LPJL Daily Takedown – July 19th, 2017

Professional Stalker David Daleiden #CantStopWontStop Spreading Lies

UTTER CONTEMPT: Slimeball propagandist David Daleiden has just been held in contempt of court for continuing to release illegally obtained and heavily tampered-with videos. Da-LIE-den is one of the vidiots from the so-called Center for Medical Progress who released tapes in 2015 that were doctored to indicate Planned Parenthood was selling fetal remains. The tapes were shown to be bullshit and PP was cleared of any wrongdoing. And now this virtual stalker is charged with 15 felonies for secretly recorded videos—videos that his lawyers CONTINUE to publicize in defiance of a court order. All of the illegal activity involving these tapes has been committed by Daleiden and the people who made them!  


 Not Real Science 101- An Intro to “Abortion Reversal”

REVERSE ENGINEERING: Anti-abortion myth-makers have been busily concocting another lie to foist on the public—one that we at LPJL have been warning you about. It’s the pseudo-scientific turd pie of being able to “reverse” medication abortions by intervening in the 24 to 36 hours between the taking of the two pills that are used in the procedure. The “science” behind reversal is anecdotal quackery being pushed mostly by one obsessed doctor. But thanks to his fairy tales, now 10 states require abortion providers to LIE TO PATIENTS and tell them that medication abortions can be “reversed.” Anti-abortion scammers are hiding behind fake science the way they hide behind phony efforts to “help women” with TRAP laws that only harm patients. If anti-choice people had anything good to say, they could say it without hiding behind lies. 


Helping #ExposeFakeClinics: A Tutorial

The More You Know, The More You #ExposeFakeClinics

DON’T GET FAKED OVER by fake clinics! And learn how to expose them to protect others! July 17 to 26 is Expose Fake Clinics Week, where we shine a light on the anti-choice maggots under the slimy rock of deception. Fake clinics are those “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” (CPC’s) that fool people seeking abortion services or information into thinking they’re an actual medical facility. Then the unwitting victims are deluged with lies and shaming designed to pressure them out of making their own decisions. And of course these shame-mills are generously funded by your tax dollars in many states. Texas alone has thrown millions to these scamsters. LPJL IS FIGHTING BACK AGAINST THESE HORRIBLE PLACES, in fact check out yesterday’s protest in Pittsburgh in our Vagical Mystery Tour update below to see what LPJL is doing to fight back! 


Land of the Semi-Free, Home of the State by State Attack on Repro Rights

STATES OF EMERGENCY! While most of the media is transfixed by the shit-show going on in Washington, the real work of building an evil empire of theocratic hate and misogyny is going on at the state level. And reproductive rights are a prime target. In 2017 alone, 28 states have tried to put more restrictions on abortion, with many of them aiming to eliminate it entirely. Even Texas, which had their HB2 slapped down by the Supreme Court, went right back to more weasel-work to undermine abortion rights. There are efforts all over the country to ban the safest and most common 2nd trimester abortion procedure, force fetal tissue “burials,” and make it harder for minors to exercise choice. And taxpayer money continues to be wasted on fake clinics and abstinence programs. That’s why LPJL works tirelessly to inform you about what’s happening in YOUR state! 


From the Antis: Can You Believe Planned Parenthood Thinks Even SEX WORKERS Deserve Healthcare?

TRAFFIC SCAM. Jeezus! Is there any depth anti-abortion hate-mongers won’t sink to? They try to smear abortion care providers as abetting sex trafficking when the providers offer possibly life-saving care to sex workers, including those who may be caught up in trafficking. These ghouls send undercover “journalists”/stalkers to clinics posing as pimps. When the clinics offer to help the victims, they’re portrayed as being involved in “underage sex trafficking.” I guess the “pro-life” approach would be to cast them out for their sins and let them rot with whatever medical problems their victimhood has caused them. Compassion means care, not judgment, dickwads! 



Our LPJL Pittsburgh stop has gone next level as we #ExposeFakeClinics

Spoiler Alert: Fake clinics hate when you come armed with facts – especially when those facts come from badasses in costumes

Check out the fun we had here and once you’re all riled up – come to Mr Smalls TONIGHT, doors 7pm!


Arch Enemies

Don’t let the red seas swamp the blue islands!

Those inland seas of Trump red on electoral maps are dotted with placid blue islands. Even in the reddest states, cities and urban areas tend to be refuges of sanity. They pass progressive laws to reflect the wishes and values of their residents. And then the red seas rise up in the form of conservative state legislatures and try to wash those progressive laws away.

Nutcase in point–The state of Missouri is trying to overturn a law in St. Louis that enacts protection from workplace discrimination if they’ve had an abortion, take contraception, use artificial insemination, or (heavens to Betsy!) get pregnant out of wedlock.

Conservative Missouri lawmakers say that protecting people from these types of discrimination infringes on the rights of others… to discriminate, evidently. The City of St. Louis excluded religious organizations from the law, but that’s not enough for the Red Menace. They say the law infringes on the rights of “crisis pregnancy centers” to discriminate against those who believe in abortion rights (as though anyone who does would want to work for one of those FRAUD CENTERS!

LPJL told you earlier this week about the CPC’s and their phony come-ons to vulnerable women. They prey on people who are seeking information about abortion services to shame and berate them out of making their own choices. Missouri’s new law (to overturn the St. Louis anti-discrimination law) would prohibit local governments from restricting the “rights” of such places to mislead and mistreat those seeking abortion information.

In other words–even if you live in a sane city in a red state, the law says you have to be as crazy as everybody else in the state!

The Missouri bill is HB 174. It heads next to the Missouri Senate, and then on to the desk of Governor Eric Greitins, who has already told St. Louis that he won’t allow any “abortion sanctuary city” in Missouri. Join with LPJL in our fight to keep the Red Tide from swamping us all.

Search and Destroy

Did you mean LIE TO ME?



Because those are the results you got.

Those are the results ANYONE can get when they Google for information about abortion services. It’s part of a new scam from those fraudulent “pregnancy crisis centers,” that lure in people seeking abortion services and then try to berate and brainwash them out of it.

Using search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), organizations that try to steer people away from abortions manipulate Google searches so that their phony pages pop up when unsuspecting women Google terms like “abortion” or “abortion clinic.” Their pages offer “free abortion consultations” and immediate appointments. What they get is a hard-sell meant to deter them from making their own choices.

And of course those fake pitches are loaded down with terms like “choice” and “options” to intentionally mislead people while they’re being denied those very choices and options. Their own Pregnancy Help News website includes a post saying “The more ‘pro-life’ we are in our marketing, the more we drive away those who need us.” So come off like an abortion clinic–and then POUNCE!

Google Inc. attempts to flag misleading search results, but the fake sites are still everywhere. In Pittsburgh, 30 to 40 percent of people who eventually did get an abortion say they were first steered to a fake pregnancy center.
Several cities like New York, Oakland, San Francisco, and Baltimore make the centers disclose that they don’t offer abortion services. The state of California has a similar law. But there are no restrictions in most places–and nine states actually subsidize the fake clinics! Stick with LPJL to keep informed about where your state stands–and don’t get run over by a search engine.

Honk If You Hate Women

Whether it’s the subtle condescension of stick figure families, the dudes who manage to sexualize breast cancer or threatening warnings that a driver may have a gun, we all know that the junk people choose to put on their cars is an easy way to determine whether they are The Literal Worst™. So, of course, the ubiquitous license plates that read “Choose Life” are a really quick way to ID garbage people, decide who you’re never gonna sleep with and pick which car you’re gonna drunkenly key (we’re kidding) (maybe).

But did you know that, in addition to contributing to a culture of stigma and intolerance toward abortion, these license plates contribute financially to shady institutions that discourage, shame and spread misinformation (AKA Crisis Pregnancy Centers) in several states?

That’s right, we’re talking about CPCs again. If you’re new around these parts, CPCs are institutions run by anti-abortion extremists that advertise themselves as resources for women dealing with unplanned pregnancies — while actually pushing shame-based, fear-mongering and medically inaccurate materials. They frequently keep their websites vague and try to game search engines in order to trick women seeking abortions into unknowingly making appointments at their facilities that, again, do not provide abortions, do not provide accurate information about abortions and do not present abortion as a realistic, beneficial option for women.

Now back to the license plates: Reports from Quartz found that these “Choose Life” license plates are 29 states (according to the Guttmacher institute) and that “in 15 of these states, a portion of the proceeds go to funding anti-choice or crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs).”  And it’s not just chump change, either, as Choose Life says they’ve raised over $24 million since Dec. 31, 2016 (with a total reported number of choose life license plates sales and renewals nationally is over 1.1 million.)

As Quartz notes, “legal efforts to stop the Choose Life plate programs have, to date, been unsuccessful” due to arguments that they are protected as “free speech.” However, reproductive rights activists have been working to try and even the playing field by introducing family planning license plates in their states — including Virginia, Pennsylvania and Montana. They just have a lot of catching up to do.
In addition to being the worst thing to happen to vehicles since Truck Nuts, these plates are literally contributing to organizations who lie to women and chip away at their reproductive options. While it’s easy to overlook this bumper bullshit as just another annoying example of passive, backseat activism, you might just find yourself playing the worst road trip game ever next time you go for a drive. Sorry in advance for adding to your road rage.

Texas’ Creative Problem Solving

Texas schools have been on the receiving end of some unsolicited, unhelpful parenting advice from Allan Parker, President of the (dubiously-named) Justice Foundation.  Described as “a local lawyer who’s been diligently working over a decade to overturn Roe v. Wade,” Parker is obviously a super fun, not-at-all reptilian human trying to protect teen girls in his state from a thing that rarely ever happens: Forced Abortions.

According to the San Antonio Current, dude’s been sending the same baseless, tin-foil hatter literature to every Texas school district for a while now attempting to remind them that “parents are not allowed to force their child to have an abortion if their child is against it.” He talks about this as though it was nearly as big of an issue as young women being unable to access a legal procedure they want.

Also noted in the Current, is his complete failure to back up any of his claims that these sort of incidents happen on the reg. (Most likely because there’s already laws protecting young women who wish to remain pregnant.)

“There is no real data on this issue,” Parker told the Current, before arguing that people just aren’t talking about this not-an-issue issue enough.

“It’s the law, right,” he told The Current, “But we’re the first people telling them about it and talking about it.”

Now, Parker claims that his regularly issued unsolicited letters have “stopped 95 percent of forced abortion cases” — seemingly conjuring that number out of the deepest crevices of his ass, though we can’t confirm as of writing.

Again, per the Current, “Parker’s work as a lawyer has been questioned in the past by at least one federal judge, who called him incompetent for filing ‘highly prejudicial and legally irrelevant’ documents in court.” Meanwhile, The Justice Foundation he presides over is responsible for directing school counselors to (noted distributors of anti-choice garbage) Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

He also argued that teenage girls with parents who want to force them to carry their pregnancies to term  “have it easier” — despite the anguish of losing control of her body, the difficulty of Texas’ parent consent laws or even attempting to gain judicial bypass by proving she’s mature enough to understand her decision.

This is just another example of a common anti-choice tactic: Focusing on irrelevant non-problems like “forced abortions,” the supposed state of the souls of medical waste or the width of a clinic’s hallways are all means of creating additional problems for providers and activists to solve and, of course, to chip away their access to essential healthcare.

Abortion Fauxs


As part of their quest to put abortion clinics out of business, abortion foes have blanketed the country with fake women’s healthcare centers known as “crisis pregnancy centers” or CPCs. These black holes of disinformation look enough like actual clinics that they entice pregnant and confused women in with free pregnancy tests. But that is where anything close to resembling an actual clinic ends. At this point, fake counselors subject them to a barrage of lies and recrimination designed to trick them into thinking they have no option other than to function as breeding stock.   


Now, understand this: there are actually 3 of these bogus clinics for every 1 real, licensed abortion clinic. It’s as if, for every licensed investment counsellor, there were 3 “psychics” ready to remove the “curse” on your cash if you just hand it over to them.


You could think of CPC’s as being like those knock-off designer handbags that are sold from folding tables on the street. But at least that phony Louis Vuitton bag functions as a purse for a while. These “counselling” centers function as the very opposite of a place to obtain useful information.


California is the first state to pass a law to curb the worst abuses of these counterfeit clinics. The Reproductive FACT Act requires CPC’s to give patients accurate information about abortion and birth control. Oh, and if the CPC doesn’t have a medical license, they have to reveal that.


Sounds like a path to victory, right? Well, hold on. These people have zero track record of obeying the law so why would this law be different? The raison d’etre of these fraudsters is to bury the facts, so they’re fighting the FACT act with their arsenal of assholery. They’ve filed multiple lawsuits claiming the law violates their religious freedoms and their freedom of speech–as though free speech includes passing yourself off as a medical professional when you’re just a fraud with an agenda.  


And since they’re actually extremely good at lies and obfuscation, the CPCs and their cadre of right-wing lawyers have done an excellent job of stymying the FACT Act by overwhelming cash-strapped local enforcement officials with costly legal challenges.


In what NARAL correctly calls “an egregious act of legal bullying,” powerful and well-funded anti-choice organizations are socking local authorities with costly lawsuits over the FACT Act and then offering to remove them as defendants if they agree not to enforce the Act. Essentially, they’re strong-arming local law enforcement into ignoring the law.


While anti-choice forces flaunt the law, polls show 80% of Californians support the Fact Act, and thousands of them are signing petitions to encourage wavering local authorities not to submit to anti-choice legal extortion.


Join with Lady Parts Justice League to support California’s Reproductive FACT Act… and expose the fiction of the fake Crisis Pregnancy Centers.