My Body Is Not a Wedge Issue

Things that are wedges: Shoes, cheese, and doorstops.

Things that are not: MY BODY.

This is a truth that Bernie Sanders, Democratic Committee Chair, Tom Perez and way too many politicians seem to not understand.  

We need to wake them the fuck up because it’s exhausting enough fighting the anti abortion extremists, and unless we school the male leadership in the Democratic Party who seemed to have missed every fucking economic memo involving this issue we will be in and endless game of misogyny Whack-A-Mole.

Cut to yesterday. Bernie Sanders, Tom Perez, and Congressman Keith Ellison, led this continuing parade of economic ignorance with something they cooked up called the Come Together, Fight Back campaign, which appears to mean, “come together” if your economic realities sell other economic realities down the river.

Yep. In an attempt for the Democratic Party to Woo Back Red, Rural America, by talking about- wait for it- economic issues, these Democrats have come out hard for Omaha Mayoral candidate, Heath Mello – a “progressive” politician who:

(Thanks, Heath!)

Sit down ladies and shut your Wedge-Litmus- Special interest- hole, because Heath is a… sigh.

(file under: YIKES)

This is no joke. According to the Center for Reproductive Rights, Nebraska is actually SO vulnerable that if Trump gets his way and abortion access goes to the states, Nebraska could be at risk of losing total abortion access.

But hey, Democrats are all about the economic interests of rural red staters AMIRITE?   

Imma say this LOUD:


Being able to choose when and if you want a family, is the first and most important decision anyone will make on the path to economic freedom. This is crucial to equality, yet the DNC leadership has backed Indiana Senator, Joe Donnelly and Pennsylvania Senator, Bob Casey despite their anti-abortion stance because Litmus! Wedge! Special Interest! Sexism!

Democrats claim to be a “pro-choice” party yet has been far too WILLING to compromise our access to reproductive choices – on a false, misguided notion that reproductive freedom is a *special interest issue* that has no place in economic debates.



The is no such thing as being “somewhat”  pregnant, so how can you have “some” reproductive rights? And yet this is what keeps happening over and over again.

So wouldn’t the smart, fair, reasonable economic decision be to make reproductive rights a central component of your so-called progressive, economic-focused mission?

The answer is, “yes” and let this be a notice to any politician who is uncompromising in compromising on the human rights of women and people who get pregnant- LPJL will be there to force you to answer for it. FULL STOP.

My body is not a wedge issue. My body is not a litmus test. My body is not an interest group. My body is not a purity test. My body is not a compromise.


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