This Guy Walks Into a Bar

This Guy Walks Into a Bar
William J. Goyette
She made him an offer he should have refused. Joe Campbell’s an average guy. Until the night he walks into a bar and meets a mysterious woman with a tempting offer—ghostwrite a novel depicting her life as the mistress of a Mafia kingpin. Now he’s running for his life from the mob, the law, and a team of ruthless killers.

About the Author

I've been a word nerd for as long as I can remember. My mind is always in the on position, with new stories and characters constantly brewing. Right now, I have about a half dozen ideas for future novels banging around in my head.

When I'm not lost in my fictional world, I'm traveling the real world with my wife, spending quality time with my two daughters, playing fetch with my dog, or getting way too competitive on my Peloton.