LPJL Daily Takedown – August 16th, 2017

HM, how bout we DON’T trust anyone’s personal identifying information to David Daleiden, yea?

David Daleiden is the dick whose so-called “Center for Medical Progress” used illegally obtained and doctored videos to spread lies about Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue research is baaaaack.

And before he invades your uterus again, he’d like to rifle through your personal information, thankyouverymuch. Yep, his latest stunt is trying to intimidate hundreds of researchers and employees at the University of Washington’s Birth Defects Research Laboratory by using public-records requests to obtain personal information on them. Employees sued to have their personal info redacted from any records that Daleiden obtains. A judge issued a temporary injunction against releasing the personal information, but now an appeals court has sent it back to the judge as too broad. Here’s hoping these people aren’t exposed to the threats and harassment that are stock-in-trade for anti-choice zealots.


For-profit companies put on their best Church outfit to screw women over. 

Unholy Rollers: Suddenly businesses with “moral objections” to birth control are coming out of the woodwork—and into your uterus! Thanks to the whining of anti-abortion types, the Affordable Care Act allows religious employers to deny their employees the otherwise mandatory Obamacare birth control coverage. So what’s that—a few non-profits, some nunneries, and those assholes at Hobby Lobby? WRONG! 24 of the 45 companies that have asked for the religious exemption are FOR PROFIT enterprises. And paying for your IUD eats into their profits! So does, oh USING YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE, FOR EVERY OTHER HEALTH NEED.

Ugh. The very foundation of Repro rights was created to get access to birth control—and this religious exemption shit undermines both! The problem begins with the bat-crap religious exemption in the first place. Once religious-affiliated employers were allowed into your vagina, they opened your floodgates to everybody!  


Christmas in August?! No co-pay for BC and abortion in every stocking in Oregon

GO BEAVERS! Governor Kate Brown of OREGON just signed this country’s most progressive reproductive health care policy. Get this, Oregon—the Reproductive Health Equity Act mandates that insurers cover birth control and abortion care with no co-pay, provides post-partum care for low-income women, and provides funds for reproductive care for noncitizens excluded from Medicaid. And it does it at a time when the Trump administration is trying to roll back access to abortion and birth control, and states like Texas are going hog wild with anti-abortion legislative lunacy. So thanks more than ever, Oregon! What’s the old saying—every time a Texas closes, an Oregon opens up? Something like that. 


 Take a picture, hopefully the assault on abortion won’t last longer

And just how closed is TEXAS? It’s in fucking lock-down. Even though the horrific House Bill 2 was overturned by the Supreme Court, during the time it was in effect half of the abortion clinics in Texas were forced to close—and reopening any is a daunting task. That’s why women who need abortion care routinely have to travel up to 150 miles on a bus—a four hour trip—to get the care they need. And thanks to Texas’s 24-hour waiting period, they have to do it more than once. This photo essay includes the story of one such woman, along with other people on both sides. It ain’t a pretty picture. 


Most f*cked up Crest commercial ever: Texas politicians sign cruel ‘rape insurance law’ while smiling ear to ear

But here’s the ugliest picture you’re going to see in a while—straight from deep in the heart of Texas. It’s three old white guys, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, with big old skull-fuck grins to celebrate the passage of an anti-abortion law so extreme it’s being called the “Rape Insurance” law. HB 214 bans insurance companies from covering abortion care, even in cases of rape, incest, or fetal abnormalities. Women will be forced to try and find separate abortion coverage. Do YOU have plans for what to do after rape or incest? In Texas, you need them! And there are 10 other states with this same law. What this bill does is to stigmatize abortion care while traumatizing victims—another Texas Two-fer


School of Junk Science Enrolling Soon in CA

The people who brought you the junk science of so-called “abortion pill reversal” have some junk accreditation to back it up. Abortion reversal refers to an unproved method of “reversing” a medication abortion after the first pill of the two-pill process has already been taken. The medical establishment rejects the phony science behind these claims. But anti-choice fraudsters Heartbeat International and National Institutes of Family and Life Advocates are trumpeting that they got “the blessing” of the California Board of Registered Nursing for their classes on this abortion reversal garbage. In truth, the CBRN does not approve class material. It does approve nursing continuing-education providers. And that involves a 6-page application which relies on the education providers to make sure the class material obeys rules that the material be “related to the scientific knowledge and/or technical skills required for the practice of nursing…” Gee, I wonder how strictly they vetted their own propaganda? 



Thanks to the online reproductive rights #resistance squad (psst: THAT’S YOU! ????), Molly’s review of this fake clinic in North Carolina went from having only 2 misleading Google reviews to a growing number of FACTUAL reviews and upvotes! U(terus) can make a difference! #ExposeFakeClinics so people all over the country get the facts when searching for abortion care. Now let’s help the folks in Rochester by upvoting Rashe’s review (or calling writing an accurate review of your own!)

LPJL Daily Takedown – July 10th, 2017

What’s Better than One Pro-Choice Techie? HUNDREDS OF THEM.  

ABORTION ACCESS? THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT! Lots of them, in fact, thanks to Emily Loen and the techies behind Hackathon.com in California. This band of gender diverse hack-stars gather to build tools and apps for abortion seekers and providers. And it’s working —BIG TIME! In just its second year, Abortion Access Hack-a-thon has gone from 20 participants to over 200. The next hackathon is being planned for this summer in Austin, TX. The fight for abortion rights has to be smart, aggressive, and cutting edge—and Emily is all of that by using tech to expand access!


A New Missouri Anti-Choice Bill Wants To Eliminate Abortions and Increase Ambulance Sirens

911—MISSOURI, WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM? The continuing saga of MISSOURI’s special legislative session to mess with abortion rights (Yes, that is really a thing!) continues to dredge up brand new schemes from the bottoms of the space where a decent human has a heart. The latest—making it a crime for an abortion clinic to request that an ambulance respond to a call from the clinic without sirens and lights. WTF? NOBODY—from a restaurant to a church wants flashing ambulance lights and sirens unless it’s necessary. And a clinic with patients undergoing treatment certainly wants to avoid alarming them. It’s completely up to ambulance personnel to decide what to do. So WHY SHOULD IT BE A CRIME FOR CLINIC TO JUST ASK for no lights and sirens? Especially when it’s not a crime for a burger joint or bar to make the same request?  

PICK ME! Pick me! Is it because it’s a law that is all about stigmatizing abortion? OF course it is! This Missouri special session is what needs an emergency response!


There Could Be Bumper-To-Bumper Resistance in California with New Pro-Choice License Plates!

IN WOMEN WE TRUST: CALIFORNIANS may soon have something good on their plates—special license plates in the state reading “CALIFORNIA TRUSTS WOMEN” would help to fund family-planning services for low-income people. The Family Planning, Access, Care, and Treatment Program provides family planning services to 1.8 million Californians every year—including funding for Planned Parenthood clinics. Anti-choice states are lousy with anti-abortion license plates that fund actual SCAMS like “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” that try to limit the choices of people looking for family planning services. The bill is working its way through the CA legislature. They’ll need 7,500 pre-paid orders for the plates to be issued, so step up California!


A Gang of Anti-Choice Goons Praise Mike Pence for Ruining People’s Lives

DISCREDIT WHERE DISCREDIT IS DUE: Anti-choice nut-wads in INDIANA are heaping praise on their KING NUT-WAD, Mike Pence, “crediting” him with a drop in the abortion rate during his time as governor. OK, first off, all experts agree that declining abortion rates are mostly due to better family planning and contraceptive availability—both of which the PENCER opposes. Of course, he DID prevent a lot of people from exercising their reproductive rights, but he did that with a combination of TRAP laws targeting clinics and shoveling millions of dollars to bogus Crisis Pregnancy Centers—funded with “Choose Life” state license plates. Now this simpering silverback Pence is in a position to impose his puritan puke on women all over the country. Mike Pence: Shitty for Indiana, Shittier for America.


There are two words that best describe last night’s show in the Motor City — SOLD. OUT!

The Vagical Mystery Tour took over the Magic Bag and the laughs were ENDLESS!

What would a visit to Michigan be without the incredible LISA BROWN in attendance?!

If you didn’t know, Lisa is the SHERO responsible for the name “LADY PARTS JUSTICE LEAGUE.”

And Today, we’ve been hanging out all day with our friends at Northland Family Planning!

We delivered some Rosé & sweet treats for the end of their work day, which resulted in the best damn abortion clinic recovery room chat EVER.


LPJL Daily Takedown – July 7th, 2017

Hey, Anti-Abortion zealots- Thank you! I Just Added Medication Abortion to My Amazon Wish List!

REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS: RECOMMENDED FOR YOU! Thanks to bat-shit conservative lawmakers, this country is full a vast “abortion deserts” where people who need access to abortion are hopelessly TRAPped. Women have to drive hundreds of miles for medical care (if they can afford it), or they could have abortion services show up on their doorstep in a smiley face box. That’s right! Abortion-rights activists are working to have abortion-pill access expanded—eventually being available on Amazon… free delivery with Amazon Prime! Here are the pertinent facts: medication abortions are incredibly safe and effective, and close to 90 percent of the counties in America don’t have an abortion clinic. Imagine being able to bypass the screaming nut-jobs outside the abortion clinics! Home abortions may well be the wave of the future—and we have anti-choice shit-heels to thank for it. Be careful what you shriek for!


This Fucked Up Arkansas Bill Says: “Your Body, Everybody’s Choice”


Under a new rule in Arkansas, fetal tissue left over after an abortion would be considered the body of a “deceased” family member. Under existing Arkansas law, that means that family members related to the “deceased” have a say in what happens with the “body.” In the case of fetal tissues, that “family member” could be your spouse… or your rapist. If you’re under 18, your parents have a say. It all means that women would essentially need permission for an abortion from their sexual partner, their family members, or the person who assaulted them. This is part of the steady march of laws designed to give fetuses and embryos “personhood” status—while stripping away the personhood of those who become pregnant. And this crappy law takes it a step further by making fetal tissue a deceased “person!” If this law isn’t struck down, your Constitutional rights will be more disposable than the medical waste remaining after an abortion procedure.


Gov. Greitens Isn’t Done PaTROLLing Your Uterus

MO PROBLEMS: Lawmakers in MISSOURI just won’t stop their ongoing orgy of attacks on abortion rights. Now MO. Gov. Cretins – Oops, Gov. Greitens, is calling for even more abortion restrictions from the special session of the legislature that he called specifically to assault reproductive rights. He’s proposing T.R.A.P. laws while saying they aren’t TRAP laws. And he’s claiming that they’re not trying to pre-empt a St. Louis city ordinance that prohibits discrimination… after GOP lawmakers specifically described the move as pre-empting that St. Louis ordinance! They have to deny what they’re doing because it’s clearly unconstitutional. But it’s easy to see what these creeps are saying even when they’re talking out of both sides of their mouths.


Lady Parts Justice League has An Evil Twin – And They Have A “Tour”  Too!

TRAGICAL MISERY TOUR: Wow! The Vagical Mystery Tour has a bizzaro-world equivalent, and it’s coming to a busy intersection near you! If you’re not into the ‘Vagical’ approach of world-class funny people raising hell, raising awareness, and KICKING ASS, then maybe you’ll enjoy the Pro-Life Action League’s entertainment extravaganza. It’s more centered on assaulting unsuspecting drivers with graphic images of aborted fetuses. OK, it’s not funny, but you can’t beat the thrill factor of the traffic-safety fiasco! Check out the Vagical Mystery Tour in Detroit on Sunday. And just do your best to avoid these other lunatics.



Doors opened for the Vagical Mystery Tour in Indianapolis at 7pm and by 7:05, people were already bursting the balls of the Hoosier state’s shady hometown anti-choice thug.

Thank you to the cool AF staff at Hi-Fi Indy for being so helpful in making the night an unforgettable one!

ALSO! The latest NewsBusters hit piece on the Vagical Mystery Tour is more of a shit-piece. In yet another attempt to make us sound like crazed harpies, they actually just end up telling everyone that there’s a BAD-ASS, DIVERSE, and IN YOUR FACE comedy show for anyone who likes laughter and powerful voices for reproductive right – which admittedly isn’t anybody reading NewsBusters. Our only complaint is that they accidentally expanded Lizz’s resume by saying she’s a writer for Trevor Noah’s Daily Show. But hey, it’s hard to keep your facts straight when you lie for a living. Come out and see what they were talking about—Sunday July 9th in Detroit!

LPJL Daily Takedown – June 15th, 2017`

This Doctor Dropped Everything to Perform Abortions Full-Time

Marie Claire

WONDER-FUL WOMAN: FRIEND OF LPJL Dr. Sarah Imershein is today’s SHERO! She decided to spend her retirement helping women by performing abortions full-time. The Good Doctor closed her OB-GYN practice near upscale Dupont Circle to provide affordable abortion care in VIRGINIA—a TRAP law state with restrictive waiting period and ultrasound laws. And her decision to do it is based on her Reformed Jewish faith, which allows abortion and even mandates it if the mother’s life is in danger. THANK YOU, DR. SARAH!


What I’m Doing to Keep Birth Control Free in the Face of Trump’s and the GOP’s Health Care Rollback

Teen Vogue

LAND OF THE (STILL) FREE: You don’t need to have uterus to act SHEROically. NEW YORK State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman talks about what he’s doing to keep birth control free in New York in the middle of the shit-fest that is the Trump administration. Reproductive rights are in danger in EVERY STATE and we have to work hard to keep officials everywhere focused on them. Don’t let TRUMP TAKE CONTROL of your birth control!


State Council Balks at Barring Abortion Providers from Birth-Control Program

The Des Moines Register

The HEARTLAND SHOWS SOME HEART: The Council on Human Services in IOWA just did a refreshingly human thing! They refused to OK a ban on abortion providers from participating in state-funded family planning efforts. ABORTION CARE is part of any sensible family-planning program! And even a panel appointed by abortion opponent and former Governor Terry Branstad voted 4-1 to recognize that! The ban is part of a law that will take effect July 1, so the fight over this will continue!


Local Pastor Tells Metro Council He Will Not Obey a Safety Zone Outside Abortion Clinic


ZONED OUT: The Screeching Weasels who shriek outside the ONLY abortion clinic left in KENTUCKY are vowing to break any laws establishing a buffer zone outside a clinic. A local pastor told a public safety meeting “We will not obey buffer zone laws!” PEOPLE seeking ABORTION care at the clinic just want a FUCKING 8 FOOT wide space to access the clinic. That leaves all the rest of Kentucky for intolerant assholes to yell their hate speech. Hey Pastor—FLOCK YOU!


Most N.J. voters support Planned Parenthood, coverage for birth control


JERSEY SURE: The people of NEW JERSEY have some very enlightened opinions—and don’t just mean Governor Chris Christie’s abysmal 15% approval! New polls show LARGE MAJORITIES like Planned Parenthood (65%), want Medicaid to cover contraception (84%), support the ACA birth control mandate on employers (75%), and don’t think women AND PEOPLE WITH UTERI should be charged more for health insurance just because they can get pregnant (94%)! New Jersey votes for a new governor and legislators THIS YEAR, so the more the people know, the better!


Cambodian Schools Will Teach Gay Sex Ed, Abortion, & Respect for Trans People

LGBTQ Nation

THIS IS NOT YOUR FATHER’S CAMBODIA: Or the Cambodia most people would imagine. But there is a proposal there to teach Life Skills classes that include information on contraceptives, safe and legal abortion, gay sex ed, HIV prevention, non-discrimination, and respect for trans people. Meanwhile, fewer than half of US states mandate sex ed.  Three states actually require that lessons on sexual orientation contain only negative information toward the LGBTQ community! And under Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, you can expect Cambodia to leave us in the dust!


Christian Group Protests Outside North Carolina Clinic, Calls Abortion ‘A Man’s Issue’

New York Times

THIS IS A CIS MAN’S WORLD: Which explains why crazy shit like this happens! There was a men-against-abortion rights rally in NORTH CAROLINA whose leader says “The truth is, this is more a man’s issue than a woman’s issue.” We told you about these nut-sacks and their plans last week. The rally outside A preferred Women’s Health Center in Charlotte drew male protesters with the slogan “We forget about the men so often in this story.” You KNOW it’s a men’s rally—because that shit takes balls!


(Do Not Link) The Liberal Media is Pretending Abortion Doesn’t Cause Breast Cancer… Again

Lifesite News

From the DEPARTMENT-OF-DON’T-CLICK-ON-THIS, the latest HEADLINE FROM THE FRINGE says “The liberal media is pretending abortion doesn’t cause breast cancer.” Yep—if by “pretending” they mean “ignoring lies that it does.” And what exactly is the “liberal media”? Is that every news outlet that doesn’t have a fetus in its banner? More proof that the communications strategy of LYING YOUR FUCKING ASS OFF didn’t originate with Trump.

LPJL Daily Takedown – June 13, 2017

Anti-Abortion Lawmaker Moon Beheads Chicken Ahead of Special Session

The Missouri Times

CHICKEN SHIT! A MISSOURI legislator posted a Facebook video of him beheading and eviscerating a live chicken like some Goddamn ISIS psycho- all to make a pun about his opposition to abortion. THAT. REALLY. HAPPENED. As he talks about “supporting life,” Rep. Mike Moon kills the chicken pulls its heart out, quipping “We need to get to the heart of the matter here.” There’s your “CULTURE” of “LIFE”! Rep. Moon (R-Whitemanistan) was celebrating a special session of the Missouri legislature to specifically craft laws to shut down abortion access in Missouri. You can be sure that thanks to this stunt, the Moon Goons in the MO state leg will try to out-do each other. (His other passion is getting rid of penalties for taking guns into schools and federal buildings. AGAIN, REALLY.) Remember- when Mike Moon is done beheading and gutting that chicken, he’s going to do the same thing to your reproductive rights.


Judge to Hear Challenge to New Indiana Abortion Restrictions

Miami Herald

HOOSIER PARENTS, LITTLE GIRL? Well, INDIANA is once again racing to deny abortion access to minors. A new law would make it harder and scarier for anyone under 18 to get a judge’s consent for an abortion without notifying their parents. The law would require the judge to consider informing the parents no matter which way the judge rules. The ACLU points out that could easily endanger pregnant teens with “neglectful, absent, or abusive parents.” Don’t create a law every bit as abusive!


Protecting Birth Control Access in Colorado in the Age of Trump

Huffington Post

KEEPING CONTROL: Birth Control benefits everyone—and everyone needs to be in the fight to keep the Obamacare BIRTH CONTROL MANDATE. Forward thinking states have passed progressive measures like a recent one in COLORADO that allows women to get a year’s worth of oral contraceptives at a time. That action alone is associated with a 30% drop in unintended pregnancies.

Thanks to the Obamacare mandate, less than 4% of women now pay out-of-pocket costs for oral contraceptives. But the Trump administration wants to let ANY employer object to YOUR birth control on “moral” grounds. Remember, men and women are in this together—that’s why we need birth control in the first place!


ACLU Advises Metro Council Create 8-foot Wide Buffer Zone Outside Abortion Clinic Entrance


EIGHT FEET OF ACCESS: Don’t let SELF-appointed vaginal crossing guards, block public sidewalks to prevent people from accessing their Constitutional rights! The ACLU of Kentucky is calling on Louisville’s Metro Council to create an 8-foot buffer zone between Kentucky’s LAST abortion clinic and the screeching lunatics who want to shut it down and end all abortion access in the state. This abortion provider is all that Kentuckians have left—and all they’re asking for is 8 measly feet to access it. 8 FEET! You could spit that far—and the monsters preying on patients outside the clinic probably will.



Digging up dirt on anti-choice lawmakers isn’t the only thing LPJL is good for. The Vagical Mystery Tour also digs up dirt – in the front yards of independent abortion clinics! On a very sunny Monday afternoon the LPJL team paid a visit to the South Wind Women’s Center in Oklahoma City to add some beautification to an already dazzling-looking clinic!

Among the gardeners were VMT’s own Ian Harvie – who was recently featured in PEOPLE MAG for his participation on the tour and thoughts on Transgender inclusion in the fight for reproductive rights! (SPOILER: he’s down with the cause).

That not VAGICAL enough for you? Check out the latest episode of The Smartest Man In The World Podcast with Greg Proops! Greg and Lizz Winstead discuss the tour, the work of LPJL, and why the fight for abortion access is as important as it has ever been before!

LPJL Daily Takedown – June 9th, 2017

This Doctor Says He Can “Reverse” Abortions

Mother Jones

QUACK TIME! Have anti choice monsters ever met a lie it didn’t embrace? The latest medical quackery from the same folks who run “crisis pregnancy centers” is that medically-induced abortions can be “reversed”!! A medical abortion involves two drugs, taken hours apart—first mifepristone and then misoprostol. Abortion “reversal” works on the notion that a large dose of progesterone taken after the mifepristone can prevent the abortion. But the leading medical association for obstetricians and gynecologists says “claims of medication abortion reversal are not supported by the body of scientific evidence.”  In laymen’s terms—IT’S TOTAL AND COMPLETE BULLSHIT! Here’s the sitch- a loon Read looney at a CPC in San Diego has been pushing this bogus notion hard. So of course, anti-choice lawmakers then push laws to REQUIRE doctors to tell these lies about “abortion reversal” to women seeking abortions. The only reversal here is that what they’re saying is the mirror-opposite of reality.

Anti-abortion Leader Facing Lawsuit wants Judge Disqualified

ABC News

THE SCUM ALSO RISES: PLANNED PARENTHOOD VIDEO TROLL David Daleiden, who is facing felony charges in California for his attacks on pro-choice organizations, is suing to disqualify a judge in his case. U.S. District Judge William Orrick barred Daleiden from releasing his spy videos he shot at meetings of abortion providers. Daleiden is part of the “Center for Medical Progress” the front organization who shot the video hack job on Planned Parenthood in 2015. Now he’s whining because he says the judge has links to someone who has links to Planned Parenthood! Duh dude- EVERYONE DOES. VIDIOT!


Abortion Restrictions Threaten Senate GOP’s Obamacare Repeal Push


TRUMPED CARE: Here’s a little something for fans of poetic justice—Abortion restrictions in the Obamacare repeal efforts might make it impossible for the Senate to pass a repeal bill. Under Senate rules, only budgetary bills can be passed with a simple majority of 50 votes (a process called reconciliation.) If they add restrictions on abortion to the bill, then Republicans need a 60-vote supermajority to pass the bill, and there is no way they’ll get that many votes—there are only 52 Republicans in the Senate. Republicans are trying to finesse FAKE the language so that an abortion ban could slide by under reconciliation rules, but it looks iffy. ACCESS TO REPRODUCTIVE CARE AND AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE FOR ALL!


Budget Abortion Language Could Jeopardize Hospital Procedures

North Carolina Health News

TARHEEL SHIT-HEELS! Lawmakers in NORTH CAROLINA are loading up budget bills with anti-abortion landmines. The state Senate version of the budget bill says “no State funds shall be allocated to any provider that performs abortions.” Or as an ACLU spokesperson put it, the bill would “force physicians and facilities to either refuse to provide a common medical procedure or to give up important public health funding from DHHS.” And a House version gives $1.3 million to the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship—a “crisis pregnancy center” that uses lies to discourage women from considering abortion. North Carolina—money for lies, but not for care! LOOK FOR THIS ONE IN YOUR STATE!


Appeals Court Set Date to Consider Tennessee Abortion Measure

The Tennessean

A federal appeals court has set a date in August to hear oral arguments over TENNESSEE’s harsh anti-abortion law, Amendment 1. AND AMENDMENT 1 IS ONE FUCKED UP AMENDMENT! It gives Tennessee lawmakers almost unlimited power to restrict abortion rights. It’s already spawned a shit-platter of TRAP laws. By the way, the amendment “TRUMPs” federal law, which has been getting Trumped enough lately. The court hearing is over a complex snafu over how votes for the Amendment were counted. But if things go the right way, people in Tennessee will have “1” less problem!


Day 7! What an inspiring Mississippi trip! After we did some raking, flower planting and escorting with the Pink House Defenders, we had a packed show at Duling Hall! The Tour has now landed in Little Rock, Arkansas! First stop — Happy Hour with The Little Rock Family Planning. Second Stop —  Vino’s on SATURDAY for an amazing night of comedy!

LPJL Daily Takedown – June 7th, 2017

Abstinence Education Advocate Named to HHS Post

The Hill

Another ugly AbSTAIN on the reputation of DHHS! Valerie Huber, an advocate for abstinence-only education has been named to a top post in a federal department increasingly populated with highly stained’ ANTI-CHOICE WINGNUTS. It’s already home to Tom Price-is-right-for-unethical-stock-trades and Charmaine “Abortion Causes Breast Cancer” Yoest. Huber is president of Ascend (Pronounced ASS-END), an abstinence-only nuthouse. (She says she prefers the term “sexual risk avoidance” to abstinence education… or to “moralistic weasel-crap.” Huber managed Ohio’s abstinence program from 2004 to 2007, during which time young people in Ohio happily stopped having sex completely. KIDDING!


Greitens poised to call special session on abortion

The Missouri Times

SPECIAL SESSION AGGRESSION in MISSOURI! Ever notice that state legislatures never call a “Special Session” to affirm or expand abortion rights? It’s always to do some very special damage to abortion access in the state. Texas’s notorious HB2 was the result of a special session. So it’s a bad sign that the Missouri Governor is getting ready to call a special session of Big Mo’s legislature. They want to strike down a St. Louis ordinance that prevents discrimination against those who have had an abortion or use birth control. Oh, and then they’ll pass another bunch of anti-choice fuckery, seeing as how they’re in your uterus already! Don’t you feel SPECIAL, MISSOURI?


ACLU: We Spoke With One of the Only Abortion Providers Left in the State of Alabama. Here’s What She Had to Say


Here’s a great interview with Yashica Robinson, one of the only abortion providers in Alabama and a reproductive rights SHERO! Alabama is one of many states with just a handful of abortion clinics left—or even just one! And they’re all run by awesome people with the same drive and dedication as Yashica. And they’re protected by heroes LIKE YOU! If you want to get involved with the fight to keep abortion accessible in Alabama, contact an URGE chapter there or the POWERHOUSE in Montgomery. ALABAMA, YOU’VE GOT THE REST OF THE UNION TO HELP YOU ALONG!


Abortion rights opponents push for action on two bills


KEYSTONE STATE KOPS: Don’t go all Texas on us, Pennsylvania! Anti-abortion forces in Pee-A are pushing pissy legislation to deny abortions after 20 weeks, outlaw the safest and most common second-trimester procedure, and (OF COURSE!) defund Planned Parenthood. They’re being opposed by, among others, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. And they can be opposed by you too—Lady Parts’ VAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR will be in PITTSBURGH PA on July 19. Come join us to put up a Steel Curtain around abortion rights in PA!



What happens when a group of badass comedians join forces with Pink House Defenders to support the Jackson Women’s Health Organization?

…We’ll let them tell you.

“My most moving moment was escorting a girl with her mom … My heart broke for her having to walk into that storm of people. It made me feel sad, not about her abortion, but what she had to endure to get it. I can’t believe that the people at Pink House Defenders are not being paid to do this work. There’s hope for Jackson.”

– Ian Harvie

“Today I met AARON ‘THE AFFABLE ANTI!’ He seemed like one of the truest christians I’ve ever spoken too. If you’re gonna be on the anti side and you’re NOT gonna be an asshole about it… I kinda cool with you TO AN EXTENT.”

– Joyelle Johnson

“I wish I had been able to meet Aaron. The antis I spoke to were quiet – but they were still dicks.

– Sarah Hartshorne

“I was really struck by the racial disparity of the protestors versus the women going into the clinic … How dare you fat disgusting old white men tell these women of color what do with their bodies when you don’t give a shit about them any other time.”

Helen Hong

(*Helen also suggests singing Whitney Houston loudly as a tactic to drown out bullshit.)

“I just can’t stress enough what it means to show up at these places to volunteer. The protestors show up because (historically) no one has challenged them for being the classic bullies. Bullies with bullhorns. They didn’t use their bullhorns today because there were people there who could’ve outed them as being the bullies that they are.”

Lizz Winstead

Next stop – LITTLE ROCK!



Global Harming

Elections have consequences–and American elections have consequences around the globe. The “pro-bro” policies of the Trump administration are already having a very real and awful impact on the lives of people all over the world.

Nicholas Kristof wrote a great piece in the New York Times recently about the horrific things that Donald Trump and his Oval Office Boys Club are doing to impoverished people worldwide. They’re on a crusade to cut off funding to any international organization that has even a whiff of an association with abortion rights–whether the whiff is real or not.

The latest victim is the United Nations Population Fund, which has absolutely no connection with abortion services…  unless you count the millions and millions of abortions that their birth control work has prevented over the years. But conservative conspiracy theory belief links the UNPF to forced abortions in China, in a manner The Lancet calls “shamelessly nonchalant with a lack of facts.”

In order to kowtow to the anti-abortion extremists, Trump has cut off ALL of the $75 million in funding that the US had been sending to the UNPF. That money helps the Fund to provide contraception, maternal care, and child health services. UNPF also leads the struggle against horrors like gender violence, child marriage, and female genital mutilation in over 150 countries.

The list of UNPF accomplishments is staggering. (See the sidebar in the Kristof article). In the past three years alone, they prevented 35 million unintended pregnancies, 11 million unsafe abortions, 93,000 maternal deaths, 272,000 genital mutilations of girls, 8.3 million sexually transmitted infections (via one billion condoms), and 188,000 H.I.V. infections. Oh, and their work has prevented 3.7 million abortions just last year.

Yet the Trump administration is denying the UNPF any funding, BECAUSE “HASHTAG PRO-LIFE.” This action will cost many people their lives, and Kristof spares no details explaining in just what horrible ways.
The Lancet article about the funding denial called on the world to “reject this misogyny.” Join with LPJL to RESIST the anti-choice agenda at home and try to roll back the damage this administration is already causing overseas.