A Daunting Warning… Signifying Nothing

So today was a big day in the “Oh god oh god oh god when is the Supreme Court going to betray Roe v. Wade, when is this all gonna come crashing down” countdown. The Supreme Court ruled on an abortion case out of Indiana. Or rather… kinda just decided not to rule. So for now in Indiana the court decided NOT to hear an appeal on a case involving “sex, disability, and race selective abortions” but did uphold a requirement for clinics to bury or cremate fetal tissue.

So let’s deal with this in two parts, because they really align with each other. So fetal burial laws require clinics to treat medical waste like it is a living person. Now, again, if the patient feels that they would like to bury the remains, that’s FINE, but requiring them to treat medical waste as anything other than medical waste… is ALSO a cruel way to treat people.

But also, the idea that clinics have to bury fetal tissue rather than donate them to stem cell research, is cruel to all FURTHER generations. The level that anti-choicers have decided to ban stem cell research is frankly inexcusably near-sighted and cruel to all further generations.

And then they have the AUDACITY to argue that abortion is promoting “eugenics.” This also seems like a made up thing meant to scare people. We don’t really believe there are TONS of people out there being like “Man, I REALLY want a baby but … idk, now that it’s a boy, no thank you.” And in terms of Down Syndrome, maybe your “eugenics” concerns would SEEM REAL if you did ANYTHING IN THE FUCKING WORLD TO HELP ANY PARENT WITH A CHILD THAT HAS DOWN SYNDROME.

But naw, instead you can just be like “isn’t every baby precious” and get rewarded for it. Enter Clarence Thomas who in his dissent argues it’s time to reconsider Roe v Wade because “”Given the potential for abortion to become a tool of eugenic manipulation, the Court will soon need to confront the constitutionality of laws like Indiana’s.”




This is our mood forever now.

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