Ring the alarm I been through this too long

OMG did you SEE what happened on Game of Thrones last week? Cersei enacted a bunch of abortion restrictions and all but one abortion provider closed. OH DID YOU MISS THAT DELETED SCENE??

You see, in the United States, state after state, community after community, has been stripped of abortion access and their abortion rights. We’ve been ringing the alarm on these frickin’ “heartbeat” bills all year, talking about D&E bans that value propaganda over legitimate medical evidence, ditto for these “abortion reversal” bills (where they literally write into law to… Google something… def always a safe bet, “I’m feeling lucky!”). I mean, we’ve heard politicians REPEATEDLY lie SO FUCKING BLATANTLY and CRUELLY about “infanticide.” But still… media pundits, news shows, the NYTimes, people just didn’t realize that it is a legitimate CRISIS!  The stories only get covered if they’re sensational.

And look, they should be COVERED. What happened in Alabama is A TRAVESTY. The local government BLATANTLY ignored Roe v. Wade, completely, with NO EXCEPTIONS for rape and incest, and ALL with the again LITERALLY STATED express purpose of going to the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. These people are too confident now. I mean… LOOK at this LEVEL OF GERRYMANDERING!

We can’t believe Georgia passed a 6-week ban that everyone freaked out about and then Alabama was like “Ohhhh… hold our beer.”

But again, even after a WEEK the Georgia fury was winding down, we were seeing fewer and fewer tweets. If Alabama hadn’t happened, would y’all have just FORGOTTEN because you had to watch the Game of Thrones finale? Well, dear reader, maybe not you, you are loyal. But your friends for sure! So… we knew exactly what to do!

If your friends or your family don’t wanna learn about reproductive rights and abortion restrictions… we FOUND A WAY to get it to them! We made this Game of Thrones parody about all the ways rulers (or shitty politicians) can impose harsh restrictions and close clinics!

So watch, share, and get active. We honestly want to hear that Yellowhammer Fund and the POWER House have millions more dollars and hundred of new escorts by the end of the day!

LPJL Daily Takedown – July 14th, 2017

Reading Between the Lines, Cecile Richards, “What the actual f*ck with this latest healthcare bill?”

SENATE HEALTHCARE BILL MITCH-SLAPS AMERICA!  Mitch McConnell’s new healthcare bill is even more of a kick in the uterus than the previous version. As Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards points out, the denial of funding for PP causes as many as 15 percent of low-income and rural women to lose access to everything from cancer screenings to birth control. Oh, and it will mean that as many as 13 million women lose maternity care. Mitch McConnell promises a lot with his shitty bill, but the things it’s guaranteed to deliver are more undetected cancer and more unintended pregnancies—the circle of life, GOP style!


When Republicans Jump In Fetus-First, Women Drown.

BIRTHRIGHT”s AND WRONGS: Now you can see everything we’ve been telling you about presented in cinematic splendor in a new documentary called “Birthright: A War Story” from filmmakers Civia Tamarkin and Luchia Fisher. It’s all about the continuous war on abortion rights and how that translates to a war on women. As Tamarkin says in this Salon interview “if you keep pushing a fetus-first mentality, women are going to be punished.” And as we say every day, anti-choice forces are doling out that punishment all the time in every state of the union and in countries all over the world. GET WOKE!


All Roads Lead to Abortion, Even Losing Net Neutrality Would Lead to Attack on Repro Rights

NET LOSSES: Think your reproductive rights aren’t bound up, intertwined, and dependent on all your other rights? Google it while you still can. Losing net neutrality could cripple the struggle for abortion rights. It would leave those fighting to organize for your rights exposed to the whims of internet providers—and leave everyone’s personal data at risk. If corporate internet service providers have control over what’s on your phones and computers, then they’ll eventually have more control over everything from your data to your uterus! Net neutrality IS Free Speech IS Abortion Rights—let them take anything that’s yours and you could lose everything that’s yours!


Woke Bae Canada says abortion is a “tool to end poverty”

OH, CANADA! OH YES! Our northern neighbor seems totally WOKE just when lots of the US.. is dazed and confused by anti-choice fakery and fuckery. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Minister of International Development, just called abortion “a tool to end poverty!!” Hear that, the rest of you FUCKING TOOLS down here? The Minister said we “have to give [women] the control over their lives. So we shouldn’t look at contraception as the objective. This is not the objective. This is only a tool to reduce poverty and inequality and to make an impact in terms of development and peace and security in the world.” It’s what we’ve always said—ABORTION RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS. While the bloated yak that controls this country imposes global gag orders denying poor women reproductive autonomy, at least there are pockets on the North American continent where a little sanity survives. THANK YOU, CANADA!


Who Should Decide if I Get an Abortion: Me, myself, and..my family, my rapist, and my local law enforcement?

RAZORBACKWARDS! The ARKANSAS legislature seems to be running neck in neck in a race with neighboring nut-jobs in Missouri to see who can move backwards on abortion rights. Right now arguments are being heard in a court case over four unconstitutional anti-choice laws recently puked out by Arkansas lawmakers. The laws ban the safest and most common method of 2nd trimester abortion,  so-called “sex selection,” forces abortion patients under 18 to submit tissue samples to local law enforcement (!!!), and require providers to inform an abortion patient’s family, partner or rapist so they have can have a say in the disposal of the fetal remains. No wonder the symbol of Arkansas is a wild pig.


Once Again Religious Groups Worried They Will Have to Be Inclusive and Welcoming to Others

RULES? RULES ARE ONLY FOR OTHER PEOPLE! Just when you think they can’t get any worse, the conspiracy of dicks who are spewing anti-abortion laws at a special session of the MISSOURI legislature sink to another new low. One of the laws they’re crafting, bans cities from enacting or enforcing “any order, ordinance, rule, regulation, policy, or other similar measure that prohibits, restricts, limits, controls, directs, interferes with, or otherwise adversely affects an alternatives-to-abortion agency” or their staff. In other words So the same ass-wipes who pass TRAP laws to drown abortion clinics in regulations want to make it ILLEGAL for cities to pass ANY laws regulating phony “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” at all! Or anything that “adversely affects” a CPC! Abortion clinics can be shut down over their shrubbery choices, while CPC’s aren’t subject to any rules whatsoever.


That Moment When A 12 Year Old Knows Their Body Better Than a F*cking District Attorney

ALABAMA SHAMES: And finally, there’s ALABAMA, where a 12-year-old FINALLY got permission for an abortion after suffering statutory rape by a family member. This child doesn’t know who her father is, and had to be removed from her mother who reacted violently. She sought a waiver on Alabama’s parental consent law. Unbelievably, some Alabama district attorney actually objected. Thank God a judge approved the waiver. It’s this type of real nightmare scenario that reminds us why abortion rights and reproductive autonomy are so necessary in our society. Best wishes for this abused child, and shame on the DA who tried to stop her from alleviating her torment.



You could call us sell outs and you wouldn’t be wrong after another SOLD OUT Vagical Mystery Tour stop in Cleveland! Thanks to Cleveland Scene Magazine for the shout out 😉 The room was packed with people ready to call out some of Ohio’s shitty politicians and the fact that 93% of Ohio counties are left without abortion providers. Well informed AND salty? Cleveland, you’re our kind of town.

Just TWO more chances to watch the Vagic happen live! Pittsburgh and Louisville, get READY.

#vagicalmysterytour Did you know 93% of counties in Ohio don't have an abortion provider??

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Daily Takedown – 6/5/2017

Trump’s Rollback of Birth Control Rights Will Run Into a Legal Buzzsaw

LA Times

HARD TO SWALLOW–The Trump White House is trying to shove a rollback of contraceptive rights down your throat. And NO, that is NOT a form of birth control!

Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services under Tom Price-Is-Wrong wants to change the rules to allow ANY employer who claims to have “religious beliefs and moral convictions” to deny their employees birth control coverage.

And they’re breaking the law by trying to put the rules into effect without any notice or public comment—an understandable approach since the public’s comments are going to be along the lines of NO FUCKING WAY!


Florida Will Offer Birth Certificates To Miscarried Fetuses Now



Remember—no matter how crazy things get, they’re always weirder in FLORIDA. Florida’s latest foray into the fever swamp of anti-abortion nuttiness is to mandate the offer of “birth certificates” for miscarried fetuses as early as 10 weeks! (They’re actually called “Certificate of Non-Viable Birth.)

Make no mistake—this is a “personhood” ploy as obvious and slimy as the fetal funerals being proposed in other states. It’s an attack on anyone who wants to control their own uterus—and a cynical slap in the face to those who experience the trauma of a miscarriage.  

Knock it off, Florida, before you start mandating obituaries for spilled semen.


Dominican Republic: Vote Against Decriminalization of Abortion, A Betrayal to Women

Amnesty International


Abortion is a crime in the Dominican Republic—and it’s going to stay that way after a cowardly vote by the DR Senate against the decriminalization of abortion. Amnesty International said “Instead of playing political games with women’s lives, authorities should focus their time and efforts on protecting their human rights.”

Meanwhile in the US there are people working every day to make abortion a crime and to make anyone who gets one criminals. Move the Dominican Republic forward and don’t let the US slide backwards!


A writer searched for a Planned Parenthood clinic emblematic of all others. She found it in Phoenix.

AZ Central


For an article in Allure magazine, a writer wanted to find one Planned Parenthood clinic that represented all of them. She ended up choosing a clinic in Maryvale, a neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona. It was a great article about an exemplary clinic–one that serves a bilingual area where over half the population is below the poverty level.

One small problem–this particular clinic doesn’t perform abortions. Now, not all PP locations do. But the fact that many do is the reason the organization is in the crosshairs of nut-bag politicians who are trying to shut down funding for ALL Planned Parenthood clinics, even ones like this that don’t offer abortion services.

PP provides lifesaving and compassionate service to underserved communities, including breast exams, pap smears, birth control, and–at some locations–abortion services. All of that was made clear in the article. But the point could have been made with more sensitivity to women who seek abortions by choosing a clinic that performed abortions.

Allure’s efforts here are much appreciated! But we have to be careful not to accidentally stigmatize the very rights we’re trying to protect. So SAY IT WITH ME: “THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH HAVING OR PERFORMING ABORTIONS!”


Georgia 6th: Handel Faces New Attack Over Komen Stance

Atlanta Journal Constitution


In the brief time that she was VP for policy at the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Georgia pol Karen Handel, now running for Tom Price’s vacated Congressional seat from Georgia, used that position to stop Komen’s partnerships with Planned Parenthood. It caused such a backlash that Handel had to resign in disgrace.

Handel’s actions jeopardized breast cancer screenings for thousands of women, just so she could advance her radical anti-abortion agenda. The run-off election in Georgia is on June 20th—tell Karen HANDEL THE TRUTH will force her to be accountable!


Vagical Mystery Tour Update!

Birmingham, Alabama was a dream come true! A lot of people put their contact information on the LPJL signup sheet, and others… well, let’s just say they left their calling card.

“Place of Death” just sounds like the description for a comedy show where EVERYONE ONSTAGE KILLED IT! HOW’D THEY KNOW!? These anti-choice are wackjobs- emphasis on JOBS. They are some of the busiest people around. How do you balance a “Sidewalk Psycho/Comedy Show Psychic” schedule all in one day? That takes skill.

But wait… There’s more!

Binge on the one-episode (Facebook Live clip) season premiere of LPJL Presents: “Bullies” On the Street below!


Smoke em’ If You Got em’

Alabama lawmakers are trying to make YOUR womb the “safest place in the world.” Right now, two very dangerous anti-choice bills are being voted on and you NEED to know about them! Other states are starting to vote on similar bills and it could reach YOUR state before you can compose a tweet complaining that Julia Roberts was named People’s Most Beautiful Person (in the world).

Here’s what you need to know:

HB95 (Health Care Rights of Conscience Act) is a bill that would let pharmacists refuse to sell you birth control or Plan B (emergency contraception) because of their religious beliefs. It also allows doctors to refuse abortion care because it ‘violates their conscience.”

Alabama’s separation of church and state has us all “Here’s the church, here’s the steeple… look inside… Alabama’s run by crazy people.”

HB98 is a constitutional amendment that allows the citizens of Alabama to vote on “taking away your federally protected constitutional right to an abortion.” Basically, in the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned and abortion law decisions go back to the states, HB98 will make abortion completely illegal in the state of Alabama.

If this bill is passed, ‘The Heart of Dixie’ will turn into ‘The Heart of Darkness.’

You can thank Rep. Matt Fridy (R-Alabama), Rep. Arnold Mooney (R-Indian Springs) and Senator Paul L. Sanford (R-Huntsville) for their unwanted public service by sponsoring these bills. Rep. Fridy said, “When Roe goes abortion goes back to the states. We are going to be ready to do our job and outlaw abortion in Alabama. The womb for women in this state will be the safest place in the world. A lot of people don’t like what we are doing and they are throwing up roadblocks.”

Anti-choice “activist” Hannah Ford said, “These bills and the fact that we have a day set aside for them is amazing; we need to be as encouraging and supportive as possible for our representatives who face a barrage of opposition by way of phone calls and emails. Our presence Thursday will be a huge encouragement to them to keep pushing for the complete eradication of abortion and the protection of human life in the State of Alabama.”

If this doesn’t make you want to 4/20 hard, we don’t know what will!

WATCH the vote happening right now on the Alabama Senate floor!!!

And if you’re in Alabama, TAKE ACTION!

Willie Parker and the Moral Higher Ground

Willie Parker and the Moral Higher Ground

WILLIE PARKER wrote a BOOK! Dr. Willie Parker, compassionate abortion provider, SAINT, and ALL-AROUND HERO is a great friend to LPJL–and to any and every woman who needs an abortion, contraceptive services, or a fierce defender of their rights… in other words, EVERY WOMAN.

LPJL has stood with Dr. Willie at his clinics in Alabama and Mississippi, and he never fails to stop in and raise our spirits when he’s in our neck of the woods. He’s a friend to all of us. And now, he’s a published friend. His new book, Life’s Work, subtitled A Moral Argument for Choice is available from Simon & Schuster.

In Life’s Work, the good doctor describes his own epiphany (he calls it his “conversion”) regarding morality, compassion, and abortion–“how he came to believe, unequivocally, that helping women in need, without judgment, is precisely the Christian thing to do.”

As a fundamentalist Christian and a practicing OB-GYN who never performed an abortion, Willie had a transformational moment while reading a sermon about the Good Samaritan by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He realized that showing compassion for women who needed his help was the very essence of Christianity.

As he put in his own op-ed for the New York Times Why I Provide Abortions, “the Samaritan reversed the question of concern, to care more about the well-being of the person needing help than about what might happen to him for stopping to give help. I realized that if I were to show compassion, I would have to act on behalf of those women.”

Beyond that, Willie’s book exposes the lie behind the assumption that anti-abortion forces in any way occupy some sort of moral high ground in the fight over abortion. A belief in choice is compatible with any sincere religious belief–including Christianity. In fact, a compassionate approach to religious belief demands that it includes exactly the kind of concern that Dr. Parker shows for his patients.  

Anti-choice advocates and woman-haters love to appropriate liberal icons like MLK and twist their words around to support their own repressive beliefs. It’s truly a blessing to have someone with insight and courage of Dr. Willie Parker to reclaim the teachings of Dr. King and show the moral imperative behind the fight for abortion rights.

Join with LPJL and Dr. Willie Parker in teaching the anti-choice forces that they can’t simultaneously occupy other women’s uteruses AND the moral high ground. Oh, and show a friend of women how much you appreciate him and BUY THE BOOK!

Bama Says “Get Off My (Vagina) Lawn”

Big shout out to federal district court Judge Myron Thompson who blocked two incredibly harsh abortion restrictions that would have greatly (like greatly badly) affected the women of Alabama! Bravo Judge Thompson, for protecting women and upholding their constitutional rights. We tip our hats, we offer you a sweet tea, we throw some pulled pork on the BBQ in your honor!

The first law Thompson slapped down (we like to visualize it as if he’s spiking a volleyball) was know as SB 205. It stated that clinics within 2,000 feet of public schools grades K-8 would have to close. People supporting the law said that protestors outside these clinics were having negative effects on the kids. Oh? By that logic should we also ban women from walking outside so everyone doesn’t have to hear them being catcalled? Seems rational. And fair. (NO! NO! NO!) This bill would essentially have clinic doctors and their patients abiding by the same law as sex offenders. WHAT, the proverbial FUCK.

The two clinics that would have been affected by SB 205 are in Hunstville and Tuscaloosa and provide over half the abortions in the state. (They are two of the five abortion providers left in Alabama.) If we weren’t so trusting in our belief that everyone wants what is best for women it would almost seem as if they were specifically targeted? Like someone saw them and thought, oh what ridiculous thing could we make up to shut those down? I mean, that would be cynical. No one would do that. OF COURSE THEY WOULD.

It’s important to mention that the clinic in Huntsville is already at its second location. It had to move from its first, more affordable, location that was not by a school, because of TRAP laws that were previously enforced. Judge Thompson was like Yo Brahhhhhs (not a direct quote) this bill would place an undue burden on women. They would have to drive too far without these clinics, and the supreme JUST SAID you can’t do that anymore.

The second law, SB 363, would have banned a medical procedure. This medial procedure is the standard for performing second trimester abortions. Judge Thompson was like Come on broooooooo, we already discussed this. Constitutional rights and shit! (Again not a direct quote.)

In celebration of Judge Thompson’s decision and in solidarity with the women of Alabama, we here at Lady Parts Justice League would like to share with you our premiere video Alabama Patriots Show Their ‘Merkin Pride. If you loved The USA Freedom kids, wait until you see their moms!

Sweet Home Alabama


Lady Parts Justice League had the pleasure of spending a week in Montgomery, Alabama last summer. We loaded up our Mobile Justice Unit, hit the road, and joined some good ole’ southern abortion rights activists in defending Reproductive Health Services, their local clinic, from an onslaught of anti-choice extremists.

The righteously badass activists we met on that trip successfully secured a house right next door to Reproductive Health Services clinic and have been using it to house their supplies and hold meetings. Affectionately named the POWER House, their headquarters even serves as a safe space for clinic patients, along with their children and companions, to relax in while waiting for their appointments at the clinic next door. The POWER House activists hold comprehensive sex education lessons in this space and also provide support programs for the local LGBT people in the community. These services that Montgomery’s local activists are offering are more vital than ever in Alabama, a state that is not only hostile to abortion and gay and trans* rights, but also insists on teaching abstinence-only sex education to teens.

This week brought some bad news for our friends at the POWER House. A local Crisis Pregnancy Center organization (you know, those religious groups who pose as clinics and lie to people seeking abortion services) are trying to buy the POWER House for more than it is worth. If they get their hands on the property, they will have full access to the clinic next door and free range to harass patients and providers.

Our friends at the POWER House are not going down without a fight, and neither are we! They have set up a crowdsourcing page THAT YOU CAN DONATE TO HERE. We have been donating our own money and are asking our followers to help out in any way they can. Contributing to this fund is a direct and easy way to help protect abortion access in Alabama, a state that is under attack from its own anti-choice, homophobic, transphobic, sexually repressed legislators. Please consider donating to this important cause that is near and dear to our hearts. Check out the POWER House facebook page and learn more about these incredible activists and how you can support them!