Highly-Specific Targeted Legislation

Y’all, let’s talk about concentrated acts of aggression. Because we’re so busy being mad at how much politicians target clinics that we like, don’t stop to think about how… hilarious that is. Like, take Kentucky, they have ONE abortion clinic. But the governor is trying to pass a law to stop the clinic from being able to do THE safest possible procedure for second trimester abortions. Terrible, right? It might close! But also… this is a hilariously specific way to spend your time. Like, all these republicans are effectively wasting taxpayer time and money to stop… like 3 doctors from performing a procedure.That’s ridiculous. That’s so few people! That’d be like if Mayor Bill De Blasio said, “Lorne Caldwell, you specifically, cannot ride the 6 subway line.” And I was like “No, then I can’t get to work!” And he was like, “Well, I’ve spent the past three years working on this law and I’ve run on that campaign for two elections and won, so nope, sorry, take another subway line.” And then wouldn’t it be crazy if the rest of New York didn’t say,  “Hey… maybe… stop focusing all your energy on how Lorne Caldwell gets to work and … fix some other problems.” Except, abortion clinics run like, a billion times smoother than the fucking subway. And the people affected if I can’t get to work are infinitesimal compared to the number of people affected if one clinic closes!

So anyway, what we’re saying is that imagine if ALL the energy anti-choice politicians spent trying to like, specifically target 5 people working at a Planned Parenthood or Jim who performs abortions on Friday at one clinic… was spent doing ACTUAL GOOD! Like … oh, idk, helping people get healthcare.

What a world that’d be!

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