LPJL Daily Takedown – September 11th, 2017

Politicians Debate Whether We Should We Use the Fast or Slow Way to Cure Parkinson’s

The so-called “pro-life” dickweeds aren’t as pro when the life is actual human beings walking around for reals—especially when they have problems that a little fetal tissue research might help. Read how Congress wants to make zygotes rule. 


3,055,450 MO Women Rejoice as Missouri DOUBLES Number of Abortion Clinics From One To Two

THERE ARE NOW 2 WHOLE CLINICS in Mizzou!  After “Show Me State” shit-heads had shut down all but ONE clinic, now the clinic in Kansas City is reopening—and three more are coming, MIZZ! We guess it’s good news that there are 2 clinics! 




California’s Secretary of State Starting Process to Criminalize Abortion as First Degree Murder 

It’s gonna be MURDER out there! Really. If a bunch of fringe fucks with a petition get their way, abortion will be FIRST DEGREE MURDER in CALIFORNIA thanks to a ballot initiative. Here’s proof it can happen ANYWHERE!


The Ohio Supreme Court Will Decide This Month Whether to Flush Two Anti-Choice Floaters

Missouri good. California bad. If it seems upside down, it’s the same old shit in OHIO—bat-shit admitting privileges, TRAP law crap, and general fuckery.  Thanks for being consistent, Ohio, we’re bringing our phones into the bathroom to catch up on this one.


Do You Have 22 Seconds for the Worst Video on the Internet? 

Here’s the latest from the anti-choice ad Mad Men—turn progressives against repro rights by saying that abortion is killing liberals in the womb. Got that? If you really want to defend DACA, stop murdering babies! They Have officially run out of ways to sound unhinged. 


Harmony Women’s Care Center DOES NOT provide referrals to places where you can get an abortion if you want one, but they DO offer “pre-abortion surveys! (Whatever that means since they don’t provide abortion or information on where to get one #yikes) 

Read the rest of Molly’s review of this FAKE CLINIC in Providence and make sure to UPVOTE so people searching for care in Rhode Island get the truth! Bonus points for following in Molly’s badass shoes by calling and reviewing a CPC today! Visit https://exposefakeclinics.squarespace.com/callandreview/ for guidelines. 


LPJL Daily Takedown – July 31st, 2017

Science Backs Up What Women Were Already Saying 

MORE PESKY “SCIENCE” STUFF: A new study concludes that anybody who says abortion causes depression is FULL OF SHIT. Of course, the actual findings were expressed in more academic terms: “young women whose unwanted first pregnancies ended in abortion were at no greater risk of subsequent depressive symptoms than their counterparts who gave birth.” The study is from University of California at Berkeley Professor Anu Manchikanti Gómez—HELLO! Everything in that sentence tells you conservatives will fucking HATE it! They’ve gotten a lot out their LIE that abortion causes depression. Six states actually REQUIRE providers to tell patients that it does! Even in NEW YORK, a state senator pushes a bill every year that would require New York providers to tell patients the depression lie. You know what’s depressing? Having to fight bullshit everyday. Fight back with the facts! 



CHALK AND AWFUL: The latest terror tactic by anti-choice extremists is to target the homes and neighborhoods of politicians who defy them and graffiti sidewalks and streets in something they call “chalk and awe.” Really. When the SAN FRANCISCO Planning Commission approved a Planned Parenthood center, protesters went to commissioners’ neighborhoods and scrawled messages like “Stop killing babies.” They also threw in some gay slurs such as “This car is gay,” because hate, presumably. The group calls itself Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, so they’re really doing their best to offend everyone. Commissioner Rich Hillis bravely engaged the chalkers in a dialogue, but this kind of personal assault on people’s homes needs to stop! 


Almost Good News Out of Arkansas 

BACK AND FORTH: The legal tug-o-war’s in ARKANSAS show how much we owe to the brave and tireless people who conduct the soul-sucking battle for abortion rights in courtrooms all over America. Just today we got GOOD NEWS… and BAD NEWS from Arkansas. A U.S. District judge issued a preliminary injunction against FOUR crazy Razorback laws—one criminalizing the safest and most common method of second trimester abortions, one that allows family members to weigh in on what’s done with fetal tissue remains (!), one that would send fetal tissue samples from minors to law enforcement, and another that saddles providers with red tape regarding medical histories. But at the same time, the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals lifted an injunction requiring clinics to get hospital admitting privileges. That’s a legal swampland and we want to thank entities like the ACLU and the Center for Reproductive Rights for wading into it for us! 


Texas Republicans, Take the Summer off…PLEASE?! 

TEXAS SCOLD ‘EM: Meanwhile, the SHIT FACTORY that is the TEXAS legislature’s special session to attack abortion rights keeps on pumping out “product.”  There are bills to require separate abortion insurance policies, to prohibit any state contracts with healthcare providers that offer abortion, laws restricting minors’ access to abortion, and of course, plenty of more red tape TRAP-style laws like the notorious HB2 that the Supreme Court shot down last year. This special session has dragged on for two weeks already, and shockingly, we’ve still got TWO MORE WEEKS of this reeking sludge.


Don’t Talk to Me Before My Monday Morning Scream 

CULTURE SHOCK: Want to see what the assault on American rights, freedoms, and values looks like to those leading the assault? Take a dip in the cesspool of Breitbart. Their list of “Seven Ways Trump is Taking Back America’s Culture” shows that a full-bore attack on reproductive rights, women, and other marginalized people is a huge part of their plan to bring back the Dark Ages. It’s all about banning abortion funding, defunding Planned Parenthood, kicking transgender people out of the military, “religious freedom,” turning HHS into an anti-choice propaganda outlet, and securing it all with Supreme Court nominees like Neil Gorsuch. That’ll bring back coal! 



Check out Lizz’s response piece in HuffPo! “No. Facts. Given. You Must Tell The Whole Story About CPCs”

Today Anna from LPJL exposes Birthrite of Peconic, a fake clinic in Hampton Bays, NY. When Anna called to inquire about services, this CPC told Anna that they would talk her through ALL options of an unwanted pregnancy but they couldn’t refer her to a clinic that provided abortion. Here is Anna’s review!

Wanna join Anna in calling out a CPC like Birthright of Peconic but find it a little scary to call a CPC? GOOD NEWS! There are plenty of other ways you can work to #ExposeFakeClinics. You can simply increase the visibility of her post by liking the review, or you can interact with the website of another CPC and review the information on that site. And of course sharing the #ExposeFakeClinics campaign is always a win! But if calling a CPC and posting a review is your jam, let the world know who you reviewed by posting a link to it all over social so we can all upvote on it!  

DON’T FORGET: Always use the #ExposeFakeClinics hashtag!

LPJL Daily Takedown – July 10th, 2017

What’s Better than One Pro-Choice Techie? HUNDREDS OF THEM.  

ABORTION ACCESS? THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT! Lots of them, in fact, thanks to Emily Loen and the techies behind Hackathon.com in California. This band of gender diverse hack-stars gather to build tools and apps for abortion seekers and providers. And it’s working —BIG TIME! In just its second year, Abortion Access Hack-a-thon has gone from 20 participants to over 200. The next hackathon is being planned for this summer in Austin, TX. The fight for abortion rights has to be smart, aggressive, and cutting edge—and Emily is all of that by using tech to expand access!


A New Missouri Anti-Choice Bill Wants To Eliminate Abortions and Increase Ambulance Sirens

911—MISSOURI, WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM? The continuing saga of MISSOURI’s special legislative session to mess with abortion rights (Yes, that is really a thing!) continues to dredge up brand new schemes from the bottoms of the space where a decent human has a heart. The latest—making it a crime for an abortion clinic to request that an ambulance respond to a call from the clinic without sirens and lights. WTF? NOBODY—from a restaurant to a church wants flashing ambulance lights and sirens unless it’s necessary. And a clinic with patients undergoing treatment certainly wants to avoid alarming them. It’s completely up to ambulance personnel to decide what to do. So WHY SHOULD IT BE A CRIME FOR CLINIC TO JUST ASK for no lights and sirens? Especially when it’s not a crime for a burger joint or bar to make the same request?  

PICK ME! Pick me! Is it because it’s a law that is all about stigmatizing abortion? OF course it is! This Missouri special session is what needs an emergency response!


There Could Be Bumper-To-Bumper Resistance in California with New Pro-Choice License Plates!

IN WOMEN WE TRUST: CALIFORNIANS may soon have something good on their plates—special license plates in the state reading “CALIFORNIA TRUSTS WOMEN” would help to fund family-planning services for low-income people. The Family Planning, Access, Care, and Treatment Program provides family planning services to 1.8 million Californians every year—including funding for Planned Parenthood clinics. Anti-choice states are lousy with anti-abortion license plates that fund actual SCAMS like “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” that try to limit the choices of people looking for family planning services. The bill is working its way through the CA legislature. They’ll need 7,500 pre-paid orders for the plates to be issued, so step up California!


A Gang of Anti-Choice Goons Praise Mike Pence for Ruining People’s Lives

DISCREDIT WHERE DISCREDIT IS DUE: Anti-choice nut-wads in INDIANA are heaping praise on their KING NUT-WAD, Mike Pence, “crediting” him with a drop in the abortion rate during his time as governor. OK, first off, all experts agree that declining abortion rates are mostly due to better family planning and contraceptive availability—both of which the PENCER opposes. Of course, he DID prevent a lot of people from exercising their reproductive rights, but he did that with a combination of TRAP laws targeting clinics and shoveling millions of dollars to bogus Crisis Pregnancy Centers—funded with “Choose Life” state license plates. Now this simpering silverback Pence is in a position to impose his puritan puke on women all over the country. Mike Pence: Shitty for Indiana, Shittier for America.


There are two words that best describe last night’s show in the Motor City — SOLD. OUT!

The Vagical Mystery Tour took over the Magic Bag and the laughs were ENDLESS!

What would a visit to Michigan be without the incredible LISA BROWN in attendance?!

If you didn’t know, Lisa is the SHERO responsible for the name “LADY PARTS JUSTICE LEAGUE.”

And Today, we’ve been hanging out all day with our friends at Northland Family Planning!

We delivered some Rosé & sweet treats for the end of their work day, which resulted in the best damn abortion clinic recovery room chat EVER.


LPJL Daily Takedown – June 29th, 2017

These 2 GOP Senators Aren’t being Heard On Planned Parenthood BECAUSE UTERUS

THE MALE-ORDER HEALTHCARE BILL: One of the biggest reasons that the GOP “health care” bill is a sack of shit is because EVERYONE who wrote it has a hairy sack of entitled balls. And of course, a cornerstone of this bill written entirely by the aforementioned sack-havers, defunds Planned Parenthood—which we know endangers reproductive health, abortion access, and will cause MORE unplanned pregnancies. If your goal is to reduce abortions, that’s oh…. FUCKING STUPID. Two of the GOP Senators who oppose the bill as it now stands are Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Susan Collins of Maine. Hopefully they will flex their brass ovaries and crush this testosterone-fest of a bill.


Indiana’s Neighborhood Watch Are Still Pushing for Parents’ John Hancock’s

MINOR THREAT: INDIANA legislating hasn’t gotten any less nasty since Mike Pence left. Now Indiana wants to take young people who are traumatized by an unwanted pregnancy and add a little more trauma to the mix by making it harder to get an abortion. Currently, those under 18 can ask a court to waive parental consent. A new law would require written consent, ID, and proof of the relationship between the pregnant minor and the parent or guardian to get that waiver. And it makes it a felony to tell a pregnant minor about legal abortion options in other states! Thankfully, a judge has put the law on hold… for now.


Get the (BAD!)vertising by CPCs Straight Outta San Fran!

DON’T JUST LIE THERE! A court just ruled that “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” in SAN FRANCISCO don’t have a constitutional right to lie to pregnant people! CPC’s are those phony clinics that fool people seeking an abortion into thinking they’re the real deal, and then badger them to change their mind. So being told they can’t lie pretty much undercuts the reason they exist! The CPC’s actually claimed it violated their rights to be told they couldn’t lie! But an appeals court just ruled it’s OK for SF to regulate “unprotected false or misleading commercial speech.” You would hope that being forced to stop lying will sink these suck-ass institutions, but SF CPC’s won’t take this lying down!



IRISH AYES: The pregnant people of Northern Ireland are finally free to use the National Health Service coverage they get as UK citizens to pay for abortion services… as long as they travel to England to get them. Northern Ireland bans abortion even in cases of rape, incest, and fetal abnormalities, allowing it only if the mother’s life is at risk. Those from Northern Ireland could travel to England for an abortion, but the NHS wouldn’t pay for it… until now. The British government just announced NHS will pay for abortion services for those making the journey. It ain’t perfect—but it’s a lot better than those backward countries where NO abortion services are covered under government-funded healthcare… and tons of people don’t even have health care! (Not naming names.)


Margot Cleveland: Forced Pregnancy is a ‘Nature’ thing.

UNNATURAL CHILDBIRTH: Professional shit-talkers on the right like to say that government restrictions on abortion don’t “force women to have babies.” They say: “NATURE forces women to have babies,” but what we HEAR is: “bullshit.” Nature forces people to have all kinds of things, from near-sightedness to tumors. And since we’re not the helpless cattle you seem to want us to be, we can take steps to change those circumstances—just like we can in the case of an unwanted pregnancy. That’s called SCIENCE—and we use it to understand nature. Besides, people talk about “nature’s way” when their biggest idea for preventing pregnancy is the utterly unnatural concept of abstinence! Try that with rabbits sometime.



The Vagical Mystery Tour is SOLD OUT tonight in St. Louis, MO at Blueberry Hill!


Revenge of the Turds

The Flyover States are striking back!

The “health care plan” from the House Republicans/Trump Administration/Loins of Satan will be a bluster-fuck for abortion rights across the board–from defunding Planned Parenthood to torpedoing abortion coverage under virtually any circumstances.

But hidden in the diabolical web of denied coverage for preexisting conditions, evisceration of Medicaid, and blanket rejection of abortion rights, is a provision so insidious that it must have come to Paul Ryan during a butt-kissing ceremony with the Dark Lord himself.

The provisions in the bill that deny abortion coverage will also end up leaving millions of residents of New York and California without subsidies or tax credits to help pay for their health insurance.

Here’s how it hurts: Both New York and California–in righteous defiance of the Red State rush to strike down abortion rights–have laws that mandate abortion coverage for all individual health plans sold in the states. BUT the new American Health Care Act (AHCA) denies federal subsidies from being applied to any plans that cover abortion, i.e. ALL individual plans in NY & CA.

So ANYONE buying an individual health plan in New York or California will have to pay thousands more for their health insurance than someone in any other state. Sprinkle THAT on your quinoa and kale salad, lib-tards!

It’s pure EVIL GENIUS! They’re punishing anyone with the gall to live in a state that treats humans…. like human beings!

Republicans have been crowing about how this healthcare bill from Hell will “give the states more choices.” Well, yes, as long as that choice is to screw diabetics out of coverage for preexisting conditions. But if a state wants to provide coverage for a constitutionally protected medical procedure… well they can shove it up their ass next time they get a gravity colonic at the holistic health center.

California Scheming


HEY THERE, BUSY WOMAN-HATER! Want to dupe desperate women AND have it all be easily tax deductible? Just direct your misogynistic money through one of several California Community Foundations that will be more than willing to help you.

In a great investigative piece, Rewire exposes how charitable Community Foundations in California are being used to funnel millions of dollars into phony Crisis Pregnancy Centers that mislead and lie to pregnant women.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers are fronts used by abortion opponents to convince pregnant girls and women that they have no options other than carrying a baby to term. And they do it with lies and omissions. A recent report found that 91 percent of the Crisis Pregnancy Centers in California peddle debunked myths linking abortion to things like increased risk of breast cancer, infertility, mental health problems, suicide, and death. Many of these are young girls who don’t know what to do, and they’re being lied to about what they CAN do.

Even as these CPC’s are being funded by Community Foundations partially funded by tax dollars, the State of California has been trying to crack down on their abuses. California’s transparency law, AB 775, requires CPC’s to post a brief notice of the right to low-cost or free abortion care for women in need. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals just issued a ruling upholding that law.

But now those same CPC’s are being funded by Community Foundations. According to Rewire, the foundations insist they’re just doing the bidding of donors who can request that their contributions be directed to specific purposes in something called a “donor-advised” fund. The key word here is “ADVISED.” They don’t have to do what donors request. But then they might not get more money.

This is like, totally uncool, California. California Community Foundations shouldn’t be used as tax-exempt conduits to support organizations that try to hoodwink California women!

Abortion Fauxs


As part of their quest to put abortion clinics out of business, abortion foes have blanketed the country with fake women’s healthcare centers known as “crisis pregnancy centers” or CPCs. These black holes of disinformation look enough like actual clinics that they entice pregnant and confused women in with free pregnancy tests. But that is where anything close to resembling an actual clinic ends. At this point, fake counselors subject them to a barrage of lies and recrimination designed to trick them into thinking they have no option other than to function as breeding stock.   


Now, understand this: there are actually 3 of these bogus clinics for every 1 real, licensed abortion clinic. It’s as if, for every licensed investment counsellor, there were 3 “psychics” ready to remove the “curse” on your cash if you just hand it over to them.


You could think of CPC’s as being like those knock-off designer handbags that are sold from folding tables on the street. But at least that phony Louis Vuitton bag functions as a purse for a while. These “counselling” centers function as the very opposite of a place to obtain useful information.


California is the first state to pass a law to curb the worst abuses of these counterfeit clinics. The Reproductive FACT Act requires CPC’s to give patients accurate information about abortion and birth control. Oh, and if the CPC doesn’t have a medical license, they have to reveal that.


Sounds like a path to victory, right? Well, hold on. These people have zero track record of obeying the law so why would this law be different? The raison d’etre of these fraudsters is to bury the facts, so they’re fighting the FACT act with their arsenal of assholery. They’ve filed multiple lawsuits claiming the law violates their religious freedoms and their freedom of speech–as though free speech includes passing yourself off as a medical professional when you’re just a fraud with an agenda.  


And since they’re actually extremely good at lies and obfuscation, the CPCs and their cadre of right-wing lawyers have done an excellent job of stymying the FACT Act by overwhelming cash-strapped local enforcement officials with costly legal challenges.


In what NARAL correctly calls “an egregious act of legal bullying,” powerful and well-funded anti-choice organizations are socking local authorities with costly lawsuits over the FACT Act and then offering to remove them as defendants if they agree not to enforce the Act. Essentially, they’re strong-arming local law enforcement into ignoring the law.


While anti-choice forces flaunt the law, polls show 80% of Californians support the Fact Act, and thousands of them are signing petitions to encourage wavering local authorities not to submit to anti-choice legal extortion.


Join with Lady Parts Justice League to support California’s Reproductive FACT Act… and expose the fiction of the fake Crisis Pregnancy Centers.