Millennial Scenes

Millennial Scenes
Christian Celind
Dane, Roc, Lia, Hale, and Britt are good at what they do. It's the only thing they do. In a utopian future, these adolescents are the stars of the show. They just don’t know it. Ana has a different perspective of things. Very different. When she learns the fate of the groups she knows she has to end up risking her future to save them all.

About the Author

Christian Celind was born and raised in the southernmost Swedish province of Scania, and currently resides in Heidelberg, Germany. He started scribbling at a young age, and the words kept coming. Recently the words started teaming up and get together to form throngs of sentences, and finally started taking shapes of books.
He’s an avid reader, history buff, travel addict, sports fan, and a nature loving city boy. His daytime job in the aerospace industry – no, he’s not an astronaut or a rocket scientist – has triggered a recent fascination for astronomy and space.