Undue Burden: An Explainer

Hello friends, ready for a little history lesson from my Ethics 101 course in journalism. So Jacobellis v. Ohio was a famous obscenity case that the Supreme Court decided in 1964. It’s famous, among other reasons, because Justice Potter Stewart (who was a real justice not a combo of the names of the bad guy in It’s a Wonderful Life and the lead actor of It’s a Wonderful Life) said he couldn’t quite DEFINE obscenity but “I know it when I see it.”

Now, besides from being a literal lol (cuz like, we just like to imagine Stewart looking at dungeon porn and being like “Hmm, yes, yes, this is it.”) it’s also… effectively useless. Like, not that we want to read the Supreme Court being like “OK if he thrusts three times then it count, but two… grey area.” But… like give us a definition here, guys.

This is basically what “undue burden” is too. A bullshit term coined in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, “undue burden” is allowing a bunch of randos (which is what the Supreme Court is now) decide how much you should have to suffer or go through to get the care you need. And it’s like, don’t we already have enough of this in this country with FUCKING HEALTH INSURANCE BEING WHAT IT IS???

This all brings us to Susan Collins being her Susan Collins-est and saying (through a spokesperson) that we probably didn’t read Kavanaugh’s dissent  (in the Louisiana TRAP law case that said providers had to have admitting privileges with local hospitals) and that he didn’t say he hated Roe at ALL in what he wrote. And to this we say: Girl, c’mon! We can read between the lines.  

The dissent was SOOO effing boring, but we did read the whole thing. And we won’t bore you with a huge quote from it,  but read it here, and see that what Kavanaugh DOES say is he doesn’t really think it’s an undue burden, because it only affects three of the four doctors performing abortions. LOLOLOLOL! And because the doctors have 45 days to try to get admitting privileges. And like, if they don’t then they can just go to court again and waste more of their effing time.

This is a lot of dancing around actually SAYING anything, except that you don’t give a fuck about patients. Like, sure, maybe these doctors WILL find admitting privileges in 45 days. Maybe elephants will fly out of my butthole. The point is that the ONLY reason the Louisiana law exists is TO CREATE AN UNDUE BURDEN. It’s so effing obvious. It’s EXACTLY what happened in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt  and there are not SUBTLE differences because the PERCENTAGE of doctors affected is different. Come the FUCK ON! Like, this is splitting hairs at an ABSURD level to avoid taking a side ALL WHILE clearly making your opinion known.

Like, no DUH, Susan Collins, Kavanaugh wasn’t gonna write “I hate abortion, abortion is bad” in his feces as his way of undermining Roe. He’s just gonna undermine it by being like “Well, actually… it’s not THAT hard to drive 100 miles” every effing chance he gets.

And the thing is we KNEW this was who he was going to be because he did the EXACT SAME THING in the Jane Doe case. His dissent there also wasn’t “I hate abortion,” but it was a little more obvious, some more feigned concern and like “well, why can’t we just TRY to see if MAYBE she can wait a little longer to get her abortion.”  
So no, we will NOT be gaslit, Susan. If this makes you worked up, sign the petition to tell her to stop being a hypocrite and VOTE her pro-choice values when it picking justices!

Kenya Martin on the Importance of Storytelling

Kenya Martin used to work as an abortion counselor in Texas and now she’s the Communications Program Coordinator for We Testify, a program of the National Network of Abortion Funds. She chatted with LPJL about her personal abortion story sharing experience and why she advocates for abortion.

On telling her own story to Team LPJL at the Abortion Care Network Conference:

That’s when I started to realize, “Oh, I’m just a storyteller. I don’t even know these people and I just told them my whole abortion story.”

It’s just amazing how your life comes full circle.

I worked at an abortion clinic where I’d received services the month before. I became very ill while I was in the office. I started experiencing the most excruciating pain. They did an ultrasound and they sent me to the emergency room, because they felt like one of my fallopian tubes was threatening to rupture.

So I went to the hospital and discovered I had an ectopic pregnancy. I had ruptured one of my fallopian tubes and I was bleeding internally. I had to have emergency surgery. So after all that happened I was just like, “Oh my goodness! My abortion clinic saved my life!” This is the place that I’ve gone to before for services and they saved me again.

And I wanted to do more. I went to my follow-up appointment two weeks later and I asked, “Are you guys hiring?” The doctor who owns the clinic  actually delivered my daughter 18 years ago and he’s done my abortions. His wife is the nurse practitioner so I was seeing her. I’ve always admired them. I’ve loved them like my family and I wanted to work for them. I expressed it that day and she was like, “Well just go to the clinic and see. I’m sure they could find something for you to do.”  And sure enough they hired me.

I wanted to be able to provide the same kind of compassionate care that I received. That’s why I say it’s just amazing how your life comes full circle and something that seems so terrible at the time can happen in your life and it leads you to what your true purpose is. And I’ve been searching for it for a long time. I’ve always felt like I’m supposed to be doing something else; so much more.

My life was spared so I can tell my truth and help people.  

At my first Abortion Care Network Conference, meeting people like LPJL & We Testify and sharing my story with everybody I was like, Wow how am I here right now? How is all of this happening? It’s all making sense! Every abortion that I had was for me to get to this day where I can help other people not feel shameful about what they’re going through.  And we don’t have to be hush hush about doing what was best for our lives.

I am honored to be able to do this work and finally make sense of my life after everything that had happened.

On Why Storytelling is So Important to Her, Now More Than Ever:

The most important thing to share when telling your story is just your personal truth. No two stories are the same. They’re not synonymous. They don’t always intertwine. But what is the same is that it was an abortion. You did what you knew was best at the time.  

Right now we need to dispel some of the myths and make abortion more relatable. Pairing an actual person with the story, connecting a real person with the procedure or the medication abortion process, whichever option they chose, having someone actually say “This is why I made this choice”.

Especially right now with what’s going on with the bills [in New York and Virginia] about later abortion…. What I’m seeing on social media are people being really ugly about it. I mean saying really nasty things and demoralizing people. It shows that people don’t actually understand later abortion. Hearing the story from someone who actually experienced it is most valuable. We don’t need the politicians to tell our stories. We don’t really need third parties to tell our stories. We need to hear the story from the person that actually experienced it.

I started talking about my abortion during my time working in the abortion clinic providing pre-procedural, informed consent counseling. That’s explaining the abortion process and their options, like the medication abortion option versus the surgical procedure option, and answering questions so they could make the best decision for themselves. Most importantly, I made sure that an abortion was a choice they were making solely on their own, free of coercion. Informed consent counseling involves logistical paperwork. It explains what is required by law for the clinic to tell the patient, explaining, especially in Texas, that what the law requires isn’t fact-based, but legally you have to read them the required language.

I would notice how distraught they were about even being in the clinic and having to consider an abortion. They would be so torn up, blaming and judging themselves very harshly. I started telling them, “You are human just like I am. I sat on the other side of that table, just the same as you. I have had abortions. I was doing what was best for my life and you are doing what’s best for you. If there wasn’t a need for abortion clinics they would not exist. You have to trust that you’re making the best decision for you and that’s it. And if this is not something that you can live with, then don’t do it. But if this is something that you know is gonna be good for you, your family, your life as a whole, then this what you should focus basing your decision on.”

And then I would share my situation and what led me to my abortion. I would see the tone of the conversation would change. Their body language would change. They would feel relieved that they weren’t alone. Because they’d never been in contact with somebody who told them, “I had an abortion too.”

On Multiple Abortion Stigma:

A lot of people really carry this deep-rooted shame for having to go to an abortion clinic more than once. When really you’re just taking care of yourself. You are going back to a clinic [where] you received really good services, that gave you really good care, that helped you talk through things, supported you in doing what’s best for you. It’s not necessary to be ashamed about that.

They would be beating themselves up like, I cannot believe I’m here again. I can’t believe I let myself get in this situation. I should know better, having a lot of negative self-talk. So then I would say, “Look, I have had to sit on the other side of that table more than once myself. Life happens. Life will continue to happen. You’ve gone to the dentist more than once. You’ve probably had more than one cavity. You took care of it. It’s no different. If you don’t want to do this more than once you don’t have to. But if you do, you are making the best option for your life and there’s no shame in that.”

I saw that sharing that story was helpful with changing multiple abortion stigma. Because it is a real stigma. I know so many people who will not talk about it, who will never say they did it more than once. You have people who aren’t even comfortable saying they did it once, so they’re really uncomfortable saying they did it more than once. It’s been really helpful sharing with people that multiple abortion stories do exist. It’s real, and not uncommon. And there’s nothing wrong with seeking services more than once.

Because had I carried each pregnancy to term, I would still be judged. If I have six abortions, I’m a single black woman who’s irresponsible. So either way I’m gonna be talked about. So, let’s just call it what it is: I did what was best for me. The person who chooses to have six children did what was best for them. I would share that the doctor told me it’s a safe medical procedure. You can have as many abortions as you need to. And then some people come back and say, “But using abortion for birth control.” But I mean, it is. So what!?! If this is what I choose to use as my form of birth control then that’s my choice. But let’s shut that down right there. We can’t let others define a conversation so that it puts us in a defensive position for doing what is best for our lives.

I also felt it important to ask people what would you do if you called the clinic for services and we were no longer open? How would it make you feel about not having abortion as an option and having someone make that choice for you by taking your right away? I would then say, “Be glad that we’re still open. Be glad that when you call that phone someone answered.” This is why it’s important to remove the shame and start talking about it openly. This is the way we take back our power and normalize it. This is how we are going to help keep clinics open.

Gram the Van Check In

Today is very stressful. We’re waiting for the Supreme Court to decide if Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt was just a big JK and we need to riot in the streets. You see, Louisiana passed an admitting privileges TRAP law (similar to the one that the Supreme Court said was UNCONSTITUTIONAL in Whole Woman’s) and yet for some reason this is still going to the Supreme Court.

And we couldn’t help but find this whole thing rather… ironic (is that the right word?), given what Lady Parts Justice League is doing this week. See, while apparently all abortion clinics need to be state of the art facilities full of medically unnecessary equipment (costing providers money and costing patients much needed healthcare), apparently FAKE clinics can just be like, vans.

Yes, there are these creepy vans rolling around trying to prey on vulnerable pregnant people, and for some reason A LOT OF PEOPLE SEEM TO BE PRETTY CHILL WITH THE WHOLE THING.

We are not, however, and we made this video to show you exactly how insidious these places are.

So make sure to #GramtheVan this week and from now on whenever you see one of these vans out and about. And don’t forget to head over to ExposeFakeClinics.com where they have all the info you need about where to spot these monster vans. And no, we don’t mean Monster vans, we’d take a free energy drink over a free ultrasound from a stranger ANY DAY.

RHA and SOTU and OSA

You know in the presidential debate when then candidate Trump talked about ripping babies from the womb in the ninth month as a form of abortion? And you were like “This is just wrong and hopefully we will not ever have to think about it again because everyone can realize it is wrong.”

Well, because we live in truly the worst nightmare timeline, instead of this just being a stupid remark it’s become… a hill every right winger wants to die on.

And so it goes that during the State of the Union last night we had to once again hear about how important and beautiful babies are from a person who, again, ripped REAL babies from their parents when they tried to seek asylum.

We are very very tired of having to say that OBVIOUSLY at nine months PEOPLE ARE NOT JUST CASUALLY HAVING ABORTIONS! It’s just so disingenuous and offensive that the other side has decided to grip onto this obvious lie and just roll with it. Because the people who are actually hurt by these kinds of bans are people who have maybe picked out the crib, painted the room, planned for a birth, and then are given the worst news of their life. And that worst news is followed by constantly having to hear idiot sidewalk screamers and anti-abortion jerks sneer at them  and make their medical planning harder.

So we’d just encourage everyone to read and share these stories this week. First the story on Abortion Patients: “The stories we hear being told about later abortion in this national discussion are not our stories. They do not reflect our choices or experiences. These hypothetical patients don’t sound like us or the other patients we know. The barbarous, unethical doctors in these scenarios don’t sound like the people who gave us compassionate care.”

And also read and force those PRAISING the State of the Union to read these heartbreaking stories from the Guardian.

And just stop this lie about people wanting to terminate a pregnancy at 9 months just for fun. It’s not true and it’s very hurtful. It emboldens extremists who want to hurt providers by giving them ammo that’s completely false. And it has to stop!

State of the Uterus 2019

Today Eunice P. Justice addressed a joint session of Congress for the 2019 State of the Uterus. Here is the official transcript from the speech.

Madame Uterus, Mister Vice Uterus, my beautiful gender neutral First Spouse, invited guests. It has been one year since I stood before you in this majestic chamber to give you the state of my majestic chamber. So today I can assure you, my fellow Americans, that the State of the Uteri is strong.

But, as we know, 2018 was not without significant setbacks. We watched the Supreme Court move further to the right. In fact, it’s now located closer to my cervix than at any time in the past 40 years.

But we also saw advancements. Republicans made history last month by making Marsha Blackburn and Joni Ernst the first women from their party to sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Gone are the days of hiring an outside woman to question the victims of the next sexual predator nominated for a Supreme Court seat. Adding these women to the Judiciary Committee shows us that even though they don’t care, they’re trying to look like they do. And that, my friends, is progress!

While we celebrate these successes, we must also face the harsh reality that there are many challenges before us. Dangerous forces that threaten our way of life. And today, my fellow-pian Americans, I stand before you with a plan to face them head on.

We all watch anxiously as caravans of undocumented politicians continue to make their way to our borders. From East Ovary to West Ovary, all the way to South Vagina – the United States of the Uteri is being invaded by extremist politicians coming from shithole countries like Whitemanistan, and lncel-vania. Some are dangerous. Some are useless, and all of them want to destroy the freedoms the Uteri of America currently enjoy.

Which is why today, I am proposing we build a wall. A great uterine wall. A mighty fortress that once and for all will stop the flow of these personal space invaders, not for a mere 28 days, but for 28 years! 28 centuries! We must stop these illegal fail-ions from penetrating the “I’ll-Decide-If-I-Wanna-Be-A-Mother Land”

Because, as we saw last year, our willingness to do nothing led to over 300 measures being introduced in 37 states, to restrict access to either abortion or contraception by vaginal coyotes who think expanding access means a 40 week abortion clinic in every taco truck in every parking lot of every daycare center in America. And that is wrong!

So in closing, we must ensure that the content of every uteri be determined by the individual owner of said uterus, and not by invaders, whether foreign or domestic. We do not need to make the Uteri Great Again. Rather we must honor our majestic chamber. We must protect our borders. And we must maintain its freshness.

There is much work to be done, especially after 35 days of a shut down. And if you will allow me a point of personal privilege – I do not take credit for this shut down, nor will I take blame for this shut down because, for the last time, the uterus does not have the ability to shut the whole thing down!

So thank you, God bless you, and God bless the United States of the Uteri.

The Lies They Tell

Today #ExposeFakeClinics launches the #GramTheVan campaign to raise awareness about the deception and lies of fake clinics, particularly in Ultrasound Vans—that’s right! Mobile fake clinics are a growing tactic being used by fake women’s health centers. Help us call them out! Learn how to take action right here. Below,  Lady Parts Justice League writer Molly Gaebe shares her story of a recent trip to a fake clinic.

By Molly Gaebe

I knew what I was getting into. I was walking into the doors of a fake clinic, a place whose sole purpose is to coerce women out of abortion, whether they have made their minds up or not. I knew this as I walked in the front door that said “Choices” in pale yellow, pink, and blue. I knew this as I walked into the waiting area, complete with a glass intake window and pamphlets displayed all around the room. My heart sank for the young couple who was waiting for their appointment, silent, still with their winter coats on, because they did not know. How could they?

This place is designed to look exactly like a medical clinic. But look closer, and you start to see the anti-abortion cracks everywhere. Every pamphlet is about the horrors of abortion (no science to be found anywhere) and the joys of birth (which, for the record, is 14 times more dangerous than abortion). Under where you sign your name agreeing that this place can use your personal health information however they choose, is a disclaimer that includes this line: Volunteers are well trained in crisis counseling and are here because they care about you. They are not necessarily degreed or licensed.

Okay, I won’t even get into the intense creep factor of the “because they care about you” Mommy Dearest vibe. That is for another time and blog. But right there in the fine print, they say, these volunteers are not degreed or licensed aka have no professional training whatsoever. A person signing this form probably wouldn’t even process that line. I mean, it all looks so official, and it’s designed that way.

I was greeted by a woman who is soft spoken and welcoming. She handed me the cup to pee in, which I did—kind of (thank you, friend with pregnant pee!). Then she ushered me into a room with a small brown couch and a chair for her. The room had a coffee table with a big binded book on it, along with a box of tissues.

She asked me all about my life. I told her I have had a surgical abortion before (I have) and am interested in a medication abortion because I heard it is safe, and I cannot afford to have a child right now. She picked up the big binded book from the coffee table, opened it quietly and cautiously, like something bad was about to happen. It was if she was about to read an R.L. Stine book to a child called The Curse of the Mummy’s Abortion.

Page by page, she went through this massive binded document with sections describing the worst possible outcomes of medication and surgical abortion. It looked very official, these lies laid out in print surrounded by stock photos of tortured-looking women with their heads in their hands. The whole (seemingly never ending) appointment was about making abortion seem unsafe and like the riskiest decision I could make around my pregnancy.

When I told her I had had an abortion before, out came the lies about the effects that my abortion will have on my fertility, my mental health, and my chances of getting cancer. One of the pamphlets she read included this line:

A Possible Relationship with Breast Cancer: Carrying a pregnancy to full term gives a measure of protection against breast cancer, especially a woman’s first pregnancy. Terminating a pregnancy may result in a loss of that protection.

WHATTHEHELL. For real. HAVE THIS BABY or you revoke your rights to a cancer free life. The guilt factor they heap on you is really impressive.

Throughout the appointment, I told her twice that my abortion made me feel relieved, because it absolutely did. That clearly wasn’t the answer she wanted to hear. After I told her about my good experience and joy around my first abortion, she went silent. Then she read more from the pamphlet that listed only these as the possible things I would feel after another one, should I choose to accept it: Guilt, grief, anger, difficulty bonding with a partner, eating disorders. She wasn’t done. Clinical depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, PTSD, and suicidal thoughts and behavior.

The entire sessions was this relentless hammering on possible disastrous emotions and behaviors and future cancers and perforations I would experience. Not calm, not relief, not joy, all the emotions I felt when I actually did have one.

She told me there is a link between breast cancer and abortion because our bodies “change with the hormones” and “everything in our body is interconnected.” Ok, sure that sounds like science.

I was also told that if I went through with my (very early) abortion I could have a hysterectomy and die. I was told it could endanger my chances of getting pregnant in the future, and if I managed to get pregnant, it would risk my health. She gave me some sort of convoluted explanation about how having had an abortion is like having scar tissue on your arm. If the scar is deep enough, it will affect your nerves and your muscles and “how you feel and how you use it.” Sure, this sounds like more science.

I want to say here that yes, there are risks and complications associated with abortion, AS WITH ANY PROCEDURE. But to misrepresent them as the most likely outcome is flat out wrong. It’s condescending and harmful to people who are looking for help, guidance, and FACTUAL EVIDENCE. The facts are that abortion is one of the safest procedures out there, and that the most common emotion associated with it is relief. We don’t need places like these mischaracterizing abortion. Doctors already go through all the risks of abortion with their patients. We don’t need abortion haunted houses like these frightening vulnerable people.

I also want to say here that the woman was very nice to me. She wanted me to know, as the disclaimer said, that she cares about me. If these places really cared about the people walking in the door, they wouldn’t have to scare and lie to them. If they really cared, they would work in their communities to provide sex education and birth control and advocate for more resources for couples like the the one in their waiting room. They don’t, because their concern is only to coerce people out of abortion, and into birth.

No matter what their circumstances or what they want. I told her when I came in, I wanted a medication abortion. Her response was to send me out the door with lies, a prayer, and a few  bags of diapers and blankets (which I donated to a women’s shelter.)

Reproductive Justice and Black History Month

It’s officially February all, the long national nightmare of January has ended! And we’ve emerged from the below zero degrees weather to … 8-degree weather. The Reproductive Health Care Act in New York has PASSED and much like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it is causing people on the other side to have a legit MELTDOWN.

Now that it is February 1st it is the first day of Black History Month. So we wanted to talk to you a little bit about the difference between reproductive justice and reproductive rights. Often these terms get thrown around and are used interchangeably but they shouldn’t be and it’s important to understand the differences! LPJL is a reproductive rights organization that centers abortion access and works to end abortion stigma. That means the framework which we come into our work is first to make sure pregnant people have legal access to reproductive health care options, especially abortion.  We advocate for this in all communities especially marginalized communities that don’t have the resources to do so at the political level – whether local, state or federal.

Reproductive Justice (RJ) is a framework created by women of color in 1994 to address the inequalities that reproductive rights leaders, typically white women, didn’t center or experience. RJ is not singularly focused but rather more encompassing and highlights the challenges women of color and vulnerable communities face at all stages of their reproductive health from birth control, pregnancy, abortion, and sexual freedom. It truly centers the people most affected by the stigma around abortion and oppressive laws and lifts up their stories, amplifying the voices from those communities and works to change society so all humans can have self-determination, which takes time and continued organizing.  

As an organization run by white women, we’re also aware that we have blind spots and that we can always be doing MORE to amplify other voices. So we are excited to announce that throughout the month of February we will be interviewing prominent leaders and total badass organizers from the reproductive justice movement. EVERY THURSDAY you’ll get an interview and there might be a few bonus ones peppered throughout the month too. We hope to talk about the state of reproductive justice in 2019.
Let us know if there are any questions you really want us to address! And consider donating to some great reproductive justice orgs this month like SisterSong or Access Reproductive Care Southeast!

Forever Reminder: Abortion Until Birth Is Not A Thing

Well it’s that time of year again where everyone kinda gets cabin fever from staying in because of the frigid temperatures and people start just spewing, the worst propaganda. Like, we expect nonsense from these zygote lovers but, boy oh boy things have gone into overdrive of late. Enter the whole “they’re killing living babies” argument. Yes, you read that right, the other side is saying that we want a baby to be born and then want to kill it. Just like… what??? No, obviously not. That’s OBVIOUSLY not what we stand for.

See, this Ben Shapiro tweet:

Now you’re saying we murder babies outside the womb? Feel like you need to stick on message. Like we all agree born babies are babies. You’re fighting against a nonexistent enemy here.

The trouble started with — well just these guys’ general radical ideology and un-empathetic viewpoint and rigidity to the point of cruelty, but probably specifically with — the Reproductive Health Act in New York and a similar act in Virginia.

So let’s address RHA. Tomorrow on Operation Save Abortion we’ll have a full breakdown of both!

When we kept reading these sensational headlines like “New York Wants You to Be Able to Kill Your Toddler” we were like “Even for them, it seems extreme.” We maybe even kinda wondered if we… read the RHA wrong. BUT NOPE obviously not. As Jia Tolentino pointed out, the RHA doesn’t even GO AS FAR as some people wanted it to. The RHA just means that abortion is not under the criminal code any more (yeesh, a BARE minimum thing) and that providers can provide abortion up to 24 weeks (which is NOT the third trimester, my guys) and “after the 24th week of pregnancy if a woman’s health or life is in danger, or if a fetus is not viable.”

So this brings up an interesting reality of what abortions we choose to talk about and which we choose to be sympathetic too.  Basically, a lot of RHA advocates have acknowledged that people can be more sympathetic if they see that like, hey look, a lot of the women who gets an abortion after 24 weeks, USUALLY desperately wants their baby, but have been given terrible news about the fetus’ ability to survive outside of the womb. The stories are often heartbreaking and devastating and you’d literally have to be a monster to not feel sympathy for them.

But guess what, the other side is in fact full of a bunch of monsters that JUST COMPLETELY IGNORE STORIES LIKE THIS! Like you know the idiot anti-vaxxers that are killing kids… that’s kinda what these anti-abortion extremists are like. They’re like “You know, a doctor who has years of medical experience says your baby will live a short extremely painful life, but I,  person who knows nothing, believe you can just pray a lot and things will be OK.”

OK OK, so we’ve established, a lot of people are making a crushing decision. But what a lot of advocates also acknowledge is that establishing this kind of story where abortion is the very last option… isn’t always how the world works. And, you know, it’s really a decision between a patient and her doctor, at the end of the day. Like, you can have whatever opinion you want on the subject, but… you’re not the one carrying the fetus or the one taking care of the patient.

This is all to say that although YES a majority of abortions this late are because of devastating diagnosis (and yes it is the majority don’t let the fucking other side try to argue otherwise), we just can’t know everyone’s stories. So that’s why we try to offer some grace, in saying that the laws shouldn’t be designed to rigidly judge what is a “good” abortion and what kinda abortion should be shameful. Because we don’t think any abortion should be shameful.

And that’s where the other side gets us. Because we’re not willing to sell our side out and be like “Ok, in this case, she prob shouldn’t have gotten an abortion” they trap us and say we’re for infanticide.

But again, because they’re so stupid, they don’t realize that we’re talking about DIFFERENT THINGS HERE. And they can never, really, actually trap us. Because again.. there is no world in which a GOOD doctor would help a woman give birth to a live healthy baby and then be like, “You want me to just kill this real quick?” And if the doctor DID do that, OF COURSE WE WOULD WANT HIM/HER to go to jail.

And jesus christ, we can’t believe we’re still talking about this.