Like Jabba the Hutt, the anti-abortion animals in West Virginia are licking their lips at the idea that this admin could overturn Roe v. Wade with just one more Supreme Court Justice. In fact, they’re already trying to count their eggs by voting on an amendment to the state Constitution that says (in the most backwards way possible) that there is no “right” to abortion in West Virginia. Have you started counting down the days to 2020 yet?


Here’s something cathartic: David Brooks gets several flaming piles of dog poo in return for the one he left on Democrats’ porch telling them they should capitulate, I mean “compromise” on abortion after 20 weeks. Other people who had uteruses and experienced such things had other thoughts. Must read—over and over! 


Rashomon-splaining: When is a question of constitutional rights about abortion and free speech not about those rights at all? When Breitbart tries to make it all about “anti-Catholic bigotry.” People object to a schoolgirl being expelled over a Planned Parenthood sticker, and Bite-bart is trying to somehow make it seem like ALL CATHOLICS are the REAL victims here


Meanwhile, IOWA manages to contradict itself, at least when it comes to whether they want to have their constitutional rights or let them be eaten away. 71 percent of Iowans object to a complete defunding of Planned Parenthood enacted by creepy crusaders. So lawmakers are proposing a “fetal heartbeat” bill that would ban abortion after 6 weeks! Read both of these to get the study in contrasts that is Iowa. 

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