LPJL Daily Takedown – July 21st, 2017

Anti-choice Avon Lady Karen Handel Won the Georgia Special Election

You know the former Georgia congressman who said “No one has ever died from not having health insurance?” YOU KNOW, the guy who is now in charge of THE AMERICAN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. The guy who keeps hiring anti birth control and anti abortion Orcs to help him shape America’s healthcare policy?  Well anyway, his vacant congressional seat was just filled by Planned Parenthood defundamentalist Karen Handel. And on the same day another anti-choice bill puts a bruise on the peach state. Go Bulldogs!


Righteous resisters in little rock are kicking some anti choice Arkans-ass

Let’s Call the hogs… out on their bullshit!! The ACLU and Planned Parenthood have both filed lawsuits to stop anti-abortion piggies from running hog wild in the Razorback state. The ACLU suit goes after a ban on the safest and most common method of abortion after the first trimester and other TRAP-law crap-laws about medical records and fetal tissue. A separate suit by Planned Parenthood challenges a law that lets the state close health clinics for being in violations of ANY rule, no matter how minor.


Ohio is Once Again Chucking A Shit-Brick, Woman-Hating, Anti-Choice Bill Back Into The Abortion Battle

OHIO (HEART) BEAT-DOWN: Lawmakers in Ohio continue to beat a heartless 6-week ban, (which they manipulatively have named a “fetal heartbeat bill”) into the ground. They just reintroduced the fourth version in the past 6 years. It would ban abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be first detected—at around 4 weeks… or about the same time a FUCKING PREGNANCY is often first detected! This piece of shit bill is no more viable than the fetii it pretends to protect. Ohio Governor John Kasich has already vetoed an identical bill. But this gives GOV K-SICK cover to sign another bill that virtually bans all abortions after the first trimester. LPJL HEARTS OHIO! And we don’t want them treated so heartlessly. (Our friends at the Preterm clinic in Cleveland were just vandalized for the 3rd time in 3 weeks.) The Vagical Mystery Tour will be in Cleveland on July 13 to show support. Have a heart and come out!



Check Iowa City off on the list of places The Vagical Mystery Tour left its uterus-print! (the tattoos of course!)

Alex English hosted Lizz Winstead, Joyelle Johnson, Tina Schlieske, and VMT Newcomer Dina Nina Martinez!

If  you say FUCK anyone creating/passing legislation to block and destroy access to abortion, YOU CAN SIT WITH US!


ShellGame shellgameArizona Governor Doug Ducey is playing Arizona citizens for a bunch of rubes by running a slick shell game involving flagrantly unconstitutional laws. You try to guess which of a trio of recent laws does not violate the Constitutional rights of women. Of course, like with any shell game, the joke’s on you–there’s nothing Constitutional here at all.

Ducey recently signed legislation that repealed two blatantly unconstitutional laws that he was advised would be futile to defend in court, while approving another bill that is just as legally indefensible. Arizona government is turned into a carnival game, state attorneys are left trying to defend smoke-and-mirrors legislation, and–the real reason for this hucksterism–abortion providers and defenders are forced to spend time and resources shooting down these bogus laws like they’re playing some sort of anti-choice Atari game.

One of the laws that Ducey was forced to scrap was passed just this last March. It bans doctors from prescribing RU-486 after the seventh week of pregnancy–in direct contradiction to FDA rules passed at the same time! The other law that was rescinded required abortion providers to tell patients that medical abortions are reversible–which violates federal laws AND common sense.

Despite being forced to scrap those laws, Ducey said “I will always stand with those advocating life.” Just not with those advocating legality, as he demonstrated by simultaneously signing yet another law that couldn’t pass Constitutional muster if it was signed by every Founding Father and the guy who wrote “Hamilton.”

That law cuts off Medicaid funding to any healthcare provider who doesn’t fully segregate taxpayer funds to make certain that none of them pay for abortion procedures–including detailed accounting of overhead costs like rent and utilities. There is no doubt that this is targeted directly at abortion providers who also provide other vital healthcare services, such as Planned Parenthood.

This new Arizona law is nothing but a bookkeeping version of a TRAP law–an attempt to trip up providers in red tape and cause them to squander precious resources fighting the law. Let Gov. Ducey know you’re not a sucker–don’t fall for this old con.