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Founded in 2015, Lady Parts Justice League is a team of comedians, writers, and producers that uses humor to destigmatize abortion and expose the extremist anti-choice forces working to destroy access to reproductive rights in all 50 states. We do the job that the media doesn’t, creating provocative and hilarious videos and social media content that educates people about the pervasive, discriminatory abortion laws that profoundly and disproportionately impact poor women and women of color.

Another crucial part of the League’s mission is to support and raise awareness about independent abortion providers. These clinics bear the brunt of anti-abortion legislation and harassment.

Several times a year, we take our talents on the road to perform comedy shows in a USO format that brings entertainment, elbow grease, and love to these clinics and their communities. When the media fails to cover important stories about reproductive rights, and when providers ask for support, Lady Parts Justice League is proud to say that #WeShowUp.

We create a fresh space for people to take action who haven’t necessarily seen a place for themselves before in political or reproductive rights movements. Lady Parts Justice League fosters a multicultural, multi-ethnic, gender fluid team of creative activists who understand how important and rewarding it is to create content that comes from and speaks to a diversity of life experience.

About the Name 

The name “Lady Parts Justice League” came from an incident involving a former Michigan state representative and a tireless advocate for abortion rights named Lisa Brown. In 2012, Lisa was fighting against dozens of horrible regressive anti abortion bills in Lansing. In one contentious battle, The Speaker of the House banned Lisa from the statehouse floor for using the word vagina when arguing against a transvaginal ultrasound bill- a bill that would have forced pregnant people to undergo a state mandated transvaginal probe before they could have an abortion. When she asked what she SHOULD use instead of vagina, the Speaker of the House suggested something less offensive like “lady parts.”  The actual offense – a politician who was offended by the word vagina yet felt an absolute entitlement to legislate it – inspired us to take Lisa Brown’s fight and expose this kind of hypocrisy by choosing Lady Parts Justice League as our name.

Like “Nasty Woman Unite” or “Pussy Grabs Back,” “Lady Parts Justice League” is a clap back to yet another extremist politician feeling entitled to legislate bodily autonomy. At LPJL, we don’t connect reproductive parts with gender, and we advocate strongly for the reproductive health and rights of trans men, trans women, and all non-binary people. We believe whatever your gender identity, you have the right to access safe, dignified and affordable reproductive healthcare.

Lizz Winstead

(Founder, Chief Creative Officer)

Lizz Winstead, Lady Parts Justice League’s founder and chief creative officer, is one of the top political satirists working today.

As co-creator and head writer of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” she forever changed the way people get their news.

In 2004, Winstead also co-founded Air America Radio, while also co-hosting “Unfiltered” every morning with the amazing Rachel Maddow and Hip Hop legend, Chuck D.  

Now with Lady Parts Justice League, Winstead has taken her satirical brilliance one step further, combining it with her passion for reproductive rights to expose anti choice hypocrisy and inspiring a whole new model of activism.

Kat Green

(Managing Director, Executive in Charge of Production)

Before joining LPJL, Kat worked as a producer, post supervisor, editor, and shooter for film and television productions around the world (HBO, The Weinstein Company, MSNBC, VH1, Sundance, Spike, The History Channel).  Somewhere in there, she also designed databases for non-profits and post departments, and learned to drive a truck with air brakes.  In her spare time she designs and installs dangerous art and collects obscure skills.

Amber Gavin

(Director of Programs)

Amber joined Lady Parts Justice League at the very beginning, some would say before it was even a “thing”. She is the lead organizer of V to Shining V, an annual community building and GOTV event held in late fall. She looks forward to engaging with organizations from all backgrounds because she believes we all can do better by working together

Amber’s favorite part of her job is clinic outreach and support. She loves when local independent abortion clinics feel loved and supported for the tremendous work they provide for our communities.

Amber received her MA in international studies and diplomacy from SOAS, University of London.  She’s obsessed with traveling abroad, laughing, and pickles.

Marisa Falcon

(Chief of Staff)

Marisa Falcon has been a mouthy feminist since her early days and spent the last decade working in a variety of nonprofits, from immigration law to youth cycling programs to sexual health. She loves thinking about how nonprofits can be run better and/or how the rights of women are being infringed.

She grew up on a dairy farm in Virginia (where being a mouthy feminist raised many eyebrows) with a lot of sister and spends her weekends biking around Brooklyn, thinking about swimming adventures and watching what should be referred to an as embarrassment of streaming television.

Nicole Moore

(Director of Communications)

As Director of Communications, Nicole is responsible for connecting the dots of media relations, partnerships, social media, and content development to increase the organization’s visibility, strengthen its identity, and enhance overall program credibility. Most recently she was the Communications & Social Media Manager at documentary juggernaut, Firelight Media & Films. Nicole previously worked and consulted with a number of nonprofits including The Museum for African Art (The Africa Center), Echoing Green, and The Apollo Theater Foundation. A freelance writer on the side, Nicole has been published in The Village Voice, Essence, Bust, Ebony.com, Vogue.com, Huffington Post, and The Root. Her blog, theHotness, plays host to her many rants, raves, and reviews. Nicole is a graduate of Williams College.

Anna Bean

(Volunteer Outreach Coordinator)

Anna has a Master’s of Social Work from Hunter College in NYC, where she was propelled into organizing with social justice groups across the city, most recently as the Campaign Coordinator for Teachers Unite. She also co-created the Obvious Child short film, and she has made doc-style videos for several nonprofit orgs. She loves talking to dogs on the street and drawing with markers.

Kimberly Smith 

(Development Director)

Kimberly Smith is a proud, progressive Southerner who hasn’t lost her accent despite 16 years in New York City. Before joining LPJL as Development Director, she worked for Doctors Without Borders, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee.  Kimberly is still in mourning for David Bowie, and used to enjoy reading post-apocalyptic fiction until reality became way too grim.

Ariel Pellman

[Production Coordinator]
Ariel has a masters degree in Costume Design from NYU Tisch, and 10+ years experience in the theater industry. She has designed costumes for over 60 productions for the stage, and assisted in bringing a hundred or more to life in various supporting positions on and off Broadway. Ariel is thrilled to be able to lend her talents and skills to LPJL, where she brings videos from script to screen and “makes the jokes look pretty”. When she is not smashing the patriarchy, Ariel designs jewelry for her own line, NerdSparkle and obsessively takes pictures of her Boston Terrier, Patti LuPone.

Moji  Alawode-El

(Office Manager)

Moji loves yoga, insightful books, great talks and is currently having all the fun raising an adorable-assed feminist.

Lorne Batman 

(Online Community Manager)

Before joining LPJL, Lorne worked as a teaching artist, actor, party clown, and Education Associate at New Repertory Theatre. She studied at Boston University, the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and General Assembly. Lorne loves creating and managing LPJL content with a special place in her uterus for Eunice. Her favorite moment of all time was officiating her moms’ wedding in 2015. #LoveWins

Sarah Caldwell

(Social Media and Research Coordinator)

Sarah used to be a red carpet reporter and entertainment journalist and honestly feels a little intimidated by how accomplished and socially aware all her amazing and kickass colleagues are. She recaps the show Billions and The 100 for Refinery 29 and watches way more TV than a human really should. She graduated from NYU with a degree in Comparative Literature. You should ask her about Tolstoy, Euripides, and her senior thesis, because no one else will and it’s like WHY DID SHE EVEN WRITE IT THEN! Last summer she directed a Harry Potter fan film with a bunch of Mormons she met on the Internet who did NOT murder her when they met in person. Do you think this is too sincere of a picture? Be honest!

Jenn Roman

(Head Writer/Performer)

As a writer and performer at LPJL, Jenn is the Cuntent Queen. Address her as such.



Julie makes tampons shoot out of champagne bottles and uteri wave like flags. She previously worked for a failing pile of garbage.



Abby is a writer, performer and producer. She performs with her comedy sketch team Buzz Off, Lucille and writes for Lady Parts Justice League. You may have seen her on commercials or various other VH1 and MTV shows talking about fun stuff. She may have popped up as a cat lady GIF on your Twitter feed.

Molly Gaebe


Molly Gaebe is a writer for Lady Parts Justice and a member of the sketch group Buzz Off, Lucille. She is a house performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade and she is also an abortion doula with The Doula Project. She is from Miami and she tore her ACL last year when a couple of ten year olds challenged her to a soccer game in the park.

Bruce Cherry 


Bruce Cherry has been performing and writing comedy since 1989. He first worked for Lady Parts founder Lizz Winstead at the (now defunct) Snap Judgment show on the (now defunct) Court TV network. He was also a staff writer for Air America radio network from its launch in 2003 until 2008. Bruce is also the only person in history to have won both the New Yorker cartoon caption contest and the Newlywed Game with Bob Eubanks.

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