Bills, Bills, Bills

Two great things have happened this week that we need to acknowledge! 1. Margaret Cho was revealed to be the poodle on The Masked Singer.

OK, three great things. The passage of the Reproductive Health Act that we mentioned yesterday AND Iowa’s fetal heartbeat bill got ruled unconstitutional in summary judgment! HELL YEAH! Make it as hard as possible for these fuckers to try to get to the Supreme Court! And look, we understand how journalism works (we took some classes), but boy oh boy is it disheartening to read the “let’s get quotes from both” sides from these kinda articles. Like, anti-choicers could be like “we will imprison every single person who ever says the word abortion” and for some reason we’d HAVE to get quotes from them when that got struck down.

Enter this quote from the other side: “Summary judgement means it’s not going to go to trial, so they’re not even gonna hear the side of the unborn baby.”

You know what, in the interest of fairness we got a quote from a fetus :





Oh yeah right, a fetus can’t get a quote, it’s just some cells.

But so, we get the game they’re playing here. They blatantly know these heartbeat bills are unconstitutional. They want to go to SCOTUS, they say it, every time. They want to outlaw abortion.

And that’s why, even as a judge was like “Thank u, next” to this Iowa bill, politicians in Tennessee AND Minnesota were introducing new heartbeat legislation! Because we don’t learn. WELL IT’S REALLY NOT EVEN THAT! It’s that they don’t care, about anything.

So here’s a reminder that the next time someone calls for “civility” or says that we should “compromise” … remember these bills. The other side DOES NOT CARE about compromise. They don’t care about civility. They care about getting their way.

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