LPJL Daily Takedown – July 31st, 2017

Science Backs Up What Women Were Already Saying 

MORE PESKY “SCIENCE” STUFF: A new study concludes that anybody who says abortion causes depression is FULL OF SHIT. Of course, the actual findings were expressed in more academic terms: “young women whose unwanted first pregnancies ended in abortion were at no greater risk of subsequent depressive symptoms than their counterparts who gave birth.” The study is from University of California at Berkeley Professor Anu Manchikanti Gómez—HELLO! Everything in that sentence tells you conservatives will fucking HATE it! They’ve gotten a lot out their LIE that abortion causes depression. Six states actually REQUIRE providers to tell patients that it does! Even in NEW YORK, a state senator pushes a bill every year that would require New York providers to tell patients the depression lie. You know what’s depressing? Having to fight bullshit everyday. Fight back with the facts! 



CHALK AND AWFUL: The latest terror tactic by anti-choice extremists is to target the homes and neighborhoods of politicians who defy them and graffiti sidewalks and streets in something they call “chalk and awe.” Really. When the SAN FRANCISCO Planning Commission approved a Planned Parenthood center, protesters went to commissioners’ neighborhoods and scrawled messages like “Stop killing babies.” They also threw in some gay slurs such as “This car is gay,” because hate, presumably. The group calls itself Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, so they’re really doing their best to offend everyone. Commissioner Rich Hillis bravely engaged the chalkers in a dialogue, but this kind of personal assault on people’s homes needs to stop! 


Almost Good News Out of Arkansas 

BACK AND FORTH: The legal tug-o-war’s in ARKANSAS show how much we owe to the brave and tireless people who conduct the soul-sucking battle for abortion rights in courtrooms all over America. Just today we got GOOD NEWS… and BAD NEWS from Arkansas. A U.S. District judge issued a preliminary injunction against FOUR crazy Razorback laws—one criminalizing the safest and most common method of second trimester abortions, one that allows family members to weigh in on what’s done with fetal tissue remains (!), one that would send fetal tissue samples from minors to law enforcement, and another that saddles providers with red tape regarding medical histories. But at the same time, the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals lifted an injunction requiring clinics to get hospital admitting privileges. That’s a legal swampland and we want to thank entities like the ACLU and the Center for Reproductive Rights for wading into it for us! 


Texas Republicans, Take the Summer off…PLEASE?! 

TEXAS SCOLD ‘EM: Meanwhile, the SHIT FACTORY that is the TEXAS legislature’s special session to attack abortion rights keeps on pumping out “product.”  There are bills to require separate abortion insurance policies, to prohibit any state contracts with healthcare providers that offer abortion, laws restricting minors’ access to abortion, and of course, plenty of more red tape TRAP-style laws like the notorious HB2 that the Supreme Court shot down last year. This special session has dragged on for two weeks already, and shockingly, we’ve still got TWO MORE WEEKS of this reeking sludge.


Don’t Talk to Me Before My Monday Morning Scream 

CULTURE SHOCK: Want to see what the assault on American rights, freedoms, and values looks like to those leading the assault? Take a dip in the cesspool of Breitbart. Their list of “Seven Ways Trump is Taking Back America’s Culture” shows that a full-bore attack on reproductive rights, women, and other marginalized people is a huge part of their plan to bring back the Dark Ages. It’s all about banning abortion funding, defunding Planned Parenthood, kicking transgender people out of the military, “religious freedom,” turning HHS into an anti-choice propaganda outlet, and securing it all with Supreme Court nominees like Neil Gorsuch. That’ll bring back coal! 



Check out Lizz’s response piece in HuffPo! “No. Facts. Given. You Must Tell The Whole Story About CPCs”

Today Anna from LPJL exposes Birthrite of Peconic, a fake clinic in Hampton Bays, NY. When Anna called to inquire about services, this CPC told Anna that they would talk her through ALL options of an unwanted pregnancy but they couldn’t refer her to a clinic that provided abortion. Here is Anna’s review!

Wanna join Anna in calling out a CPC like Birthright of Peconic but find it a little scary to call a CPC? GOOD NEWS! There are plenty of other ways you can work to #ExposeFakeClinics. You can simply increase the visibility of her post by liking the review, or you can interact with the website of another CPC and review the information on that site. And of course sharing the #ExposeFakeClinics campaign is always a win! But if calling a CPC and posting a review is your jam, let the world know who you reviewed by posting a link to it all over social so we can all upvote on it!  

DON’T FORGET: Always use the #ExposeFakeClinics hashtag!

Pretty Little Alternative Facts

Kellyanne Conway is getting a lot of heat over her comments about “alternative facts.” I don’t know why. As she will tell you herself, she never said it. In fact, she’s not even Kellyanne Conway.

See what we did there? To a lot of people this Trumpian “1984 meets Gaslight” world of “alternative facts” (that’s actually an alternative term for “lies”) is frightening and new. But anyone involved in the struggle for abortion rights has been battling a deluge of “alternative facts” about reproductive rights for decades.

Among the lies that abortion opponents have been pushing for years is the “fact” that fetuses experience pain during an abortion (in fact: the fetus cannot feel pain until the 27th week of pregnancy at the earliest.) They also love to tell women that abortion is dangerous (actually, it’s 10 times safer than childbirth). They falsely claim that abortion increases the chances of breast cancer (there’s zero evidence for that!) and that women who have abortions are more likely to suffer mental health issues (totally debunked by numerous studies.)

Rightwing abortion opponents completely fabricated the myth of the “partial birth abortion,” a non-medical term that they invented. And don’t even mention the faked videos claiming that Planned Parenthood sold baby parts. They affected Carly Fiorina so much that she created an entire alternative fact-based movie in her mind.

As LPJL told you last year, Texas actually mandates that women seeking an abortion be given a booklet jam-packed with lies and disinformation about the procedure! And then there are the phony (often state-supported) “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” set up specifically to feed fake facts to frightened and desperate women.

It’s interesting to note that Kellyanne Conway’s “facts” always depend on who is paying her. Before she worked for Donald Trump, she was with the Ted Cruz campaign, where she derided Trump as “unpresidential” and “vulgar.” Oh, and before she worked for Ted Cruz, she had a job pushing elderly people down stairs while shouting racial epithets. You may not have known such a job existed, but it’s an established alternative fact.

Just remember this Alternative Fact: You can’t spell “Kellyanne Conway” without “Liar!”