LPJL Daily Takedown – July 19th, 2017

Professional Stalker David Daleiden #CantStopWontStop Spreading Lies

UTTER CONTEMPT: Slimeball propagandist David Daleiden has just been held in contempt of court for continuing to release illegally obtained and heavily tampered-with videos. Da-LIE-den is one of the vidiots from the so-called Center for Medical Progress who released tapes in 2015 that were doctored to indicate Planned Parenthood was selling fetal remains. The tapes were shown to be bullshit and PP was cleared of any wrongdoing. And now this virtual stalker is charged with 15 felonies for secretly recorded videos—videos that his lawyers CONTINUE to publicize in defiance of a court order. All of the illegal activity involving these tapes has been committed by Daleiden and the people who made them!  


 Not Real Science 101- An Intro to “Abortion Reversal”

REVERSE ENGINEERING: Anti-abortion myth-makers have been busily concocting another lie to foist on the public—one that we at LPJL have been warning you about. It’s the pseudo-scientific turd pie of being able to “reverse” medication abortions by intervening in the 24 to 36 hours between the taking of the two pills that are used in the procedure. The “science” behind reversal is anecdotal quackery being pushed mostly by one obsessed doctor. But thanks to his fairy tales, now 10 states require abortion providers to LIE TO PATIENTS and tell them that medication abortions can be “reversed.” Anti-abortion scammers are hiding behind fake science the way they hide behind phony efforts to “help women” with TRAP laws that only harm patients. If anti-choice people had anything good to say, they could say it without hiding behind lies. 


Helping #ExposeFakeClinics: A Tutorial

The More You Know, The More You #ExposeFakeClinics

DON’T GET FAKED OVER by fake clinics! And learn how to expose them to protect others! July 17 to 26 is Expose Fake Clinics Week, where we shine a light on the anti-choice maggots under the slimy rock of deception. Fake clinics are those “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” (CPC’s) that fool people seeking abortion services or information into thinking they’re an actual medical facility. Then the unwitting victims are deluged with lies and shaming designed to pressure them out of making their own decisions. And of course these shame-mills are generously funded by your tax dollars in many states. Texas alone has thrown millions to these scamsters. LPJL IS FIGHTING BACK AGAINST THESE HORRIBLE PLACES, in fact check out yesterday’s protest in Pittsburgh in our Vagical Mystery Tour update below to see what LPJL is doing to fight back! 


Land of the Semi-Free, Home of the State by State Attack on Repro Rights

STATES OF EMERGENCY! While most of the media is transfixed by the shit-show going on in Washington, the real work of building an evil empire of theocratic hate and misogyny is going on at the state level. And reproductive rights are a prime target. In 2017 alone, 28 states have tried to put more restrictions on abortion, with many of them aiming to eliminate it entirely. Even Texas, which had their HB2 slapped down by the Supreme Court, went right back to more weasel-work to undermine abortion rights. There are efforts all over the country to ban the safest and most common 2nd trimester abortion procedure, force fetal tissue “burials,” and make it harder for minors to exercise choice. And taxpayer money continues to be wasted on fake clinics and abstinence programs. That’s why LPJL works tirelessly to inform you about what’s happening in YOUR state! 


From the Antis: Can You Believe Planned Parenthood Thinks Even SEX WORKERS Deserve Healthcare?

TRAFFIC SCAM. Jeezus! Is there any depth anti-abortion hate-mongers won’t sink to? They try to smear abortion care providers as abetting sex trafficking when the providers offer possibly life-saving care to sex workers, including those who may be caught up in trafficking. These ghouls send undercover “journalists”/stalkers to clinics posing as pimps. When the clinics offer to help the victims, they’re portrayed as being involved in “underage sex trafficking.” I guess the “pro-life” approach would be to cast them out for their sins and let them rot with whatever medical problems their victimhood has caused them. Compassion means care, not judgment, dickwads! 



Our LPJL Pittsburgh stop has gone next level as we #ExposeFakeClinics

Spoiler Alert: Fake clinics hate when you come armed with facts – especially when those facts come from badasses in costumes

Check out the fun we had here and once you’re all riled up – come to Mr Smalls TONIGHT, doors 7pm!


LPJL Daily Takedown – June 16, 2017

Missouri Senate Passes New Restrictions on Abortion in Late-Night Vote

Kansas City Star

NIGHT TERRORS! Anti-choice vampires in MISSOURI are stalking the night and passing harmful legislation under the cover of darkness! We’ve been keeping an eye on the shit-show that that’s going down in MISSOURI where the governor called a special session of the legislature purely to FUCK WITH ABORTION ACCESS. Last night the MO Senate passed a bill AFTER MIDNIGHT to avoid the hundreds of activists who have been rallying at the statehouse to oppose this fuckery. This bill mandates MORE inspections and investigations of abortion facilities, encourages clinic employees to turn on the clinic, and harasses pathologists who provide clinics with services. And it overturns a St. Louis law that outlaws discrimination against those who use birth control, have an abortion, or are pregnant! Some shit you HAVE to do in the dead of night!


Seattle Storm announces partnership with Planned Parenthood


SLAM DUNK! Fucking finally! For the first time, a professional sports team is partnering for an event with Planned Parenthood! The WNBA’s Seattle Storm is holding a Stand With Planned Parenthood night for July 18. $5 of each ticket sold will go to Planned Parenthood. AND there’s going to be an online auction featuring Storm swag! OH YAAASSS! At a time when PP is being wrongly harassed and attacked, it’s good to see a BIG LEAGUE sports team send the message that reproductive health and abortion care are a vital part of healthcare and that Planned Parenthood’s services are a godsend to millions of people! GO STORM!


4 Laws That Are Putting American Moms At Risk

LA Times

SHE BLINDED ME With fake SCIENCE! The Department of Health and Human Services is now being run by whack-jobs who spread anti-science lies about contraception. Religious nuttery has replaced objective science. A new article identifies four women (!) in high positions at DHHS who do everything from denying that contraception works to pushing fucking insane abstinence doctrines. One called birth control “the mother of medical malpractice” that will ruin your uterus “for baby-hosting altogether.” WTF?!? Our nation’s birth control policies are being run by Puritan lunatics


FROM THE ANTIS (Blocked Links)

Men Should Speak Out Against Abortion. Here’s Why.


MALE ORDER: The latest rage in anti-choice fucknuttery is to have men speak out against abortion. And we don’t mean the OLD WHITE MEN in statehouses and capital who write most of the anti-abortion, anti-woman laws that are constantly being foisted on us. They mean encouraging men to take part in marches, protests, and FUCKING HARASSMENT outside clinics. Guess what, dickweeds, there’s never been a shortage of self-righteous male fucks yelling and spitting at women trying to get abortion care. Dressing those pigs up as concerned male protesters won’t work! And besides, most dudes don’t exactly have procreation on their mind when they’re fucking. They’re only vaguely aware that’s how babies happen!


Democrats’ Rabid Abortion Stance Is Endangering Their Appeal To Millennials


WORD FROM THE FRONT: We at LPJL are PROUDLY and LOUDLY on the front lines of the fight to guarantee abortion rights. And we KNOW what it’s like out there! Recently the anti’s have been trying to convince themselves that support for abortion rights is endangering Democrats’ appeal to millennials! HELLO!  Most of the fucking GOP base was born before the invention of moveable type!  There’s more evidence that Hillary ran a child sex ring out of a pizza joint than there is that young people aren’t fully behind abortion rights. We’re out there every night, and so are THEY—in the audiences, in the speakouts and learning sessions, in front of the clinics, and IN THE STREETS, MOTHERFUCKERS! REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM IS THE FUTURE! Come on out to the next LPJL show and bring that message home!


Thanks for welcoming the #VagicalMysteryTour, Wichita! We spent the day with the incredible folks at Trust Women and brought down the house at Barleycorn’s! Jaye and Mehran joined the crew, and we said our goodbyes to Ian and Mehran (too soon!). Check out our FB Live recap. Next stop: Omaha! Tix & info: www.vagicalmysterytour.com



LPJL Daily Takedown – June 6, 2017

Delaware House Votes on Bill Protecting Abortion Rights

Washington Post

GOOD NEWS FROM SMALL PLACES—Little DELAWARE has taken a HUGE step forward with a bill that will keep abortion legal in Delaware if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned. The bill removes any restrictions on abortion before a fetus reaches viability. Finally, a little sanity from the states! Delaware was the first state to ratify the US Constitution—and it looks like they’re still pretty fucking into it!


Texas Bans the Safest, Most Common Abortion Procedure After 13 Weeks

San Antonio Current

TEXAS ABORTION RIGHTS GET THROWN UNDER THE OMNIBUS! Texas’s hateful SB8 bill is a veritable fountain of FUCK YOU for abortion rights, starting with the fact that it bans the safest, most common abortion procedure after 13 weeks. And Texas keeps throwing up roadblocks to make sure nobody could possibly get an abortion BEFORE 13 weeks. SB8 is like Texas’s unconstitutional HB2—times four!


Anti-Abortion Democrats Put Women at Risk


IT’S ABORTION RIGHTS, STUPID! Louisiana is becoming a sad example of what happens when Democratic politicians abandon abortion rights. Dem Governor John Bel Edwards has signed at least seven bills severely restricting abortion access as the number of clinics in Louisiana has gone from seven to only three. And it’s sapping the soul out of the Louisiana Democratic Party.

Democrats who want to ignore or even oppose abortion rights to govern on economic issues don’t get it—ABORTION IS AN ECONOMIC ISSUE! Women who can’t access abortion are three times as likely to end up in poverty. DEMS! YOU CAN’T SUPPORT EQUALITY WITHOUT SUPPORTING ABORTION RIGHTS!


“This is a war”: Inside the global “pro-family” movement against abortion and LGBT rights

Open Democracy

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! While Democrats get wishy-washy about supporting abortion (see above)—CONSERVATIVES ARE GOING TO WAR. Speakers at the World Congress of Families summit/hate orgy declared “THIS IS A WAR!” as they vowed to battle abortion, rights for women and LGBT people, and the BRADY BUNCH (really!) We can’t ignore people who say they’re going to war with us, or we’ll lose our rights, our freedoms, AND the Brady Bunch.


Colorado governor signs bill allowing women to get 12-month birth control prescriptions

The Denver Channel

We’re ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH over Colorado’s decision to allow women to get 12-month birth control prescriptions! Before this, you could only get one or three month prescriptions. HELLO? You can’t practice birth control “most of the time” any more than you can be a little bit pregnant. In a world where the anti’s are attacking even birth control, we just wanna say THANKS, COLORADO! And now, here’s Eunice’s take on it:


Vagical Mystery Tour Update!

Today on the Tour LPJL and friends are lending helping hands to the Jackson Women’s Health Organization in Jackson, Mississippi – and let’s just say, Comedian Ian Harvie has QUESTIONS THAT NEED ANSWERS.

ALSO! More exclusive video coverage during clinic escorting in Birmingham! No sleep till equality!


What Can I Do To Help?!?!

YOOOOOO! It’s been a week, to say the (very) least. Amidst the What The Fucks and the lying on the floor panic attacks, a slow drum roll is sounding in the deep. We are rising out of our This Can’t Be Real haze and asking ourselves what should we do now?! What happens next?! Why have I had my period for over a week?! (STRESSSSSSS.) What can I do that is a concrete action to help protect a woman’s right to choose and access to health care?!

Something tangible, real, doable: support independent clinics.  When people think of supporting clinics, the first thing that usually comes to mind is Planned Parenthood. Why? Because they are awesome, obvi. But in actuality there are also 100s of amazing independent abortion providers across the United States. Most people don’t even know about independent clinics but like Planned Parenthood, they also provide amazing care. And like Planned Parenthood, they could also use your support.

In trying to think of an analogy of the roles all our providers play in the abortion care landscape, it’s kinda like if Planned Parenthood was Trader Joe’s and the independent clinics were your local co-op…If your local co-op provided the majority of food to your state.

Yep. These independent clinics are often THE ONLY option for thousands and thousands of women, and in fact they provide THE MAJORITY OF ABORTION CARE for women in the United States. Add to that, they are more often than not operating inside the States most hostile toward abortion access. We need to help them continue and thrive, and we need them to know they are not alone. So, we encourage you to learn about all our wonderful abortion providers.

A few options…

Get to know ACN – they are SUCH rockstars! ACN, the Abortion Care Network, is a “national network of providers that share best practices and support each other in providing the best care to patients”.  ACN gives providers the tools to deliver the highest quality care possible and has put into place a supportive network for clinics. This organization is an incredible resource to connect to your local clinic so you can join an escort team or help in other tangible ways. Donate here to help them continue their work.

If you are low on funds, do what we do over at LPJL – write a thank you note to your local provider letting them know you appreciate their hard and important work! We here at Lady Parts Justice League have many postcard writing parties and would love to see you at the next one.

Or volunteer as an escort and walk women in and out of clinics, sheltering them from protesters with your body and spirit.

Do what feels right for you; just take some time and let these clinics know you are there for them!

And, as always if you wanna go in deep, join the Lady Parts Justice League and get some serious boots on with us!


California Scheming


HEY THERE, BUSY WOMAN-HATER! Want to dupe desperate women AND have it all be easily tax deductible? Just direct your misogynistic money through one of several California Community Foundations that will be more than willing to help you.

In a great investigative piece, Rewire exposes how charitable Community Foundations in California are being used to funnel millions of dollars into phony Crisis Pregnancy Centers that mislead and lie to pregnant women.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers are fronts used by abortion opponents to convince pregnant girls and women that they have no options other than carrying a baby to term. And they do it with lies and omissions. A recent report found that 91 percent of the Crisis Pregnancy Centers in California peddle debunked myths linking abortion to things like increased risk of breast cancer, infertility, mental health problems, suicide, and death. Many of these are young girls who don’t know what to do, and they’re being lied to about what they CAN do.

Even as these CPC’s are being funded by Community Foundations partially funded by tax dollars, the State of California has been trying to crack down on their abuses. California’s transparency law, AB 775, requires CPC’s to post a brief notice of the right to low-cost or free abortion care for women in need. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals just issued a ruling upholding that law.

But now those same CPC’s are being funded by Community Foundations. According to Rewire, the foundations insist they’re just doing the bidding of donors who can request that their contributions be directed to specific purposes in something called a “donor-advised” fund. The key word here is “ADVISED.” They don’t have to do what donors request. But then they might not get more money.

This is like, totally uncool, California. California Community Foundations shouldn’t be used as tax-exempt conduits to support organizations that try to hoodwink California women!



Amidst this week’s abundant heinous news of sexual assaults, denial of said assaults, and further attacks on the assaulted, the one bright light shining through all the utter bullshit was the outpouring of stories and solidarity from survivors who refuse to be silent.

Lady Parts Justice League’s own Lizz Winstead took to Twitter to share her own experience and stand with the hundreds of other women who came forward to do the same.

Check out the Storify of her posts here, and join the conversation with #IWillNotBeSilenced, #WhyWomenDontReport, and #ItsOnUs.

Heels on Wheels


Lies our parents told us: In the old days, when kids asked where babies come from–and you didn’t want to get into the whole deal about motile sperm surrounding a giant egg like so many Starfighters going after the Death Star–parents would tell their kids that “the stork” brought babies. That made a little sense in Central Europe, where migratory storks nest on rooftops. In America, you might as well have told kids that babies come from bigfoot fucking a unicorn.

The point is that the whole deal with “the stork” was a convenient lie about childbirth. That makes it a perfect symbol for the “Save the Storks” organization. Their whole deal is lying about the options pregnant women have. Instead of telling fairy tales to kids, they’re telling twisted stories to confused and frightened women with the intent of shaming them.

“Save the Storks” criss-cross America in smarmy “stork buses,” lurking outside abortion clinics, offering free ultrasounds. They’re mobile versions of those phony pregnancy crisis centers, using a combination of guilt and lies to coerce women into having babies if they want them or not.

According to their website, they’ve raised 2.7 million dollars and have put 20 stork buses on the road (with 20 more “on the way.”) Hmmm… those are VERY expensive buses. Maybe the Save the Storks people are telling as many lies to their donors as they’re to the women they lure into the vans.


Long Day’s Journey Into Rights


YAAASSSSS, Irish women! Wanna know what’ll happen if we allow anti-abortion doucheflaps to drag various US states into a retro swirlie of misoggy?  CHECK. IT. OUT.

Two mighty Irish women live-tweeted a 48-hour ROADTRIP (under the Twitter handle @TwoWomenTravel) from Ireland–where abortion is BANNED–to the United Kingdom so that one of them could have an abortion. WUT? Their tweetstorm broke the internet. SWERVE! They posted pics and udderly established ruleage.

The Republic of Ireland has a constitutional amendment banning abortion except to save the life of the mother. UM, NO. So what do women do? The UK’s Department of Health’s sez that 3,451 Irish women came to the UK for an abortion in 2015. That’s almost 10 a day, every day. Irish actress Tara Flynn, who spoke up about her trip to the Netherlands in 2006 for an abortion, said the Irish law “doesn’t stop women in crisis accessing abortion, it simply makes it less safe.”

CHECK. PLEASE. She might as well have been talking about laws in bookoo US states–laws that make abortion impossible to access for chumba chunks of the country. The only difference here is that women can drive for hundreds of miles instead of Aering Lingus. It can happen here. It IS happening here. Thanks for inspo, Celtic Warriors.