Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Y’all it is snowing, so we don’t know about you but we’re gonna feel some joy and go out and enjoy it! But first, some quick hit news. First things first, shoutout to Bustle, our true love, who not only writes that kickass Abortion AMA every. Damn. day. But now they’re also shouting out our beloved independent clinics! We love it! If you wanna do more you can always send them a postcard through our thank bank!

Let’s all hope NEW YORK steps it up for once and passes the Reproductive Health Act in the new year (and if you live here, def put pressure on your senator!).

We’ve found the book we are least looking forward to in 2019!

And if you’re not really up for going outside (or you’re chained to your desk at work) watch this great video of Lizz Winstead and Em Odesser for Teen Vogue’s new series I Was You.

All fired up and want somewhere to go?

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