Year of the Scammer: Obria Edition

Look scammers CAN be fun, but only when they are scamming rich people outta tons of money. THEY ARE NOT FUN when they prey on people who are in vulnerable situations. We’re looking at you ELIZABETH HOLMES!

And furthermore, we’re looking at fucking Obria. Y’all we’ve been on the Obria beat FOR A MINUTE. We think they’re like, the biggest scammers out there. And yet SOMEHOW they keep getting money. SOMEHOW!!

They got ALL this effing Title X money… for what… not talking about fucking abortion. And now the Guardian has this great article about how this deceptive group was awarded $150k by Google in FREE AD MONEY GRANTS! How effed up is that?

So OK one thing that the anti-abortion extremists try to tell us is like “How dare you get mad at us we are JUST PROVIDING HEALTHCARE!” and like… spare us this forever, like you’re out here saying ectopic pregnancies can just be moved ANYWHERE… we know your game.

But but but, ok fine, let’s do a thought experiment where you are just a “life-affirming” (lol IMAGINE thinking it is WITTY to call your company “life-affirming.” Like, abortion is life-affirming, you jerks!) org that hates abortion and wants to give people pregnancy tests they can buy in the store. Fine. That’s bad enough, but fine. EXCEPT….

What you ACTUALLY do is lie to people who are trying to make rough decisions, you exploit GOOGLE searches so that you come up before ACTUAL clinics that can help you, and you spout the same lies that fake clinics have been using for AGES. Let’s dive in to their sites:

OK so right off the bat LOL at being like “Our goal is to make you stop going to abortion clinics and stop being friends with them.” HEAVEN FORBID a person have a RELATIONSHIP with the place they receive healthcare.

Moving on:

OK so, this is a STALLING tactic and unbelievably cruel. It’s vague but menacing. “Hey if you have an STD you might not even be able to GET an abortion.” UMMMMM… nope, not a thing. You can still get an abortion. But there’s NOTHING they love more than delaying you until the abortion becomes later and thus more expensive.

This is the CLASSIC fake clinic line. “Well like, a lot of people miscarry, so don’t worry.” It’s frankly, a ridiculous stalling tactic too that is the opposite of how ANY actual medical professional would talk to a person. “Well, sometimes these things just take care of themselves.” How fucking blasé can you be about a thing you claim to care so much about!! Also they sneakily say they provide “abortion information” … which is nothing. But it DOES trick people into thinking they can get an abortion with this fake clinic. The other sneaky thing they do is not print on their website the lies they will tell about abortion (a safe medical procedure). But… we’re SURE they have some horrifying pamphlets.

We really can’t get over how condescending this whole thing is. It’s FINE to have different emotions after an abortion, fine to want a community to share it. BUT this is SOOO OBVIOUSLY shaming. “Impacted by abortion” as if it’s a CRISIS as if it’s a tragedy. We can’t imagine people this condescending being remotely “holistic.”

Fake clinics gonna fake clinic, and we gotta fight back. Especially when Google and Facebook will BURY our ads when we are positive about abortion yet SOMEHOW AWARD THIS GARBAGE GROUP MONEY! Go to to learn more about what you can do to help call out these places. Help make sure people do not get TRICKED!
P.S. They also hate birth control. LOL OK bye.

Now That We’ve Got the Momentum

Honestly, y’all, nothing we loved more than the enthusiasm we saw last week coming out of the LEGIT MONSTROSITY that was the new Georgia abortion law. We loved seeing people tweeting and getting furious and donating!

But just remember, for us, what happened last week was just kinda a business as usual week for us here, as we’ve been covering the erosion of abortion rights for a WHILE. I mean, that guy in Ohio who wanted to MAKE UP a medical procedure rather than like… believe women can understand their bodies… he was legit ridonkey kong. BUT across the United States anti-abortion troublemakers have been trying to ban safe medical procedures for YEARS. Take KENTUCKY who last week struck down a dilation and evacuation ban, because some politicians were like “We just want to make this a MORE COMPLICATED procedure than it has to be because we are COMPASSIONATE.” We can’t give up y’all, with people like this constantly knocking at the doors of abortion access.

And while we LOVE that y’all are donating to places like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, a really great and powerful and EFFECTIVE way to help people ON THE GROUND is to donate to INDEPENDENT providers! Because giving money to big orgs is great for sure, but SMALLER orgs really really need your cash! And they especially need it in Georgia because although the clinics ARE STILL OPEN the big campaign of people tweeting about this news is causing a lot of pregnant people in Georgia to be confused. SO, the clinics stays open and YOU donate to the clinic!

Here’s where to start:

Give some money to the badass activists and providers at the Feminist Women’s Health Center.

Then donate some time and money to the POWER House in Alabama.

Then give to ARC Southeast in Atlanta!

And then to the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund!

And finally (for now, but legit, we have a LONG list of places and you can just EMAIL us about it!) the activists at the Yellowhammer Fund are relentless and def need your money!  

Thanks For Finally Paying Attention … Now Let’s Get to Work

Well well well, this week really put reproductive rights at the forefront of the conversation! We’re not really sure what about the Georgia bill particularly sparked fire (I mean, y’all there have been so many states pushing these 6-week bans this year, Kentucky and Mississippi signed their own “heartbeat” bills already, Iowa did it last year), we sort of assume because so many places film there. But to all our new radical abortion rights extremists we’d just like to say, get in, the water’s… ON FIRE!! The extremists are the NEW NORM! It’s time to get to work!

We’re happy to see a few in the film industry boycotting filming in Georgia! Marvel, Netflix, time to pull out too. We def understand people worried about the citizens of Georgia who might lose jobs because of these boycotts! But Georgia politicians are already costing their constituents millions of dollars in legal fees. And they’re hurting their constituents by not dealing with ACTUAL issues like maternal mortality. So… if they’re just gonna steal elections too, it’s time to hit politicians where it hurts, the bottom line.

So again, now that we’ve GOT YOUR ATTENTION here are a few things we’d love you to do. ONE: Abortion Providers get an ENORMOUS amount of hate on Mother’s Day! We sent Thank Bank postcards to over a hundred clinics! If you send a postcard now… it prob won’t get there in time for Mother’s Day… but it’s still worth it to send one! And FOR Mother’s Day just donate DIRECTLY to your local independent clinic! And donate to abortion funds like the Yellowhammer Fund!

Also, not to be shameless– but donate to US! We haven’t OFFICIALLY officially announced yet… but we’ve got a GREAT action on the road this year to combat anti-choicers! Watch this space!


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Masculinity So Fragile

Masculinity So Fragile

Y’all this week has been a PRIME example of “masculinity so fragile” and we are living for it. I mean, all the ways in which they say “host body” is truly next-level denying our humanity, and we are of course, fucking pissed off about it, but we’ve decided to adopt a bit of a condescending “Oh no boo boo, you poor thing, you don’t understand SHIT about bodies.” Take all the warrior women on Twitter explaining that SIX WEEKS is after your LAST PERIOD not your MISSED PERIOD. LOL boys, wish we could show you a picture of all the STUFF that is in our tampons/underwear when we have a period that is NORMAL! EVERY MONTH! The harrowing experience for you… would be beautiful.

Then we’ve got truly, a next level self-own from Ohio politicians with this “let’s ban all birth control… we def understand how birth control works … we are def NOT Steve Carrell saying ‘I love lamp’ in Anchorman” bill. So here is a … direct quote, from this guy pushing the bill “Part of that treatment would be removing that embryo from the fallopian tube and reinserting it in the uterus so that is defined as not an abortion under this bill.” We truly love this so much… we love that they are JUST MAKING UP SCIENCE SO BLATANTLY! And like, it’s a quote that they… put in a newspaper. That some other idiot will read and be like “Hmm, why don’t they do that??” BECAUSE PREGNANCY IS NOT LIKE THE ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER MOVIE JUNIOR!

And finally finally, Alabama politicians clearly know (we aren’t sure how lol) there is a LOT of heat around the abortion issue this week (honestly, a good amount, wish it was this much every week, this shit is happening every week STAY INFORMED!) and have therefore tabled the TOTAL ABORTION BAN they are trying to pass. Well, we actually aren’t sure what happened besides TOTAL CHAOS on the Senate floor. But one thing we know for certain: these fucks are SOOOOO worried about getting their “personhood” language to the Supreme Court that they are MAD that politicians wants to add exceptions for rape and incest. “No, this isn’t about them… it’s about ME of course and getting MY definition of personhood into the history books!”

As has become the saying of this era “the cruelty is the point.”

Don’t let it win.


Alabama, Louisiana, and More Terrible, No Good, Bills

The Georgia 6-week abortion ban, two weeks after you get your period, before you even would know you’re pregnant, before you’d prob know if you missed your period if you flew on a plane or something or just have a not very predictable period, is garbage. It’s so extreme that it has an effect it probably didn’t intend: people are taking notice. Even the liberals who pretend not to notice as reproductive rights are being stripped away… they’re taking notice. And we like that! Not to call anyone out! Just to say, bout time everyone, this has been going on for A WHILE.

Case in point … this bill has already passed in Iowa (and gotten blocked… lolol… sorry not sorry). And in Louisiana, their very own 6-week ban is getting closer to getting passed (if Mississippi’s law is upheld… lol way to try to pass this bill and ALSO not face the huge judicial costs this kinda shit show causes).

And finally, in Alabama today they’re ALSO trying to pass an EVEN MORE restrictive abortion bill… that does away with all this “weeks” arbitrariness and is just like “performing any abortion is a felony.” Except… if you’re life is at risk. OR… now with rape and incest exceptions (guess they didn’t like the argument that these bills seem to value child rapists over children who are raped).

But OK, we love how when liberals have internal debates it’s like “OK are we being TOLERANT enough.” And when it’s anti-choicers it’s like “How can we be as cruel as possible???” See, if it wasn’t people’s lives on the line, this article would be kinda funny. Basically the person who wrote this Alabama bill thinks they have come up with the PERFECT argument for PERSONHOOD beginning at conception (which again LOLOL, LOLOLOL, we can’t believe we have to argue with just CHAOS. Do y’all KNOW how bodies work? Lol here’s a great sentence “You have women, whose bodies house babies.” LOLOLOLOL, y’all have SOOOO much trouble trying to justify taking away rights.

Anyway we love that the people defending this bill have to make the FUNDAMENTALLY BONKERS ARGUMENT that they need to not include rape and incest because they WANT to have the PERFECT definition of personhood. And guess what… for them the perfect definition doesn’t include rape victims.

So anyway… it’s a straight up nightmare out there. Follow Alabama Women’s Center for updates and as always donate to the Yellowhammer Fund.

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