Why it DOES Matter That Anti-Abortion People Don’t Care About Anything Else

Y’all we have a very busy week here. We’re trying to get people to suppor Missouri by donating to Gateway Fund, because of the awful news that the Show-Me-State could lose ITS LAST abortion clinic this week. We’re thrilled about Illinois pushing forward its own Reproductive Health Act through the house. We’re STRESSED about Clarence Thomas arguing that… gah… BIRTH CONTROL is even responsible for … gah… Eugenics all while, as several writers astutely point out, never actually referencing ANY women of color.

And so, we’ve been feeling kinda overwhelmed and agitated. Which is why honestly, honestly, it felt like a FUCKING GIFT to us that today the Federalist published THIS ARTICLE: “Why It Doesn’t Matter For Abortion If Pro-Lifers Don’t Care About People After They’re Born.”




OMG we love it, we love it so much. Can we frame it?? Can we keep it?

The truth is, the Federalist writes articles like this EVERY WEEK that are like “It doesn’t matter that we’re all a bunch of shitheads… we’re right” or “It doesn’t matter that this politician is a pedophile… he supports the unborn” or “it doesn’t matter that we just murdered 20 women… we’re protecting the unborn.” Just like… some nonsense.

And it’s ALWAYS by some wannabe philosophy major who has decided the way we worked through issues in FUCKING COLLEGE is how we should talk about politics. And it is PERFECT because this article is ACTUALLY WRITTEN BY SOMEONE WITH A DEGREE IN PHILOSOPHY.

A man who wrote… this sentence, “Now it is possible, believe it or not, both to take the pro-life argument seriously and to believe that the people making it are not horrible people.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Why not both, we say!

Honestly, nothing is funnier to us than being mansplained by a straight-up idiot. Like, every line is like “hey, little lady, did you ever stop to think that maybe we have to argue with the issue ON A PHILOSOPHICAL LEVEL.”

We never link to things but… you should find it and read it if you just wanna like, fuel the burning rage inside of you. Like, if you need to take down some drywall in your area, just read it, then one SWIFT PUNCH WILL DO.


You obviously cannot just think of abortion as a thing that happens devoid of the PERSON who is having the abortion! That’s not how the real world works.

So this is just a forever reminder that the side that DOESN’T HAVE TO WRITE “OK our side may be terrible BUT…” is the correct side.


A Daunting Warning… Signifying Nothing

So today was a big day in the “Oh god oh god oh god when is the Supreme Court going to betray Roe v. Wade, when is this all gonna come crashing down” countdown. The Supreme Court ruled on an abortion case out of Indiana. Or rather… kinda just decided not to rule. So for now in Indiana the court decided NOT to hear an appeal on a case involving “sex, disability, and race selective abortions” but did uphold a requirement for clinics to bury or cremate fetal tissue.

So let’s deal with this in two parts, because they really align with each other. So fetal burial laws require clinics to treat medical waste like it is a living person. Now, again, if the patient feels that they would like to bury the remains, that’s FINE, but requiring them to treat medical waste as anything other than medical waste… is ALSO a cruel way to treat people.

But also, the idea that clinics have to bury fetal tissue rather than donate them to stem cell research, is cruel to all FURTHER generations. The level that anti-choicers have decided to ban stem cell research is frankly inexcusably near-sighted and cruel to all further generations.

And then they have the AUDACITY to argue that abortion is promoting “eugenics.” This also seems like a made up thing meant to scare people. We don’t really believe there are TONS of people out there being like “Man, I REALLY want a baby but … idk, now that it’s a boy, no thank you.” And in terms of Down Syndrome, maybe your “eugenics” concerns would SEEM REAL if you did ANYTHING IN THE FUCKING WORLD TO HELP ANY PARENT WITH A CHILD THAT HAS DOWN SYNDROME.

But naw, instead you can just be like “isn’t every baby precious” and get rewarded for it. Enter Clarence Thomas who in his dissent argues it’s time to reconsider Roe v Wade because “”Given the potential for abortion to become a tool of eugenic manipulation, the Court will soon need to confront the constitutionality of laws like Indiana’s.”




This is our mood forever now.

Showing Their True Selves!

OK so the anti-abortion groups are “emperor’s new clothing” HARD this week and we are HERE FOR IT. Even though, like most things they do it’s also like, horrifying.

So for a LONG time there have been groups out there who try to torpedo anti-abortion bills that INCLUDE rape exceptions. “Save the One” is one of these groups, run by children who were conceived by rape. And here’s the thing if you were conceived by rape and you want to use that story to inspire other people THEN THAT’S FINE. What is COMPLETELY GARBAGE to do is to decide that everyone has to do exactly what your mom did in her specific circumstances.

But we’re glad these “no exceptions” people are getting national attention, because then hopefully people will realize just how wrong they are. And let’s just say, these quotes in this VERY nonjudgmental (ughhh) NPR article REALLY SHOW HOW WEIRD THESE PEOPLE ARE. And just like… unaware or able to ever see how the world works or try to see how the world works at any point.

So anyway a bunch of groups sent a letter to GOP lawmakers urging them to not have rape exceptions in anti-abortion laws. And they also… played themselves.

A KEY QUOTE (emphasis ours)  “A child conceived in rape is still a child. We don’t blame children for other matters outside their control. Why should we do so here?”



Y’allllllllllllllllllllllll are you FUCKING KIDDING US WITH THIS???

Do you think these people know… any of their other opinions.

OK so the obvious part of this is of COURSE it is not BLAMING the fetus. No fucking duh. It is a fetus. It is the PERSON WHO HAS BEEN RAPED who is making the decision. And honestly, OBVIOUSLY we’re blaming the rapist here. But you know, like these people always do, they’re acting like the pregnant person doesn’t exist, just the fetus.


I mean, we bet two billion dollars the same person who wrote this was also like “I shouldn’t have to pay MY tax dollars so that these people can afford food stamps to feed their starving kids.”
So any way definitely read this article, because it’s the type of evil we’re up against. Then read THIS article in the Times to remember why we keep fighting.

#StopTheBans, Today and Every Day

We are OUT HERE in the streets today, standing up to abortion rights! Y’all we got two rallies we’re going to today so the blog is gonna be SHORT. We started this morning with Lizz speaking at a CHURCH. DID YOU EVER THINK YOU’D SEE THE DAY? Well, of course, because like our minister friend yesterday in the post, and like our friends who held this rally, and like our friends at Catholics for Choice, and like our friend at Thank God for Abortion, say everyone loves someone who’s had an abortion … even God.

We love to see everyone out at these rallies ALL around the country today! Being loud, being relentless, not giving in. We saw some great signs out there today! And we hope to see more tonight!

So we’re leaving you with this, please donate to abortion funds in your state and to places that need it! And sign up to be an escort at your local clinic. And join us and let’s fuck shit up together!

Not Helping: Volume Infinity

Wow so, suddenly, after years of not really giving a fuck, everyone no feels like they’re an expert on abortion and abortion rights. And let’s be CLEAR we are SUPER excited for people to join us, to fight hard and not let up. But let’s ALSO be clear: you are not REINVENTING the wheel here when it comes to abortion rights.

Here is an example of not helping. Of COURSE a dude thought this was the PERFECT time for him to write an op-ed on abortion! Oh yes, ladies, step aside, a REASONABLE MAN (who’s not on his period) has something to say. Something YOU MIGHT NOT have thought about before! Did you know Roe is NOT A FREE FOR ALL ABORTION ALL THE TIME BILL?. Did you know that … like literally every medical procedure… they don’t just LET you get one automatically?? DID YOU LADIES? And really, Democrats, we should emphasize THE RESTRICTIONS that come with Roe. Wait… what?????? Here is… something that he writes:

“So I’ve got a modest suggestion for every Democratic presidential candidate: Release a statement about the conditions under which you think abortion should be permitted and prohibited, and explain both.”

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. Here’s the thing, do you want like, fucking Beto being like “OK well, I think it’s OK if she was raped, by her father, but not by uncle… and if it’s after midnight, then like, she knew what she was getting.” NO YOU DON’T! And this may sound hyperbolic but there ARE fucking incest laws that DECIDE what incest they think is bad enough (and it doesn’t include cousins). AND FURTHER GUESS WHAT there are rape laws STILL around that say if you drank it’s your fault.

GUESS WHAT DECIDING THE SPECIFIC RESTRICTIONS YOU WANT TO PLACE ON ABORTION IS BULLSHIT MORAL REASONING NOT FOR THE REAL FUCKING WORLD. The only people who should get to decide if you can get an abortion are the doctor and the patient. People should not have to PROVE they deserve an abortion!!!! This is a MEDICAL PROCEDURE, YOU FUCKS! This is not a fucking hypothetical moral quandry.

Calm Down, Guys, Calm Down (LOL JK NEVER CALM DOWN)

LOL so one bad like… side effect… about everyone throwing their hat in the ring to talk about abortion rights this week is that there’s a lot of people saying… things that are wrong. And look, we really appreciate you tweeting and getting involved and we WANT to call everyone in. Everyone who cares, we love you, we love your support. It’s just time to learn a little bit more about “How you can help” than … you know… just saying “Elect pro-choice people” (which is a good start, for sure!). And like … stop saying “No one wants an abortion” some people do and there’s NOTHING wrong with that!

So we really appreciated this article from The Cut “Abortion Is Under Attack. Misinformation Isn’t Helping.” We ESPECIALLY appreciated it because it STARTS with what is important. That ABORTION IS UNDER ATTACK. This is.. In fact… an emergency. But don’t start, idk, buying a bunch of water bottles and going underground. Because, ABORTION IS STILL LEGAL in ALABAMA AND GEORGIA. And the last thing we would want would be for someone to see inflamatory headlines and then not think they could get an abortion.

But the way NOT to write an article like this is to… SHARE IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA TELLING PEOPLE “Calm Down. This Prob Won’t Be a Thing.” LOOKING AT YOU FUCKING MOTHER JONES! This article is actually fine and helpful but the tweet… well it is getting ratio’d for a reason.

Still again, we say all this with love because we have to fight the real enemy; the soulless LIARS on the other side. Look, as infuriating as it is, you gotta read this New York Times article that is good but never at any point is the writer like “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THEY ARE LYING SO BIG AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT AND IT’S LIKE WE’RE TALKING TO FUCKING CHILDREN EXCEPT CHILDREN WOULDN’T BE INSIDIOUS ENOUGH TO LIE ABOUT THIS STUFF.”

The “infanticide” BLATANT LIE (not falsehood, not misinformation, BLATANT LIE) is working, because they’re outspending us. And because, frankly, all logical debate in this country has been lost to the total evil chaos of the soulless anti-choicers who have sacrificed any kind of decency for pure mania.

OK happy Friday.

What Is The Next Alabama and Georgia?

What is the next Alabama and Georgia?

Oh quick answer, it’s Missouri, whose Senate yesterday passed an 8-week abortion ban, no exceptions for rape and incest. GAHHHHHHHH! It feels like we can’t bat these things away fast enough, more just keep coming. So we follow these abortion bans pretty closely and yesterday a friend asked me (your writer) “So how CAN they pass these things if they’re obviously unconstitutional?” And I went into the usual spiel of like “Well they pass, but they don’t get enacted, because the ACLU sues, and then they usually get rejected. But they harm people seeking abortion, they force clinics to close while they’re tied up in court, and they’re really just trying to get to the Supreme Court.” And then she was like “Yeah but like… why are they even allowed to pass if they’re unconstitutional?” AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS A VERY GOOD QUESTION!

Let’s quickly talk about Matt Walsh y’all, as we think he’s indicative of basically all these fools now. So… brace yourself for this cuz it is… dark as hell. Matt Walsh literally tweeted “If a 12 year old is raped and the father takes her to get an abortion, the evidence of the crime will be destroyed and he will go on molesting his victim for years. If however the child is born, his crime will be discovered and she will be rescued from the abuse.”

Gah ok… we’re gonna go lie down for five hours before we address this.

Ok back. So fuck this forever and fuck this kind of logic and fuck trying to argue your bullshit anti-abortion laws are GOOD for  12-year-old rape victims yuo fucking atrocious pondscum. But also… WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK AN ABORTION CLINIC IS GONNA DO WHEN A FUCKING 12-YEAR OLD COMES IN!?! JUST BE LIKE “Chill, this seems fine, we’ll just perform an abortion and ask no further questions??” OF FUCKING COURSEEEEE NOT! BETTER make her deliver a baby and then idk… TEST that baby’s DNA… then remove both from the home cuz you GOT the father even though… again… if they went to ONE doctor’s appointment the doctor would DEF be like “So we’re calling social services immediately.”

This kind of argument is so disgusting, we can’t even handle it. But it’s PART of a new initiative to remove rape and incest exceptions. Because women should know that no matter what happens in their lives, male politicians will NEVER be on their side or think they deserve body autonomy.

So fuck them. Fuck them all. They’re time is done. Our rage is so wired it could fuel an entire electric system.

Ring the alarm I been through this too long

OMG did you SEE what happened on Game of Thrones last week? Cersei enacted a bunch of abortion restrictions and all but one abortion provider closed. OH DID YOU MISS THAT DELETED SCENE??

You see, in the United States, state after state, community after community, has been stripped of abortion access and their abortion rights. We’ve been ringing the alarm on these frickin’ “heartbeat” bills all year, talking about D&E bans that value propaganda over legitimate medical evidence, ditto for these “abortion reversal” bills (where they literally write into law to… Google something… def always a safe bet, “I’m feeling lucky!”). I mean, we’ve heard politicians REPEATEDLY lie SO FUCKING BLATANTLY and CRUELLY about “infanticide.” But still… media pundits, news shows, the NYTimes, people just didn’t realize that it is a legitimate CRISIS!  The stories only get covered if they’re sensational.

And look, they should be COVERED. What happened in Alabama is A TRAVESTY. The local government BLATANTLY ignored Roe v. Wade, completely, with NO EXCEPTIONS for rape and incest, and ALL with the again LITERALLY STATED express purpose of going to the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. These people are too confident now. I mean… LOOK at this LEVEL OF GERRYMANDERING!

We can’t believe Georgia passed a 6-week ban that everyone freaked out about and then Alabama was like “Ohhhh… hold our beer.”

But again, even after a WEEK the Georgia fury was winding down, we were seeing fewer and fewer tweets. If Alabama hadn’t happened, would y’all have just FORGOTTEN because you had to watch the Game of Thrones finale? Well, dear reader, maybe not you, you are loyal. But your friends for sure! So… we knew exactly what to do!

If your friends or your family don’t wanna learn about reproductive rights and abortion restrictions… we FOUND A WAY to get it to them! We made this Game of Thrones parody about all the ways rulers (or shitty politicians) can impose harsh restrictions and close clinics!

So watch, share, and get active. We honestly want to hear that Yellowhammer Fund and the POWER House have millions more dollars and hundred of new escorts by the end of the day!