LPJL Daily Takedown – August 16th, 2017

HM, how bout we DON’T trust anyone’s personal identifying information to David Daleiden, yea?

David Daleiden is the dick whose so-called “Center for Medical Progress” used illegally obtained and doctored videos to spread lies about Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue research is baaaaack.

And before he invades your uterus again, he’d like to rifle through your personal information, thankyouverymuch. Yep, his latest stunt is trying to intimidate hundreds of researchers and employees at the University of Washington’s Birth Defects Research Laboratory by using public-records requests to obtain personal information on them. Employees sued to have their personal info redacted from any records that Daleiden obtains. A judge issued a temporary injunction against releasing the personal information, but now an appeals court has sent it back to the judge as too broad. Here’s hoping these people aren’t exposed to the threats and harassment that are stock-in-trade for anti-choice zealots.


For-profit companies put on their best Church outfit to screw women over. 

Unholy Rollers: Suddenly businesses with “moral objections” to birth control are coming out of the woodwork—and into your uterus! Thanks to the whining of anti-abortion types, the Affordable Care Act allows religious employers to deny their employees the otherwise mandatory Obamacare birth control coverage. So what’s that—a few non-profits, some nunneries, and those assholes at Hobby Lobby? WRONG! 24 of the 45 companies that have asked for the religious exemption are FOR PROFIT enterprises. And paying for your IUD eats into their profits! So does, oh USING YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE, FOR EVERY OTHER HEALTH NEED.

Ugh. The very foundation of Repro rights was created to get access to birth control—and this religious exemption shit undermines both! The problem begins with the bat-crap religious exemption in the first place. Once religious-affiliated employers were allowed into your vagina, they opened your floodgates to everybody!  


Christmas in August?! No co-pay for BC and abortion in every stocking in Oregon

GO BEAVERS! Governor Kate Brown of OREGON just signed this country’s most progressive reproductive health care policy. Get this, Oregon—the Reproductive Health Equity Act mandates that insurers cover birth control and abortion care with no co-pay, provides post-partum care for low-income women, and provides funds for reproductive care for noncitizens excluded from Medicaid. And it does it at a time when the Trump administration is trying to roll back access to abortion and birth control, and states like Texas are going hog wild with anti-abortion legislative lunacy. So thanks more than ever, Oregon! What’s the old saying—every time a Texas closes, an Oregon opens up? Something like that. 


 Take a picture, hopefully the assault on abortion won’t last longer

And just how closed is TEXAS? It’s in fucking lock-down. Even though the horrific House Bill 2 was overturned by the Supreme Court, during the time it was in effect half of the abortion clinics in Texas were forced to close—and reopening any is a daunting task. That’s why women who need abortion care routinely have to travel up to 150 miles on a bus—a four hour trip—to get the care they need. And thanks to Texas’s 24-hour waiting period, they have to do it more than once. This photo essay includes the story of one such woman, along with other people on both sides. It ain’t a pretty picture. 


Most f*cked up Crest commercial ever: Texas politicians sign cruel ‘rape insurance law’ while smiling ear to ear

But here’s the ugliest picture you’re going to see in a while—straight from deep in the heart of Texas. It’s three old white guys, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, with big old skull-fuck grins to celebrate the passage of an anti-abortion law so extreme it’s being called the “Rape Insurance” law. HB 214 bans insurance companies from covering abortion care, even in cases of rape, incest, or fetal abnormalities. Women will be forced to try and find separate abortion coverage. Do YOU have plans for what to do after rape or incest? In Texas, you need them! And there are 10 other states with this same law. What this bill does is to stigmatize abortion care while traumatizing victims—another Texas Two-fer


School of Junk Science Enrolling Soon in CA

The people who brought you the junk science of so-called “abortion pill reversal” have some junk accreditation to back it up. Abortion reversal refers to an unproved method of “reversing” a medication abortion after the first pill of the two-pill process has already been taken. The medical establishment rejects the phony science behind these claims. But anti-choice fraudsters Heartbeat International and National Institutes of Family and Life Advocates are trumpeting that they got “the blessing” of the California Board of Registered Nursing for their classes on this abortion reversal garbage. In truth, the CBRN does not approve class material. It does approve nursing continuing-education providers. And that involves a 6-page application which relies on the education providers to make sure the class material obeys rules that the material be “related to the scientific knowledge and/or technical skills required for the practice of nursing…” Gee, I wonder how strictly they vetted their own propaganda? 



Thanks to the online reproductive rights #resistance squad (psst: THAT’S YOU! ????), Molly’s review of this fake clinic in North Carolina went from having only 2 misleading Google reviews to a growing number of FACTUAL reviews and upvotes! U(terus) can make a difference! #ExposeFakeClinics so people all over the country get the facts when searching for abortion care. Now let’s help the folks in Rochester by upvoting Rashe’s review (or calling writing an accurate review of your own!)

LPJL Daily Takedown – July 19th, 2017

Professional Stalker David Daleiden #CantStopWontStop Spreading Lies

UTTER CONTEMPT: Slimeball propagandist David Daleiden has just been held in contempt of court for continuing to release illegally obtained and heavily tampered-with videos. Da-LIE-den is one of the vidiots from the so-called Center for Medical Progress who released tapes in 2015 that were doctored to indicate Planned Parenthood was selling fetal remains. The tapes were shown to be bullshit and PP was cleared of any wrongdoing. And now this virtual stalker is charged with 15 felonies for secretly recorded videos—videos that his lawyers CONTINUE to publicize in defiance of a court order. All of the illegal activity involving these tapes has been committed by Daleiden and the people who made them!  


 Not Real Science 101- An Intro to “Abortion Reversal”

REVERSE ENGINEERING: Anti-abortion myth-makers have been busily concocting another lie to foist on the public—one that we at LPJL have been warning you about. It’s the pseudo-scientific turd pie of being able to “reverse” medication abortions by intervening in the 24 to 36 hours between the taking of the two pills that are used in the procedure. The “science” behind reversal is anecdotal quackery being pushed mostly by one obsessed doctor. But thanks to his fairy tales, now 10 states require abortion providers to LIE TO PATIENTS and tell them that medication abortions can be “reversed.” Anti-abortion scammers are hiding behind fake science the way they hide behind phony efforts to “help women” with TRAP laws that only harm patients. If anti-choice people had anything good to say, they could say it without hiding behind lies. 


Helping #ExposeFakeClinics: A Tutorial

The More You Know, The More You #ExposeFakeClinics

DON’T GET FAKED OVER by fake clinics! And learn how to expose them to protect others! July 17 to 26 is Expose Fake Clinics Week, where we shine a light on the anti-choice maggots under the slimy rock of deception. Fake clinics are those “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” (CPC’s) that fool people seeking abortion services or information into thinking they’re an actual medical facility. Then the unwitting victims are deluged with lies and shaming designed to pressure them out of making their own decisions. And of course these shame-mills are generously funded by your tax dollars in many states. Texas alone has thrown millions to these scamsters. LPJL IS FIGHTING BACK AGAINST THESE HORRIBLE PLACES, in fact check out yesterday’s protest in Pittsburgh in our Vagical Mystery Tour update below to see what LPJL is doing to fight back! 


Land of the Semi-Free, Home of the State by State Attack on Repro Rights

STATES OF EMERGENCY! While most of the media is transfixed by the shit-show going on in Washington, the real work of building an evil empire of theocratic hate and misogyny is going on at the state level. And reproductive rights are a prime target. In 2017 alone, 28 states have tried to put more restrictions on abortion, with many of them aiming to eliminate it entirely. Even Texas, which had their HB2 slapped down by the Supreme Court, went right back to more weasel-work to undermine abortion rights. There are efforts all over the country to ban the safest and most common 2nd trimester abortion procedure, force fetal tissue “burials,” and make it harder for minors to exercise choice. And taxpayer money continues to be wasted on fake clinics and abstinence programs. That’s why LPJL works tirelessly to inform you about what’s happening in YOUR state! 


From the Antis: Can You Believe Planned Parenthood Thinks Even SEX WORKERS Deserve Healthcare?

TRAFFIC SCAM. Jeezus! Is there any depth anti-abortion hate-mongers won’t sink to? They try to smear abortion care providers as abetting sex trafficking when the providers offer possibly life-saving care to sex workers, including those who may be caught up in trafficking. These ghouls send undercover “journalists”/stalkers to clinics posing as pimps. When the clinics offer to help the victims, they’re portrayed as being involved in “underage sex trafficking.” I guess the “pro-life” approach would be to cast them out for their sins and let them rot with whatever medical problems their victimhood has caused them. Compassion means care, not judgment, dickwads! 



Our LPJL Pittsburgh stop has gone next level as we #ExposeFakeClinics

Spoiler Alert: Fake clinics hate when you come armed with facts – especially when those facts come from badasses in costumes

Check out the fun we had here and once you’re all riled up – come to Mr Smalls TONIGHT, doors 7pm!


LPJL Daily Takedown – June 30th, 2017

Between Clinics and Uteruses, It’s No Surprise that Anti-Choice Uter-oadies Show Up Where They Aren’t Invited

What do oil spills, and anti-abortion lies have in common? Their aftermath is toxic and they tend to SPREAD. Abortion clinic stalkers have started branching out from harassing patients and providers, to harassing patients who are forced to travel at airports, and even getting nice sit-down tables at rock festivals where they can spread their lies as Bowling for Soup plays on the main stage. The Warped Tour is allowing the anti-choice shlockers, Rock for Life to table at festival shows (despite the opposition to their presence by many of the bands!) And in Ireland, home of some of the most medieval abortion policies on earth, anti-choice snakes plan to picket at airports just to harass people who are forced to travel to other countries for their human rights! These are the same people who show up to try and disrupt our Vagical Mystery Tour shows (see below). The antidote to this spreading contagion is TRUTH and LPJL plans to lay it on them!


SB 5 – “We Didn’t Mean That Shitty Thing, We Meant This OTHER Shitty Thing”

MISSOURI: NOW WITH 1% LESS CRAZY! The anti-choice politicians in Missouri are saying that people misinterpreted the whack-job laws they’re passing in a special legislative session devoted to anti-abortion whack-job laws. Specifically, they say their new laws won’t allow employers to fire people who use birth control. They’ll just allow landlords to evict them! Or anyone who offends their religious sensibilities by having an abortion or getting pregnant out of wedlock. Well they sure are assuring us that they’re not COMPLETELY unhinged… and they’re probably lying when they say that much!


Will Indiana AG Appeal A Teen’s Right to Keep Their Parent Out of Their Uterus?


It turns out they won’t say whether or not they plan to appeal a judge’s injunction against a law making it harder for minors to get an abortion – YET. But the general rule of thumb is that, if it makes people’s lives more difficult—especially women’s lives—then Indiana is going to do it. After All, this is the political house that Pence built. . Stay tuned, Hoosiers, and we’ll keep you posted.


David Daleiden: “What’s Does A Guy Gotta Do to Spread More Lies Around Here?!”

DALEIDEN SACK OF SHIT! Professional liar and video-doctor, David Daleiden is the monster who made the surgically enhanced undercover videos that anti-abortion looneys have been trumpeting for years now. Now this sad little broflake claims Planned Parenthood is “terrified” over other videos he has. But his record of deception has evidently convinced a judge to issue an order preventing him from spewing more falsehoods. He’ll have to be content with his prior awards for “Most Deceptive Editing.



The Vagical Mystery Tour invaded St. Louis, and St. Louis welcomed us with open arms and open mouths! Ya know, from ALL. OF. THE. LAUGHING.

Alex English hosted: Buzz Off, Lucille, Joyelle Johnson, Negin Farsad, Leah Bonnema, and Lizz Winstead! (who began her set with a very special tribute to Missouri’s own Mike Moon)

Thank you NARAL Missouri for coming out! Also, our new friends from the Hope Clinic for Women joined us for some pre-show and post-show tabling!

Speaking of Hope Clinic, The LPJL paid a visit to the clinic this afternoon bearing gifts! And by “gifts” we mean a “wine and tacos” Friday lunch followed by an HGTV-style Abortion Clinic Makeover!

LPJL Daily Takedown – June 23, 2017

Walk A Mile In My Surgical Booties!

The Bold Italic takes you inside an abortion clinic to meet the SHEROES and HEROES and just plain folk who work to provide abortion services. We all appreciate the harassment and threats they face down, but it’s SUPER to hear them talking about the rewards and challenges of a job that HELPS PEOPLE! Much RESPECT and LOVE!


What David Daleiden Wants, David Daleiden Doesn’t Get.

SUCKS, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE: Professional video creeper David Daleiden just got SMACKED DOWN in his attempt to disqualify a judge considering contempt charges against him. Daleiden is head of the phoney Center for Medical Progress, an outfit created to make those disgusting doctored Planned Parenthood videos. He faces contempt charges for violating a court order not to release his unethical doctored videos. In a weak attempt to challenge the ruling,  Daleiden filed a complaint that the judge should be disqualified because his wife “liked” Facebook posts from abortion rights groups! JEEZUS! Even the bogus legal challenges of these shits are sexist! Good news is the state was like..


Here’s Eight Michigan Mayors Who Think The GOP Should Keep their MITTS Off Of Planned Parenthood

DON’T DEFUND—DEFEND!!! Some GOOD NEWS—8 MICHIGAN mayors have joined 98 other mayors of cities all over America in signing a letter to the jackals in Washington telling them to keep their paws off Planned Parenthood! PP would be defunded under the medieval “healthcare” plan the Senate is trying to force on us. The 6-page letter touts all the good that Planned Parenthood does, from breast and cervical cancer screenings to testing for STI’s and HIV to providing birth control. We need more local officials to speak up! Thanks, Mayors! CITY HALL FIGHTS FOR YOU!


9-1-1 What’s Your Emergency?” – “Help! Matt Bevin is Doing Shit!

THIS 9-1-1 IS A JOKE! Political skid mark Governor Matt Bevin has filed “emergency” regulations blatantly intended to shut down Kentucky’s ONLY remaining abortion clinic. The rules are a bunch of the same old “admitting privileges” crap that paleo-states are always foisting on clinics. Bevin isn’t even trying to be subtle about it. The only thing worse than a TRAP law is a bogus EMERGENCY TRAP law. Help LPJL help Kentucky fight back, and come to our show in LOUISVILLE on July 22!


You Can Call it “INHUMAN Resources” Thanks to Governor Eric Greitens

MORE MISSOURI MISERY: Say that 10 times fast—because that’s how often Missouri is in the news lately for doing maximum FUCKHOLERY to reproductive rights. The latest MO problems are going down in a special session of the legislature JUST to fuck with abortion rights! The state senate has just passed a bill to slap clinics with more TRAP-CRAP … oh, and to allow landlords and employers to deny you housing or work if they don’t like you using birth control. Get your mind around that quick, because THERE WILL BE MORE. But LPJL will be in St. Louis this June 29 to help say NO, MO!