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Let’s talk about this Missouri rat king anti-abortion law. You know, we heard a lot of people today complain about how the Michael Cohen testimony was a waste of time. And yet… they keep passing these completely redundant laws. Like, we’re against heartbeat bill 100%. It’s definitely unconstitutional. They’re also trying to pass a “fetal pain” bill… which is also bullshit. But they’re … for some reason… trying to pass them together? “Abortion is banned at 20 weeks and then also abortion is banned at 6 weeks and also if you get a Downs Syndrome diagnosis… which, again is impossible at 6 weeks. Basically the 6 weeks one is the only one that counts.” I mean this is so ridiculous that we hope when it’s ruled unconstitutional it all gets thrown out! Also forever reminder that now Missouri only has one clinic. So… TALK ABOUT A FUCKING WASTE OF TIME. They’re spending this much time on a bill to disrupt ONE clinic.

And speaking of rat king anti-abortion laws, Kentucky is now trying to pass a bill that says you can’t get an abortion based on the sex, race, or disability of the fetus. This is another GREAT example of the anti-abortion fuckwads trying to pretend they are SOOOOO empathetic and kind to people with disabilities. Meanwhile, once they are born, somehow these anti-abortion creeps are GONE when it comes to demanding funding for special education. Also the only people seeking “abortion based on sex” are anti-choicers disguising themselves in clinics and trying to film some provider.
So anyway, we know y’all are watching Cohen but just a reminder that a bunch of states are trying to pass heartbeat bills and that needs to stop! OK back to MSNBC!

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