writes about the politics of “Democrats [wedding] themselves to abortion at their own peril,” they manage to completely unwed themselves from the humanity of the issue. This isn’t a Fantasy Football/Celebrity Apprentice situation of politicians getting seats and making deals — these are people’s lives. Are they blind to the fact that not wedding ourselves to abortion rights as states are abolishing access to abortion in their legislatures is the real peril?

So, rest assured: This flood of articles stating that a commitment to abortion politics isn’t the worthiest of fights is viscerally horrifying.

Winning elections means nothing if women in Kentucky (or Mississippi or Utah or Missouri or North Dakota or South Dakota or Wyoming…) have only one abortion clinic in their entire state. A political victory is a victory for who exactly, if a pregnant person in Ohio is told that her control over her body stops if a pregnancy she needs to terminate is past 20 weeks. And someone find me a victory lap for a woman in Iowa using medicaid, who needs to personally get the governor’s permission to pay for her abortion.

We aren’t winning shit if women everywhere can’t get access to safe, affordable care. Full stop.

We’ve seen this with other civil rights issues — Democrats were told to keep LGBT individuals at a distance and were told that they were falling on their swords for an unwinnable cause. That is, until we collectively decided to stand together with a “how fucking dare you?” and insisted that there are human rights that simply cannot be bargained away. It’s way past time for repro-activists, allies and uterus-owning individuals to have our “how dare you?” moment.

Uterus-owning individuals are always called on to make concessions to pass legislation that is supposedly “more important.” Whether it’s the constant addition of anti-choice riders to unrelated bills with minimal pushback, agreeing to exclude abortion coverage from major bills, or urging our politicians to tap dance around the damn word “abortion,” anti-choicers have always forced pro-abortion women to shrink back, take up less space and to compromise. That ends now. Let this be the moment where you look at your elected officials (on every level) and put them on notice: If they want your vote, they not only need to be defending abortion rights but expanding them.

We understand the glacial, bureaucratic and aggressively unsexy nature of political progress — trust us, we get it. Compromises and concessions are made every day — however, you’re not going to see civil rights victories won by kowtowing to a room full of white men without enough skin in the game to protect these rights. If this year has taught us anything it’s this: They’re not going to throw us a bone, they’re gonna grab our pussies.

Tom Price: Precious Little to Recommend Him

UPDATE! Way back in November we warned you about the invasive vaginal irritant known as Rep. Tom Price, Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Further research has shown he’s even more toxic than originally thought.

Now it turns out that, even as he was burrowing into your ladyparts, Price was socking away large amounts of ill-gotten gains from possibly illegal but undoubtedly unethical stock transactions. Price would buy stock in companies just before introducing legislation that would drive the price of their stock up.

Great–he’s inside of you AND he’s conducting insider trading. Tell your Senator that it’s time to toss this vile concoction. Oh, and here is an update on all the OTHER reasons Price is wrong:

Part of our on-going series “Sauron’s Army” introducing the numerous creatures of darkness Trump surrounds himself with.  Every single one of these tools has demonstrated contempt for women and reproductive rights and we’re trudging our way to Mt. Doom to destroy (read: expose) them all.

Rep. Tom Price – Position in Sauron’s Army: Gollum

He’s a nasty, corrupted little creature who lives deep in the darkness where he dotes on his stolen “Precious.”

Trump’s pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services is obviously a disaster for anyone who cares about health. Or humans. He’s got a shit-list of plans to deny healthcare to millions of people by eviscerating the Affordable Care Act and gutting Medicare and Medicaid. But he’s also a very special kind of disaster for those 51% of Americans who happen to be women.

Price is a six-term Congressman from Georgia who has built a career attacking reproductive rights and saying insulting things about women. When asked about poor women who would be left behind without contraceptive coverage, he famously blustered  “Bring me one woman who has been left behind. Bring me one. There’s not one. The fact of the matter is this is a trampling on religious freedom and religious liberty in this country.” In other words, a woman’s right to control her own body pales before the right of religious zealots to force everyone to live in their fantasy world of religious purity.  

New York Magazine compiled a handy list of the specific ways that Tom Price wants to occupy your uterus, including his unwavering opposition to abortion rights, birth control, and to Planned Parenthood in particular. This is a man who has sponsored multiple personhood bills, voted for so-called “Pain Capable” abortion bans, wants to let employers deny contraceptive coverage based on their religious beliefs, and opposed laws that prevent a woman from being fired for using birth control(!).

There’s a reason that Planned Parenthood always gives Price a zero rating, while the National Right to Life Committee always gives him 100%. Both were probably being conservative.

Price has been a virtual stalker out to destroy the Affordable Care Act. And as head of the agency that oversees the FDA, he’ll also be in a position to derail new methods of medical abortion or birth control–or even rescind approvals that have already been issued.

Don’t put this nasty little creature in charge of HHS. Send Tom Price back into the shadows.