Ring the alarm I been through this too long

OMG did you SEE what happened on Game of Thrones last week? Cersei enacted a bunch of abortion restrictions and all but one abortion provider closed. OH DID YOU MISS THAT DELETED SCENE??

You see, in the United States, state after state, community after community, has been stripped of abortion access and their abortion rights. We’ve been ringing the alarm on these frickin’ “heartbeat” bills all year, talking about D&E bans that value propaganda over legitimate medical evidence, ditto for these “abortion reversal” bills (where they literally write into law to… Google something… def always a safe bet, “I’m feeling lucky!”). I mean, we’ve heard politicians REPEATEDLY lie SO FUCKING BLATANTLY and CRUELLY about “infanticide.” But still… media pundits, news shows, the NYTimes, people just didn’t realize that it is a legitimate CRISIS!  The stories only get covered if they’re sensational.

And look, they should be COVERED. What happened in Alabama is A TRAVESTY. The local government BLATANTLY ignored Roe v. Wade, completely, with NO EXCEPTIONS for rape and incest, and ALL with the again LITERALLY STATED express purpose of going to the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. These people are too confident now. I mean… LOOK at this LEVEL OF GERRYMANDERING!

We can’t believe Georgia passed a 6-week ban that everyone freaked out about and then Alabama was like “Ohhhh… hold our beer.”

But again, even after a WEEK the Georgia fury was winding down, we were seeing fewer and fewer tweets. If Alabama hadn’t happened, would y’all have just FORGOTTEN because you had to watch the Game of Thrones finale? Well, dear reader, maybe not you, you are loyal. But your friends for sure! So… we knew exactly what to do!

If your friends or your family don’t wanna learn about reproductive rights and abortion restrictions… we FOUND A WAY to get it to them! We made this Game of Thrones parody about all the ways rulers (or shitty politicians) can impose harsh restrictions and close clinics!

So watch, share, and get active. We honestly want to hear that Yellowhammer Fund and the POWER House have millions more dollars and hundred of new escorts by the end of the day!

Moderation in the Pursuit of Women’s Rights is NO Virtue

A great new article in Quartz puts the lie to the naive assumption that Ohio is a midwestern bastion of moderation with a reasonable and centrist governor in John Kasich. Even “Middle America” is a fringe swampland inhabited by cold-blooded monsters when it comes to abortion rights–because women’s issues are considered a specialty niche where otherwise “moderate” politicians can indulge their hidden extremists tendencies.

Deep red states like Alabama and Oklahoma get a reputation for being festering misogynistic sinkholes where reproductive rights go to die, mostly because that’s what they are. But it doesn’t mean that “moderate” states like Ohio or even solidly blue states aren’t home to some of the same anti-woman, anti-choice tendencies.

Ohio lawmakers just sent a bill to Kasich for signature that would essentially ban abortion after 6 weeks. And since it’s almost impossible to realize the need for an abortion and arrange for one in that time frame, Ohio is virtually making abortion impossible to obtain.

There’s a sordid history of Ohio meddling in reproductive rights. They were the first state to ban the so-called “partial birth” abortions (which don’t actually exist). The state also requires unnecessary ultrasounds, a 24-hour waiting period, and parental consent. And waiting in the wings are perennial attempts to pass one of those macabre fetal burial bills.

Ohio is Mississippi without the BBQ.

And their “moderate” posterboy Governor John Kasich is Mike Pence on Just For Men. NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio called him “if not the worst—among the worst of anti-choice governors in this country’s history.” The number of clinics in Ohio went from 16 to 8 under his watch. And he cheered as he watched.

You never know where the next threat to abortion rights will come from. That’s why Lady Parts Justice League watches all 50 states, 24/7, to let you know when you’re being fucked with.