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Lady Parts Justice League Is Serving Up #FactsYouCanSwallow On International Safe Abortion Day

By LPJL Founder, Lizz Winstead

This post originally appeared on Huffpo on 09/28/2017 01:45 pm ET

Let me ask you this: what if you could just take a pill that could help guarantee your autonomy, reinforce your ability to make the important decisions regarding your own life, assert control over your body, and thwart repressive forces trying to take away your rights? That pill is available now!

OK, it’s a bit more complicated than that… but the abortion pill is changing the ways in which women can terminate unwanted pregnancies—and the ways that other people can try to prevent them from exercising that option.

The funny feminist provocateurs at my latest project, Lady Parts Justice League have launched a new video called “The Abortion Pill: Facts You Can Swallow” to spread the word about the ease and safety of using the abortion pill.

Over 3 million women in the U.S. have already used the abortion pill successfully—and their experiences show it to be overwhelmingly safe and effective. Stats available from Planned Parenthood demonstrate that the abortion pill is 98 percent effective in the first eight weeks of pregnancy, 96 percent effective from 8-9 weeks, and 93 percent from 9-10 weeks.

Less than 1 percent of medication abortions resulted in serious side effects or an incomplete abortion according to a Princeton study. As our video points out—and science confirms—abortion is safer than a routine colonoscopy.

The part that gets tricky is (SURPRISE!) the restrictive laws around any abortion procedure—and that very much depends on what state you live in. The FDA has approved medication abortions for the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. It’s available at your local clinic—if you’re lucky enough to have one—or from your OB/GYN.

In many states, mandatory waiting periods apply, as they do for all abortion procedures. And some states require the prescribing doctor be present when you take the pill. Abortion rights activists like us at LPJL are fighting to get rid of those restrictions.

But the very existence of a pill that you can use in the privacy of your own home to exercise one of your fundamental rights is a HUGE step forward in safeguarding that right!

At LPJL, we exist to help protect those rights, to call out those who mess with them, and to make you laugh in the process. Check out the video—it’s hilarious. Then share it and follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter! #FactsYouCanSwallow

America’s Charmaine Yoest Infection

Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Price is a nasty mix of equal parts misogyny, meanness, and outright corruption. Now he and Donald Trump are busy staffing the Department of Health and Human Services with minions who make a mockery of the terms “Health,” “Human,” AND “Services.”

Case in point: the selection of Charmaine Yoest, the former president and CEO of Americans United For Life as SPOKESPERSON for all things related to medicine and public health.

While running AUL,Yoest oversaw the creation of almost every piece of anti abortion legislation passed on a state level in the last decade, including HB2, the Texas law Wendy Davis filibustered and was ruled as unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court in 2016.

Yep, just when it seemed like we couldn’t get any more garbage heapy than Tom Price, his appointed mouthpiece is even worse! WHAT?!

Watch as Rachel Maddow brilliantly breaks down some of the science-free things Charmaine Yoest has claimed about abortion, birth control, LGBTQ issues, and also some extra rancho cucamonga musings about how she thinks life works. Yikes! Yoest is literally the TRAP LAW QUEEN and in the world of repro, this woman has peddled more myths than Bullfinch.

As Maddow pointed out, one myth Charmaine loves to peddle is that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. She likes to cite her experience as a breast cancer survivor–which just makes lying about it even more disturbing. In fact, 53 studies that included 83,000 women found no link at all between abortion and breast cancer. It’s a lie that’s been debunked by the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.


And Maddow’s discoveries are just the tip of the condom.

My team at Lady Parts Justice League dug up some of her other terrifying false facts, citing this gaggle of quacks as her “experts”.

She mind-blowingly refuses to accept that birth control reduces the number of abortions! When asked about a study that showed a 60 to 80 percent drop in the abortion rate among women who received free birth control, Yoest insisted, “It’s really a red herring that the abortion lobby likes to bring up by conflating abortion and birth control.” She later said she hadn’t “seen anything” that showed contraception reduces the number of abortions. I can’t.

My favorite is that Yoest claims IUDs have “life-ending properties.” Ok. You got me. An IUD is a “Life-ending property.”

So is a Venus razor or a pair of nail clippers if you wanna be technical about it.

What an IUD isn’t, is an abortion, another lie she loves rattling off.

ACTUALLY- What an IUD does is prevent a fertilized egg from becoming a pregnancy in the first place. #FUNFACT- You can’t have an abortion if you’re not pregnant- but how excellent that this kind of scientific brainpower will be used to speak on behalf of our nation’s health policy.

In this new job, Charmaine Yoest will be in charge of messaging. (It’s probably not a great sign that she’s been deleting her old batshit blog posts). As an anti-abortion activist, she’s made several, unchallenged appearances on national television spewing falsehoods about reproductive health care, and now she’s the lying mouthpiece for our nation’s Department of Health and Human Services.

We at LPJL decided we could not sit by and let dangerous lies like these go unchallenged, so we got ourselves an actual doctor, took some inspiration from everyone’s favorite myth busting show, and made a video that smacks down many of the Yoest falsehoods using some facts cosigned by actual science.

Through our videos, we at LPJL have been exposing the shenanigans of Charmaine Yoest and her cronies for years. But we’re SO fed up with anti-choice extremists lying to people, harassing clinics, and passing anti-choice legislation, that we are dedicating our entire summer fighting back and correcting the record with with our Vagical Mystery Tour, a star-studded 16-city, comedy and music tour. We’re traveling all through the south and the midwest bringing pop culture into the repro space and repro into pop culture, all the while giving local communities opportunities to connect with their clinics and keep the fight going. It’s meaningful fun of the highest order. Support LPJL, and grab tickets today!




Just a Pill

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee starts hearings on Neil Gorsuch, who has been nominated by the Pussy-Grabber-In-Chief to be the vote on the Supreme Court that finally overturns Roe v Wade. While Dems in the Senate try to get to the well-concealed facts about Judge Neil, we thought it would be a good time to spread a few actual facts about abortion and birth control.

But first, here’s a little known reproductive fact about potential conservative Supreme Court Justices–they aren’t really born. They’re hatched in rightwing think tanks like the Heritage Foundation. Then, they spend their entire pre-SCOTUS lives in total darkness.   

That means that, despite being sent to the finest law schools, clerking for other Justices, and serving as appellate court judges, they very carefully and very intentionally leave little or no paper trail of writings or decisions on abortion-related issues. That way when their Senate Judiciary Committee hearings come up, their obvious hostility to reproductive rights isn’t hung around their necks like a misogynistic albatross.

Sure enough, Judge Gorsuch has been the ideal stealth justice-in-waiting. His views on abortion have to be surmised from things like his opinions on assisted suicide. That way you technically don’t know for sure what you’re getting until it votes to take your control over your own body away from you.

It’s similar to the campaign of lies and misinformation about the science around birth control and abortion. When anti-choice nutjobs say that certain methods of birth control like the IUD and the Plan B pill are forms of abortion, they’re just plain wrong. And we mean “wrong” as in scientifically, factually, welcome-to-reality WRONG.

 PillStill3b (1)
In fact, it’s plain and simple enough that we were able to put it into cartoon form. Check it out here. It’s all in an easy-to-swallow format that you can enjoy while Senate Republicans try to ram Neil Gorsuch down your throat.


Watch more Lady Parts Justice League videos on Youtube. 

Let’s Be the Generation That Ends Hyde #BeBoldEndHyde

Have you watched our new video about the history of the Hyde Amendment? Have you shared it with everyone in your life? Learn more and take action at AllAboveAll.org.

Watch more Lady Parts Justice League videos on Youtube. 

TRAP Law 101 Class

The biggest abortion case in 23 years is going before the U.S. Supreme Court on March 2nd and most people have absolutely no idea it’s happening! This decision will greatly effect access to abortion. Let me repeat. THIS DECISION WILL GREATLY AFFECT ACCESS TO ABORTION!

The case, Whole Woman’s Health V. Hellerstedt, will review a type of abortion regulation known as TRAP laws. (TRAP stands for Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers!) TRAP laws unfairly regulate clinics with an end-goal of shutting them down.

TRAP law examples include: requiring abortion doctors to obtain admitting privileges at a nearby hospital (i.e. a woman needs a note from her local hospital —> many of which will not give “permission”) and mandate that abortion facilities meet the requirements of ambulatory surgical centers. More dangerous than abortions (statistically speaking, if you are into facts and those sort of things) is getting your wisdom teeth pulled. Do those facilities need to meet the standards of a surgical center?! No, they do not. (When they find teeth in a women’s vagina maybe they will start regulating dentists.)

What all this means is that although abortion is technically legal, restrictions on clinics make it nearly impossible and incredibly expensive to keep a clinic open. TRAP laws, mandatory waiting periods, and abortion bans are leaving women with fewer options and more challenges that ever for seeking abortions. Taking all of these different restrictions into account (a total of 49 states have compromised abortion access since 1973 when abortion became a legal constitutional right) we see the message to women loud and clear “YEAH YOU CAN HAVE AN ABORTION – GOOD LUCK TRYING TO FIND A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN GET ONE!”

SOOOOOOO for the month of February we here at Lady Parts Justice League are dropping a video a week explaining TRAP Laws and what is at stake. Think of it as a TRAP LAW 101 Class in the form of our favorite mode of expose —> POP CULTURE REFERENCES!!!

Today we are releasing our second video of the month showcasing America’s favorite pastime: reality shows about houses! Fixing houses! Finding new houses! Where in my house can I take away women’s right?! Wait, what….

So why is finding a home easier than getting a healthcare procedure?! Oh yeah, because of TRAP Laws! This is not your nana’s house huntin’! Follow Susan as she figures out what abortion clinic best fits with her finances and needs. It’s an abortion adventure on a budget. Check out ‘Clinic Hunters’!

P.S. Comparing women’s reproductive rights to reality shows about houses feels really creepy! IT’S TIME FOR US ALL TO BE SO CREEPED OUT that we get out there and say ‘NO MORE’! Pay attention, get your panties in a knot, vote, vote, vote, make noise, join the Lady Parts Justice League!

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Dealing With Shame. Guest Blogger: Pete Lee (Comedian and Masturbation Survivor)

I want to share my masturbation story. It’s not a story with a happy ending… despite what masturbation advocates may tell you. No, the real story of masturbation is one of shame… shame, confusion, and an overwhelming sense of regret.

You don’t feel the shame right away after your masturbation. There are too many conflicting emotions. You just want to forget what you just did to yourself… and to the precious life that you ejected from your testicles.

But soon enough, it hits you. Everything seems to remind you of your masturbation. The laughter of young children at a playground just torments you with thoughts of your wasted sperm–sperm that will never get the chance to laugh and play on a swingset.

Hollywood glamorizes masturbation. In our permissive society, it’s just something that people do if they’re “hip” or “cool.” But they don’t talk about the messy aftermath of a masturbation… and the stains that never go away.

I want young men who are thinking about masturbating, or who may be masturbating right now, to picture me when they do it. I want them to think about what I did to myself, to picture me doing it. Maybe, just maybe, that will make them stop what they’re doing. If it does, then everything is worth it.

When you perform a masturbation, you’re not thinking of the years of shame and remorse that are going to follow. The men in this video certainly weren’t. And now they’re sorry. Listen to their stories, think about mine–and make your own decision. I pray it’s the right one.


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