So Long, Vagical Mystery Tour, Thanks For All the Activism

We just got back from the Vagical Mystery Tour and boy back from the Vagical Mystery Tour and boy are our arms tired… from all the beautification projects we did at abortion clinics! The tour was a lot of work, but it was so rewarding to provide a helping hand, to spread awareness, to register voters, to help destigmatize abortion!

We met some incredible abortion providers along the way and heard the stories of all the ways they help people and all the ways they are hindered by sidewalk screamers. And we had some fun counter-protesting those fetalists who harrass clinic workers daily.

Relive some of the highlights of our tour in our photos here. Watch some of our #ExposeFakeClinics actions. And rock out like we did in Minneapolis here.

One thing the tour reminded us is how much work still needs to be done. So if you want to help us fight back again next summer, consider donating. And if you want to do something right now, volunteer to be a clinic escort near you! Plan a counter protest against a shitty fake clinic in your neighborhood. Or join our email list because we’ll be doing something very soon (~*~*purposely being vague).

Until next year… the Vagical Mystery Tour bus is docked.


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