“Pro-Lifers” making death threats—an Indiana anti-abortion extremist (redundancy anyone?) has confessed to making online death threats against Chicago-area clinics. Is anybody surprised when those sanctimonious fetal-fetishizers are exposed for what they really are? 


When these “pro-life” orcs aren’t issuing death threats, they’re ruining lives in more insidious ways. Rewire reports how women who have been denied abortion services have insanely higher levels of unemployment, poverty, and dependence on public services. And where are the sidewalk screamers then? 


It’s the Clash of the Constitutions! Republicans in the WEST VIRGINIA Senate, are trying to amend the state constitution to stomp out abortion rights. Unfortunately for them, that would clash with another doc called the United States Constitution. Google it. Don’t you guys have any opioid situations you’d be better off dealing with? 


Because all that bipartisan/work together/kumbaya crap doesn’t apply to baby killers, right? You have to read how the Governor of KANSAS is reaching out while still reserving a middle finger for anyone who insists on their reproductive rights. 


Message from the Trumpies: their program to let any “shithole” country die of malaria if it insists on using global health funds on repro rights is working great! So far, everyone has buckled!  This is a must-read on the damage Trump is doing with his jacked-up global war on abortion rights. 


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