2017 Cycle of Giving

The 2016 Election night was brutal. The LPJL Coven was despondent, but after a night of sheetcaking and guzzling gallons of shitty red wine, we wiped our tears, emptied the crumbs out of our bras and got to work. Kicking off the year, LPJL represented 6000 strong in the NYC Women’s March. Our volunteer team grew to over 1300 changemakers working across the country. Your asses filled the seats in 16 states on The Vagical Mystery Tour and we covered almost half the country, supporting 25 clinics by escorting patients, planting gardens and everything in between. Also in 2017 LPJL launched our #ExposeFakeClinics campaign with a posse of phenomenal partners. And if that wasn’t enough, we relentlessly called out the anti-choice bullshit through our videos, social media and website every Trump/Pence forsaken day.

So, 2018… BRING IT.  We will never stop fighting this assault on abortion access and reproductive rights. But we need YOUR HELP so we can show up every day, in every way. It’s LPJL’s Cycle of Giving… and your donations are what make our work possible.

Here’s Our Plan For 2018:

-Get Back on the Road To Help More Clinics and Grow More Communities

-Continue To Put Bullshit on Blast with LPJL Rapid Response Media

-Engage Our Volunteers By Creating More Direct Actions

LPJL Is On the Road Supporting Clinics and Building Community

Lady Parts Justice League is the only organization that is doing hands-on clinic support, and in 2017 we went BIG, bringing hearts and elbow grease to a total of 25 clinics. 18 of those visits came during The Vagical Mystery Tour—LPJL’s 8 week, 15 state, sold out summer comedy bonanza! The Vagical Mystery Tour brought our fans out to laugh and then learn during our post-show talk backs, as we connected our audience with local activists and independent abortion providers recruiting hundreds of local volunteers who are looking out for the clinics.

WE ARE GONNA DO IT AGAIN IN 2018!  LPJL is in the planning phase for Vagical Mystery Tour 2018! With access to reproductive care disappearing at a terrifying rate, We need do it even bigger and better… but that means MO’ MONEY so we can make an even bigger difference when #WeShowUp

Here are some examples of where your your cash could be used:

$25 for a can of paint used to reinforce property lines to keep back protesters

$50 for brushes, gloves, tarps and other supplies  

$150 for chemicals and protective gear to remove hateful graffiti from clinic walls

$250 for one day of a security as we are stalked from show to show on the road

$300 for one night of lodging for 4 performers during our outreach

Bullshit on Blast with LPJL Rapid Response Media

As we have watched over the past few, oh lifetimes, when it comes to issues of abortion rights and bodily autonomy, politicians and our media are practically silent.

LPJL’s rapid response machine is filling that void while holding them accountable.

It was LPJL that sounded the alarm when Dr. David Gunn’s killer came quietly up for parole without a peep from the media. LPJL amplified the information, contacted major media reporters about it, and acquired over 100 signatures from abortion providers and doctors, that helped keep a killer behind bars.

Our founder Lizz Winstead’s call to action in the #MeAt14 campaign raised awareness about the systemic abuse and assault that happens to women and girls and had everyone from Gretchen Carlson to Hillary Clinton coming together to take back our power.   

LPJL is committed to relentlessly calling out anti-choice bullshit, and making sure that the assault on bodily autonomy is put front and center and goes viral, especially in entertainment pop-culture spaces.

Our videos like “I’m Just a Pill” or “Mythcrashers” hilariously used badass celebs like Lea DeLaria, and Abortion providers like Dr Willie Parker, and gave accurate information about Plan B and medication abortion to hundreds of thousands of viewers. Creating hashtags like #PaulRyanSoScared made threats against reproductive rights a trending topic. And with the current war on women showing no sign of stopping, LPJL understands that in 2018, it is crucial that #WeShowUp

Staying on top of the lies and misinformation is no easy feat. Here’s how your donation can help:

$50 helps us boost the reach of a video on Facebook and Twitter 

$100 helps us get permits to shoot on location

$300 pays for editing software

$500 gets us a lens for our camera

Creating Direct Action with Repro Rights Warriors

LPJL is the gang that shows up to protect and defend our wonderful clinics.  But guess what? Those anti-abortion harassholes show up, too. On the regular in fact- in front of clinics, on college campuses, at political rallies- anywhere they can make a scene and make people with uteruses feel shamed for being sexual beings. And man oh man are they are well funded. Last year, in less time than it took LPJL to raise $25,000 for our summer of love tour, 40 Days for Life raised $250,000 for their tour of hate. THEY SHOW UP, AND WE WANT TO DROWN THEM OUT IN EVERY SPACE THEY INVADE.

LPJL is focused on creating very public and highly visible ways to show that this nation supports reproductive rights, and we won’t allow abortion access to be compromised. LPJL has marched, rallied, and counter-protested, but we’ve got to make an even bigger impact in the coming year. During 2018, LPJL will use our creativity, media savvy and wicked sense of humor to create direct public actions that counter the creepy “prayer-warrior” gloom vigils and expose them to be the misogynistic white walkers that they are. THERE IS NO SHAME IN OUR GAME… we counter hate and harassment with joy and laughter, and we want you to join us. We target so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” aka fake clinics, face down 40 Days for Life, disrupt lawmakers and testify before public officials. When there is a call to shut down these voices- #WeShowUP

We hope you will too… but we also need your green to make it happen:

$25 pays for a few cases of water and energy bars to keep activists fueled and hydrated

$50 pays for filing for a permit to protest

$100 pays for poster making supplies to counter-protest fake clinics

$250 pays for postcards and postage postcards to send notes of appreciation to clinics to combat the hate mail they receive daily

$500 pays for a security training to help keep everyone safe